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30 Best Websites Built With Avada Theme [Examples] – 2024

Here are all the best examples of websites using the Avada WordPress theme.

Avada – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Avada is an extremely popular theme well-known for its versatility. It is the top-selling WordPress theme, with over 960,000 purchases and 26,000 5-star reviews. Most satisfied customers have given it a five-star rating. Moreover, many designs are possible with Avada without writing any code.

The width of the layout can be extensively varied to suit any device. A Fusion Page Builder plugin also makes it possible to build the site intuitively, requiring only minimal user knowledge. Moreover, there is high attention to detail, and many features have been included. These will ensure your website design is handled for the next few years.

Key Avada WordPress Theme Features

This theme functions well with WooCommerce, The Events Calendar, bbPress, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and other popular plugins. Apart from the above, this theme’s features include:

  • A truly multipurpose theme with 6 layout options – grid, timeline, large, large alternate, medium, medium alternate & 4 different post types
  • Built on HTML 5 & CSS3
  • Search Engine Optimization & social media-friendly
  • WP Multisite tested
  • Retina-ready, high-resolution graphics
  • 1-6 column support
  • Great customer support from Theme Fusion
  • Multiple Free Premium plugins are available within the theme bundle
  • 100+ shortcodes
  • Built-in Mega Menu
  • Unlimited color palette and advanced portfolio options at your disposal, including filterable categories
  • Useful custom page templates
  • Translatable into 33 languages

You can go from being a total novice to being the proud owner of a beautiful and efficient website. Let us present some websites built using Avada, and you can check out Theme Fusion (developers behind Avada WordPress theme) claims yourself.

Best Examples Websites Using Avada WordPress Theme



MoniDesign is a website engaged in communication, art, branding and design, all with the help of powerful graphics. The website helps create user-centered web design, and their particular expertise lies with maps. Furthermore, MoniDesign uses Avada to convey the intensive graphic nature of their work fully.

Yellow Marine Consultancy


The website of Yellow Marine Consultancy effectively displays the services their company offers and the role they play as the link between manufacturers and buyers. It is clutter-free, minimal, and effective, with custom background images always reminding visitors that the consultancy involved responds to the requirements of the marine community.

JL Recruitment


Avada has been used to design JL Recruitment, a business aimed at recruiting trained domestic workers. The information on the site is comprehensive and has been displayed without much fuss. The Revolution Slider gives any visitor a quick view of their services. Meanwhile, the image gallery explains said services without much need for words.

Liberty Trails


The Liberty Trails website features sharp images of the countryside using the Avada theme. The business offers horseback riding on holidays, and the Revolution Slider moves from scenery to scenery smoothly with horses in the foreground, tempting even a casual visitor to book a ride straight away.

Red Dog


A pet resort and spa in Boston, Red Dog is the perfect getaway from home for your four-legged companions. The homepage highlights all the facilities required to make it a complete pet center, including a hospital and retail boutique. The website also makes good use of the control over the content area to display services that make visitors feel engaged, increasing conversion rates for prospective clients.



CleanlyMaid is a business that offers house cleaning services. Its website is uncomplicated (but in a good way), easy to navigate, and a joy to explore. The booking process is minimal so as not to frighten away potential customers. Indeed, Avada does a great job of assisting the homepage with the description of the services offered.

White Sulphur Springs


White Sulphur Springs is the conference center of OCF (Officers’ Christian Fellowship), an organization that reaches out to Christian people in the military and their families and works to strengthen religious bonds. All the programs and upcoming events are featured in a well-organized manner. Their website is also based on Avada.

Working As We Go


Working As We Go is the effort of a marketing team with a difference. Its two team members are located at two different ends of the world—Brazil and Australia. The team uses the website not only to advertise their marketing services but also to let visitors know about their traveling lifestyle and the places they visit. The advanced blog options from Avada allow them to blog about their travel with great clarity.

Tech Coast Design


This is an excellent example of a creatively-inclined business that uses Avada to bring new clients and also portray their creative acumen effectively. Their website also uses multiple slider to create an interesting homepage.

Heavenly Blooms


A website designed for a florist’s boutique. The site is colorful, pleasant and presented informally. It is also simple and easy to use. The imagery dominates vast portions of the websites. It also demonstrates how Avada can be leveraged to create media-heavy websites.

Magruder Agency

Magruder Agency is an independent agency in Brandon, Florida. One of the big distinctions of their agency is that despite having over 35 carriers, they work for and represent their clients. It has a small staff of four women, with a mother-daughter duo (Patricia and Stephanie) at the ship’s helm. Speaking of ships, they insure those, too! Everything that might be important to you, as they say at Magruder Agency.



GraphicTwister is a website that offers free mockups and designs, which can be helpful to graphic designers. The mockups are offered in different settings like a kitchen background or a day/night background.

Dragonfly Wellness Center


Dragonfly is a holistic wellness center that uses Avada on its website to detail the full range of healing options it offers. Additionally, the layer slider effect is fully visible on its homepage.



RankPay is a Search Engine Optimization services company whose website is also based on Avada. The homepage is concise and communicates the advantages of choosing the company in a pretty straightforward manner.

Nomadic Chick


This website competently uses Avada to promote its tagline: “Roam the world with me.” Jeannie Mark, an American midwife, shares her travel experiences and soul-inspiring stories with readers on this website. Furthermore, the social font icons figure prominently in the header.

Bezign Creative


Bezign Creative is a creative graphic design company specializing in branding, logos, and wedding stationery. The site’s owner, Bridget Hassall, offers services to suit and please every individual who needs them.

Green Leaf Cleaners


Green Leaf Cleaners is a business that offers environment-friendly cleaning. The site has used the unlimited color options from Avada to emphasize the green nature of its services.

The Happiness Garden


The Happiness Garden is a website for women that serves as an online escape. The community feeling fostered in this site lets women freely share their stories, all in a simple scroll-down homepage. Truthfully, there is very little need to move away from it.



A website with a vision to support the growth of a new age in sports, this site is dedicated to all things Kronum. The sport is explained neatly and the site also sells all Kronum-related paraphernalia.

Find Your Zen


Find Your Zen is a website catering to nutrition and health by incorporating yoga with lifestyle changes for long term results. Sliders display eye-catching images that tempt a visitor to stay on the site. The site also utilizes Avada to spread their message out to the world.



Boabee offers mobile solutions to manage data capturing and media sharing for event and sales communications.



Hestian is a company that works towards reducing carbon footprint. They are able to do this through the promotion of the use of a fuel-efficient stove. They also feature their showpiece stove on their Avada website.

Ron Spohn


A close look at this website will tell you that its overall theme is photography. The pictures zoom out slightly, like viewing a scene through a photographer’s lens. The website was also made possible by Avada.

Red Bag Media


Red Bag Media is a small business that helps other small businesses with their design.

Fitness South


Fitness South is a fuss-free site mounted on Avada that showcases fitness options.



Gridnyc is an eCommerce and internet marketing website that uses Avada to inform visitors of its strengths in marketing online, especially to local consumers. The use of social sharing options is very visible.

After the Harvest


The website showcases the efforts and successes of a volunteer-run organization that feeds the hungry by gleaning unwanted food. The header displays the tagline, and the slider shows volunteers at work.

Vector Shade Structures


This website offers specialized roof structures for sale. The “Find Out More” options take all the details away from the Main page, making it appear minimal.



Fleet Trax’s site plays a role in GPS Tracking Systems for all businesses, and it includes an option to watch a video on the website.

I Do Wedding Rings


This husband and wife team takes weddings and other rings to the homes of prospective buyers.



This website also uses Avada to display its handmade products, fashion clothes, and beauty products.



Amunet is a software development company focusing on e-learning solutions. It uses a Revolution slider bundled with the theme and features like Flip Boxes, Check lists, etc. Site owners have also made Avada even better. Their plugin extends it to work with custom post types.

Why Should You Choose Avada For Your Website?

Here are some compelling reasons why you might opt for Avada:

  • Pre-built Websites and Demos: Avada provides an extensive library of pre-designed websites and demos that can be imported with a single click, allowing users to quickly launch a professional-looking site.
  • Fusion Builder: Avada comes with its own drag-and-drop page builder, Fusion Builder, which is intuitive and offers a lot of flexibility. Users can create custom layouts without any coding knowledge.
  • Customization Options: With a vast range of customization options in the theme options panel, Avada allows you to modify virtually every aspect of your site’s appearance and functionality.
  • Responsiveness and Retina Ready: The theme is fully responsive, ensuring that your site will look great on all devices, and it’s also retina ready, meaning it’s optimized for high-resolution screens.
  • SEO Friendly: Avada is built with the best SEO practices to help your website rank well in search engines.
  • Regular Updates and Improvements: The developers consistently provide updates for Avada, which include new features, demos, and improvements, as well as ensuring compatibility with the latest WordPress versions.
  • Integration and Compatibility: Avada is compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce for eCommerce, bbPress for forums, and WPML for multilingual sites, Contact Form 7 for forms, making it a versatile choice for various types of projects.
  • Professional Support: The theme is backed by professional customer support to help with issues or questions.
  • Performance: Avada has made significant strides in performance and now offers advanced options for optimizing website speed, such as lazy loading and various caching options.
  • Community and Documentation: There is a large community of Avada users, and the theme comes with comprehensive documentation, video tutorials, and a support forum for additional help.

While Avada is a powerful and versatile theme, it’s important to note that a WordPress theme should always be based on your specific needs, the nature of your project, and personal preferences. Some users might find Avada’s many options overwhelming; in certain cases, a lighter theme might be more appropriate for simple sites. It’s always a good idea to evaluate several themes and consider factors like performance, ease of use, and future scalability before deciding.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the representative Avada theme example list above, various businesses use the Avada theme to communicate their services and products effectively. You can also see sufficient examples to create personal blogs, travel sites, and any other purpose that a website developer can conjure for their new website.

Customer support from Theme Fusion remains an important part of the deal that comes with the theme’s purchase. Prospective customers need no hesitation in purchasing Avada to design their website. You can also try out the theme and let us know how it worked.

If your site is built on Avada WordPress theme and believes it could be listed above as an example, please leave a comment below with 3-5 sentence long descriptions about your website.

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  1. Here is one I created with Avada.

    1. Tom,

      If you want to see your website listed above please provide 3-5 sentences long description about your website like we have mentioned above. Thank you!

  2. Hey really complete list. Can you please take a look to mine?

    Just recently started using Avada, I thinks looks pretty nice.


    1. Eva,

      Please provide a description like described on article above and we will make sure to list your website.

      1. Aigars i needed help on my site creating a landing page that will match the job…
        Can anyone help me create a landing page that will match my site, i have been trying to get landing page that will match my site WordPress site

        1. Philips,

          Unfortunately, we don’t offer custom development services. But if you are using Avada theme it shouldn’t be a big problem to create a website on your own thanks to its built in drag & drop page builder and extensive documentation.

  3. The first thing you will need! A WEBSITE made by the Avada Theme.

    1. Hey,

      Please provide a short 3-5 sentences long descriptions about your website and we will make sure to add it on our list.

  4. Too bad you were to lazy to link the images/titles to the actual web site.

  5. Frank @ Panda Paper Roll says:

    A China’s paper roll manufacturer uses Avada WordPress theme to display the paper products(a B2B website) and sell the products worldwide. We also make a little customization about the WooCommerce plugin.

  6. Jennifer Arndt says:

    I love Avada! I came across the theme a few years ago and created one of my first websites with it. I was amazed how user friendly it is and the support is also outstanding! I’ve recommended it to some of my peers with much more experience than I have and they too love it! My client is very happy with the website and most important, our customers find it to be very complete and easy to navigate. Thank you for this list of Avada websites I’ll be looking through these for some new ideas!

  7. Owid Videoguy says:

    Does AVADA theme provide a child-theme with or look a like? Is it easy to design it myself with the features available in AVADA itself? Thanks.

    1. Owid,

      Avada does have grid style portfolio section and blog. For more grid style WordPress themes you might want to check this list.

  8. I’m not sure if this website qualifies for the list. But as a up-and-coming web designer, it was my favorite build to date. I really enjoyed seeing it come to life. Using Avada really removes the limitations of building a beautiful website. Besides the fact of making it much easier to do so. But still being able to alter it using custom CSS.

  9. Thanks for the awesome info about wordpress theme avada.

  10. Mia Niemi says:

    This website is made for all people who need help building websites, make ads, logos and much more. Also a webshop with digitalart paintings for sale on canvas, mobilecovers etc.

  11. Hi! We have been using Avada for years as it’s the most complete theme we have ever found. There demos are unbelievable and tailored to many businesses. We are a website design and internet marketing studio, and use Avada as well as have used the theme for many clients!

  12. Isham Harris says:

    The latest version of fusion builder (5, I think) is REALLY improved. We just did an insurance agency’s website using Avada and you would never guess it. I’d like to submit for consideration:

  13. I GUARANTEE you have never seen a website like this using Avada.

    It strays away from traditional vertical columns. It looks just like a comic book with slanted angles. Definitely unique and was a fun project to work on:

    Check it out and let me know what you think!

  14. June@Greatshine Paper says:

    Yes, our website also uses WordPress to customized showing our products, but can you please add the links to each photo that you used in your article, then it will be earlier and more precise for us to see how do you use WordPress to customized the website? Thanks.

  15. Tomasz Basinski says:

    The Personalized Travel Planning website build on Avada using Layer Slider for animations. Nomaddict is a group of travel experts preparing customised travel plans and itineraries. This is an alternative for tourist agencies where the plan is suits to your needs, no the other way around like with most tour operators.

  16. Hi, I just wanted to add the website that we’ve just released which I think deserves a mention 🙂

    Emprunte Mon Toutou is a new service in France that allows dog lovers to help dog owners by taking care of their dog for free, just for fun. It’s great for the owners, and it allows the dogs and dog lovers to share magical moments together. The website makes great use of illustration with a mix of photography and takes advantage of Avada’s sliders and numerous other features.

    I hope you’ll like it !

  17. Amanda Schulz says:

    I love Avada. I’ve just switched ACS Studios over and am very impressed with what it has to offer! I’d love feedback!

  18. Izham Alias says:

    Thanks for this examples! It really help me to redesign my website to its fullest. A lot of ideas pop up in my mind just by looking at the websites given. Definitely a worth to look at. I hope you will add more examples.

  19. Eitel Bock says:

    I have built a website for a business that designs and builds kitchens, vanities, built in cupboards, walk-in-wardrobes and studies. Using Avada theme for the first time during this project really opened up new customizable layout designs. It sped up my work-flow significantly compared to other page builders.

  20. Loving Avada on all of my sites 😀

  21. The mobile menu in Avada is very basic. The problem is when you decide to use sticky header. All other themes offer much better mobile headers as compared to Avada. Needs some serious design improvements.

  22. Mncedisi Bhembe says:

    Avada is still the best WordPress theme on ThemeForest.

  23. I’ve just finished a website using Avada (Lifestyle template) for the non-profit activity centre, the Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre, which focuses on getting people over 60 years of age out of the house and doing things.

    Their old site only had a few pages, but now they can list all the activities and events using The Events Calendar, have updates about their markets posted directly from Facebook (Flow-Flow lite widget), and with WooCommerce loaded, hopefully soon they’ll be ready to start selling arts and crafts online that are made by their members.

  24. Hello,
    Thank you for your post! I haven’t seen affiliate marketing websites using avada theme. Does it mean Avada doesn’t fit well with that kind of business model?
    Here is why I am asking this question. I am planning to provide certain types of services for a certain category of businesses and at the same time I would like to offer my potential customers the possibility to choose the very same kind of services or related products and services through affiliate links.
    The idea is to use my legibility with the core business of my website (which is selling my services) to provide free information on affiliate services and products. Hope it makes sense.
    Thank you very much

    1. It is so customizable that it can be used for any sort of website including affiliate marketing ones. In fact, we use it for some of our affiliate websites without any problems.

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