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wix store examples
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19 Best Wix Store Examples (In 2023)

Are you interested in starting an eCommerce website and need to see the best Wix store examples first?

We just finished analyzing 100 websites to curate a collection of the 19 best.

These cover a wide variety of web designs for your convenience with one goal in mind: To create a strong impression on potential buyers.

And the best thing is that creating an online store like the ones below (with your added tweak) is easy with Wix.

But if you’d like to experience other great options, then check our lists of the best eCommerce WordPress themes and eCommerce website builders. (We recommend a WP theme if you want the ultimate freedom.)

Best Wix Store Examples For Your Inspiration

1. Copper & Brass

Built with: Wix

copper and brass wix store example

Copper & Brass is a clean and modern eCommerce website with a top bar notification and a header with a drop-down menu, a shopping cart icon and a search bar. And both stick to the top of the screen.

It has a welcoming hero image and text, followed by a newsletter subscription form promoting a discount on your next order.

You’ll also find a floating chat widget in the bottom right corner and an average store rating for social proof.

Note: Add a top bar to promote a special offer, free shipping, etc.

You might also want to check these superb clean websites if simplicity matters to you.

2. Sticky Lemon

Built with: Wix

sticky lemon wix store example

Sticky Lemon creates a solid first impression with a large image slider without text and call-to-action buttons. It’s for pure enjoyment.

You’ll also find an embedded video that auto-plays and an Instagram feed with lightbox functionality on this Wix store example.

The header and the footer are minimalist, with the necessary quick links, social media and a subscription form.

Note: Create a big slideshow to capture potential customers’ attention without being too salesy.

3. Vivi Et Margot

Built with: Wix

vivi et margot wix store example

Vivi Et Margot uses a popup to promote a discount in exchange for your email, but you can also click “no thanks.”

Besides the navbar, the header has a search with live results/recommendations to make finding items quicker.

Moreover, the Instagram grid has a “load more” button to enjoy more image and video posts. And if you click any of the thumbnails, a lightbox opens to enjoy entire posts without leaving the current page.

Note: One great way to add more content to your Wix store is embedding an IG feed. (This can also help grow your profile.)

4. Izzy Wheels

Built with: Wix

izzy wix store example

Izzy Wheels is a vivid Wix store example with an image-heavy home page and a transparent floating header.

The latter has a navigation bar, a cart icon and a currency switcher for a better user experience.

Instead of customer testimonials, Izzy Wheels features authority mentions to build trust, with an additional banner of big publishers’ logos.

Note: You can ensure a better online shopping experience with a sticky header because of quicker navigation.

5. Gay’s The World

Built with: Wix

gays the world wix store example

Gay’s The World is a Wix store website that sticks to simplicity but spices things up with vivid colors. It also has a slider and a vertical “pagination” in the bottom right corner to jump from section to section more easily.

The footer stands out with its yellow background, highlighting social icons, location, quick links and newsletter subscription form.

Note: Instead of using animations and special effects to enliven your web shop, create an energizing website color scheme.

6. Indian Summer

Built with: Wix

indian summer wix store example

Indian Summer is a parallax scrolling website that ensures more engaging scrolling and shopping. The header has a background image with a live search recommendation, but you can enjoy a broader search using the navigation bar.

Indian Summer has an entire Instagram profile embedded on the home page with a “see more” button that loads past posts. And you can always send them a message via the sticky chat widget.

Note: Add depth to your Wix store with a parallax effect, making it more immersive.

7. Coal And Canary

Built with: Wix

coal and canary wix store example

Coal And Canary is all about the details and branding while keeping the main design simple and easy, so all the content and items come more front and center.

It has integrated reviews and ratings for building trust and an IG feed to easily connect with the brand on social media. The notification bar at the top has sliding text, and the hero section is an image slider.

Last but not least, the footer contains a language switcher that translates the page with a click of a button.

Note: Add language and currency switchers if you have many foreign customers for a more personalized online shopping experience.

8. Evolve

Built with: Wix

evolve wix store example

Evolve has a full-screen eCommerce web design with a parallax hero image to capture attention and make the scrolling more enjoyable.

But one of the main features separating this Wix store example from the rest is the dark look. It instantly creates a more premium feel.

Multiple sections for a more organized structure, product carousels, hover effects and a sticky top bar and header are all available to examine further.

Note: If you want to do something different but don’t know what that might be, create a dark online shop.

9. Kaekoo

Built with: Wix

kaekoo wix store example

Kaekoo is all about minimalism, large images and white space for top-notch readability. This Wix store has a hero image, followed by introductory text, and only then is a slider with call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

Furthermore, Kaekoo has a more personalized testimonial section with customer avatars, names and Instagram handles. These couldn’t be any more real.

Note: Use testimonials (use customer images, names, etc.) to boost social proof through the roof.

10. Celiab

Built with: Wix

celiab wix store example

Instead of an image or a slideshow, Celiab uses a video above-the-fold to spark interest. And to not distract your viewing experience, there’s only a small CTA button at the bottom, with a hover effect to make it more clickable.

The other cool thing about Celiab is the large header that hides when you go down and shows when you go back up. (Otherwise, that massive header would be too distracting.)

Additionally, the simple footer has a subscription form, contact details and social buttons.

Note: Deliver your message quickly and appealingly with a hero video background.

11. Valeria Monis

Built with: Wix

valeria monis wix store example

Valeria Monis is an elegant Wix store example with a minimalist appearance. The hero image has a parallax effect to create a stronger first impression.

The header has a white background like the rest of the website, which makes the overall look much neater. Plus, it sticks, so menu links are always at your disposal.

Note: Creating a minimalist webshop design is one way to make your products stand out more.

12. Michal Oren Jewelry

Built with: Wix

michal oren jewelry wix store example

Michal Oren Jewelry’s online store has a boxed layout with a light scheme, except for the footer, which is dark.

It has an organized and structured look that draws visitors’ attention to the content and products. You can choose between three currencies in the header and enjoy an IG post slider with a direct link to the profile.

The shop page has a grid layout where thumbnails show a secondary image on hover for interactivity.

Note: Maintain consistency and a clean look with a boxed website frame.

13. Black Sheep

Built with: Wix

black sheep wix store example

Black Sheep has three floating elements following you around; a hamburger menu icon, FB and IG buttons and a “let’s chat” widget.

The navigation opens a full-screen hamburger menu with jump links. Remember, Black Sheep is a one-page website, displaying all the content just a few scrolls apart.

Note: Improve your customer service with a live chat widget so potential buyers can get quick answers.

14. Zelie For She

Built with: Wix

zelie for she wix store example

Zelie For She has a strong impact on all its visitors with a full-screen layout and large images (including the parallax effect).

The header and the top bar both float, so everyone can easily access shop pages, shopping cart, and more.

On the other side of this Wix store is a clean footer with outlined columns and a sign-up form. And to ensure Zelie For She is easily reachable on social media, FB, Twitter and IG icons stick on the right side of the screen.

Finally, the shop has a quick view function to check and add to the cart each item without leaving the current page.

Note: Make adding products to visitors’ shopping carts quicker with the quick view feature.

15. Studio Chocolate

Built with: Wix

studio chocolate wix store example

Studio Chocolate looks tasty from top to bottom. It has a floating header with a search bar (with autocomplete function) and a drop-down menu.

Below the header is a slideshow promoting services and products with overlayed text and call-to-action links.

The home page product grid has a “see more” button that loads more items without opening a new page.

Note: You can use a “see/load more” button instead of pagination to display more products on the current page.

16. Bonsie

Built with: Wix

bonsie wix store example

Bonsie has a big hero video with a CTA button that reacts on hover, making it more clickable. One unique feature of this Wix store example is the accessibility menu so visitors can configure and personalize the look.

Moreover, Bonsie creates a pleasant scrolling experience with content loading, catchy animations and graphics.

Note: Allow potential customers to modify your online shop’s look with the accessibility configurator.

17. Amorilla

Built with: Wix

amorilla wix store example

Amorilla has a large subscription popup banner at the top of the screen, which is impossible to miss.

The home page feels like a single-page website with jump links in the navigation bar, except for the shop, which opens on a new page.

Furthermore, you can use the contact page at the bottom of the front page or a sticky contact widget to contact Amorilla staff.

Note: Using a single-page layout makes it easier for visitors to navigate your Wix store and find the necessary information.

18. The Cloth Shop

Built with: Wix

the cloth shop wix store example

The Cloth Shop has a neat home page with a slider, a clean header and a contrasting footer with additional business details.

We’ll pay attention to the contact page, where you can find Google Maps with the exact location marker, so finding the shop becomes much easier. (But they also have transport recommendations – just in case.)

Note: If you have a brick and mortar, integrate Google Maps with your location and a “directions” link.

19. Hair Comes The Bride

Built with: Wix

hair comes the bride wix store example

From parallax video to parallax image, Hair Comes The Bride has it both for maximum engagement.

The simple, light site design ensures products and services stand out nicely when you scroll the page, so your focus doesn’t get distracted.

We also like the blog section, where folks behind Hair Comes The Bride share tips, tricks, and more.

Note: Take your Wix store to the next level with a regularly updated blog (and enjoy more organic traffic).

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