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17 Best Rocking Bootstrap Music Templates For Musicians, Artists & Musics Bands

17 Best Rocking Bootstrap Music Templates For Musicians, Artists & Musics Bands

Whether you are an emerging musician or a well known music band. Owning a website helps you to reach mass audience. You might have heard that in 2014, Taylor Swift accidentally released 8 seconds of White Noise in iTunes and in few hours it went to No. 1 on Canadian iTunes. Becoming virally popular overnight is possible only on online, so only it is best to take your music to the internet. These Bootstrap music templates help you to create a rocking website for you and your band.

We have also collected some of the Bootstrap music templates with shop options and event ticket selling options. So you can make use your website as a platform to sell your concert tickets. Most of the templates in this list also support audio player to help the visitors hear your songs easily on the site.


movie star bootstrap template
May the name not fool you, MOVIE STAR is way more than just a template for movies and videos. You can also use this exact same tool for music projects since the look is absolutely spectacular and easily adaptable. Meaning, MOVIE STAR is simple and quick to edit and customize to make it follow your work exactly how you want it. In the kit, you will receive 37 handy and predesigned pages, layered and organized.

What’s more, MOVIE STAR also provides five beautiful home page designs to find your best look hassle-free. The template is responsive, mobile-ready and compatible with all modern web browsers. That said, you do not have to worry about whether or not your site will work on a particular device or not. It simply will. Not only that but the experience browsing your tunes and enjoying your work will be amazing every single time.

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Meta Video

meta video bootstrap music template
Does it feel like you landed on the wrong page? Even if it does, stay a moment more and you will discover some of the finest Bootstrap music templates currently available on the market. Meta Video is another versatile tool which you can use for all sorts of intentions. It works smoothly with photographies, videos and, of course, audio. Share your media, grab their attention and have them hooked forever. With a loyal fan base, you can grow beyond expectations easily.

Meta Video is a modern, clean and sophisticated website template, following the latest and greatest web and tech trends. It practices all regulations that are used in site development for a stable and flexible page to get you rolling in little to no time. Take your hands on the fantastic four index pages and all other internal sections and limited edition features and assets that Meta Video brings to the table.

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milando bootstrap music template
Are you a musician looking to build your online portal to let the world know of your ingenuity and talent and at the same time sell your music to your fans? There is no need to look further as Milando could be the perfect solution for your needs. Milando is a Bootstrap music template which features cool, yet functional, site elements ideal for artists, bands, producers and the like.

Milando comes with three different homes and four blog pages with differing styles. The tool also supports multiple music players to push your tunes and get more folks to hear your catchy work. Besides, Milando has an artist profile page, supports WooCommerce and gives you an option to boost your best selling albums. Sell tickets for your forthcoming gigs and capture their emails with the integrated newsletter subscription widget.

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mousiqua bootstrap music template
If you are part of an up and coming indie band or even if you are a solo artist, it is time to take things into your hands. Have you been wanting to show the world what you have got going? What better way to get the crowd talking by establishing a great music portfolio on the web. As a Bootstrap music website template, Mousiqua offers a contemporary and unique design which is perfect for bands and musicians. Let the world know of your music!

The template is built, needless to say, using the latest Bootstrap and coded with HTML5 and CSS3. Additionally, Mousiqua offers multiple website elements for greater customization options. You can also effortlessly edit and personalize the look of it however you see it fit best. Last but not least, Mousiqua is responsive and in tune with web browsers.

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deus bootstrap music template
Even if you are not a musician or part of a band, you can still contribute to the music industry. With Deus, you can start an online music magazine, giving shine to all the amazing artists that deserve extra recognition. You can focus it to one genre only, like metal, rap or country, or you can use Deus for a general music news page. Whatever path you plan to take, the end product will be a magnificent platform for music enthusiasts to gather.

Deus is powered by the latest technologies, sports a fluid layout and offers many reusable components. You can utilize the demo web design as is or you can improve it and modify it to suit your project to the T. But in general, Deus does not require you to invest much time and effort to have a functional site ready and set to go live in as little time as possible.

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mp9 bootstrap music template
You might be a skilled and talented musician who wishes to set up a website but do not have the skills to code one yourself. No biggie, that’s when a newbie-friendly Bootstrap music template will come super helpful. It takes away the trouble of design and development and somehow turns you into a pro even if you are not one just yet.

MP9 is a template exclusively designed or musicians, composers, gigs and events. It comes with a clean, elegant, unique and attention-grabbing design that was put together using the latest technologies. The MP9 bundle includes fourteen HTML files to kick start your website and share your musical project with the world. It also features parallax effect, CSS3 animations and other practical and valuable assets. Just like all the rest, MP9 is also compatible with all modern devices and browsers to ensure a stable and smooth experience at all times.

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quadra bootstrap music template
Quadra is a spectacular multi-purpose website template with many great demos including one dedicated to musicians in its entirety. In fact, Quadra has over seventy ready-made samples and over seven hundred pages. You will surely find all the material you need to get your web space going as quickly as possible. Come on, with so much content, it is impossible for you to still not be fully satisfied.

The musician demo Quadra comes with features a full-screen slider, transparent sticky navigation, dark layout, parallax effect and an audio player. It is also fully compatible with playing music videos and comes with a filterable events section. On top of that, Quadra is mobile-ready, has well over forty navigation styles and is fully search engine optimized. Bring your musical project to the online world and let fans enjoy your tunes no matter where they are.

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musicforest bootstrap music template
Musicians and other artists who are willing to monetize their masterpieces online just came to the right place. Not only is this entire collection full of valuable content but you will also find it fun browsing and picking the right item for your web space. MusicForest is a Bootstrap music template for musicians, artists, singers and instrumentalists who wish to create their online portfolio and put up an online store for their works.

MusicForest features a bunch of different and unique blog layouts with music listing and events page. Besides, the site canvas also comes with different customization options which you can perform all with ease. MusicForest also makes building your brand page simple and straightforward. In the package, you will find over 35 HTML5 pages, unlimited color schemes and a countdown timer for your gigs.

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soundflare bootstrap music template
Music industry is definitely huge and has many sectors and businesses within. If you offer Hi-Fi and other audio repair services, SoundFlare is sure the ideal Bootstrap music template that you need. The look of this gem is clean and elegant for you to place your offering right in front of visitors and potential clients.

No matter what you do, you should definitely own a professional, modern and great performing websites. Thanks to SoundFlare, most of the work has already been completed for you.

SoundFlare provides a single-page layout to place all the details you want to share with your audience on one spot. That said, they can quickly scroll through and see how you can benefit them. From pricing tables, testimonials, subscriptions and contact forms to Google Maps and social media links, SoundFlare has it all.

More info / Download Demo

Dj Bishop

dj bishop bootstrap music template
Dj Bishop is an excellent product if you are a solo artist looking to sort out your online appearance. It is a music website template based on Bootstrap for the flexibility and stability of your fresh and enticing page. What’s special about Dj Bishop is the fact that it comes with Visual Page Builder. This calls for the simplest site creation ever. And even if you would like to modify the look to best resonate with your creativity, Dj Bishop allows you to do that, too.

Dj Bishop has over one hundred HTML pages, loads of shortcodes and a well organized code. There is also an audio playlist plugin to offer them to play all your music straight from your page. Light and dark looks, boxed and wide layouts, parallax sections, helpful video presentation and MailChimp integration, spread the word out with Dj Bishop.

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singer bootstrap music template
Having the edge over your competitors is something that every performer should aim for. And what better way to have that by forging up your own website for your promotional and marketing needs. Singer is a cracking Bootstrap music template which features a sharp and hip design, perfect to help you stand out among the rest. If you would like to get your name out there, get the most out of Singer and push yourself above and beyond.

Singer comes with more than one hundred HTML page layouts with light and dark skin options for easier customization. There are also different headers and footers, right and left sidebar menu, PSD files and an option to animate everything. The template is generated with the latest technologies and a clean and well-commented code. However, Singer provides the amazing and user-friendly drag and drop builder what will save you plenty of time tailoring it to your needs. No doubt, Singer is also fully mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible.

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thecrowd bootstrap music template
To create a solid internet presence as an artist or a band, TheCrowd is a great option you should go with. Especially if you are a rock band and enjoy playing a bit heavier music. Still, TheCrowd is versatile enough to adapt to almost any genre in an instant. TheCrowd is a neat Bootstrap music template perfect for budding musicians due to its edgy, stylish and elegant web design.

In the TheCrowd bundle, you get over one hundred HTML pages with an animation library that allows you to animate all the elements as you desire. Additionally, it comes with a clean and newbie-friendly code for a quick and efficient customization. But you will probably stick with the drag and drop page builder and keep editing your web space that way since it is manageable and fun.

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Night Club

night club bootstrap music template
Night Club or, as others call it, Miami, is a website template for disco clubs, concerts, festivals and parties. It is handy enough to quickly adapt to your needs regardless of your project. Of course, Night Club perfectly fits the music industry and offers you a chance to set up a page for your career ASAP. With the amount of predesigned content it comes with, that is something you are about to achieve in little to no time.

As a DJ or a musician, it is crucial to own a website. Make it distinctive, go against the norm and stand out from the crowd with Night Club. Three impressive demos which are all fully functional and eager to edit them however you want it await you. The customization features of Night Club are of the highest standards, as well as effortless to execute. Make the most out of Night Club and use it to its full potential.

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unievent bootstrap music template
Unievent is a multi-purpose website template for events of all types and sizes. In the kit, Unievent provides five enticing home design and thirty other internal pages for sorting you out with a functional web space in as little time as possible. For everything music-related, Unievent has a dedicated demo that you can utilize right off the bat. In fact, you can even use it exactly as is and only enhance it with your content and details.

Unievent is a powerful site skin that uses all the latest technologies to make sure your page is a stable and pliable one. Bootstrap is the framework of choice to make Unievent’s layout responsive and instantly adapt to all devices, be it smartphones, tablets or desktops. It also has many shortcodes, blog section and fully compatible with an online shop. Do things your way with the incredible Unievent.

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musicians bootstrap music template
Nowadays, having your own space on the web is what people look for in deciding whether you are legit or not. As a musician, creating your page will definitely go ways. Make sure you are not one of those who are lacking web space or worst, do not even own a website. Musicians is a Bootstrap music template put together for artists and performers who wish to set up their own online portfolio.

The template is built with the latest tech regulations in mind, using Bootstrap 4, HTML and CSS3. It features a neat, tidy and modern look and comes with various site elements and sections. Feel free to modify Musicians according to your branding needs and make it shine. After you purchase this template, you also gain access to support system to cater to further questions.

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blocknote bootstrap music template
While you might be dedicating your heart and soul to your musical project, you either have no skills or no time to set up a page. That said, you need to look no further than Blocknote. It is a Bootstrap musician website template that will answer to all your needs and demands. Blocknote offers various features and functions for a perfect establishment of your online presence to break into the industry with style.

Blocknote provides then different single-page demos with a simple, yet beautiful, design. There are enough options to quickly choose how your web design will look like and how you will present yourself on the web. Customizing, tweaking and editing Blocknote to your needs is also a breeze. All Blocknote does, it does it with organization and tidiness in mind for your convenience.

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canvas bootstrap music template

Canvas is a multipurpose and multi-concept website template, which includes 20+ templates. Music website templates are one of the professional niches the Canvas template collection covers. It is a full-width design layout, in which all the web elements are arranged properly. This template supports audio player, so the users can enjoy your music from your website itself. In the dark skin, all the colorful web elements and picks look vibrant and clearly distinguishable.

You also have the option to order your tracks as latest and trending so that the visitors can easily find your latest and top numbers. In the homepage, you also have the option to list top singers in your band. Along with this template, you also get pre-designed loaders and Revolution slider to creative sliders. Since it is a multi-concept website template you get plenty of web elements and customization option with this template.

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