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20 Best Minimal HTML5 Website Templates 2024

Treat yourself right with any of these jaw-dropping minimal website templates. With a striking web design, you can present your project, services, and other details online.

Since the advent of the web and its break into the mainstream user market in the early 90s, the landscape of websites has evolved in a manner that ‘radical’ woefully undersells.

Multiple reincarnations and reinterpretations of what a website is, what it does, what it looks like, and how you should interact with it have come and gone, each building upon the last technologically but always reinventing itself aesthetically to conform to new paradigmatic schemes, digital visual language sophistication and the taste of the times.

It has been a long road from the late 90s websites with their tiled textured backgrounds and slow-loading GIF-laden, saturated, and baroque layouts. Long gone are the days of the dancing baby GIF, and with the latest and greatest incarnation of the web, the new HTML5 framework, the graphical standards of the web have once again been raised to match the power of new technology.

With modern screen sizes and resolutions vastly powerful enough to handle the subtle details of a minimalist design and modern audiences visually refined enough to easily navigate minimalistic digital visual languages, this era of less is more.

The following collection of HTML5 templates and WordPress themes are among the most refined and polished minimal templates.

Best minimal website templates (WordPress)

1. Jevelin (WordPress)

When it comes to Jevelin template, you are left amazed, impressed, and shocked. It is a cracking template for forging websites of all shapes and sizes, including the most minimal ones. Once you unlock Jevelin’s full potential, you will be on top of the world. You have the entire development of your website under control, and it is just a matter of moments how fast you will put it together. And with Jevelin, you can do things extremely fast and always reach the same levels of professionalism.

Jevelin provides a ton of unique demos, is an amazing Elementor builder, and has unlimited possibilities. You do not have to be a coder or a designer to construct expert pages with minimal looks. Get things going now!

More info / Download Demo

2. Divi (WordPress)

If you are looking to bring into being a website with a minimalistic look, you will have it done swiftly with Divi. This multi-functional theme is ideal for every user, from someone just starting to an agency hammering out multiple sites daily. Again, Divi will do the trick if you are after something specific or want to create a general website. There are hundreds upon hundreds of predefined layouts and tons more elements and components ready and set for you to utilize.

There are no limits when it comes to Divi except your imagination. You have the complete creative freedom to hammer out the website for your online project. To sum up, with Divi, all is possible. Divi goes over and beyond with the functionalities and first-class customization options for you to benefit greatly.

More info / Download Demo

3. Webify (WordPress)

webify minimal website template

Instead of doing all this fancy stuff regarding web design, sometimes, you just want to keep things clean and simple. Webify is a magnificent minimal website template with all these amazing features and functions. In other words, if you want to enter the online space with something refreshing, you better not miss checking out Webify. It is a tool full of predefined material, from page layouts to headers, footers, blocks and modules, Webify has it all at the tip of your fingers.

More info / Download Demo

4. Esben (WordPress)

esben minimal website template

Esben is a solution exclusively built for fashion photographers. However, if you fancy the look of Esben, you can utilize it for any other photo project you have going on. It sports clean and minimal web design, perfect for displaying your works and masterpieces in the best possible light. You can choose between several stunning and creative demos and go from there. Each demo easily becomes an active and fully functional website. However, you can also edit it and make it follow your taste precisely.

More info / Download Demo

5. Ohio (WordPress)

ohio beautiful website template

Keeping things minimal online is always a good decision to make. Thanks to all the minimal website templates that we have here, you can create a gorgeous and impactful online presence for your business with ease. Ohio is a massive tool of great page layouts and features that will do you well. It is ideal for agencies, online portfolios, and freelancer websites. With little to no limitations, you can establish your dream website comfortably. Note: Ohio is fully compatible with Elementor and WPBakery.

This mind-bending alternative includes tons of other greatness that will do you well. Some highlights include hundreds of shortcodes and widgets, Slider Revolution, tons of menus, fast loading speed optimization and attractive project display. Look no further; Ohio is ready and set for you to make a difference and shine online.

More info / Download Demo

6. Remake (WordPress)

remake minimal website template

With its simplistic and creative design, Remake is a great addition to this collection of the best minimal website templates. With the excellent home and internal page layouts, you can have it all set for entering the streets of the online world sooner rather than later. You can also choose between dark and light modes and perform any customization tweak. Your imagination is your only limitation, as Remake is always open to challenges.

With the unique samples, you will quickly find the one that resonates best with your style. Of course, you can utilize your preference out of the box and speed things up even further. You can come back later and activate the drag and drop method if you would like to perform any additional tweaks and revisions. A professional and business-driven creative website is just around the corner with Remake.

More info / Download Demo

7. Alma (WordPress)

alma minimal website template

Bold and minimal are Alma’s two core characteristics. Once you see this theme in full effect (visit the live demo page), all the rest becomes history. It is already stunning by default, but knowing that you can modify it to the last detail makes everything sound even better. That’s right. You import the demo with a single click, and you can then do the visual coding with WPBakery to adjust Alma to your meticulous taste.

In the bundle, you will find all sorts of practical traits to make the outcome that will raise your potential to level eleven. From Slider Revolution, sticky navigation and mega menu to WooCommerce compatibility, blog module, social feeds and MailChimp integration, Alma rocks it all and plenty more. You are in good hands with Alma as it comes with documentation and friendly support.

More info / Download Demo

8. Pekko (WordPress)

pekko minimal website template

The minimalist design of Pekko is perfect when you are looking to create a dark portfolio website. It is a simple, sleek and minimal website template. It is lightweight and loads exceptionally quickly to ensure a top-notch performance. The template offers good animation and many options through the Elementor page builder. Thanks to the drag and drop method, you can modify Pekko to the very last detail. Still, feel free to use it as is and have an online presence swiftly.

It will be a little breeze working with Pekko, and if you have any questions, customer support is on hand for easy and helpful service.

More info / Download Demo

Best minimal website templates (HTML)

9. Mono

mono minimal website template

Mono is a marvelous multi-purpose HTML5 template with a wide reach regarding the website type you want to create. In other words, you can make a portfolio, agency, business, corporate, blog, shop and other sites relatively effortlessly.

But wait – there is more.

While ready and set for any niche, Mono is a minimal website template with great attention to detail. Loads of demos are at your disposal, so choose accordingly and start improving the look as you need. From first-page variations, Mono also has different headers and footers, stunning portfolio layouts, and eleven-page preloaders.

Establishing modern and attention-grabbing web spaces with Mono is unchallenging. Quite some work has already been done for you anyway. Enjoy the journey and let Mono help you out with your web presence for your project.

More info / Download Demo

Are you wondering if there is an even easier way to create a website? Here are the most minimalistic Squarespace website templates with a drag-and-drop builder.

10. Insee

insee minimal website template

If you need a special minimal website design portfolio template that is versatile enough to create anything you can imagine, look no further than Insee. It comes with over sixty HTML5 files and six stunning home pages. Thanks to Insee, get your site off the ground quickly.

The clean design you get with Insee makes you a website to reckon with. No matter what you want to do, you need an Insee template to get it done as simply as possible. Whether you’re a blogger, freelancer, photographer, agency, or small business, Insee is here to sort you out with a page.

More info / Download Demo

11. Skylith

skylith minimal website template

It is up to you how minimal you would like to go with the design of your page. However, with Skylith, you can go super minimal.

The best part?

You can still customize the looks of Skylith and make your very own version of it. By the way, Skylith is ready for your adjustments, so feel free to tweak it to resonate with your project best. Right off the bat, you can select one out of thirty and count predesigned demos. Those vary from agency and portfolio to photography and online shop. Of course, you can also go against the grain and pick a particular sample but use it for something entirely different.

Skylith has a working contact form, Instagram and Twitter feeds, Google Maps, and a smooth parallax effect.

More info / Download Demo

12. Sigma

sigma minimal website template

You might not expect to see Sigma in the collection of the best minimal website templates. But it is the diversity of tools that we hand-picked that gives you the freedom you deserve. In this case, you are closer than ever to launching a page to push your mobile, web, or desktop app. Sigma and its four predefined index pages support you on your journey. Sigma also has all other must-have inner pages as part of the bundle for your convenience.

With custom-made industry icons and illustrations, editable vector mockups, and four solid and four gradient preset colors, Sigma treats all its users right. Before you dive all in, see what Sigma is capable of first and take the plunge second. For extra support, Sigma includes a help file so you do not find yourself lost in the lines of code.

More info / Download Demo

13. Inshot

inshot minimal website template

If you are a photographer looking to break into the online space with something killer, Inshot is the way to go. It has seven phenomenal demos, from carousel and slider to Kenburns, static image, and video versions.

Of course, it does not end here.

Inshot is ready for tweaks and improvements to tailor it to your photo project exactly how you want it. The fantastic and minimal website template has six portfolios and the addition of ten different portfolio single pages. Inshot is also compatible with MailChimp and includes shop pages when you need to expand. Make your photographs shine online with Inshot and start receiving new photo shoot offerings thanks to the fantastic website Inshot helps you build.

More info / Download Demo

14. Pofo

Pofo is a super-fast and practical HTML5 and CSS3 template. It is inclined to creative areas and thus comes as a minimalistic design to get crafty with. You will find +25 niche demos to orient your passion and creativity to, whether for professional or personal purposes.

Pofo is user-friendly and is packed with 210+ pages for panel customizations. It is intuitive, built on one page with a smooth scroll, and seeks to strengthen visual display. Have fun with blog and portfolio pages until you’ve had enough. Video and animation backgrounds are also featured. It also offers amazing third-party plugins integrated for free! These include Slider Revolution and WOW Animation. It also has countless pages and layout choices, making it versatile and easy to understand. Post in 8 different formats, focusing on pictures and videos. Headers and footers can also be used to start your style. Even typography is provided with some of the best quality sets on the market!

Pofo is a responsive tool that challenges your vision of simplicity. Use it now with 24/7 custom support and tons of documentation files! Get your focus on the important and get it out there with Pofo!

More info / Download Demo

15. Rainfo

rainfo minimal website template

Set free your creativity even without depending on complex stuff like website development. Rainfo, a minimal website template, will provide your needs in producing an inventive and functional page. Simply choose from ready-made pages to start your journey like a champ. You can edit them according to your flair and style or utilize them exactly as they are. For your information, Rainfo has you sorted out with phenomenal eight homes that you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

It also contains a powerful platform with sliders, Google Fonts, a portfolio with filters, a contact form, and more. With Rainfo, you will get the best bang for your buck. If you want to get your name out there and advertise your services, get your hands on Rainfo and start on the right track.

More info / Download Demo

16. Zuka

zuka minimal website template

We get it, some developers want a quick and easy website, while others wish for a more extensive design. The bottom line is that both desire an original, seamless site for their prospects or their projects. Good news, Zuka, a minimal website template, gives you the best of both worlds. Simply connect with the vast collection of ready-to-use material and start from there.

Zuka guarantees to take care of everything you need to know. Meanwhile, you can improve and enhance the design if you are more meticulous. Zuka is a cracking tool for building magnificent online stores with a minimalistic approach. It is based on Bootstrap Framework and includes ten homes, Slider Revolution, and a mega menu. Different header and footer variations are also in the bundle for your convenience. Start your online business with Zuka and impress all online shoppers.

More info / Download Demo

17. Flone

flone minimal website template

Any creative mind would want their thumbprint on their masterpiece. Flone shares the same vision. This minimal website template is for entrepreneurs with a keen eye for design but no tolerance for complex interfaces. Whether you want a stylish online business to push apparel or a sophisticated look for your accessories, Flone has a selection of appropriate layouts that appeal to your style. Speaking of layouts and pages, there are ten homes, seventeen shops and six blog pages at your disposal.

Other core features include an Owl carousel slider, Font Awesome icons, SEO tools, a dynamic contact form, a product tab view, and more. Additionally, Flone comes with a countdown timer, blog, quick view popup, and mega menu. It also has an informative support team that will help you go strong.

More info / Download Demo

18. Haswell


Haswell comes with all sorts of timesaving pages and features preconfigured, Haswell can handle them all, with an understated, professional and soft-spoken nature that lends itself perfectly to business or personal applications, as Haswell visually stays out of the way out of your content, providing a beautiful and responsive blank canvas for your work. It deploys the latest HTML5 technology beautifully and intuitively through a simplified webpage building process, from header selection to a block-based stacking process for sections and content, to footer selection, and done! Haswell can churn out endlessly vast websites within minutes, regardless of your skill level, without programming a single line of code. Over 350 functional blocks are included. Haswell is a truly outstanding, all-inclusive package.

More info / Download Demo

19. LeadGen

LeadGen is a minimal and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. It provides a clean and crisp framework for building modern websites. With LeadGen, webmasters from all backgrounds can achieve professional results. Deploy masterful modules and elegant elements through an integrated HTML5 page builder. Select from hundreds of options to customize your pages, animations and transitions. 32 sleek demo websites are packed within LeadGen offering solutions for many industries. There’s something for everyone within LeadGen. And what you can’t find, you can make on your own with tons of intuitive tools. With LeadGen, marketing your content to a massive audience is effortless and effective. LeadGen is optimized for marketing conversion, letting your content be the star.

A minimal visual design philosophy makes your marketing more effective. Lightweight and fast-loading, LeadGen’s Bootstrap coding keeps your server loads low. Even under peak traffic conditions, LeadGen outperforms every template on the market. A slender code makes your pages more responsive and reactive, keeping things crisp. LeadGen’s minimal style permeates each of its landing pages and demo websites. You can engage with a broad audience overnight in a seamless style today. Check out LeadGen now, and see what it can do for your project!

More info / Download Demo

20. Definity


Definity includes a ton of useful, time-saving shortcodes to simplify the website building process greatly while incorporating a modular design, minimalist aesthetics, out-of-the-box Working Contact Form and MailChimp integration, and a slew of convenient demo websites and fully preconfigured page templates for all sorts of useful applications, ranging from corporate to portfolio, from blog to photography and much more. It is an all-inclusive, one-stop-shop solution for your modern, minimalist-looking website needs. Definity is also extremely developer-friendly, with a modular codebase that is both extensively commented and highly legible, allowing for seamless modification to suit your needs. Feel Definity’s power today!

More info / Download Demo

If you are looking for minimal WordPress themes instead of HTML templates, you might want to check out this versatile theme collection. WordPress helps you manage website content without touching or writing a single line of code. You can perform all tasks via the WordPress dashboard, which is famous for its simplicity and user-friendliness.

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