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5 Amazing WordPress Video Gallery Plugins 2020

The multimedia sections on your website can add to its appeal to the public. When it comes to better publicity, WordPress video gallery plugins will bring more traffics on your platform. It will also help the visitors to understand what your website could offer.

Whether your site is for business or entertainment purposes, make sure not to forget to add enticing videos for your page’s enhancement. The good news is that we present the 5 WordPress Video Gallery Plugins that you can find online.

You’ll expect better traffic and potential leads using these plugins we are going to present to you.

Video Gallery – Vimeo and YouTube Gallery

Video Gallery - Vimeo and Youtube Gallery Demo Section

This is one of the WordPress video gallery plugins that lets you design and customize your video gallery using the responsive settings menu page. You have multiple ways of uploading and organizing your multimedia files. It comes with 7 refreshing views for you to choose from. You can expect better designs since top excellent marketers and designers were the ones who consulted their best appearances.

It allows you to create a video gallery on any of your WordPress websites. The designs are impressive and functional, so you can use it in any way you want. Another good news about this plugin is that the process will only take a few minutes to finish.

What are the steps to enable one of these WordPress video gallery plugins?

Just upload a video, write a title, add a caption, and give some link. Remember, don’t forget to add descriptions in each video. That will help the viewers to learn more about the content.

There are more than these basic features. Other designs include the Lightbox-Video Gallery, Video/Content-Popup, Video Slider, Blog Style View, Thumbnails Gallery View, Content Slider, Video Slider, and Justified Gallery View. You can choose from these seven different layouts – whichever the most comfortable and convenient for you.

So, what can you expect from this plugin?

With the lightbox-video gallery, you are free to make different design changes. It’s all up to you. You can even make the videos or images larger for better viewing.

The Youtube Gallery

Youtube is one of the most popular video streaming websites all over the world. It is excellent the take advantage of this type of gallery to showcase your videos to your visitors. With this option, you can include unlimited Youtube URLs. In a way, it is also an excellent strategy to invite your visitors to your Youtube profile and vice-versa. It can help you with better publicity.

The Mixture of Vimeo and Youtube Gallery

After activating the plugin, you can go with the settings page, and customize everything you want to enhance. You can fill it in with the videos coming from Vimeo or Youtube. You don’t need s developer’s skill to put all the videos in their right places. Just go with the settings menu, and everything will fall into its place.

The Vimeo Gallery

Collect the most entertaining video from your Vimeo profile. At the settings menu page, you can edit and customize the videos in any way you want. You can also add unlimited embed links to add more files.

More info / Download

Video Gallery – YouTube Gallery

Video Gallery Preview Page

This responsive and easy-to-use plugin will help your website look much more presentable. Videos also tell a lot about your purpose. What’s more, it keeps your visitors engaged, making them stay on your page longer. Remember that your traffic also depends on the engagement of your audiences. Aside from that, once they search-related topics, the plugin allows the videos to show up instantly.

It brings a lot of advantages to your website –it may be or hobby or entertainment page purposes. If you are running a portfolio site for your video editing skills, then applying a video gallery on your website is a must. It will also help you to engage with your visitors.

This WordPress Video Gallery Plugin has High-Quality Designs

Whether the user views the videos on their smartphones, tablets, or desktop, the results are still the best. They can see and navigate through it without any problem. The screen or video gallery will adjust to your screen.

Some of its best features are:

9 gallery layouts available

Since it comes with a lot of gallery layout choices, you can pick your favorite design without any worry. You can also manage how many videos you may include on a single page, depending on the version you choose.

Hover effects

Hover effects add to the user’s navigation experience. It boosts their interest keeps them engaged for a long time. It has more than 100 multifunctional features. Moreover, the developers add an animation effect that you can include in your video gallery displays.

Youtube, Vimeo, MP4, and Wistia video support

Your videos may come from different sources. The good news is that you can embed your videos from various websites using this plugin. You have full control over the multimedia files on your page.

Unlimited Videos

Whether you think about posting 100 or more videos on your website, it will work as you planned. This plugin allows you to include several video galleries for you to enjoy its full features.


Here’s another excellent feature of this plugin. You can edit the background color, texts, sizes, and even the hover or animations effects you want to include on your website. The final design or appearance of your page depends on your creativity.

Other main features

You may configure the hover duration and delay time while using Scale, Skew, Translate, and Rotate effects. As you can see, this WordPress Video Gallery plugin has its ID number: [Total_Soft_Gallery_Video id=”1″]

Just copy and paste it on the page where you want to put your video gallery files.  For creating your gallery, set the gallery name or title, design options, and Pagination. After finishing your gallery files, just click on it and add the video. Just add the title, description, and link.

When it comes to adding your video from Youtube and Vimeo, you only have to go to the website and copy the URL link. Enter the name of the gallery and paste it to the link window.

More info / Download

All-in-One Video Gallery

All-in-One Video Gallery Demo Page

Creating a website takes a lot of time. One thing we are excited to talk about is this new all-in-one video gallery where you don’t need a coding skill to include several videos on your page. It is responsive and lightweight, so you can put them on your website without worrying about the speed.

It comes with the Search Form, Comments, Visual Builder (Gutenberg), Categories, and HTML5 Player to build your own video sharing website without any hassle. Using this plugin, you can add unlimited videos and categories.

With its playback options, it is possible to adjust the volume, duration, progress bar, time, and fullscreen options. You can share the videos via social media accounts, such as WhatsApp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Other key features include:

  • Shows the GDPR Consent

It is essential to give assurance to your visitors as soon as they visit your website. The GDPR consent shows that you respect their privacy. It will also add to the site’s credibility.

  • Comments

You might want to hear your audience’s opinion by enabling the comment section. This plugin allows you, readers, to tell about their conclusion regarding the video.

  • Category widget lists

With this plugin, you can create widgets with the video categories for more organized pages. Another option is the list categories. It’s up to you whether you want to display a single video player or let your users search for a multimedia file.

The Premium Version

You may want to opt with the premium version to get the full features and functionalities of this plugin. So, here are the things you might be looking for.

  • The front-end user submission
  • Popup template
  • Custom brand and logo
  • Live Stream
  • Custom Context Menu
  • Allows import of videos from Youtube playlist and other channels
More info / Download

Video Gallery – YouTube Playlist, Channel Gallery by YotuWP

Video Gallery – YouTube Playlist, Channel Gallery by YotuWP Preview Page

The best way to keep your visitors longer is through engagement. In what way? By adding videos on your website. This is one of the WordPress Video Gallery Plugins will help you to advance your traffic in no time.

As you can see, a lot of websites use videos to interact with their viewers. The reason behind this is the way they want them to stay longer. The longer they stay, the better you’ll have a better ranking in search engine results pages.

You can use videos from:

  • List of video IDs
  • Username
  • Channel
  • From playlists
  • Videos with URL

It allows you to embed videos from other websites like Youtube. If you have also had a channel, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You boost your site’s traffic, and you also increase your Youtube channel’s views and subscribers.

More Layouts

When it comes to layout, you can choose from the Mix, List, or Grid designs. With the Mix layout, you can customize the number of columns in the column section. On the other hand, the Player Mode comes with two appearances: the Modal/Popup/Lightbox and the Large.

With the Lightbox option, once you click the item thumbnail or title of a gallery, it will display the new Youtube Popup/Lightbox. The Large option allows you to put a big player at the head of the gallery.

The Key Features

  • Responsive video galleries
  • Large Frame on top
  • Embed playlists from channel videos or websites
  • Page-builder compatibility
  • Customization settings of buttons styles and buttons colors
  • Popup/Lightbox player with thumbnails

The Premium Version Features

  • 12+ Hover Icon effects
  • Meta Video Data
  • Masonry and Carousel Layout
  • 40+ effects of Flip Layout
  • Custom texts
  • Multiple styling of video thumbnails
  • Right Layout Big Player
  • Left Layout Big Player
More info / Download

Vimeography: Vimeo Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

Vimeography Vimeo Video Gallery WordPress Plugin Settings Page

This one is a heavy-duty plugin that you can use for your course or membership websites. It enables you to post various videos on a page to engage with your audiences. The fact is that more than 10,000 websites are using this Vimeography, showing their satisfaction with the plugin’s performance. You can use video themes together with this plugin for better visual presentation.

The Key Features of This Amazing WordPress Gallery Plugin

First of all, it comes with the built-in caching for quick page loads. You may also customize or change the layout or appearance using the custom themes. At the setting menu, you can set up the features videos you want to display in your first Vimeo video gallery. Having a featured file can also help the users to understand your goal and purpose.

Anytime you upload videos on your Vimeo account, it automatically becomes visible on Vimeography’s video gallery. Furthermore, with only one click, you can insert video galleries on your template, post, or page.

When it comes to design, it is possible to complement the video gallery theme with the appearance editor. Once you download and activate this plugin, you have full control over your files.

With the Vimeography Pro, here’s what you can expect:

  • Integrates with the Vimeo video interaction tools, including email capture, cards, and end screens.
  • Make your auto-playing playlists
  • Custom sorting
  • Show hidden videos
  • Allows download links of your videos
  • Unlimited videos
More info / Download


Now that we’ve presented the five WordPress Video Gallery Plugins, it would be easier for you to choose the best one for your website. Of course, it still depends on your needs. The good news is that you can choose from the five options above. If you are more into Youtube videos, you can pick the Video Gallery – YouTube Gallery, where it has full feature once you embed the URL files to your site.

Other Plugins and its Features

On the other hand, the other plugins provide other functionalities and share the videos from other video streaming websites. Taking advantage of this add-on or plugin can make your website manageable. It can also improve your traffic and adds to the engagement of your audiences.

You may try them on your website and see what works best for you. If you need some helpful advice from developers, you can go through the websites and see the frequently asked question. Other than that, you can seek help from the developers who made the plugin.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

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