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lms wordpress plugins
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10 Best LMS WordPress Plugins (Many are FREE) 2023

If you want to start your online education platform, these LMS WordPress plugins will be useful. You can use these for just about anything eLearning-related. These tools are convenient and flexible, be it a university or affiliate course you are setting up.

LMS is a Learning management system or a platform that helps create an online course website. You can now enjoy using a Learning Management System plugin and all the heaps of features that come with it. In other words, if you needed to invest a lot of time and money into building an online learning website in the past, you now need just a few tools, and all the rest immediately becomes history.

Once you have hosting and domain name sorted out, you only need a WordPress installation, a theme, and an LMS plugin and you are good to go.

What’s also very beneficial when using powerful WordPress tools and components is that no coding knowledge is necessary. Indeed, even if you are a beginner, you will still create your online course website quickly and effortlessly. The documentation and support are first-class, guaranteeing a smooth website realization.

You get free and premium alternatives in the collection below to immediately start on the right foot. Spread the knowledge in style, welcome more students, and scale your project.

Best LMS WordPress Plugins

learndash lms wordpress plugin

LearnDash is a giant amongst the most popular LMS WordPress plugins. You can use this superb alternative for pretty much whatever your heart desires. Universities, professional training, WordPress projects, selling courses, LearnDash works with all, and some. Not surprisingly, LearnDash is Fortune 500 company’s favorite.

All this tells you is that LearnDash is a serious deal, period. Not just that, but you know you will find all the necessities and plenty more in the package to run and operate your online business flawlessly.

LearnDash’s collection of highlights is endless.

LearnDash has a convenient drag and drop builder to free you from coding. You can establish the course you fancy without writing a single code string.

LearnDash also has excellent monetization features to turn your website into a money-making machine. From one-time purchases and subscriptions to memberships, course bundles, and licenses, LearnDash makes sure you get to tailor it to your business model exclusively.

Last but not least, LearnDash treats every user with a professional team of experts that will assist you in building your online educational masterpiece.

LearnDash Cloud

LearnDash now offers a full cloud solution to its popular online course platform. It will take care of all the technical aspects of your website like hosting and setup while you can concentrate on things that matter – making online courses and selling them worldwide. One of the best hands-off solutions for building an online course website.


LearnDash comes with three pricing plans, starting at $199. The Baic plan will fit you perfectly if you are in the beginning phase. It supports one website, unlimited courses and users, drip-feed lessons, quizzes, email notifications, badges, and certifications, to name a few.

LearnDash Cloud starts at $29 per month.

Active Installations: 100,000+

More info / Download

2. LearnPress (Free)

learnpress lms wordpress plugin

Little to no experience is needed to create an impactful LMS website with powerful and practical LearnPress. This plugin contains various specialties to help you manage and maintain online courses like a champ.

Of course, there is no need to know how to code to take LearnPress to your full advantage. Also, everything is very self-explanatory, offering you to learn on the fly.

LearnPress costs you nothing, still, the outcome will be nothing short of spectacular. It is worth mentioning that there are different add-ons that you can use to extend the usability of LearnPress further. But if the no-cost version suits your needs, by all means, use it for as long as you want.

Some add-ons include certificates, theme bundle, Stripe payments, commissions, and many more.

With this remarkably simple to use tool, you can have a full-blown LMS website set and ready to go swiftly and comfortably.

Moreover, LearnPress features quizzes, communication with students, enrollment, selling courses, and more. As for the latter, LearnPress supports different payment methods and easily connects with Paid Membership plugin (premium add-on) to create a subscription-based model.

Little work for a solid outcome.

Active Installations: 100,000+

More info / Download

3. LifterLMS

lifterlms lms wordpress plugin

There is no need for you to spend a whole bunch on building an online education website nowadays. You only need a few components, like LifterLMS, and you are ready.

Do you know what’s best?

Even if you are building your very first website, you will still make it a realization. Hence, starting immediately and feeling comfortable about it is inevitable. After all, you will never need to do any heavy lifting, like programming.

LifterLMS is a resourceful LMS WordPress plugin for online courses, training, and membership websites. This complete solution helps you manage and maintain such a page without a hitch.

As you would expect, there is no shortage of features and functions for LifterLMS. You can even start for free and only upgrade when you think it is necessary to top it up.

Regarding the upgrading, LifterLMS rocks two main packages, going from $299 to $999 per year. Also, you can enhance the plugin’s capabilities with various add-ons.

Before you fully dive into LifterLMS, you can take a peek at different examples from actual websites utilizing the plugin and go from there.

Active Installations: 10,000+

More info / Download

4. WP Courseware

wp courseware lms wordpress plugin

If it is an LMS website you are building with WordPress, you will do yourself a great favor with WP Courseware. Why do all the work on your own if you can let the machines save you time and energy instead?

That’s when an LMS WordPress plugin comes into play. With well over 20k users and online course creators, you know WP Courseware is doing something right. And you could not be more right.

It is an alternative to help you become an online classroom for almost any industry or niche. If you are ready to start, pick WP Courseware and see the magic happen.

WP Courseware is a flexible and extendable WordPress plugin that fits any objective flawlessly. With the tool, you have complete freedom to do anything from start to finish. You can test things out for thirty days straight without any risk. As for the cost, they have many deals and discounts, so you know you will get a bargain.

You can create your online course(s) by dragging and dropping. The outcome will, indeed, be very appealing to the eye. WP Courseware is also fully compatible with WordPress themes for quick and hassle-free integration.

Active Installations: 10,000+

More info / Download

5. Sensei Pro LMS (Free)

sensei lms wordpress plugin

Sensei LMS is a surprisingly powerful WordPress plugin to help you easily build an online course website. You do not need to think twice, as Sensei LMS is. It offers a swift integration into WordPress with convenient WooCommerce compatibility for earning passive income.

For everyone searching for a quick fix, Sensei LMS is the shortcut that promises a superb end product. Not just that, but you will also wholly avoid coding. There is no need to pay a coder and a designer a hefty fee to get the ball rolling. Sensei LMS does the majority of work for you anyway.

While you can start without spending a dime, Sensei LMS offers you a broad horizon of free and premium extensions. Meaning, you can precisely tailor your online learning program to your liking.

You will only realize how simple to use, yet capable Sensei LMS is once you put it into play. You get documentation, access to the support team, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, you can check a few examples of other webmasters running successful online courses.

Sensei Pro LMS is a product developed and maintained by Automattic, the company behind WooCommerce and They initially built this tool and decided to make it public. Still to this day, all employee training is done using Sensei Pro. If there is one tool you can trust, it is Sensei.

Active Installations: 10,000+

Price: $149.00 billed annually

More info / Download

6. Teachable (WP Alternative)

teachable lms wordpress plugin

Even though we are primarily focusing on LMS WordPress plugins, we thought Teachable deserves the inclusion to the list. It is a complete solution that equips you with everything necessary to build an online courses-rich website without breaking a sweat.

From building an entire website to running and managing online courses and students, that’s all possible from the comfort of one location. Sometimes, you want to keep it simple and use only one platform that provides all the essentials.

Quizzes, certificates, course compliance, pricing options, coupons, statistics, analytics, and student feedback are just a few of all the features that Teachable brings. It also contains hosting, SSL certificate, upgrades, and 24/7 monitoring.

You can launch your online learning website in the snap of a finger. Whether or not you have any experience, does not matter. Teachable is for everyone, utter beginners and professionals alike. Take charge, pick the plan that suits you best ($20 to $249 for annual payment) and see Teachable do the trick.

Active users: Over 100,000 creators on Teachable have collectively made over $500 million in revenue from over 10M active users.

More info / Download

7. Academy

academy lms wordpress plugin

To begin with, your online academy, hence the name, Academy is the right LMS WordPress plugin that will get you going in no time. It is a fully functional learning management system that supports creating almost any online educational website. This is the right solution to connect students with teachers/instructors. There are no limits, meaning, whether you would like to go niche or general, Academy handles both easily.

By default, Academy works with two user types, admin and students. Of course, you can also make it public and invite instructors to collaborate. The options and possibilities are very many in the ingenious Academy.

As far as the features go, Academy contains many like other tools in this collection. You get drag and drop editor, invoices, course progress bar, quizzes, filtering, wishlist, messaging, data privacy and theme support, to name a few.

If you are ready for a difference and want to enter the industry with a bang, you better not miss the Academy. Anyone and everyone will see terrific results, and that is a guarantee. The comprehensive documentation and friendly support are always at your service for smooth sailing.

Active installations: 5,000+

Price: $45 one-time payment

More info / Download

8. eClass

eclass lms wordpress plugin

Your online learning platform is just around the corner with eClass. This all-around LMS WordPress plugin makes you a pro at building an online educational website, even if you lack experience.

Due to its incredible flexibility and expandability, eClass is excellent for everyone. In other words, a lot is possible whether you are releasing one or two classes, adding to your existing website, or building an entire online academy with eClass.

Whatever eClass does, it does with ease of use and sophistication. Be it design or functionality, the end LMS website will be of the highest grade.

Some of the highlights of eClass come in the form of social logins, coupon systems, instructor applications, notifications, blog sections, multiple payments and a horde more. Other spectacular perks will make your website distinct and original. Of course, you can also select from different add-ons, introduce your creative touch and stand out a mile.

Active installations: 1,800+

Price: $49 one-time payment

More info / Download

9. Tutor LMS (Free)

tutor lms wordpress plugin

While we already listed a few free LMS WordPress plugins, we still have more for you. After all, if you are searching for something more basic, you might find a free alternative, like Tutor, to suit you perfectly.

These plugins usually come with the premium version, for when you want to expand and introduce more features. Tutor, in particular, has multiple premium add-ons available to take to your advantage.

You can start with Tutor to create and sell online courses. You can even create challenges, quizzes, and other goodies to engage your users and students.

Tutor will never ask you for coding and design knowledge like other plugins. The intuitive builder allows everyone to create the courses you are after.

Teacher profiles, front-end user dashboard, registration form, course duration, spotlight mode, Gutenberg compatibility, and monetization are some specialties that will help you get the ball rolling.

If you already use a WordPress theme, you can integrate it with the Tutor plugin without a sweat. Now you know where to begin, so take action and enjoy spreading the knowledge globally.

Active installations: 50,000+

Price: Free version available on Pro price starts at $149 a year and comes with a fronted course builder, drip course option, course preview, and attachments.

More info / Download

10. MasterStudy LMS (Free)

masterstudy lms wordpress plugin

It is becoming increasingly evident that online learning is a growing trend. You can set your schedule and learn just about anything your heart desires. There is an online course for this and an online course for that.

If you want to spread your knowledge and help educate students massively, build a dedicated website with MasterStudy. This LMS WordPress plugin comes at no cost, still, your final creation will be exceptional. It also works with different topics, subjects, and industries, ensuring everyone gets the most out of it. Of course, without needing to be knowledgeable about building websites with the Learning Management System.

When working with MasterStudy, you can enrich the learning experience with visual content, like images, videos, slides, graphs, you name it. You can also share your knowledge via text, slideshow, or video lessons. It is more than evident that MasterStudy has plenty of great treats to put into play.

Still, you can take MasterStudy’s potential to an even higher level by considering going premium. However, for everyone who finds the free version rocking just the right amount of goods, use it for as long as you fancy before considering upgrading.

Active installations: 10,000+

Price: Free for the basic version available on Premium features start at $54.99/year for a single website. This allows you to sell courses, import courses from Udemy, live streaming, grading, trial courses, and more.

More info / Download

I hope this roundup helped you to find the best LMS WordPress plugin for your education project. Alternatively, you might look into LMS WordPress themes that already have ready-made support for course management. Themes will speed up website development and blend naturally with your overall design.

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  1. Divya Katwate says:

    I am a teacher at school. For my student, I want to create online classes. For that I want a platform to create my course and give all that I needed. I research & found TalentLMS, TutorLMS and DomainRacer. But I don’t have enough knowledge about that. So I am contacting you. Can you give me one option from these companies or anyone else you know?

    1. Divya,

      Any of the platforms you have shirlisted will work well for what you have described. Another tool that will make your life much easier is LearnDash and especially it’s cloud solution. Meaning, they will create a fully functional course website for you using LearnDash and you will just need to add your content on the website. With all other solutions, you will have to thinker with hosting, WordPress and all its plugins to get the site running. With LearnDash Cloud you elimiate these tasks and go directy to content publishing.

  2. Divya Katwate says:

    Yes sir, LearnDash is the best but looking at its cost it’s a bit high at least for me. Talking about domainracer sir, they are offering their services at an affordable price. Domainracer is offering the TutorLMS plugin even with web hosting services. I can get services like LMS + hosting under one roof of domainracer. So I don’t want to look on google for a web hosting provider to embed the LMS plugin. I am thinking that the domainracer LMS is best for me as per my requirement. But I am also confused and want your opinion on that. Please let me know what I will do?

    1. Divya,
      Domainracer LMS looks like a decent deal. I’m not sure how good is their hosting since I have not used their service but the LMS plugin is good and offers similar functionality to Learndash. And even if their hosting is not up to the standards, you can always migrate the entire site elsewhere without losing any data or domain name.

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