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Login Form 18 by Colorlib

Even though a free login form template, you can still enjoy the very premium feel of it. Easy to embed and quick to configure.

Login Form 16 by Colorlib

When it comes to login forms, you want to keep them straightforward and quick to fill out - just like Login Form 16.

WordPress Login Customizer

Found these awesome Bootstrap login forms but want to use them for WordPress? This WordPress login customizer plugin is what you need!

Login Form v1 by Colorlib

An amazing Bootstrap 4 login form template that you can use for any project. Looks stunning, features a clean codebase, and is completely free to use.
Login Form V20

Login Form V20

A full-blown free login form with an image background page template that keeps the user experience at an all-time high.
Login Form V19

Login Form V19

Offer you users to quickly access their profiles with this modern and free app login form template.
Login Form V18

Login Form V18

Enjoy this free modern login form template that you can integrate into your application quickly and offer convenient access to user accounts.
Login Form V17

Login Form V17

A contemporary free mobile-ready sign in form widget with a split-screen layout and gradient color effect.
Login Form V16

Login Form V16

A free split-screen login form template that you can use for your project's membership area regardless of the industry.
Login Form V15

Login Form V15

A neat and creative free sign in page template, which you can improve and edit further to meet your expectations to a tee.
Login Form V14

Login Form V14

A beautiful and engaging free split-screen sign in form template with a responsive, Bootstrap-based structure.
Login Form V13

Login Form V13

A simple free Bootstrap 4 sign in template with additional social media buttons and adaptive structure.
Login Form V12

Login Form V12

Spice things up with this free transparent login form template that you can use for any website.
Login Form V11

Login Form V11

A clean, modern and free Bootstrap 4 login form template that adapts to different website themes with ease.
Login Form 10

Login Form V10

With this free social media login form, you give your users a chance to use their profile to access their account and not email and password.
Login Form 09

Login Form V09

With this free mobile-ready sign-in template, you will ensure smooth and quick logins either on desktop or mobile devices.
Login Form 08

Login Form V08

An attention-grabbing free Bootstrap sign-in template design that guarantees full flexibility and mobile device compatibility.
Login Form 07

Login Form V07

Here is a free creative sign-in template design that you can utilize for heaps of different projects and intentions.
Login Form 06

Login Form V06

With this free sign in template design, you can offer your users to enter their accounts with email or social media.
Login Form 05

Login Form V05

Instead of offering only a login option via email, you can step things up with a free template that also supports social logins.
Login Form 04

Login Form V04

In this day and age, our free responsive login form template will come in exceptionally handy. It even uses an image on the left side.
Login Form 03

Login Form V03

If you would like to try something different, here is a neat free login form with a top image banner template.
Login Form 02

Login Form V02

Instead of rocking a boring design, you can quickly spice things up with this free login form with an image template.
Login Form 01

Login Form V01

With this free split-screen login form template, you can create a pleasant experience for everyone who is entering their account.

Login Form 8 by Colorlib

This is the eighth edition of our creative, free and easy-to-use login form templates. Perfect for EVERYTHING.

Login Form v3 by Colorlib

This is our most popular Bootstrap login template. It happens to be the most popular login template ever published to the web. It has been download several million times.

Login Form 15 by Colorlib

Login Form 15 is for all of you who are looking for something more in a free login template. Hint: banner.

Login Form 5 by Colorlib

Login Form 5 combines social logins with the traditional username/password sign-in process conveniently.

Login Form 4 by Colorlib

Nowadays, more and more users are opting for social logins - because it's quicker. That's when Login Form 4 comes into play.

Login Form 19 by Colorlib

Login Form 19 ensures a simple and minimalist design that you can integrate into any website or app effortlessly.

Login Form 14 by Colorlib

Whenever in doubt, always opt for simplicity when integrating a free login form into your web application. Login Form 14 is a perfect alternative.

Login Form 13 by Colorlib

A full-blown sign up form with no hidden fees, readily available to put it into play. Split design: image with gradient overlay + form.

Login Form 11 by Colorlib

Vibrant and modern are the two characteristics of Login Form 11. You can use it out-of-the-box or tweak it where necessary.

Login Form 10 by Colorlib

If you are unsure about the design for your sign-up form, Login Form 10 rocks a simple one that always does the trick.

Login Form 9 by Colorlib

Save yourself plenty of time and energy with Login Form 9. Based on modern technologies with autocomplete and form validation functions.

Login Form 7 by Colorlib

Login Form 7 is on the simple side but still offers two ways of signing in: social networks or username/password.

Login Form 6 by Colorlib

Would you like to keep your login form simple yet personal? Then waste no time and opt for Login Form 6.

Login Form v2 by Colorlib

A modern and easy-to-use free login form with an animated button. If you are a fan of simplicity but dig a creative element here and there, Login Form v2 is the right free widget to go for.

Creative Login Form

Meet our most simple, highly versatile and easy-to-use free login form template based on CSS3 and HTML5.
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