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10 Best IDX WordPress Plugins Compared 2022

A comprehensive list of the best IDX WordPress plugins for real estate websites.

Real estate agents struggle with finding the right client and selling their assets. That is why most real estate agencies turn to digital marketing as a solution. The ability to search for properties is carried out through an IDX or Internet Data Exchange. It is an industry-standard that allows brokers, agents, teams, and professionals to showcase their listings from an MLS. An MLS or Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a service that allows brokers to publish their listings. They also use these services to get an appraisal for their properties. So basically, a real estate website needs this feature to have an integrated search engine for the available properties in their locality. Here are the best free WordPress IDX plugins you can use for your website.

Best WordPress Real Estate IDX Plugins

1. Realtyna Organic IDX Plugin + WPL Real Estate

Eay-To-Use WordPress IDX Plugin

If you’re a smart broker, you should be able to view digital marketing as an approach to getting the leads you need. You must optimize every online solution available to buy and sell your assets cost-effectively. Set up your real estate WordPress-themed website with the Realtyna Organic IDX plugin. The plugin offers an easy-to-use property listing with MLS providers in North America. This plugin will do wonders for your real estate website if you have any home assets available in this region. It works with the WPL platform, another WordPress plugin, and a data structure that allows you to add, remove, and edit your properties’ data fields. You can also use this feature in shaping and giving in-depth details about your property listings based on your specifications. It has everything you need to build a professional and credible real estate website with a fully flexible MLS database.

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2. Estatik Real Estate Plugin

Light-themed WordPress IDX Plugin

People love to use this IDX plugin for their real estate WordPress website! The simple and elegant design goes well with both mobile and desktop platforms. The Estatik Real Estate plugin helps you to create a real estate website with no unnecessary details. Its goal is to encourage users to explore all of its features with a clean and minimal setup that they can easily manifest. It is a highly recommendable plugin for brokers that want to establish an easy to use website with a friendly user interface. The plugin has a free theme package and a quick and relatively simple setup. The search entries keep track of your users’ previous results to save their searches if they need to review the property of interest again. It also has a wish list feature, wherein users can save their top picks. Another factor that draws users to install this plugin to their website is the reliable online support that comes with it. The plugin is also fully customizable, so feel free to shape its appearance depending on your preferences.

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3. MLS Import

mls import wordpress idx plugin

When you are in the process of setting up a real estate website for your or your client’s business, help yourself out with the magical MLS Import. This WordPress IDX plugin has many features and functions that will get you started immediately. Out of the box, you get two options to choose from, TurnKey Website with MLS Theme and MLS Import Plugin. In short, this is all you truly need when entering the industry with a banging new website for showcasing must-see listings on your website. Feel free to check all the available demos first and go from there.

Some additional features of MLS Import include direct integration, coverage of over 650 MLS markets across the United States and Canada, Reso API technology and complete control over your listings for effortless management and maintenance. If you ever need additional assistance, MLS Import’s friendly support team is always at your service. In short, take your real estate business to a new degree with MLS Import now.

This MSL import plugin works with most real estate WordPress themes.

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4. Rover IDX

Mapped WordPress IDX Plugin

If you want to create a light and flexible real estate website built on WordPress, you must use a fast and simple IDX plugin for quick load time. The Rover IDX plugin focuses on innovative ways to ensure your website gets the boost it needs. It is a quick and adaptive IDX plugin that provides a fast and reliable search engine for real estate listings.

With the new updates, the Rover IDX plugin has introduced a new set of features and layouts that you can use to improve your WordPress website. The plugin is fully customizable with a wide extension of customization options so that you can create a stunning and unique website. Most of the MLS listings will be directly integrated into your website. It is supported by the plugin developers’ highly expandable servers that have a quick rendering speed to get your real estate searches in you are up and running in no time.

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5. Wovax IDX

There is a big difference between real estate websites using WordPress regarding its user interface. It entails the overall experience that your site visitors will have when using your real estate webpage. The Wovax IDX plugin gives your website a clean, modern, and aesthetically pleasing home search page appealing to your users. If you’re a real estate broker who wants to get a lot of attention, this will be the perfect plugin to make your online presence. The plugin features all necessary add-ons to keep your site flexible and adaptive. It renders real estate listings from your chosen location directly into your WordPress website. Make your users’ search experience much quicker with the MLS feeds and listing fields supported with a search filter. This will help you categorize your site’s listings and help your users sort the type of property they are looking for.

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6. Apex IDX

Detailed WordPress IDX Plugin

The Apex IDX plugin has a high-quality IDX system crafted for your real estate brokerage needs. The plugin is complete with features that guarantee getting you the leads you need to find the right client. Help your users look for their dream house with a convenient home search page with an advanced search feature. They can search for properties that will match your users’ preferred price point, area, house type, and features of the house of interest. The plugin also includes a modern and beautifully designed user interface that is fit to navigate through with ease. It is filled with extensive customizability features that allow you to design and add personal touches to your WordPress website. Set the tone and theme when creating your unique your real estate WordPress themed website with the Apex IDX plugin.

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7. Optima Express + MarketBoost IDX Plugin

Responsive WordPress IDX Plugin

You don’t have to pay to go pro. You can get the same premium features of pro versions from different IDX plugins with Optima Express. The plugin is now supported with the MarketBoost plugin so that you can make sales directly from your site. It allows you to add a responsive and reliable IDX real estate home search page that can load up your MLS property listings.

Even previously made MLS listings can be booted into the plugin, so you don’t have to go through the troubles of constantly adding descriptions for each property. The plugin documents your users’ search results to develop a potential real estate property closest to their preferences. It sends a notification to your users via email for the availability of the house for sale. It also uses an advanced map search system, so you don’t have to embed a map, and your users can search seamlessly with complete property details.

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8. IMPress Listings

Professional WordPress IDX Plugin

As the name of this plugin suggests, never fail to impress your users by having all of the unique features to keep them drawn to the attractive visuals that this plugin has to offer. The recent updates for the IMPress Listings plugin included an important component for WordPress listings, IDX integration.

With most websites that need an IDX-compatible plugin, this one offers the complete package for users. Aside from the appealing visuals and designs, the plugin also boasts its very organized listing management, wherein you have full control over the real estate listings in your area. You can change, edit, arrange, and modify the listings to appear how you want them to be. You can also import full listing details from your previous MLS database if you have already made your assets’ descriptions.

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9. SimplyRETS

Minimalist WordPress IDX Plugin

The SimplyRETS is your typical IDX plugin with all the basic features and functions. It is like the starter pack for a real estate agent or broker with a beginner entry-level in establishing a WordPress website. It is quick and easy to use and uses a simple configuration tool to set up the plugin’s parameters. You can easily set up IDX search integration with your MLS within 5 minutes. The plugin allows you to display your real estate listings with a unique catalog that scales depending on the device used. You can then display these listings, and the search options for your users include a filter so they can easily look for properties that fit their preferences quite well. The interface is fully customizable, so you can make changes to suit your brand’s or agency’s theme. It is a smart and simple way of creating a modern and beautiful real estate WordPress website.

This tool doubles as a classified ads WordPress plugin that can work outside just real estate.

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User-Friendly WordPress IDX Plugin

Get more out of your real estate WordPress website using the Showcase IDX Real Estate Search plugin. It provides the essential features for establishing a conventional real estate website designed to get you leads. The Showcase IDX Real Estate Search is a well-known plugin due to its reliable search engine, features, and user-friendly platform for your consumers. The plugin aims to optimize consumer engagement and to provide real estate agents or brokers with a definitive MLS database to showcase different available properties in your area. The plugin also features a powerful and simple-to-use home search interface. Properties are listed with brief descriptions and displayed in a systematic order, so your users can select the perfect home quickly. Also, its simplicity will make it easier for your users to navigate the website to search for available real estate properties.

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Use the right IDX plugin for your website and generate many leads. Remember, the best real estate website has the best content optimized for convenience and user interaction. Most of the IDX plugins listed include a feature that focuses on giving your website a high ranking for most search engines. Give your site the visibility it needs and boost sales.

Another option for creating an MLS website is using dedicated real estate website builders. We have reviewed and compared the best solutions available in the market.

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