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best react admin dashboard Templates
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15 Best React Admin Dashboard Templates 2023

Here, you will find the latest and greatest React admin dashboard templates for any app or SaaS.

React helps you to create an interactive user interface easily. Since it is created and maintained by Meta Platforms (Facebook’s Parent Company), you needn’t worry about how well it manages complex codes. No matter how complicated the data is, you can create interactive charts and UI elements elegantly with ReactJs.

Thus React is one of the best sources to create an interface for web applications. Moreover, React dashboards also have more advanced user interfaces.

The major advantage of ReactJs is the option to render and view the components easily. It ensures readability and makes maintainability more comfortable.

For developers, it is simple to perform tests, and you can test it even from the server side. The only downside of ReactJS is, it is just a view lawyer. You can use it to create an interface but cannot maintain the data. To handle the data, you must combine React with other MVC (Model-View-Controller) frameworks.

You can use these react dashboard templates as a base and create your web application and dashboards for your site. Now you might know that these best react dashboard templates can’t be used by the general users directly, as you do with the best WordPress themes. Let’s get into the list of best React admin dashboard templates.

Best React Dashboard Templates

architectui react dashboard template

Have your entire application under full control to reach the success you want to attain. You can realize these goals with ArchitectUI, a React dashboard template that not only specializes in design but also in functionality. To be more exact, ArchitectUI delivers nine dashboard samples that you can use and improve until they match your application best.

ArchitectUI is alive, displaying the latest innovations in admin web design like powerful integrations, voluminous elements, upgraded tools, improved navigation, and lesser whitespace. ArchitectUI also sports 150 components, 23 button styles, five dropdown styles, five icon packs, eight color skins, etc. Expand your potential fully with ArchitectUI.

More info / Download Demo

2. Material Dashboard 2 PRO React

Material Dashboard 2 PRO React template

Material Dashboard 2 PRO React is a popular template that has proven itself over time. It is built by Creative Tim who is behind many successful products. It is well documented and receives regular updates making it a great choice for big long-term projects that requires ongoing maintenance.

More info / Download

3. Light Bootstrap Dashboard PRO React

Light Bootstrap Dashboard template for React features a clean timeless design that your users will love.

More info / Download

4. EasyDev

EasyDev is a clean, modern, and user-friendly React dashboard template with imposing features and assets. It incorporates all the latest technology trends to make a tool that will benefit you tremendously. With the clean code and in-depth documentation, everyone can set up an admin dashboard for their application. For your information, EasyDev works with web and mobile applications and quickly adapts to your needs.

In the solid kit of goodies, you will find over two hundred UI elements that you can use however you want. Moreover, EasyDev has a dark and a light layout and over one hundred pages. With a ton of charts, forms with validation, eCommerce pages, creative calendar, and valuable table sets, EasyDev brings it all to the table. You need to utilize the available and have the end product ready to go live quickly.

More info / Download Demo

5. Jumbo React

Jumbo React has a name like that for one simple reason: it is a grand React dashboard template. You get two versions in the package, the Material and the Flat one. Pick what suits you best and start building your ideal admin straight away. You can realize your application is super-fast since most work has been done already. The layouts, the widgets, and extensions are all ready to use for your convenience.

You will surely appreciate everything that Jumbo React offers: six different layouts, dark version, four dashboard styles, and four pre-built apps. And that is a lot. Jumbo React comes with practical alerts, charts, editors, extra pages, drag and drop list ordering, and many more valuable web elements. There is also full online documentation and quick support when you need extra guidance when building the necessary admin.

More info / Download Demo

6. Enlite Prime

enlite prime react dashboard template

Enlite Prime is a sophisticated and powerful React dashboard template with quite a selection of perks. You can get on a landing page, three dashboards, widgets, layouts, and other goodies. The design of Enlite Prime is also very clean and minimal, ensuring excellent visibility, regardless of how much stats and other information you would like to display. Even with mobile devices, Enlite Prime adapts to the screen beautifully. This template is compatible with all modern web browsers, too.

Other valuable features include over thirty components and modules, starter project, clean code, code preview, and nine preset color schemes. You can also switch between dark and light mode and pick from four different navigation styles.

More info / Download Demo

7. Endless

endless react dashboard template

Endless supports an array of options and possibilities. After all, why would they even want it to name like that, right? However, once you implement your creative touch to Endless, you unlock unlimited possibilities. You can create a dashboard for projects and applications with six ready-made samples. The sample material alone covers eCommerce, university, server, and crypto projects out of the box. The appearance of Endless is also very minimalistic, so it fits different tastes much easier.

Additionally, you get dark and light layouts, bookmarks, amazing quick search, fantastic color options, and support for multiple languages. Last but not least, Endless comes with helpful support, documentation, and frequent updates. Avoid building an admin from the ground up when you can get your hands on Endless now and make an immediate difference.

More info / Download Demo

8. Cuba

You can take care of different admin panels with Cuba, including a React one. The modernistic and creative look of Cuba grabs the attention instantly. On the other hand, the design keeps things fairly minimal, so no one gets overwhelmed with too much information. Cuba knows how to do things with style.

In the React bundle, Cuba treats you to an array of material that will speed up building the desired admin. Some features are Redux, chat, animations, Reactrouter, charts, map, gallery, and nine apps.

More info / Download Demo

9. Skote

skote react template

The practicality of Skote goes over and beyond. With that in mind, you can efficiently utilize this React admin template for your application. There are eight different layouts at your disposal; switching from one to another is instant. You can also choose a dark or a light version. For your information, Skote is compatible with RTL languages, too.

A few of the extra specialties of Skote are Firebase authentication, Sketch files, Box icons, data tables and Google Fonts, to name a few. Boost your workflow with Skote and enjoy creating a powerful dashboard.

More info / Download Demo

10. Poco

poco admin template

An admin dashboard template like Poco creates a pleasant experience with its creative design. Poco follows all the modern trends and regulations out of the box. Of course, if you fancy performing any tweaks and improvements, you can do that, too. Poco is a React dashboard with ten applications, four cards, over forty components and more than 170 page layouts.

There is a lot in the Poco kit, ensuring everyone finds all the necessary and then some for quick execution. If you are ready to build an admin dashboard with a twist, you are ready for Poco.

More info / Download Demo

11. Shreyu

shreyu react dashboard template

Sophistication and professionalism are the two main characteristics of the all-around Shreyu. This flexible and customizable admin template will do the trick with many amenities available. Six main homes and several more inner page layouts are ready-to-use, offering a quick start right from the get-go. Shreyu has various versions to get the most out of it without a hitch. Call it highly adaptable, if you will.

Still, there is much more to Shreyu, ensuring everyone creates the admin panel they are after. Keep or remove the elements and enjoy customizing Shreyu to the last detail. Multiple apps, custom page layouts, forms, charts, tables, and projects are also neatly packed in the Shreyu bundle for your convenience.

More info / Download Demo

12. Veltrix

veltrix react dashboard template

Do you hate the idea of painstakingly designing your website instead of focusing on gaining profit? Be a winner by checking Veltrix out. Simplicity and flexibility are key characteristics that this React dashboard template has. A vast collection of layouts is available, all created comprehensively. The bundle will discover dark and light designs and RTL templates with vertical and horizontal menus. There is a lot to choose from.

Veltrix allows you to build an admin dashboard without starting from the ground up. With mobile and fully responsive design, your admin site will look great on any device. Sometimes, it is wise to take shortcuts and not overcomplicate things. Pick Veltrixn and manage and maintain your application or project like a professional.

More info / Download Demo

13. Fuse React

Fuse - popular react admin dashboard

As its name implies, Fuse React is a React Redux dashboard template based on Google’s popular Material Design. You will not need to look elsewhere once you download Fuse React. It has multiple pre-designed layouts and an entire admin solution to hammer out something professional and high-performing super fast. The advanced theme management allows you to change the looks with a single click.

Fuse React contains over five different dashboard styles, different color schemes, and offers to choose from vertical or horizontal navigation. Many reusable components, invoices, a coming soon page and contacts, give Fuse React a look and be impressed. On top of that, the template is also fully responsive and cross-browser compatible what gives it stability and a stunning appearance across all devices and platforms.

More info / Download Demo

14. Wieldy

wieldy react dashboard template

Relatability and relevance are key factors that are necessary for an admin website. Complement the ideas with a functional platform like Wieldy. This React dashboard template is built around refining your dashboard using effective design and cutting-edge tools. It features user-friendly functions for effortless web design. Wieldy also has 120 standard, well-designed pages, 35 PSD files, one hundred UI components, eight metrics, widgets, and numerous charts and built-in apps, all look stunning.

Wieldy also supports unlimited color styles, fonts, Google Maps, calendars, custom icons, and more, ideal for those with picky tastes. You can also utilize other brilliant and outstanding features from Wieldy, opening endless possibilities for your cause. No doubt, you have it all at the tip of your fingers, waiting for you to fine-tune it and make the dream admin.

More info / Download Demo

15. Isomorphic

Isomorphic is the best React dashboard template you can get on the market now. It is a super clean website dashboard with a flat design and colors. Most people won’t be able to use it immediately because to install itself, you have to mess with some basic structures like Yarn for secure dependency management and Node Js.

They gave complete documentation on how to use it and mess around with it. Ok, that’s for the developers, from the user point of view, you get clean segments with neat colors and complete control. You can almost change every element of the template. The sole purpose of ReactJS is to make an elegant user interface, this template helps you develop one of such elegant interfaces easily. There is plenty of elements given in this template, you can pick only the elements you need.

More info / Download Demo

How does Your Admin Panel look?

These are some of the best react dashboard templates you can buy on the market now. These templates are built on the latest React framework. We have also added some multi-platform supported dashboards to give you a better option. We have also listed some free dashboard templates to stay economical, and to develop a better web application, you can look at our free collection. All these are raw applications, which you can use as a base for your projects, you can’t directly download and use them in your HTML website templates or WordPress themes.

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Hi all! I have used Clean UI from this list. That is the best template I used before. 🙂

  2. We’ve been using EasyDev for about 4 months and it works perfectly! It has pure clean design and there are no problems with code and integration. Just as easy as it’s name.

  3. I have used Fuse React and while comprehensive it is overly complicated to start with and keep updated (in fact there is no upgrade path). Even now (April 2022) the code base has legacy class code and function components mixed withn, while some areas use Redux Toolkit features and others use Redux HOC connectors. Overall its just an aggregation of third party libraries laid out to look visually engaging with code showing off various implementations and solutions instead of picking a consistent approach throughout. While I haven’t engaged with the Fuse maintainers I can say they appear quite rude to their users and customers via public or member only channels such as their private Github repo.

    1. Thank you for your feedback! We highly appreciate it.
      It is great to see a review from a user who has used it for so long.

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience with the Fuse.

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