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Best WordPress Marketplace Plugins
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5 Best WordPress Marketplace Plugins in 2022

A marketplace is an online platform where vendors sell products and services. The online market is now the new face of business in the 21st century. It helps people buy goods and services with so much ease and comfort. People can go online and browse for the products that they need. Let them add to cart, and pay it easily using their means. They can wait for the item to be delivered by their homes through shipping couriers.

With so much technology and the internet, it can help people reduce the costs of going into groceries. Unlike going into supermarkets or malls, they can just choose the products they need. Afterward, it will be delivered to them for a few days or weeks without the agony and hassle of driving to different places to get their resources fulfilled.

A lot of people would find marketplaces much advantageous to them. Aside from being at ease with all the products being sent to them in one click, they also help many people go into being employed by delivering their products at home. It could be said that everyone wins through using these great technological things that help our lives to be easier.

For this reason, we have picked five WordPress marketplace plugins to feature. It makes everyone use and embeds on with their sites. Most of these plugins are free to use. But they differ as to their features much to the user’s choice, whichever they would find more useful to their purpose and functions. 

WC Marketplace

WC Marketplace setup page

Talking about free things, this plugin has it all. This plugin does not charge users to allow them to sell in different product vendors such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Airbnb or Flipkart, etc. It is a perfect plugin for website users that engages in different types of e-commerce. This is a plugin that allows everyone to have an online e-commerce store, wherein it welcomes various vendors, merchants, vendors, or sellers who can be able to sell goods or services to their customers. If you are looking for a WordPress marketplace plugin that caters more vendor sites and not just one, this is a perfect plugin for you.

This plugin is superb in terms of ease, user guarantee, and customer service support. For most of its features, you can have them all for truly free of charge. In terms of customer support, you don’t have to worry. Because it actually has a group of a dedicated and talented set of engineers that will always hear you out regarding your concerns or problems related to their WordPress marketplace plugin who can patiently fix that for you. These engineers are so warm that they would always appreciate you for any feedback and criticisms as they also want to improve their plugin for the best of their customers. Regarding timeliness, if you’re looking for a plugin that updates regularly—they can also promise you that by periodically updating the plugin for months for any additional enhancements.

Having any problems with how to install it? They are equipped to also help you with that. All you have to do is read their guide thoroughly on their website and properly carry out the steps to make their marketplace plugin functional.

In terms of completeness, this plugin has it all. It has the best customer interfaces and feature that allows them to choose from any vendors they like, which could create their vendor list from your site. We all want choices to be showcased, right? They can also be able to search for a vendor based on location. It includes comparing rates of same products by different vendors, buy different products in different vendors with just a single order. They can also post questions and comments on the forum page of the product. The vendor’s page can report a vendor who is abusive or rude on the report section. Lastly, it comes with an efficient payment set-up where it accepts all kinds of payment supported by WooCommerce.

To the vendor’s side, they have a vendor dashboard wherein they could manage their products and orders from the customers. They also have a sales report map that provides them a weekly or monthly sales report through a country map. It also has a personalized way for vendors to edit their profile information, product details, coupons, or vouchers percentage for their customers. Also, the shipping methods, order management dashboard, which includes information if the product was shipped or has been requested for a refund. Lastly, it also provides specific modules regarding commissions, payment methods. Vendors also have an option for account deactivation once they no longer decide to sell.

Why would anyone choose this marketplace plugin? It’s helpful, hassle, detailed, and relevant for those people who want to engage in a truly organized e-commerce marketplace.

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WCFM Marketplace – Best Multivendor Marketplace for WooCommerce By WC Lovers

WCFM Marketplace – Best Multivendor Marketplace for WooCommerce setup page

WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace (WCFM Marketplace) is a free multi-vendor WordPress marketplace plugin. It supports their users on building their personalized marketplace such as in Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Airbnb, or Flipkart in just minutes.

It has many customized features for website administrators, such as flexible commission, and many more. The vendors allow them to have an organized list of a single product with multi-vendors, ledger book for sales information, by country or zone shipping methods, product review corner, and many more. This is all for free. It has store invoices for their products, support ticket for their concerns, and shipment tracking information for the customers. It allows them to keep track.

They also have live chat support if the customers need to contact their vendors.

Vendors have options for commission systems such as fixed, percentage, or percent and fixed and many more. In terms of shipping rates management, they can be organized either by zone, country, or by weight, etc., In payment set-up, they can schedule the withdrawal by order status. For payouts, they can cater to PayPal, Stripe, Wirecard, Cash Pay, or bank transfer. If you want, you can also create your payment method too.

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Dokan – Best WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace Solution – Build Your Own Amazon, eBay, Etsy

Dokan – Best WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace Solution setup page

If you’re looking for an award-winning user satisfaction WordPress marketplace plugin, Dokan is the best multi-vendor marketplace plugin. It has the same purpose and functionality as any other marketplace. It also has the fastest way to start a marketplace set-up, and earn through commissions with products. It could help you create your own market similar to Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and Magento.

This plugin has already been featured, too, with many positive feedback from its users. It allows users to have a marketplace. Yet, low financial burden as most WordPress marketplace plugins cost a lot. It assures its users with a stable marketplace environment since it keeps its reputation with customers. Some users have been for more years using this plugin. They simultaneously grows and expands as it updates its system from time to time. 

It helps its users run a successful business by supporting them with ease by using this plugin. It also makes them grow into a massive marketplace with a good reputation from its users. In short, if you want a WordPress marketplace plugin that does not let you down by keeping its brand name at best, you can have it all with Dokan.

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Marketplace for WooCommerce By Algoritmika Ltd

Marketplace for WooCommerce settings page

This plugin allows users to sell something in your store. Once they become vendors, they could be able to earn from their sales. Some of the distinct features which can be helpful for the vendors are that they can personalize their pages. That’s a different page that displays all the information about the vendor itself. It includes its logo and personal description.

As an administrator, it will allow you to choose and create a custom label, standard URL, and functions. You can do that by uploading files, viewing orders, and more. As an administrator, you can also block any rude or offensive vendors using this plugin.

Vendors need to sign up on your website to be a vendor themselves. That’s where they can also opt to set-up their commissions by percentage or by a fixed value.

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WooCommerce Products to Amazon Marketplaces

WooCommerce Products to Amazon Marketplaces setup page

Simplify all the necessary processes to have a marketplace plugin. This plugin specifically allows you to display and sell your products on Amazon marketplaces in the most effectively organized way. After downloading, you can install this plugin on your WordPress site. Then, you can create your showcase list of all your Woo Commerce products.

Plus, you will also be able to have an option to directly upload it to your Amazon account. That is easier instead of uploading products on your site and then repeating to upload it on your Amazon account.

Everyone might be asking: why should you use this WordPress marketplace plugin? If you are looking for simplicity, it has an un-complex hands-on setting. Yet, it allows you to have a detailed list of all your products. Secondly, it has a customer service support just in case you will be having problems in installation. Through this plugin, too, you can upload your products to Amazon directly, and it does you for free. There are no hidden charges at all. Another one, it has an option for you to personalize your display of products as most of us probably would like something to showcase our personalized touch in things. It automatically syncs orders and inventory directly on your Amazon account with no hassle. Going back to Amazon, and then updating your site from time to time—it goes on automatically.

 If you need to have a visual map representation category to Amazon, it will also do you without requiring you any highfalutin HTML knowledge about codes. Because they consider too that not all people know about HTML and programming stuff. About updates, it will also allow you to schedule updates on your product all through the Amazon any date you wish. Lastly, it gives you more and better services that may in need of when you enjoy their essential plugin. By using out their premium plugin, they would not leave you behind, not being able to use it by providing you video tutorials on how to do things.

All at once, you will be able to enjoy having this WordPress Marketplace plugin, especially if your products are inclined specifically on Amazon—in the most organized yet personalized way you like.

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Marketplace Plugins for eCommerce

As far as all the five chosen WordPress marketplace plugins that you had read and now known of, you had probably already chosen one of them to use or try on your website. Perhaps you also wish to have the best marketplace plugin you can stay with forever. However, just a bit of reminder—things are not forever. Whereby, the only constant thing here in this world is change. Before, there was a barter of goods and services. But today, we adapted a new way of trade through marketplaces. From going to markets all by ourselves, we came to adopting new ways to be more efficient.

The use and efficiency of all these marketplace plugins depend on ourselves. We can use it to our advantage. We can use it to lift ourselves into higher forms of thinking beings. Moreover, we can think of other ways to make lives better, outside the box.

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