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14 Best Free WordPress Instagram Plugins For Your Killer Feeds 2017

14 Best Free WordPress Instagram Plugins For Your Killer Feeds 2017

By picking any of the following free WordPress Instagram plugins, you can enhance your website with more awesome visuals. Be it that you use your own profile as the source or someone else’s both options are possible. Not only that but blending Instagram posts into your blog or website does not require much work.

The question that occurs is: are you on Instagram yet? If not, you might be missing a ton of targetted promotion. It is a fantastic platform for spreading your name out. The popular medium for sharing photos and videos can be highly beneficial for all the creative individuals and firms out there. Besides, if done correctly, any company can use Instagram for good. It gets you on a more personal level with your audience, especially now, with the stories. Be experimental and artistic and you might soon witness great things happening for your business only by using Instagram.

To get back to the free WordPress Instagram plugins, they link the social media platform with your page in a breeze. You can decide whether you would like your Insta feed to display in the sidebar, in the footer or even in posts and pages. With the account information, you can introduce any profile to your website and have their visual content do the entertainment for you. Depending on the plugin, you can select which photos you would like to display, how many and even pick the preferred style. For instance, you can choose carousel or grid view.

If Instagram is part of your business and you see success with it, let it shine on your website, too. There is not really much technical work you need to undergo. The tools below realize it for you with ease.

Instagram Feed WD

wd instagram feed plugin free
If you came so far, you are already considering adding a responsive Instagram feed to your website. You came to the right place. For testing the waters, free Instagram plugins for WordPress are the ideal start. Any tool from our collection makes your life easier and boosts your site’s online appearance.

The one plugin that will treat you right is Instagram Feed WD. The options this item comes with are close to endless. You can now display Instagram galleries on your pages, in posts, sidebar and footer. You simply drag and drop the widget or place the simple shortcode where you would want the Insta feed to appear on your website. The Instagram feed on your site can be based on the account or hashtag.

One cool feature of Instagram Feed WD is the download option. Meaning, users can save any Insta post they like. For feeds, pagination or load more options are available.

Without further ado, display custom Instagram feeds on your blog with Instagram Feed WD. You can present both photos and videos and customize the feed to follow your website’s design. To unlock plugin’s full potential, upgrade to pro version whenever you want.

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Instagram Feed

instagram feed plugin
With hundreds of thousands of downloads, Instagram Feed is one of the most popular free WordPress plugins for implementing feeds from different accounts to your website. The only limitation it has is that it cannot display private accounts, but that is kinda obvious. Other than that, you can use Instagram Feed to show single or multiple feeds. But that comes to you and what your website is all about. Bloggers would want to display only their feeds while an agency might display their clients’ feeds. For agencies, each account can have its own feed or you can mix them up and use only one.

Instagram Feed makes galleries appear beautifully on any screen resolution. It is fully responsive, readjusting its size in an instant. With the shortcode options, you can modify each Instagram feed separately. That way, you can make it naturally mix with your layout. You can show thumbnails, medium or full-size pictures. At the top of the feed, you can have a stunning header and at the bottom users will find the follow button. Growing your Instagram profile on your websites is possible. With a beautiful Instagram Feed, you can have your page or blog updated with new content on a regular. Along with the primary content, this can be another fantastic reason why your visitors should return. Or start following you on Instagram.

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WP Instagram Widget

Sometimes, all there is you need to add to your website to make it look fresh is a widget. It sounds super simple but that’s just how it is. No need to do any super fancy things, simplicity always wins. And if your Instagram is rich in amazing posts, it might just be wise to add it to your website. For a basic and straightforward solution, WP Instagram Widget is all you need. Drag and drop it to the exact location where you would want your Instagram photos to show and that’s almost all the work you need to do. Bear in mind, you do not even have to add your login details. It is a smart and free WordPress Instagram plugin that avoids login details but still captures posts for you.

As far as editing and customization go, it is up to you how you would want WP Instagram Widget to appear. Make it follow your website’s look by styling it how you fancy. There are also filters available to adjust the cache timings. If plainness is something you dig the most, then WP Instagram Widget plugin is the ideal tool for you.

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Feed Them Social

feed them social plugin
Feed Them Social is an all-in-one WordPress plugin for all the major social media platforms, including Instagram. The installation process and setup of the plugin will be easy as pie. With just the tiniest amount of effort, you can display Instagram feeds of just about anyone on your website. You can feature your favorite company’s feed, celebrity feeds, or, most importantly, you very own Insta feed. There is no limitation on how many feeds you want to insert into your page. Do as many as you like.

With Feed Them Social free Instagram plugin for WordPress, you can place social feeds on any page, in posts and sidebar. By using the quick and efficient shortcode generator, Feed Them Social allows you to create codes for any feed you want. Customize font colors, share Instagram options and add follow buttons above or below feeds. It all comes very easy with Feed Them Social. A simple to use product which will make inserting Instagram feeds to your blogs and business pages uncomplicated. Also, each feed you create with Feed Them Social is entirely mobile ready.

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AccessPress Instagram Feed

accesspress instagram feed plugin
How do you like our free WordPress Instagram plugins so far? We are not even halfway through so get ready for more amazing products for your even more amazing websites and Instagram feeds. For a distinct look, AccessPress Instagram Feed comes ready with three different layouts to choose from. Use the basic mode, slider mode or lightbox mode. You can display your marvelous feed in an original mosaic view with an amazing hover effect. Share the number of likes and even add the follow button to increase the overall number of your Instagram followers. You might be surprised how many visitors, who land on your website, have never seen your Instagram profile. Give them the opportunity to join straight from your website.

To make AccessPress Instagram Feed plugin work, all you have to do is to use the widget or shortcode and place it where you would like the feed to come into view. And then, use Instagram API and just about any Instagram account can become part of your page. AccessPress Instagram Feed is easy to use, sporting interactive user interface. You can also upgrade to the premium version to unlock even more features. However, if you are fully satisfied with the free version, by all means, use it for as long as you want (read forever).

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Enjoy Instagram

enjoy instagram plugin
Either carousel or grid view (with lightbox effect), Enjoy Instagram treats you with both. Display feeds based on hashtags or accounts for as long as they are public, otherwise, nothing will show. The free Instagram plugin exclusive for WordPress users is equipped with a widget and shortcode. Meaning, it makes integration of any Instagram feed into your web page the simplest process imaginable. Add accounts’ amazing posts to your pages, inside your blog posts and sidebars. You can even embed a particular Instagram feed to a specific post and make it not appear elsewhere on your page.

Enjoy Instagram’s shortcode will appear in the editor so you can truly use it wherever you want. In the beginning, somewhere in between or at the bottom of a post or page. You are able to set the number of Instagram posts you would like Enjoy Instagram to show. Moreover, in the carousel view, there is an option to activate or disable navigation. The number of columns and rows is also customizable for you to find the ideal solution for your page. With Enjoy Instagram, you will enjoy the impact Instagram can have on your website even more.

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Intagrate Lite

instagrate to wordpress plugin
When you use Intagrate Lite, you do not have to create your own API client. Intagrate Lite covers the major part of the technical work what makes it very newbie-friendly. In other words, anyone can use the plugin to merge Instagram posts with his or her WordPress blog. It is a simple task that will improve your website’s appearance and grow your audience. Avoid doing it manually and let Intagrate Lite plugin take care of your posts.

Intagrate Lite lets you customize post title, body text and set the last images from your feed manually. You can link images to Instagram or you can have them saved to your WordPress media library. Every picture you save to the media library can also be set as a featured photo. When setting Intagrate Lite up, you just log in to your Instagram to authorize the plugin and let it access your content. Nope, Intagrate Lite will never ask you for your username and password, what makes it safe and secure. Notice, just like the majority of other free WordPress Instagram plugins in this collection, Intagrate Lite also comes with the pro version, hence “Lite.”

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Instagram Widget by WPZOOM

instagram widget by wpzoom plugin
Want to have your outstanding Instagram feed featured on your even prettier website? That should not even be a question. Do it, test it and see how well it performs for you with Instagram Widget by WPZOOM. It is a WordPress widget which you can place anywhere you want on your website. In the demo, you will see how the one, two and three column version looks like, as well as the full width gallery which is ideal for the footer section. What’s cool about Instagram Widget by WPZOOM is that you can customize the design using CSS and make it genuinely adapt to your overall website design.

With a simple widget, just like Instagram Widget by WPZOOM is, adding an extra feature to your page will be struggle-free. It displays your latest Instagram posts which will definitely add up to your site’s user experience. It is advisable to read the instructions first to get familiar with how to authorize your Instagram profile. Other than that, you will not have any issues bringing your well-liked Insta feed to your fabulous WordPress blog.

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Instagram Gallery

instagram gallery plugin
Are you looking for a WordPress Instagram plugin which can display your images in a gallery or carousel slider? Here is the perfect tool which will do just that for you. With Instagram Gallery plugin, you can turn your entire page into a clean and modern gallery made out of your Instagram feed. Or, if it is in your interest, you can use someone else’s feed and have it featured on your page. Whatever suit your needs best. As for the carousel slider, place it in the footer or in the middle of a page (even at the top) and it will showcase your wonderful images you originally posted on your Instagram.

All you need to make Instagram Gallery plugin work is to use the Instagram username or tag, configure settings and you are done. You do not have to go the API way nor signing up anywhere. You can do it all without providing your password. What is pretty cool about Instagram Gallery is that when clicking on an image, it opens as a popup with all the info about the photo. Keep on clicking on the image and the next one will open or press the return button if you would like to go back to the previous image. Setting up Instagram Gallery requires some clicking, checking and unchecking boxes, providing numbers and that’s it. Simple indeed.

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InstaShow Lite

instashow lite plugin
While predominantly all of the free WordPress Instagram plugins come with a premium version, chances are, you might stick with the gratis version for quite some time. Maybe even until the end of time. It all comes down to your personal preferences and how many features you need. The pickier you are, the more likely you will need to upgrade to the premium version. Since I just brought up the topic, you might even consider a WordPress Instagram theme and have your entire Instagram integration and website sorted.

Settling with InstaShow Lite will definitely have you enjoy the free version for quite some time. This Instagram gallery plugin luxuriates your visitors with a beautiful Insta feed that comes as a grid. It offers three source options; URL of the photo, username and tag. You can manually tell InstaShow Lite how many columns the widget should show. With the embed option, you can include Instagram pictures anywhere you want on your page. You can enable or disable the autorotation and set the pause on hover on. InstaShow Lite is fully responsive and retina ready for every user to enjoy browsing it. Are you ready to install it?

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Instagram Posts

instagram posts plugin
To display an Instagram feed on your website which fluently adapts to any screen size, you might need to consider, Instagram Posts. It is a free Instagram plugin for WordPress which links any public Instagram account with your website. By linking, I mean displaying its images from the social sharing social media platform on your blog or page. It is a customizable tool which fluently acclimates to mobile and tablet users. You do not need to have any coding nor design skills. Setting up preferred colors, fonts and even sizes is friendly to the novice.

One thing worth mentioning is the fact that Instagram Posts is fairly limited as a free tool. Let’s face it, free plugins are free for a reason. Some sport more features while some are super basic. However, if you do not fancy a particular plugin, you can always move on to the second one. After all, these are all free WordPress Instagram plugins which you can test out one after the other until finding the ideal one. The installation and setup are quick and easy. Even if you try out a few, it will take you very little time. Give Instagram Posts a test run and see if it is a fit for you.

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InstaLink Lite

instalink lite plugin
Fancy promoting your Instagram account on your website? If so, InstaLink Lite is the free widget for your website that you will absolutely adore. From now on, visitors can follow you on Instagram from your page. Meanwhile, you can also promote other’s profiles with ease. InstaLink Lite is a simple to setup widget which helps you present posts from any Instagram account. Place the widget anywhere on your website and let the extra photo gallery captivate your users. That surely will not be a problem.

InstaLink Lite is a responsive widget which will adapt to any screen size without fault. Choose the color of the panel and the follow button and further customize it using CSS or HTML. There are two sizes of the grid; small and medium. There is also an excellent set of photo animations which you can use with the widget. Let it have an even bigger impact on each of your guest to your page. Without a doubt, InstaLink Lite is a great free WordPress Instagram plugin for both those starting out and even the advanced users.

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Social Media Widget

social media widget
So far, it was all about Instagram posts, presenting them on your websites with stunning galleries. But I wanted to introduce something else in this collection of free WordPress Instagram plugins. Sure, the galleries come with the follow button, but what if you would like to avoid the insertion of an Insta gallery but still have your website connected to it? That is when social media icons come very handy. It is all possible with the Social Media Widget.

It is a very simple and straightforward tool which is free of complexity. Place your social media links, like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, to your website in a list view. Your visitors can quickly pick the desired one and see what’s hot over there. Of course, there is a modern icon ready for pretty much every social media platform. You can sport 3 icons or 10. Social Media Widget will elegantly attach to your website design. It will be a smooth introduction, making it feel like the icons were there from the get go.

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Instagram Slider Widget

instagram slider widget plugin
Instagram Slider Widget does exactly what it says. It is a widget that displays your Instagram posts with a slider. Super simple to use from the widget options. Simple place it, for example, to your sidebar, fill out the blanks and voila, a gallery full of Instagram posts instantly appears on your page. From a public account, the tool shows twelve latest images while it can go up to 18 posts when using a hashtag. You can also set images by date, popularity or take the random route.

With Instagram Slider Widget, you can display images as thumbnails or in a slider. All the images are added as WordPress attachments. Nope, there is no API key needed. Instagram Slider Widget calls for a great inclusion of your Instagram posts to your new website. All existing sites will experience refreshment which users will enjoy a whole bunch.

There is just so little work needed for witnessing great results. If that does not convince you, the following statement sure will. Our collection of free WordPress Instagram plugins is, well, free of charge. You install and start using the one you fancy most straight away. This extensive list of tools will definitely help you find the ideal one for your gripping blog. If you are short on time, quickly scan through, pick the one and see how it performs for you.

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