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Top 20 HTML5/CSS3 Photography Website Templates For Professional And Hobby Photographers 2017

Top 20 HTML5/CSS3 Photography Website Templates For Professional and Hobby Photographers 2017

It is amazing that the ability to freeze and capture moments in time, has become a mundane fact. Most people agree that photography is an art form. Only a select few possess the eye and instinct of a photographer. A sense of perspective and spatial awareness is always necessary.

Those qualities also apply to website design. For photographers, a website can offer an unprecedented level of exposure.  In an instant, works of art can be shared with the entire world. This unmediated connection between artists and fans can only take place online.

However, the website and its design will also attract attention. HTML templates can offer many customization choices, allowing you to craft a page that will never underwhelm. You will be able to tweak every detail, and alter any setting. Without any advanced web development expertise, users can make aesthetic and practical choices. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best HTML5/CSS3 photography website templates:


Ocularous is a minimalist photography HTML template with a elegant smooth concept. It’s focused on displaying portfolio images in a stylish manner. Designing your site can be a very special experience with the carousel image slider. Maybe, you have an extensive portfolio and want to make it a little easier to navigate? Then, you can separate into different categories with Filterable portfolio. Choose beautiful typography with Google Web Fonts. Ocularous lets you create the visibility you need. Let visitors get in touch with you with PHP Contact Form. Create dynamic content and images on your website using PHP files as well.

Ocularous is compatible with most popular browsers. Define color, spacing, border or location, with CSS files and incorporate JavaScript functions. You have 8 HTML files included like index, about, blog and such. Ocularus is clean and easy to customize. It is a tool made for user experience to get creative and resourceful. It is responsive and gives you astonishing options. Installing Ocularus is a comfortable and easy. This template is well documented, and it has a remarkable support available. Try it now and enjoy regular free updates too! Create tons of possibilities for your portfolios and projects with Ocularus!

More info / Download Demo



If you are searching for a reliable, modern, and simplistic HTML5/CSS3 photoraphy site template, look no further than Uno. This product is quite versatile, and it can adapt to a multitude of websites. However, it is best used to enhance your photography web page.

The code is clean and well-written, resulting in an optimized browsing experience for both customers and site owners. There are 2 different layout skins, 3 home layouts, 14 gallery layouts, and 6 portfolio layouts.  Shortcodes were included, in addition to 3 layouts for blog posts, 6 blog layouts and 2 contact layouts. Lack of customization choices will never be a problem for Uno customers.

As a new user, creating your first photography website can be a little daunting. However, you can always rely on the information that is provided by the documentation source. It explains every Uno element in detail, arming you with the knowledge that is necessary for success. It should also be mentioned that various ThemeForest files were included, in addition to 43+ HTML files.  Thanks to the fully responsive layout, followers can easily browse your photography site from their smartphones and tablets. For a more hand-on demonstration of Uno and its capabilities, be sure to access the live preview.

More info / Download Demo



Powerful and resourceful, Oshine is an HTML5/CSS website template that never disappoints. It has an impressive collection of useful features, and a streamlined layout that maximizes performance and customer convenience.  With Oshine, your content can be showcased of high resolution Retina displays. In fact, this responsive template can function on any platform, device, or web browser.

More than 150 HTML page were included, in addition to an optimized and well-written code. Your photography website can even include Google maps and some gorgeous Google Web Fonts. Oshine has a working contact form, a clean design, and a collection of useful Font Awesome Icons. This product likes to keep it simple, as it is very easy to install and personalize. Even less tech-savvy users can swiftly create a fully-functional page in a matter of moments. However, should you encounter any issues, do not hesitate to contact a support representative.

Freedom can be measured in the amount of choices that you can make. Oshine has 18 gorgeous demos, each with its own unique charm. Few products can offers so much variety and customization possibilities.  If you prefer a more hand-on demonstration of this template’s capabilities, be sure to access its free live preview.

More info / Download Demo


Pofo is a premium quality template with a highly creative look, ideal for photographers and creative people who want to show their work. In all demos and layouts options, photographs are the point of focus. Pofo relies on a stunning appearance, and was designed based on image impact. It is a Bootstrap-based design from HTML5 & CSS3, multi-purpose and responsive. It comes with more than 25 unique demos and over than 150 exclusive building elements.

Pofo features a large selection of impressive ready-to-use portfolio layout styles. Grid, Masonry, Metro, Vertical and Horizontal slider are some of them. Singles pages layouts are also included to achieve your goals of display. Pofo comes with powerful boosts and compatibilities that make it customizable and scalable. Some of these include: Bootstrap Toolkit, Animate CSS and Ajax Contact Form. Make beautiful video backgrounds and custom posts with ease! Font Awesome, Themify and ET Line Icons are also included. Some dynamic features really make images stand. Parallax and Animated Skills Bar and even Slider Revolution are some of those and they all come for free! What are you waiting for? Try this modern, fast loading, well documented, and vibrant template. Try Pofo!

More info / Download Demo



Zap is a versatile HTML photography website template that features an engaging and creative design. Users will benefit from a large number of practical features, each implemented in order to increase your odds of success.  You will have the ability to create gorgeous slides via the Slider Revolution plugin. These slides can shine a spotlight on your best content, proving to your customers that you are worthy of their attention.

Regardless your niche, Zap has you covered. It can be used for product, business, corporate, photography and portfolio web pages. This template seamlessly blends gorgeous Parallax animations with a fully responsive layout, resulting in an astounding browsing experience for all users. Indeed, your website can be viewed from any web browser or device.

By accessing the powerful admin panel, site owners will be able to modify the page fonts, colors and styles. Every option will be under your control, as you start to design your hit website. In addition, the admin panel is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Zap has incorporated 50 PSD files, 7 creative layouts, and 3 distinct layouts for your shop. If you wish to sample this template’s features without having to spend any money, be sure to access the live preview.

More info / Download Demo

Studio 9


For those who wish to design a top-quality freelance photography or creative agency website, Studio 9 is an ideal choice. This innovative HTML5/CSS3 photography template is modern and well-design, able to increase your page’s view count. It incorporates a stunning portfolio with page loading, some jaw-dropping animations, and a beautiful header design style. Without a doubt, every element of Studio 9 can enhance and expand your online presence.

Users can design a limitless number of content layouts by accessing the individual project page. It is also possible to specify the project details and include various videos and pictures for all project items.  Any brand needs a recognizable color scheme. Thankfully, you can implement custom palettes with ease. Also, Studio 9 offers 3 distinct layouts for headers, and the user can tweak every header setting.

This template manages to seamlessly blend modernity and simplicity, resulting in a product that defies all expectations. It should also be mentioned that the layout is completely responsive, capable of adapting to any screen size or resolution.  Desktop PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet users will be able to access your content.  For those who wish to sample Studio 9 and its amazing features, a live preview was made available.

More info / Download Demo


LeadGen is a beautiful and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. LeadGen is a gorgeous template for webmasters looking to express themselves with eloquence. LeadGen is the best way to present your content to a massive online audience effectively. You can reach a broad audience without breaking a sweat with LeadGen. LeadGen is well suited for handling multimedia content in creative styles. Photographers love LeadGen because it allows them to showcase their finest work. Perfect for marketing your content, LeadGen is an easy way to monetize your work.

With awesome static or sticky headers and footers, LeadGen is yours to brand. You can customize LeadGen in every possible way while making the right impression. Your photography has never looked as good as it will with LeadGen. Drive up your traffic with top-notch SEO performance. Bootstrap technology ensures maximized reach across browsers and devices. Reach a broader audience and let more people enjoy your visual works. Photography agencies, freelancers and marketers find in LeadGen a solid partner. Establishing a palpable online presence with LeadGen is an effortless matter. Social media features are built right into LeadGen to let your photography go viral. Give LeadGen a go today, and take a snap!

More info / Download Demo



Outdoor is a modern, intuitive and streamlined HTML template that can greatly enhance your web page. It can be used for photography, design, and creative sites. Users can enjoy unique slideshows for their home page, in addition to some gorgeous full screen backgrounds. Regardless of your needs, this template has you covered.  The layout can easily adapt to any device, as it can showcase your content on smartphone and tablet screens. There are 4 distinct portfolio page styles, and 9 different single page style portfolio options.

Outdoor supports swipe and touch screen capabilities, making it easier to interact with the interface. Customers can save up to $90, due to the inclusion of the Isotope premium plugin. For your page background, you can even include YouTube videos. The template is Retina-ready, as it can showcase site elements on high-resolution Retina screens.

Outdoor offers a comprehensive documentation source that can explain every feature in detail. Newsbies can easily become experts in a short amount of time. Working Ajax PHP contact forms are available, along with 6 diverse home page styles: Static Image and Video, Multi-Slideshow, Horizontal Carousel, Slideshow and Slider. For more information regarding this template, be sure to access the live preview.

More info / Download Demo



Lydia is a top-quality HTML5 photography website template that can service the needs of freelancers, bloggers, digital studios, creative agencies, photographers and artists. It offers many innovative portfolio and blog options that boost your chances of landing a lucrative contract. Lydia can be your greatest asset, in a hyper-competitive market.  It is constructed with the incredible Twitter Bootsrap v3, and it incorporates more than 30 unique HTML templates. In addition, every template can be personalized with 11 color palette options, 8 home layouts, 3 distinct headers, an Ajax portfolio and one-page options. Customers can even save $34, by taking advantage of the 3 premium scripts which were added free of charge.

Lydia can feature the user’s Flickr and Instagram feed, allowing for greater social media integration. The template also incorporates various footers with widgets, multiple layouts for your blog, and even a Google Maps function. Free updates and support are available for all clients. Search engine optimization is a feature that cannot be overlooked, when it comes to website development. Your website will be SEO-ready, increasing your online exposure. It should also be mentioned that the layout is responsive, capable of showcasing content on any web browser or device screen.

More info / Download Demo



Marquez is an exceptional HTML template that never fails to impress. Its modern, responsive, and Retina-ready design promises full compatibility with any platform, device, or web browser. With such an inclusive and versatile template, your online presence will surely increase. Marquez users wil be able to choose either a Regular, or a boxed version. If any issue arises during the instalation or customization process, the customer can always rely on the excellent support system. In addition, a detailed documentation source was made available. It offers to explain every feature in detail, turning you into an overnight expert. Users can also expect future updates that can expand their page’s capabilities.

With Marquez, the hunt for third-party plugins is over. It has implemented 8 innovative plugins which were developed internally. The modern Timber framework includes more than 20 useful features that facilitate the customization of site layouts. There are also 400 Font icons, and a series of visual personalization tools.  Customers can choose to implement 2-6 column grids, and full-width masonry grids. Two footer styles are available, in addition to an overlay mobile navigation function and a MailChimp newsletter registration form. Marquez has 3 layouts for Contact pages, 3 About page layouts, 6 Project layouts, and 4 Home Page layouts.

More info / Download Demo



Exa is an exemplary HTML template, perfect for any ambitious marketing, creative, digital design agency or freelancer web page. Regardless of your needs, Exa can meet them. The layout focuses on ease of use, as it avoids the implementation of unnecessary elements that would only slow your loading speed.  Users will gain access to a blog, two different styles for contact pages, and a stylish portfolio. Photoshop source files were also implemented, for the customer’s convenience. Exa is Retina-ready, fully compatible with high resolution Retina displays.

Many customers will be pleased to know that this product caters to those who prefer hand-held devices. The layout is completely responsive, capable of showcasing content on any device of web browser. Better conversions are available, given that all main pages will feature valuable information above the scroll.  For inexperienced users, website development can be a very daunting process. Thankfully, this template has included a well-written documentation source that offers to explain every feature in detail. In a very short amount of time, you can craft a page that matches your vision.  If you wish to sample Exa and its incredible features, be sure to access its live preview. No monetary risk is necessary, given that it is completely free.

More info / Download Demo



„Less is more” definitely applies to website design. Although it may be tempting to include as many features as possible, it is best to maximize performance while featuring a clean, intuitive interface. Sprint is a HTML5 photography website template that understands the needs of ambitious online businessmen. It offers a Retina-ready design that is compatible with high-resolution Retina displays, and it is capable of accomodating any customer.

Those who prefer hand-held devices will be able to administer their site while they are on the move, given that Sprint is fully-responsive. You can showcase content on the screens on desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. This template was constructed using the Bootstrap framework, and it incorporates some incredible CSS3 animations and effects. The code is well-written, streamlined and optimized. This enhances your site’s performance and allows for easy modifications.

Unlike other templates, Sprint is very user-friendly. Even with a basic understanding of web development, you will be able to navigate its options and features. Font Awesome icons were added, along with a Google maps function and a Working Contact form. If any issues arise, do not hesitate to contact the top-notch support system. A live preview was made available, for those who wish to sample this incredible product without having to spend any money.

More info / Download Demo


Few HTML templates can even hope to match Borano quality and attention to detail. Every element was analyzed and improved, managing to seamlessly balance power and simplicity. Borano makes sure that your projects become a reality, as it promotes and showcases your content.  This product was constructed using CSS and HTML, resulting in a modern template that never fails to impress. In addition, it features a streamlined and well-written code that can maximize your page’s capabilities with any web browser. Of course, it is also aesthetically pleasing. Fullscreen Background Images, Fullscreen Background Videos and Fullscreen Content Sliders are available for the customer’s homepage.

Borano has an About Page, and a Portfolio Page with covers, filter bars and toolbars. You can even feature Vimeo and YouTube videos, or upload your own video files. Page customization is accessible for all users, given that this template aims to maximize client convenience. No advanced programming knowledge is required.

If you wish to learn more about Borano, be sure to access the detailed documentation source. It contains information regarding every feature. The template is jQuery Enhanced, fully-responsive, and it has cross-browser compatibility.  A live preview was made available for customers who wish to sample this product.

More info / Download Demo



Massive is an impressive HTML5 photography site template that stays true to its name by offering a large number of useful features. There are more than 260 pages, and more than 50 home page variations. Every relevant tool will be at your disposal, and you will not have to rely on 3rd party add-ons. From start to finish, customers can design a fully-functional website in a matter of minutes.

Massive can be used for general, corporate, spa, hotel, renovation, event, agency, and photography web pages. The layout is entirely responsive, and it can showcase your content on any platform, web browser or device. This can free your schedule, as it allows you to manage the site while on the move. This template has included 70 layered PSD files, along with 27 PSD mockup files. Users only need to double click on a smart object in order to replace the photo.

It is possible to establish a lucrative online commerce business, given the inclusion of some modern eCommerce layouts. Selling your items has never been easier.  Parallax sections are available, in addition to 150 shortcodes, 6 options for footers, and 20 different menu styles. For your portfolio, Massive has included 85 gorgeous portfolio pages.

More info / Download Demo



Conrad is an HTML template that exceeds all expectations. This incredible product has many innovative features, and a streamlined layout that can function on tablets, smartphones, desktop computers and laptops. In addition, users can access your page from any web browser. Conrad offers One Page and Multi-Page variations, allowing the user to choose an option that best suits his needs. There are Fullscreen Slider Sections and Fullscreen Parallax sections. Regardless of your market niche, this template has you covered.

Users will benefit from a sortable portfolio with variable column numbers and margins.  Multiple project layouts are available, in addition to 400+ Entypo Font Icons. If any issues arise during the customization or installation process, you can always contact the dedicated support representatives. Two Footer Styles can be selected: multiple column or minimal. You can even establish an informative online newsletter, thanks to the implementation of a MailChimp newsletter signup form.

If you choose to purchase this product, your hunt for third-party plugins will be over. Conrad incorporates 8 unique plugins which were created in-house, along with some interesting 404 and 500 pages.  For those who wish to sample this template without having to commit to a purchase, a live preview was made available.

More info / Download Demo



Yonkers is a modern HTML template that is compatible with high-resolution Retina Displays. It has a grid system layout, and it is entirely responsive. Followers will be able to access your content from their desktop computers, tablets, laptops and smartphones. Yonkers was constructed with the innovative Isotope packer extension, which can reorganize your tiles in order to fill blank spaces.

This template is streamlined and commented, making it easy for users to adapt and extend it. Every Yonkers website will include the following sections: About, Home, Team, Blog and Contact. The Filterable portfolio area can have separate project pages, video pages and slideshow pages.  With relative ease, you will be able to combine and arrange content blocks. This eliminates the need for advanced programming knowledge, given that the customization process is highly intuitive.

For a more comprehensive guide of Yonkers and its features, be sure to access the extensive theme documentation source. It can turn inexperienced customers into overnight experts. A dedicated support team is also standing by, eager to help you resolve any issue. The support duration is 6 months, but it can be extended with a small fee. A live preview was included, allowing users to sample Yonkers without having to commit to a purchase.

More info / Download Demo



Developed by an elite author, Smarty is an excellent Fullscreen HTML5 photography site template that promises to enhance every aspect of your website. It is a very user-friendly product, given that is accessible to all customers. Regardless of your level of expertise, you will be able to create a gorgeous page.

Upon purchase, users will benefit from 2 different color versions: Light and Dark. In addition, there are 9 distinct style variations for your portfolio. Over 38 HTML files were included, along with 5 different blog styles: Grid 2, Masonry, Masonry Sidebar, Blog Standard, and Blogpost. Although it can fill multiple roles and accommodate different market niches, Smarty is best used for Photography and portfolio web pages.

Working Contact Forms are available for all users. It should also be mentioned that the layout is fully responsive, capable of showcasing content on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs.  Smarty is W3C Validated, and the templates are very easy to customize. Users can expect a series of future updates, each promising to expand your site’s capabilities. Free Google Fonts were added, allowing you to customize the page typography. For more information regarding this template and its features, be sure to access the live preview.

More info / Download Demo



Avoc is a streamlined HTML template that can improve your creative website. Its features can shine a spotlight on your well-designed content, increasing your online presence. Avoc maximizes performance, and enhances your follower’s browsing experience by reducing loading times.  It will resize and adapt your site, making it compatible with any device screen. In addition, it also offers cross-browser compatibility.

Every portfolio element will feature distinct Parallax effects, and there are multiple header choices for each customer’s project. The code is well-written and optimized, making it easy to use. In terms of aesthetic design, users can easily implement video and Parallax backgrounds. With so many charming features, customers will find it hard to ignore your site. It should also be mentioned that a Google Maps function was added.

For new users, navigating the features of an HTML template can be a very intimidating task. Thankfully, Avoc offers an extensive documentation source, capable of explaining everything in detail. Creating a successful page has never been easier. You can even personalize the page typography, due to the inclusion of some gorgeous Google Fonts. If you want to sample Avoc without having to commit to a purchase, be sure to access this template’s live preview.

More info / Download Demo



H-Code is an incredible photography HTML5/CSS3 website template that can improve your creative website. It is available in both one page and multi-page variations. You can use H-Code for your resume, fashion, architect, photography, corporate and eCommerce web pages.  Upon installation, users will benefit from 57+ fully-functional home page template variations, and more than 190 HTML templates. With so much variety, this product can accommodate any customer.  The code is streamlined and well-written, maximizing your site’s performance.

In the online market, everything is driven by the activity of search engines. H-Code is SEO-ready, increasing your chances of obtaining a good position on search engine rankings. Customization is encouraged, given the implementation of many portfolio options, layouts, and shortcodes.

When trying to stay competitive, speed is a factor. From start to finish, you will be able to design a fully-functional site in a matter of moments. H-Code has included 31+ multi-page demos, 6+ creative intro demos, and 26+ one page demos.  Your site will feature a wonderful Mega Menu, an Ajax portfolio, and a series of free updates. There are also eCommerce layouts that facilitate your ventures into online commerce. For more information regarding this template, be sure to access the live preview.

More info / Download Demo

These HTML5/CSS3 photography website templates are great and would get the job done for most users. However, they might be tricky to manage if your website grows large because HTML is much harder to manages since there are no content management system attached to these templates. If you are looking for simple admin interface and don’t want to deal with code then you might want to consider WordPress photography themes such as these. WordPress is by fa the most popular CMS and it will help to manage your photography website and your portfolio. It will also make your website more secure and reliable. I am not saying that HTML themes are bad but not everyone is looking to deal with HTML and CSS but instead wants a simple admin dashboard for content management.


Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. Started to learn to code 2 years ago and now I am familiar with CSS/HTML/JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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