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30+ Awesome & Free Responsive WordPress Themes To Build Beautiful Websites With No Cost For Design – 2020

Here we present some of the best free Responsive WordPress themes to take your website to the next level. Most of these themes are as good as many premium themes out there. We hope that you will find this list useful and will finally switch to responsive web design.

Most of us have grown up in a world where advertising is the driving engine of our economy. Billboards, TV commercials and storefront ads have become mundane sighting, and it is hard to picture any town without these initially intrusive elements. The main purpose of these ads is to raise awareness regarding a product or service. The way that the public perceives your brand will ultimately determine your sales performance. Now the landscape has shifted to a virtual setting, where the tech-savvy person is king. Just as before, if you are not able to relate a message of quality and dependability to your customer, all will be lost.

The web site has become the personal information calling card of the 21st century and neglecting it could condemn your content to utter irrelevance. But what if you are a startup, a young and innovative freelancer that is just now attempting to breach the highly competitive yet rewarding world of the internet? Surely you lack the monetary funds necessary for the hiring of professional advertisers. What can you do when both your time and your money are limited?

What platform should you choose?

Free or very cost-friendly platforms such as WordPress have arisen, designed to facilitate the spreading of good products. It would be hard to imagine productivity without WordPress, given that it bands together entrepreneurs. When researching for a successful marketing campaign, you must consider a wide array of factors such as demographics, price ranges, quality, and the political and spiritual persuasion of your target audience. Also, considering the global audience, campaigns of advertising will not be that aggressive.

This widespread appeal can also have its downside, given the extraordinary variety of devices. Compatibility used to be a huge issue in the past. Sites made mainly for desktop or Laptop computers would struggle to appear on mobile smartphones or tablets. Thankfully, most of the current themes that are now available have a greater degree of versatility.

This quality, if referred to as responsiveness, is the hallmark of a quality online profile. It removes the possibility of latency, screens tearing, images and videos not loading, and the like. The goal is to reach a “fluid state” that fits any container. And with that, let us take a look at some of WordPress’s best free responsive themes:

This is another post in our free WordPress theme roundup series, and you can find more collections like these by following this category. This collection will be constantly updated to include more awesome free WordPress themes and remove outdated themes that are no longer supported by developers. This theme collection is very similar to one we published a while ago, but this one is entirely dedicated to responsive WordPress themes. Let us know which is your favorite theme on this collection in the comments section below.



In just a few years, phones went from sizable devices that must be plugged in at all times, to portable, multimedia consoles. This has revolutionized the way in which we shop and do business. Both personal and business sites need to realize that most of their clients or potential employers will access their page from tablets and smartphones. Thankfully, themes such as Shapely use the innovative Bootstrap 3 framework, resulting in an excellent mobile-first design philosophy. Even now, some sites can experience resizing errors, as their layout struggles to fit on the smaller screens of some devices. You will never have to worry about that, given that your content can be displayed on all operating systems, devices or internet browsers.

This theme is also highly customizable. Users will be able to modify the colors of various site elements, edit copyright information, include hero images, or personalize sections. Furthermore, Shapyle supports a majority of premium and free WordPress plugins. Lastly, extra optimization was introduced for the iThemes Security, W3 Total Cache, Jetpack, WordPress SEO, Contact Form 7, and Easy Bootstrap Shortcode features. If you want to sample Shapely without having to spend any money, be sure to access its informative demo.

More info / Download Demo


Illdy is a technologically advanced multipurpose website theme. This theme is a brand new and completely free-of-charge WordPress theme that has been exclusively developed based on the latest version of Twitter’s Bootstrap modular design, making it a fantastically developer-friendly, widely plugin cross-compatible, and inherently, pervasively mobile-friendly and responsive theme.

Illdy seamlessly and effortlessly adapts itself to render your pages. Furthermore, setting up your Illdy website is quick and uncomplicated, a visual experience through the WordPress Live Customizer. This feature lets you make sure everything looks the way you want it to in the end. Moreover, with tons of shortcodes, widgets and layouts to choose from and fiddle with, no two Illdy websites will ever look alike! Try Illdy today, and reach the whole wide world!

More info / Download Demo


Antreas is the perfect theme for creating beautiful and functional business websites. All sorts of businesses will feel right at home with Antreas, thanks to its flexible nature. WP Customizer makes transforming your Antreas website an intuitive, breezy task. Deploy and rearrange sections, change layouts and color schemes and more. Customize animation and dynamic behavior make your website match your market.

Antreas is a theme that is compatible with a range of WordPress plugins and widgets. Add commercial and business features without breaking a sweat through your favorite plugins. Built-in shortcodes take care of all your basic business needs. From pricing tables to Google Maps integration, Antreas packs it all. Marketing services to clients has never been easier. Have you been waiting for the right time to take your business online? Wait no longer, get Antreas for free today!

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Pixova Lite

Pixova Lite is a basic but focused WordPress theme made to build websites from scratch. It offers Retina-ready image quality and tons of premium compatibilities. 100% responsive layout with elegant professional typography is at disposal. Pixova Lite comes with a clean, strong code that makes customizations easy and smooth. It is also ready to translate through po.files and WPML compatibility. You will get it with many sections to arrange headers, footers and widgets. It also uses unlimited Google Fonts and colors to mix or match. What’s more, this theme offers widget ready sections and contact pages. Even slide-in transitions are featured!

A free versatile theme of one-page format, with smooth scrolling and responsiveness to all devices and browsers, Pixova Lite is meant to be simple to build, use and understand from the outside as well. Widgets are totally available in many areas like headers of footers. If you wish to set up shops for a business, you get the awesome WooCommerce! Try its pro version too and get even more wonders! Try Pixova Lite!

More info / Download Demo

Newspaper X

Newspaper X is a magazine and news-oriented WordPress theme. First, it has multiple pages an intuitive menu. And second, it is flexible and completely free for download! Moreover, it is modifiable with WordPress Customizer. This theme brings you an awesome ad banner management fully integrated with the layout design. You will find a topbar and a footer with many features to add. Specifically designed for news, you get to post in 4 groups: editorial, events, latest news and world news. This is without counting its blog pages! This a theme made for everyone on media and mass communication. Get people updated smooth, fast and easy with Newspaper X!

More info / Download Demo

NewsMag Lite

NewsMag Lite is a powerful and impressive online magazine multipurpose website theme. Overhauled and expanded, is the most complete and feature-rich free WordPress theme available as of today. This theme features an immensely broad collection of powerhouse tools and premium features integrated right into the theme. These then allow you to achieve incredible levels of customization without ever having to write a single line of code, and with polished, professional results every single time.

NewsMag Lite features comprehensive demo website templates for a range of specific niche applications. With a wealth of customization options for you to graphically take control of the look and feel of your NewsMag Lite online magazine website. Compatible with the WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite, NewsMag Lite lets you market your wares right off your online magazine website within minutes of initial setup, and since NewsMag Lite is built on Bootstrap, its modular design makes it readily cross-compatible with browsers and devices the world over, while also mobile-friendly to boot. Get NewsMag Lite now!

More info / Download Demo

Sparkling (Most Popular)

sparkling clean flat design theme

Sparkling is the most popular free WordPress theme as of date, and is used by thousands of webmasters worldwide. A clean, flat theme with pixel perfect design and outstanding functionality and flexibility. Sparkling is translated in more than 20 different languages and is compatible with WPML plugin to create multilingual websites. This theme has received several major updates to keep up with the WordPress development and design trends. Overall, Sparkling is an amazing WordPress theme, and it is free to use for personal and commercial websites. To see this theme in action, make sure to check its demo.

More info / Download Demo



Activello is a deeply well designed, professionally graphically composed WordPress multipurpose theme. It is a thoughtfully constructed theme that has been built from scratch, top-down, to be a cohesive and visually integrated toolkit for webmasters to seamlessly and effortlessly produce all sorts of potent and impressive websites of any field or industry. It is also fully equipped with the features required to stand out as an exceptionally useful and convenient theme for corporate websites of all scales and sizes.

Furthermore, Activello is a theme with smooth and polished Infinite Scroll features for dynamically defined content. It is truly a technologically savvy theme, with expansive compatibility with plugins across the board, as well as thorough WooCommerce compatibility for amazing eCommerce functionality right in your Activello website. Limitless color options as well as powerful templates and unique layouts are all at your fingertips. Meanwhile, every feature within Activello is wholly documented so you can truly make the most of it right from the start.

More info / Download Demo


Blaskan, a WordPress theme for writing. It focuses on blogs but works just as well for magazines. You will get social media icons integrated and a contact page to set. Furthermore, Blaskan uses an amazing banner to set up a fixed image, like your own logo. It also features 3 columns in a boxed layout and an intuitive menu too! It is thought for scrolling down with sidebars on pages arranged by preference. Blaskan has a Recent Posts section, an author bio section, and an elegant footer. Get this completely free theme, and try its available demo! Go for Blaskan!

More info / Download Demo



Allegiant is a clever and intuitive free multipurpose website theme. This theme is brimming with an innovative, feature-rich set of tools for the uncomplicated development of handsome, stylish websites. It is also equipped with a broad and competent collection of plugins, options and resources that enable it to tackle the needs of just about any sort of website out there without breaking a sweat.

Allegiant requires absolutely no coding knowledge in order to deliver professional quality results. This is all thanks to entirely visual interfaces consisting of layout customizing, shortcode deployment, graphical customization and advanced admin tools, all reachable within a few clicks.

Allegiant is perfect for webmasters interested in setting up an online home for their business on the web, where they can introduce their organization, products, service packages or pricing plans to a massive online audience with utter ease and speed. Featuring competent portfolio settings and animation styling, colorful team member presentation shortcodes and even completely out of the box functional commercial capabilities powered by the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin suite, it is truly the full package. Try Allegiant today, and see for yourself!

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Ascendant is a multipurpose WordPress theme of great caliber. It has 3 versions to different economical and use targets. It starts with a free lite version, later has a one-payment pro-version and at last a subscription version. Differences are seen mostly on the custom support, bug fixing and update features. All Ascendant versions, though, come with amazing customizable Google Fonts and WooCommerce compatibility. Ascendant works great for blogs, portfolio and social media, as well as businesses. It is also completely adaptable to all screens and browsers. Lastly, this theme features unlimited colors and shortcodes that let you design elements. Get this awesome theme…Ascendant!

More info / Download Demo



Affluent is a crafty and competent WordPress professional multipurpose website theme. A theme designed specifically with the needs and requirements of business and commerce websites across a range of industries and fields of interest in mind. Affluent requires absolutely no coding knowledge in order to deliver resourceful, professional quality results without exception. Through completely visual interfaces, Affluent affords you powerful, deep running layout customization capabilities that allow you to fine-tune every detail of your user’s navigational experience.

Affluent comes with premium quality features and useful and convenient custom shortcodes that you can deploy with a single click. This theme also lets you introduce your team members to the world with seamless ease and an attractive presentation, showcase your professional accomplishments to potential clients and customers with utter ease through engaging portfolios and far more under the hood. Affluent is everything you need in order to set up shop online in no time at all. Packed with completely out of the box functional online shop templates, Affluent allows you to effortlessly market your services and wares to a massive online audience free from any hassle. With Affluent at your side, the sky is the limit!

More info / Download Demo


MedZone is a fast and dynamic WordPress theme that comes in a one-page format and with tons of layout customizations. It is fully oriented to medical institutions and organizations, but may as well be used in other fields or industries. With an updated version of a well-known Macostheme design, managing posts sections is really easy. You will get translation files and unlimited Google Fonts to play with! It also has a large header and footer. Find contact pages and blogs to reach people with medical advice. Comment threads are also available by making clients/patients get a log-in account!

MedZone offers professional assistance, both online and offline. It also has an appointment booking system, and pages to explain the services that are given. Its layout is 100% responsive and flexible. It thus has cross-browser compatibility and image adaptation. Furthermore, MedZone has a professional concept made to give white clean aesthetics like hospitals. As a product, it is given constant updates and a very clean code. Even in its initial process, it is made with the highest standards. Colors to set and content creation are unlimited. Give your site a personal touch without losing your professional looks! Try the demo right now! Try MedZone!

More info / Download Demo



Brilliance is jam-packed with amazingly functional resources and tools for anyone to quickly and effortlessly create eloquent and seamless business websites with powerful commercial capabilities. A theme with the finest framework around for introducing your products and professional portfolios to the world at large in a sophisticated presentation, as well as engaging, custom animated portfolios with amazing transitions and polished graphical effects, attractive and eye-catching corporate blogs and much more under the hood.

Brilliance is also equipped with a handful of powerful, intuitive layout control tools with which you get access to a myriad layout styles, custom header and footer settings, sidebar shortcodes and widgets and tons of custom typographies as well as limitless color schemes for your every page. Integrated with the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin suite, Brilliance allows you to market your wares or professional services directly off your own custom business website, with convenient shortcodes to introduce your pricing plans, service packages and more to your audience swiftly and easily. Mobile friendly and natively responsive, Brilliance’s Bootstrap design lets you reach new clients regardless of their chosen platform or browser. Try Brilliance now!

More info / Download Demo

Portum Material

Portum Material is a free responsive WordPress theme which gives you a fantastic surface to work with. Due to its responsive nature, you know right away that the final product will run flawlessly on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Of course, Portum Material also practices all other technical aspects of a modern theme. Meaning, it works with all popular web browsers, retina screens and delivers outstanding performance. Additionally, Portum Material is indeed optimized for search engines and killer loading speed.

Features include full-width slideshow with text and call-to-action buttons, multi-level drop-down menu, back to top button and animated statistics. Portum Material is a fantastic option for agencies, small businesses and even professional individuals. With no worry and doubt, you can now have a fully functional page live in a snap of a finger.

More info / Download Demo

Portum Clean

According to the name, this next free responsive WordPress theme ensures cleanness and minimalism. You know that’s a reality when you get to examine Portum Clean in great detail. Besides, once you install the theme, you will also notice how simple it is to use. Not just use, but you will have a breeze editing and improving default settings to your wants and taste. Moreover, Portum Clean is a neat site skin for putting together online portfolio and resume websites. However, if you need a quick page fix for your agency, Portum Clean will do the trick as well.

Portum Clean contains sticky header, portfolio, animations, skillbars and a working contact form. What’s more, Portum Clean also ensures search engine and speed optimization, great performance on retina screens, as well as cross-browser compatibility.

More info / Download Demo

Dazzling – Flat Design Business Theme

Dazzling Bootstrap theme

One would have a tough time distinguishing Dazzling from one of its very expensive counterparts. Free themes usually have a very bare-bones approach, and Dazzling can stand as the proud exception to that rule. The developers have included a full screen slider, and a series of awesome widgets, basically giving you the tools required to turn your online profile into something that is truly special.

As it is the case with all good WordPress themes, this one is SEO friendly, and your customers will find it easy to access your site. This high degree of compatibility with any system shatters the conventional barriers and effectively doubles or triples your viewer base. This theme is designed and developed by Colorlib and you can find more of their work here.

More info / Download Demo

Travelify – Flat Design Travel Theme

Free WordPress travel theme

With several widget areas and an extraordinary color variety, Travelify is sure to pull your page out from the depths of anonymity, and skyrocket it to the heights of success. Users often experience problems when attempting to log into a specific site, due to the compatibility issues that emerge from using a mobile device. Picture perfect and proud of it, Travelify is what you should pick when you wish for a free product that can compete with even the most expensive alternatives.

Travelify is extremely useful in a competitive business environment, but it can be installed in a multitude of pages. Creative and artist sites, personal blogs or online journals, and even agency portals can all benefit from its innovative coding. This is one of the most popular WordPress themes with more than 250,000 downloads and counting. It is also among the highest rated free WordPress themes of all time. This is the best theme if you are looking for flexibility to build completely custom website.

More info / Download Demo

Unite – WordPress Wedding Theme

Free WordPress Wedding Theme

This is the one day, the one occasion when compromises are not allowed. Your wedding website must be top notch, so settle for no less than perfection. However, expensive does not always equate to high quality, and Unite is available for free. In order to convince yourself of the staggering quality, feel free to check out their demo. Built using the famous Bootstrap 3 infrastructure, this skin is sure to adapt to any device, allowing you quickly and efficiently browse through content.

It is Retina-ready, has infinite scroll capabilities, and incorporates a featured slider. These are just a few of the features that make this theme stand out, when compared to the competition.

More info / Download Demo


izabel free responsive wordpress theme
Izabel is a magnificent free responsive WordPress theme if you are in need to craft an online store. With the simplistic and sophisticated look, you can employ Izabel for all sorts of different eCommerce websites. Whether niche or general, Izabel works for both and all the rest in between. Use your imagination and let Izabel realize your idea. When working with Izabel, you will save yourself a lot of time and energy. Besides, you will also not need to code and seek help to get things to happen. With Izabel, beginners and advanced users can both establish outstanding webshops.

Along with the mobile-ready layout, Izabel also ensures full compatibility with all modern plugins and other 3rd-party extensions. You can alter and fine-tune the shopping experience according to your signature style and stand out from the masses.

More info / Download Demo


neila free responsive wordpress theme
If you are interested in starting a blog, you better kick things off with the incredible Neila. This free responsive WordPress theme is a kit full of amazingness that will take your blogging adventure to an entirely new level. It is beautiful, simple and very appealing to the eye, perfect for browsing through your compelling content. With that in mind, everyone visiting your blog or online journal will be impressed and amazed by its comfortable navigability and first-class performance.

Neila is an adaptive page canvas for blogs of different styles and niches. Whether you would like to establish food, fashion, travel, politics, personal or lifestyle blogs, you can get things moving forward with Neila. Little do you know, as soon as you start making improvements and corrections, you will have a working blog ready to rock and roll.

More info / Download Demo

Savana Lite

savana lite free responsive wordpress theme
Savana Lite equips you with all the necessary to start bringing your idea to realizations. It is a powerful free responsive WordPress theme for blogs, online portfolios, shops and more. Of course, you can get things going with a compelling blog which you can later expand to different territories, like selling goods online. But if you fancy the blog layout, feel free to use it exactly as is for as long as you want. Still, it is good to know that Savana Lite works smoothly with plugins like WooCommerce and other powerful extensions, which allow you to get the most out of the world wide web.

Bear in mind, Savana Lite is also in tune with the new Gutenberg builder, as well as other drag and drop website editors. Needless to say, indeed, you do not need to work with code to enhance the existing design of attention-grabbing Savana Lite free theme.

More info / Download Demo


esteem - minimal & flat corporate theme

Esteem is a clean and fresh WordPress theme that you can use for almost any kind of website. This theme lets you choose between boxed and wide layout, whichever fits your website. It comes with 2 custom templates, one to showcase your content and a page dedicated for your contact page. This theme supports both custom logo and site title, so you could also personalize your theme and style it to suit your branding needs. It has a fully customizable header image that enables you to display images that are related to your business or website. This theme supports the WordPress custom background feature to make it easier for you to choose the image or background design for your site. It comes with custom CSS that makes CSS tweaks really quick and easy.

Esteem offers primary color option that helps you change the theme color that perfectly go with your site with just one click. Tantalize your target visitors using the theme’s image slider, which is located at your homepage. This theme allows you to show your blog in any of the three different ways, comes with 5 custom widgets that are specially designed for business websites. This theme is fully compatible with Contact Form 7, which manages multiple contact forms in your website. It also uses breadcrumb trail, an alternative navigation scheme that organizes your website in a hierarchical manner and reveals the user’s location in your website. This theme is translation ready, simply create language files and use it in your own language. This theme is well-made and offers free support to assist users in building and running their website.

More info / Download Demo


Customizr Multipurpose theme

Customizr is definitely one of the most popular themes on our list, featuring a total of 4.8 out of 5 stars, in addition to over 721,380 downloads. Quantity is rarely an indicator of quality, but in this case we can make an exception. Currently at its 3.2.3 version, it is definitely worth a look. Its misspelled name is quite indicative of its strongest feature, it bombards you with customization options.

This is basically the digital version of a wet lump of clay, and you get to shape and mold its future. Be it good or bad, the final result will be yours. It proudly boasts 17 different skin colors, social profiles, logo upload, multiple layout options, sliders and many more innovative features.

More info / Download


hathor - simple WordPress business theme

With Hathor, personalizing the Style, Interface and Color Palette of your page becomes an easy task. Company websites even get to feature their own custom logo. The Theme proudly boasts 3 Service Block Styles, 4 Header Styles, 4 Latest Post Layouts, and 5 Page Templates. Hathor has a multitude of options, designed to be intuitive even for the uninitiated user. It is also SEO friendly, increasing the likelihood of obtaining high search engine rankings.

Its framework is remarkably adaptable and versatile. This Flexibility allows Hathor to fit any role, and accommodate many website niches. It may be used for Magazine, Portfolio, Blog, Business, and Creative Websites. Personal pages are also not excluded, as this theme has enough customizability in order to let you express your individuality. Cross-Platform compatibility is not an issue, as Hathor will work on any device or tablet. It works on mobile devices, just as well as it works on desktop computers. As far as customization goes, the color palette is virtually limitless. With a boundless number of skins, the user can alter the color of any website component, at ease.

Hathor incorporates a Multi-Level Dropdown Menu, and a One Click Install System that will get the job done quickly. The Documentation is very well established, and the information is easy to navigate. Trackbacks and Comments are viewed separately, and you will be able to single out front page posts.

More info / Download Demo


WordPress Photography Theme

Filled to the brim with features, Virtue is an amazing WordPress theme. It is extremely versatile, capable of adapting to almost any situation. It uses css3 and html 5 for its coding, and takes full advantage of the Bootstrap 3 framework to become as mobile friendly and responsive as possible. People are more likely to purchase a service or product, if they know that their transaction is facilitated by a trustworthy platform.

Virtue is compatible with the Woocommerce plugin, and just as it gives you options to design your content page, it will aid you in establishing your own online store.

More info / Download


tracks photography theme

Although it is an oxymoron, the term “ complex simplicity” can be used to describe this theme. Tracks’s plain design expresses an elegance that perfectly suits the requirements of Photography websites, personal blogs and magazines. It integrates a responsive layout, sticky posts, a featured image header, and an attractive one column layout. Its user review rate is quite high, with 4.8 out of 5 stars, and over 36,000 active downloads.

More info / Download


make multipurpose theme

Establishing an online presence can be daunting for those that are not familiar with coding. Thankfully, Make is an excellent WordPress theme that does not require any specialized knowledge. Moreover, it has integrated some powerful customization features, including a drag and drop customizer that almost makes building your page feel like an interactive game. Secondly, it can be used for professional business sites, serious magazines, or even personal blogs or online portfolios.

The customizable logos, backgrounds, fonts and colors, add an extra degree of charm, to an already pleasant layout. You have the options to upload and embed your own images or content, providing your viewers with a more personal experience.

More info / Download


Responsive WordPress Template

There is an inherent challenge in designing content nowadays, due to the fact that it has to adapt to so many screen resolutions. The Responsive theme is an adaptable ally, featuring a fluid grid system that is capable of displaying your online content on any device screen.

This innovative skin also includes 11 widget areas, 9 page templates, 4 menu positions and 6 template layouts. The Webmaster tools, Logo Upload and social networking tools were also added, making Responsive one of the best themes on the market. The customer may set up his own online store, thanks to the integration of the Woocommerce plugin.

More info / Download


spacious corporate template

It is really obvious when a developer pours his heart and soul into the content. Spacious shows all of the signs of a brilliant design, coupled with untold versatility. It feels roomy, and is capable of adapting to any purpose or business. You can use it for blogging, business or portfolio activities. Spacious also includes 13 widget areas, 4 page layouts, 6 page templates, 5 custom widgets that focus on templates for business and an awesome slider. You can choose between a darker, or a lighter color skin, upload your logo, or display your page in a variety of languages.

More info / Download


Vantage - Multipurpose theme

The true hallmark of a good WordPress theme can be found in its ability to integrate some powerful plugins. For example, the page builder allows for some great customization options and some great cross platform responsiveness. Woocomerce integration is a given, making it easy to set up and operate a profitable online store. Be they goods or services, your customers can rest easy knowing that they spent their money well.

Vantage is Retina-ready, and can display icons and content in very high fidelity, regardless of screen size. Therefore, it is great for those that are just starting out, and hoping to enter the business world with guns blazing.

More info / Download


hueman magazine theme

Without a doubt, Hueman is one of the most popular items on our list. With a user score of 4.9 out of 5 stars, and over 320,000 downloads, it must be doing something right. Reading on smart phones or tables is a struggle, but with the integration of toggle sidebars, your work will be easy.

Hueman has a wide variety of features, including the limitless widget areas, unlimited headers and top bars, the integrations of accent and footer colors, and customizable sidebars that you can adjust to each post. Furthermore, these are just a few mentions, from the massive laundry list of perks that are available.

More info / Download



Even though English literacy is at an all time high, you stand to gain plenty of users if you are willing to translate your page. Be it Norwegian, Russian, French, German or Swedish, Radiate has you covered on all fronts. Moreover, this product definitely deserves its 4.9 out of 5 star rating, and the over 120,000 downloads. If you have any issue, feel free to visit their section, and register your complaint.

Radiate integrates a custom background, a primary color option, and of course, custom CSS. Overall, this is a good product, and it is worth a look.

More info / Download


adventurous travel theme

Available in both full width and box variations, Adventurous is a clean, simple, lightweight and minimal WordPress theme that is sure to impress. The developers made customization easy by providing an Options panel. This allows customers to properly edit every single feature of the theme. Moreover, it grants you the tools with which to shape your creation. With this, you are able to make all aesthetic decisions. Furthermore, the creators did not restrict it to a single purpose. You can use it for any type of site that you want, without having to worry about compatibility issues. It has multilingual support, so there is a potential for a broader customer base.

More info / Download


minamaze business template

It is foolish to rush into a purchase without thinking things through. First impressions can be deceitful, and any customer must first try out a product before deciding to commit. Thankfully, the high quality theme Minamaze Pro has decided to release Minamaze, a free version of its premium software. This theme is capable of displaying high resolution images. It also includes a highly responsive layout, and a large amount of versatility due to its options panel. Your web page will be able to display both beauty and professionalism at the same time. Although they did not restrict it to any particular niche, you can best use Minamaze for businesses, photography, and blogs. The innovative skin is capable of showing content in different languages, broadening your customer base to include non-English speaking people.

More info / Download


evolve portfolio theme

Designed to adapt to any condition and any device, Evolve is a WordPress theme that is able to rise up to the challenge. It has incorporated a post slider, and a total of 10 posts for each category in question. Moreover, the creators built it on the reliable Boostrap 3 framework, and an innovative Parallax slider with a maximum of 5 slides per page. Furthermore, the sheer amount of features that this theme offers is staggering, being able to rival even the most expensive premium themes. They included full customization, with variations for logos, color schemes and sidebars. Lastly, high definition, user friendly and very adaptable, you should give Evolve a try!

More info / Download


serene blog template

With the recent inclusion of post format support, Serene has transcended what other themes are capable of. The creators gave this theme a very elegant design and made it extremely secure. This makes it a very eye-catching theme. Also, they thought of the support system very well. It works on any given browser and it has an unlimited color palette.

Furthermore, from the moment you install it, all possible options are open to you. Edit every single detail, because at the end of the day, this is your site. Lastly, they have even introduced plenty of enticing social media icons, for a more charming experience.

More info / Download Demo

Hemingway – Blog Theme

hemingway blog theme

Hemingway is one of the best two-column themes for WordPress. Versatile and easy to use, the developers made it suitable for bloggers. However, you can use its adaptability to install and use this theme for almost any type of web page. Moreover, Hemingway includes a full width header image with a Parallax scrolling effect, plenty of Retina-ready assets, and custom widgets. Currently, the development team translated it into Swedish, but it supports any other type of language. If you are looking for a WordPress theme that is easy to install, and even easier to use, Hemingway is the way to go.

More info / Download

If you couldn’t find the right WordPress theme for your website, you might want to check our other free WordPress theme collections by following this category. There you will find awesome theme collections such as free Bootstrap, Wedding, Parallax, WooCommerce and others.


Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. After graduating with BBA he self-though frontend web development. Mainly CSS/HTML/JavaScript(React, Vue) and some PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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  1. Hey, thank you for this outstanding theme collection. I am surprised that all of these themes are completely free.

    1. James,

      Thank you for your feedback!

      All these themes are free to use for private and commercial use. These themes are licensed under GPL licence which means that there are very few restrictions.

  2. Great list of WordPress themes! Please keep it up

  3. Pawan Singh says:

    Excellent collection of free responsive wordpress themes. I just want to ask you a question. Are these themes ads ready? I want to use sparkling, travelify for running ads, as i’m not in a condition to purchase a paid one. waiting for your reply. thanks for your help.

    1. Sparkling and Travelify both allows ads and are completely free.

  4. Looks like Serene is not free but seems like the best of the bunch for me.

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