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20 Best React Dashboard Templates To Make Attractive Web Applications

20 Best React Dashboard Templates To Make Attractive Web Applications

ReactJs helps you to create an interactive user interface easily. No matter how complicated the data is, you can create interactive charts and UI elements elegantly with the ReactJs. Since it is created and maintained by the Facebook and Instagram community, you needn’t worry about the quality or the how well it manages the complex codes. Thus React is the best source to create an interface for web applications and the react dashboards have more advanced user interfaces.

The major advantage of the ReactJs is, the components can be easily rendered and viewed, it ensures readability and makes maintainability easier. For developers, it easy to test, even form the server side it can be tested. The only downside of the ReactJS is, it is just a view lawyer. It means you can use it to create an interface, but it cannot be used for maintaining the data. To handle the data you have to combine the React with other MVC’s (Model-View-Controller) frameworks.

Now you might get an idea that these best react dashboard template can’t be used by the general users directly, as you do with the WordPress themes. You can use these react dashboard templates as a base and can create your own web application and dashboards for your site. Saying that, let get into the list of best React dashboard templates.



Isomorphic is the best react dashboard template you can get on the market now. It is a super clean website dashboard with flat design and flat colors. Most of the people won’t able to use it straight away because to install itself you have to mess with some basic structures like Yarn for secure dependency management and of course Node Js.

They gave a complete documentation on how to use it and how to mess around with it. Ok, that’s for the developers, form the user point of view you get clean segments with neat colors and complete control. You can almost change each and every element of the template. Being the sole purpose of ReactJS is to make an elegant user interface, this template helps you to develop one of such elegant interface easily. There is plenty of elements are given in this template, you can pick only the elements you need.

More info / Download Demo

Material Design React Admin


Material Design react admin is a clean looking flat style dashboard design. If you are into material design website templates a lot, then this template will help you create the dashboard that meets the overall design mood. This template uses material icons to smartly indicate the fields and options. With this template, you get UI Kit with all the basic web elements and you get other features like charts, forms, tables and e-commerce elements. It is a flexible template which also allows you to change the skin of the dashboard. This well coded template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 4 framework.

More info / Download Demo

Berr Admin Template


Berr Admin template is full of icons and colorful widgets. Out of the box, this template is perfect for the website which manages multiple users and social feeds. Berr Admin template includes all the necessary productivity elements an admin might need on a day to day tas like the To Do List. It includes both light skin variant and the dark skin variant. The animated counters and bars give a lively feel to the dashboard.

You also get the toggle option to expand and collapse the sidebar menu. For the development purpose, this template provides you ready made UI kit, charts, tables, animations, and forms. So that the developer can create a web app easily from the scratch by taking the necessary elements and modifying it to the needs. The unique feature of this dashboard template is the animation kit; all the basic animation effects, advanced animation effects and motion effects are shared with you.

More info / Download Demo



Fortress is a bold and straightforward admin dashboard template. The fonts and icons used in this template may remind you some financial agency systems if you ever happen to sit one of those systems. All the details you need are put straight on your face in the dashboard, you no need to search or scroll. This template gives you five color scheme options dark, light, blue, gray and dark blue colors. Fortress uses its own custom icons for the dashboard icons, and they have also shared with you in the template.

To help you keep track of the visits in the dashboard you have the option Open Views, just like the recent apps. You also have the option to switch off this Open Views option. It is a mobile responsive template, so your dashboard control panel can be viewed neatly in the small screen devices as well. The Fortress template uses React, Redux and Material UI.

More info / Download Demo

Analog Material Design


The Analog material design is a feature packed dashboard template which will come handy for many of your web development works. This template not only gives you React dashboard templates, they also provide you AngularJS templates. Along with the dashboard template, you also get agency website templates with this package. You get 12 color variations for the dashboard templates. The designer had decided to keep it simple and professional looking, it does not include any flashy elements in the dashboard. With this template, you get elements like e-commerce, 15+ UI elements, forms, tables, and charts. This template uses HTML, React, Angular, Bootstrap, and Redux frameworks, so it is a complete package helps you develop any projects from scratch.

More info / Download Demo



Eract is a trendy admin dashboard with full of stats and graphs. The cool design and the interactive animation effects never give a boring feel inside the dashboard. The UI of the template is the best part of the template. It follows an indicative style UI, an always blinking icon tells you indirectly that it has an functionality, likewise, this template has many interesting UI elements. The overall stats for the week and notifications are shown on the right top corner, which helps you to keep track on your progress and target.

With this template you get widgets, which is a unique feature of this templates, you can easily add components to the dashboard. You can also give this feature in the product you develop, which gives user control on what they can see on the dashboard. With this template, you get components like six web elements, forms, charts, and tables. You have a multiple choice of elements, based on the needs you can select the elements.

More info / Download Demo



Sigma is a react and redux based website admin dashboard template. The specialty of this template is, it is completely developed with the React framework and the jQuerry is used. So if you are searching for a raw template that is well coded for your project, then this template is worth giving a try. Like the Eract this template also provides widget options. Sigma gives you a straightforward dashboard with the usual graphs and rounded buttons.Other than that you get timeline based user activity on the site.

The Sigma uses flat custom icons and labels to indicate the number of notifications like you get in most of the mobile app now. The sidebar with the navigation is flexible, you can expand and collapse within a click.

More info / Download Demo



Max react website template is a refined version of the Sigma. In fact, both the templates are from the same authors. So you can expect the same best quality and the design hues here and there with some tweaks. All the customization options are same as you get in the Sigma. This dashboard is an icon rich one with the trendy material design and flat colors. The navigation sidebar can completely disappear from the screen in a single click, means it does not collapse as like in the Sigma template. This template uses the popular React, Redux, HTML and Bootstrap frameworks, so it will easier for the developers to customize it and to develop other products based on this template.

More info / Download Demo



Particles follow a lovely clean design, that all the general users will like and the people who like simplicity will love it. If you are a person who likes to keep your workspace neatly arranged and always expect the things to stay where you kept them, then Particle dashboard is for you. The minimalism of the template is conveyed through the lightweight line cons and thin font styles.

With this dashboard design, you can organize your works easily and can also fetch the files easily. This dashboard is best for the project managers who always used to maintain lots fo files and folders. The only downside of this dashboard is the components you get with this template. You only get few elements like forms, icons, and invoices.You can buy this template and can use it straightway if you need a dashboard with the features it has by default.

More info / Download Demo

Mare Admin


If you are managing many members of your team and have to show them their individual performance elegantly in their dashboard, then Mare Admin is the template for you. It has the elements and features in the dashboard that a user has to know about their performance. It is clean and professional looking and the stats are shown neatly, that the user won’t feel annoying.

This react dashboard template also uses an indicative type UI for the notifications, like in the Eract template. With one click the right sidebar navigation can be collapsed and expanded easily. This template gives you lots of dashboard components to use like forms, tables, charts and menu level. It is a fully responsive dashboard template, so this can be seen clearly even in the small screen devices. This template uses React, Material UI and HTML frameworks.

More info / Download Demo



Rubix is a well coded react dashboard template. This template uses multiple languages and framework to give a feature packed dashboard for the users. This template has so much to offer and has many widgets and elements. You can use this template as a base and can develop any complicated dashboards easily. The design of the template is clean and modern looking. Since React is a visual renderer, for effective backend functionalities it is combined with frameworks like Redux, Relay, GraphQL, Laravel, Ruby on Rails and Node Js. For a neat visual appearance Bootstrap and React is used. This makes this template a developers first choice.

More info / Download Demo



Ant is a distraction free clean dashboard. This template design helps the admin to concentrate on the most important things first. The colorful stats bars adds richness to the template and turns even boring numerical into visually pleasing interactive charts. As per the name Ant, the fonts and the texts for the menu are also kept small, to be less intuitive in the user workflow.

The Ant dashboard template gives you the option for both collapsing the navigation menu and hides the entire sidebar menu to switch to the full screen mode. This template gives you customization options for changing the sidebar views and width, you also have options for boxed width design layout. The Ant reach dashboard template gives you components like UI kits, forms, tables, charts and e-commerce elements.

More info / Download Demo



Angle is another well-coded feature rich dashboard template, which the developers love to use. Just like the Rubix template, this dashboard template also supports more than one framework. Where it differs from other templates is it gives you template demo for each framework it uses. So it helps you can understand better the output of each framework. Design wise the template looks clean and simple with material colors.

In the react dashboard template demo, you have three dashboard demo variations. All three concentrates mostly on the charts and stats. If you trying to make a dashboard for an SEO related web admins, the default design of this template gives you a better reference. This template is mobile responsive and also supports lazy loading to manage the tasks effectively. As a package, you get dashboard template for the popular frameworks like AngularJs, Ruby on rails, MeanJS, ReactJs, Meteor and Net core.

More info / Download Demo



NeuBoard is a multi-platform dashboard template. The template uses clean layout and smart animation effects for the elements. Small small animation effects here and there in the dashboard gives a good initial impression. This template gives you only one dashboard variant and you also get only options to customize the color of the dashboard template. The bold texts and colorful graphs make the readability a pleasant experience in this template. Along with this dashboard template, you also get the website template with corporate style. With this template, you get components like UI elements, forms, tables, and charts. Just like in the Berr dashboard template you get animation effects options with this template. The NeuBoard template comes in the HTML, Angular, .net, Ruby on Rails and React JS versions.

More info / Download Demo



Simpliq is a corporate style dashboard with all the detail on the dashboard. The admin can have an overview of all the fields he/she handles in the dashboard itself. The smart design of the dashboard helps you to add more elements to the dashboard without overcrowding the screen space. This template does not give you animation effects on the dashboard, it is simple and clean.

Like the previous dashboard template, Simpliq is also a multiple platform supported dashboard. This dashboard is developed on all the popular framework, to give users the freedom of selecting the framework they prefer. The major collection of the template is built based on the Bootstrap 4 framework, but if you need Bootstrap 3 version is also available. This template is available in the frameworks like HTML, Ajax, Angular, ReactJs, and VueJS.

More info / Download Demo



Spin is a darkly skinned website dashboard template. On a full width dashboard layout, the elements are made to fall uniformly within a boxed border. On the dark skin, the colorful stats and the values are clearly visible and easy to note at a glance. This template provides you multiple dashboard variations with its package. You get dashboard demos for fields like financial, stock, system and server, e-commerce, analytics and much more.

With this template, you also get widget options to add the required fields easily to the dashboard. You get multiple widgets in two categories like Data widgets and Graph widgets. The Spin template gives you multiple customization options, by which you can literally change each and every element in the dashboard.

More info / Download Demo



Genius is another multiple platform supported dashboard template. With this package, you get a dashboard for multiple popular frameworks like HTML, AJAX, ReactJs, AngularJs and Angular 5. This template is also from the manufactures of the Simpliq dashboard template. You get the same design standard and best quality you get in this template as you get in the Simpliq. Where you can find the difference is the navigation bar and the options you get on the dashboard. Like the Simpliq, this template is also available in both the Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 3 versions, you can opt the one you like.

More info / Download Demo

Light Blue


The Light Blue dashboard is a glassy looking interface style dashboard template. This template is super clean and simple, which makes this dashboard template an easy fit for any type of website or the web app you are preparing. Each segment in the dashboard are arranged like widget, so it will be easy for you to arrange and customize. This dashboard template comes in popular frameworks like ReactJs, VueJs, HTML and AngularJs versions.

Easy one click settings options are given, to change the location of the sidebar and to hide the sidebar. This template also provides you three color schemes to choose from transparent dark, transparent light and white opaque. With this template, you get components like forms, charts, UI elements, and tables.

More info / Download Demo



Clever is an intuitively designed dashboard for online professional, who like to keep tabs on the multiple tasks at the same time. If you are a media person who looks after your brand performance in different channels, then this template will help you achieve what you think and also improves your workflow. With this template, you get components like UI elements, forms, charts, and maps. Widget options are also provided so that the user can customize their dashboard by themselves. To help you develop your projects easily, the author has shared the icons they used in this template. This multi-platform template supports famous frameworks like HTML, AJAX, ReactJs, AngularJs and Angular 5.

More info / Download Demo

Sing App


Sing App is an interactive web application dashboard template. If you are making a web application or a dashboard for a real estate type website templates, then the default features and design of the template in the demo will help you a lot. In the dashboard the location is shared, live feeds and message options are provided. The unique feature of this template is you can label your work so that you manage and know your work priority at a glance. With this template, you get components like UI elements, forms, maps, tables and menu levels.

More info / Download Demo

How Your Admin Panel Looks?

These are some of the best react dashboard templates you can buy on the market right now. All of these templates are built on latest React framework, to give you better option we have also added some multi-platform supported dashboard. All of these are a raw application, which you can use as a base for your projects, you can’t directly download and use them in your HTML website templates or WordPress themes. We have also listed some free dashboard templates to stay economic and to develop a better web application you can take a look at our free collection.

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