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30 Great Examples of Websites Using BeTheme – Most Flexible Multipurpose WordPress Theme

BeTheme is a responsive multipurpose WordPress Theme from Muffingroup. It is a very popular theme, with sales close to 22,000 on Themeforest, and a 5-star buyer rating.

The leading feature that makes BeTheme popular is the 150+ pre-made layouts, each of which you can install with one click. There are homepages for many niches and there is a good chance that you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

Multiple layouts and page styles make this theme perfect for websites with more than one theme – professional, personal, media. BeTheme is fully customizable, with a shortcode generator that helps you easily build your pages. A powerful admin panel helps you easily customize the theme.

Starting with a base grid, one can use Muffin Builder 3 or Visual Composer and build a layout. The sections in the Muffin Builder contain boxes called Wraps, which you can use to create advanced content.

It also comes with 20 customizable header styles. And you can choose from one of the 12 available skins or create your own with just a click.

Other Features

The other features that are included in BeTheme are:

  • Responsive and Retina-ready, including Revolution Slider.
  • Multiple color options and Google Maps styles.
  • Maintenance mode and blank pages – can be used until your website is ready to launch.
  • A search tool can help you find items faster, recognizing even the icons.
  • Improved performance and speed on account of reduced saved and transferred data.
  • Optimized for speed and search engines.
  • RTL and WPML ready.
  • WooCommerce, MailChimp, W3 Total Cache, Buddy Press, bbPress, Yoast, Contact Form 7 and Events Calendar compatible.

We have picked out a few illustrative sites that use BeTheme,

Phone Transfer

Do you change smartphones often? Then Mobile Trans is for you. This website can transfer all contacts, SMS, call logs, audios, videos, apps, photos, music, calendar and more from one phone to another in one click. Furthermore, it can retrieve lost data or something that you have deleted by mistake. You can access the social icons and contact them from the home page via the contact form or the SumoMe login option.

Nutriway Diet

Nutriway Diet offers tailor-made nutritional programs under the supervision of physicians and trained coaches. An online platform is available to track how far you have made it in achieving your health goals. For a free consultation, you can reach out to them on the number given in the top bar above the header or the contact form at the bottom right of the homepage.

Arow Auto Rental

Mercedes Benz, Bentleys, Porsche, BMWS, Ferrari or Jaguar – you can take a spin in any of these by renting them out at Arow Auto Rental, a reputed car rental service at Miami. Their cars are featured in the homepage in small sliding boxes from BeTheme.


UCANSELFSTORE is a blog about all the news related to self storage and storage by couriers. If you have a vintage table that you want to put away until you move to your own home in the suburbs, UCANSELFSTORE will help you move it from your tiny apartment in the city and keep it for you, until you call for it.


The name appears to be misleading, but the website will lead you to the land of Noah, Armenia. The landscape of this beautiful country has been captured in stunning photographs and displayed in a boxed format. The images transition smoothly in different ways on the Revolution Slider.

Bug Free Pest Control

For quality pest control services for homes and offices in Sydney, you can approach Bug Free Pest Control. They can sort out all kinds of pest problems, as well as undertake preventive maintenance. They can even advice you on keeping homes and offices pest-free. You can visit their BeThemed website for more details.

Mazetta Company

Mazetta Company is a producer and importer of mussels, shrimp, fin fish and lobsters. Yummy recipes, inviting seafood images, trade affiliations, their cold storage capabilities and achievements are all showcased using sliders and number counters on their BeTheme based website.

Drum Pedals

Drum Pedals is a complete review and buyer’s guide for drum pedals. You can read all about the latest drum pedals and participate in their forum by contributing or checking out upcoming drumming events. The alphabets dropping into place individually from above invite you to choose the best drum pedals.

Austin Fanning General Contractors

Superior workmanship, extensive experience and unrivaled knowledge is what Austin Contractors promise on their BeThemed website. A very short video/ slider is present on the homepage, and the portfolio page has their completed projects placed in neat boxes.

The Health Center

The Health Center is a cannabis dispensary in Denver. It has two locations and is equipped with the finest medicine and top quality staff. Twitter feed is featured quite conspicuously on their homepage and so are social icons. The social icons appear in multiple places on the homepage itself, with the icons in the sidebar staying with you even as you scroll.

Kill My Job

The name is indicative of what they do. Kill My Job promotes the spirit of entrepreneurship far and wide. They help individuals design their own lifestyle. Their website is themed on BeTheme.

Mentawai Boat Chambers

Mentawai Boat Charters operates the Temptation, a mini sports cruiser which clients can charter for a day to go island hopping in Mentawai or Telo island chains. The camera well captured the waves, and the homepage displays that to good effect.


Metropolitan has a full-screen homepage with the menu laid out just above the footer. With rocking music and a happening nightspot, you may just want to find out more about this restaurant. You can do so easily from the convenient call to action buttons on their BeThemed website.

La Palma

The full screen display on the homepage of La Palma makes for a mouth-watering treat. You can almost smell the smoky flavors of the pizza, see the bubbles in the glass and taste the tang in the tomato ketchup. The picture speaks for itself and the text on the webpage is only to help you bring that pizza to your plate.

Zippy Toys

A whole range of baby gyms, dining chairs, radio-controlled cars and complete sets of educational toys are available from Zippy. You can surf their catalog in the Products page of their website.

The Max Tattoo

The Max Tattoo is where you should be headed if you want to get yourself inked. The firm has grown consistently from 1995 and now specializes in cover-up tattoo. That means you can add a new tattoo over an older one that have got tired of. Max Rambelli’s BeThemed website has a number of pages where you can see the different tattoos, sketches and catalog in a gallery – all on a custom background of ink sketches.


dependent-healh-wordpress-site-example is the national recovery network for addiction treatment. The homepage itself prominently shows their contact options, to nudge the drug and alcohol-dependent to reach out to them. With thousands of rehab centers and assured confidentiality, they set a high standard for addiction treatment and offer personalized care for those with and without insurance coverage.

Size Matters Movers

These movers deliver stuff all over the world promptly and reliably. Their homepage carries a full-screen image of a delivery van, leaving you with no doubt as to what their business is.

Colorado Stairlift

Colorado Stairlift Company can install stair lifts in your home to suit any particular need. They are well established in Colorado. Lifts for straight stairs, curved stairs or refurbishing lifts, they do it all. They can put up specialized stair-lifts for people of old age, or those with medical conditions, and offer temporary solutions as well.


The Saxum Foundation was established with the objective of coordinating all efforts to help people come to the Holy Land. The Vimeo on their homepage explains this objective in more detail. Their website is built with BeTheme.

Move Through Life

Move Through Life is a dance school that invites you to dance, learn and perform, and in the process, get fit and have inspiration. If you are not tempted, you should go through the recommended post that appears and sticks to the homepage as you scroll. They have classes for all age groups, including adult classes.

Jacksonville Real Estate

You can begin the search for your home via Jacksonville Real Estate. They make it easy for you by conveniently placing listings near the top of the homepage itself. They provide all the information you need to make an informed decision and the expertise to help you negotiate a deal.

Erion Skifteri Construction

Erion Skifteri Construction Company has grown through the good word spread by satisfied clients. It is a full service company specializing in mid-scale renovations in New York City. The website is built on BeTheme.


AG-NAV is one of the leading suppliers of GPS Navigation equipment for aerial applications and has carved a niche for itself in the agricultural industry. It caters to customers all over the world through an extensive distribution network. The GPS navigation helps in precise spraying of pesticides and fertilizers.

Impact Inflatables

Impact Inflatables are in the business of inflatable advertising balloons of great quality. You only need to tap on the left corner of the video on the homepage to get in touch with them. Share icons and contact forms are also at hand. The number counters show that they have produced more than 20,000 inflated balloons for over 1,400 customers.

Black Canyon City Chamber of Commerce

This is the website of a trade-related body. It uses the Be Child theme and all the information come in neat boxes in the different pages of the website.

Home & Factory

Home & Factory makes furniture, and you can buy from their ready stock or request for a custom-made one as per your design. They will show you in 3D how the project will look after completion, which can help you make changes beforehand. Their website is based on BeTheme.

Winning Edge

The Winning Edge Leadership Academy is a nonprofit organization set up to educate and foster professional mentoring relationships to those who seek a career in sports. They help identify opportunities, open doors, and teach you to never quit on your dreams. Their website is built with BeTheme.

American Indian College

American Indian College is America’s only regionally-accredited college catering primarily to native American students. It equips the students with academic excellence for service within a Christian community. A student will have the opportunity to be involved with various ministry groups that are sent out from the college.

Crowd Venture

Crowd Venture is an investment avenue for funds as low as $5,000. After opening an account with them and becoming an accredited investor, one can browse through various investment options, mainly real estate. Real estate investments typically start at $50K, but with crowd funding, you can start at really low investments. Once the particular investment option has gathered sufficient funds, the amounts will be invested and you can monitor the returns.

Final Thoughts

A glance at the websites above will reveal the wide variety of niches for which BeTheme has been used. So whatever be your venture, you can take your pick from the 150+ layouts from BeTheme and make it your own with their customization options. Just in case you cannot find what you want, you can make a suggestion and they will consider it for adding to their existing collection of layouts.

Which BeTheme example website do you like the most? Or have you created a better looking website using BeTheme?

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

Aigars Silkalns

Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in WordPress theme development. After graduating with BBA he self-though frontend web development. Currently, has over 10 years of experience in mainly CSS, HTML (TailwindCSS, Bootstrap), JavaScript (React, Vue, Angular) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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  1. Please have a look at We also use betheme to build it.
    Regards, Alex

    1. Hi Alex;

      how did you implement multi language in your site?

      1. Ytse,

        You can create multilingual website using WPML plugin. For more information about this WordPress plugin you will find on their website.

    2. Hello Alex,I like betheme too.
      Your site is very beautiful.
      The key is your site is very fast with WMPL. how do you do that?
      Use CDN or others.

      Best regards,
      QB from China

      1. Here are things that Alex has done for his website:
        1. Invested in a good hosting. With hosting it is generally true that you get what you pay for. So if you are paying like $5 you can’t expect the same performance as from $50 or even $500/month hosting.
        2. He has cache in place as well as CSS file minification using minify. Not sure which cache plugin but it appears that there is one since site loads much faster on the second load than on the first one which means that there is some cache plugin. Our recommendations are W3 Total Cache or even WP Rocker. You can see cache plugin benchmarks here.
        3. He doesn’t even use CDN but it would add an extra benefit to already fast loading website.

  2. Vreebies Co says:

    Be Theme one of our favourite theme too :).

  3. Jagdish Prajapat says:

    Hello! Betheme is our favorite theme 🙂

  4. My experience with BeTheme was a nightmare, and I’m far from the only one. I requested a refund because the theme malfunctioned. Much of the content of my site would not display online. Many others have had the same problem, as evidenced by their support pages. I tried fixing it per their directions, which were to increase the max_vars. I had a tech at my hosting company help, to be sure it was done correctly. It did not resolve the problem.

    I tried several other themes, including Twenty-Sixteen and Avada, and they functioned flawlessly. How could the server be the problem if other themes work? Obviously, the problem was with the theme.

    They say it might have been a plugin, but the ONLY plugins I had in use were the ones that came with BeTheme. I de-activated all of them, and it didn’t resolve the problem. It was not because of a plugin.

    The problem was NOT the server and NOT the plugins. Muffin Group refuses to issue a refund.

    This was their reply to my request for a refund:


    we are sorry but we can not agree with you unfortunately. The problem is not related with theme itself and might be related with your extra plugins or just server settings themselves. Saying that many other people got the same problem is not true because so far many 10 people had this issue. We get the information from 3 of them already that the problem was on the server end and it has been sorted by admin. But what exactly was wrong? We have no idea because we are not server experts. So if you have a problem related with disappearing problem, you supposed to look for a problem on server end because it has nothing to theme.

    Thanks for understanding!”

    Well guess what, I’m not a server expert, either. Do I have to be one to use BeTheme?!

    1. Gia,

      I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with BeTheme Muffin Group. So far I haven’t had any problems with them but probably I am just lucky.

    2. Well, your tech at your hosting company probably wasn’t helping you out. I know the problem you’re facing, and it happens when you have way too much content on a single page.

      First of all, with a good host, you should be able to make these PHP changes yourself, but most of the hosts out there will not change it for you because they cannot individually change the PHP settings for your account. Check your PHP.ini for values. If you increase max_vars the issue goes away.

      I’ve used BeTheme for almost 2 years now and it keeps getting better. Their support are always helpful.

  5. Can’t you link the example sites? It would be more fun to klick on the picture to see more of it. Btw. I really love Betheme but the support is low level. Sad but true.

  6. Mike Grant says:

    I bought a rebranded version of beTheme. I found that nearly all of the demo sites were not properly configured. At first I found this annoying, but after getting stuck in and learning how to configure this myself, I’m OK with it. I learned so more about the theme by learning how to correct the misconfigurations and by experimenting with it and seeing what does what. I’m very happy with it. A virtually perfect theme.

  7. Apart from a few of them, these are some terrible examples of BeTheme in use. They actually make the theme look bad.

    1. Please let me know some better examples and we’ll make sure to list them above.

  8. Hi, I also use Betheme. My experience is that if you have time to spend with Betheme and learn you can do virtually anything. Support was helpful, but in a few cases was rather rude. The theme is getting better over time and would recommend it if someone has time to learn beyond basics.
    Plugins that makes a difference regarding loading speed in my experience is Wp rocket + Cloudflare.

  9. Leopard Money says:

    Can we add blog menu in any selected theme and modify it ?

    1. Above listed are not themes but websites based on a popular BeTheme. But if you are think modifying BeTheme then there is no limits as it is one of the most flexible themes out there.

  10. Hello Alex,
    I love Betheme. I started using it.

  11. Jacques Nadeau says:

    Finally, a theme optimized for speed and search engines and ready for multi-language. Interesting!

    Yes, the BeTheme can certainly be used for several niche markets. I like these two examples: Nutriway Diet & Metropolitan.

  12. Spike Thomas says:

    I need some examples of Muffin Builder. Thank you for sharing.

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