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WordPress Themes For Artists
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24 Best WordPress Themes for Artists Such as Musicians, Singers, Painters and Other Creatives – 2021

Are you an artist looking to showcase your work online? These WordPress themes for artists are exactly what you need to build a website today.

What makes art great? Why is it important, and how can it flourish? These are all essential questions that any civilization must ask itself. All cultures have art in various incarnations; it is as natural as breathing.

But art needs a medium to proliferate, an environment that will assure its success and guarantee its survival. By its very definition, art is the channeling and invocation of human emotion through various mediums such as music, sculpture, painting, etc.

Meeting the needs of the artist

It used to be the case that artists needed wealthy patrons to promote them and fund their attempts at creating beauty through their craft. This was a mixed blessing, as the artist was constrained to a set value, careful not to offend his wealthy contributors.

In today’s modern environment, these restrictions have all but vanished, thanks to inventions such as the internet. Never again must creative people pander to wealthy elites. Websites like WordPress provide direct links from the creator to the client, unhindered by any pre-conceived notion.

With WordPress, the only subjective opinion that matters is the experience of the person that you are trying to reach. In addition to that, technology has provided new and innovative tools for creators. For example, photo editing and graphic design can blend traditional talent and vision with modern processing power and technology.

The result is an impressive rendition that can impress even the most cynical of critics. We often see modernity as the golden age of enlightenment, but we forget to mention that it is also the golden age of art.

It is not an exaggeration to say that barriers are shattered; race, gender, creed, or color does not matter. If you are good, you will eventually get noticed. Although it is not the only one, WordPress is probably one of the best examples of an online platform that artists can use in order to get attention. Being an artist does not necessarily imply knowledge in web design, but WordPress has you covered.

There are themes, both free and purchasable, that are easy to install and easy to use. You do not have to be a programmer in order to be successful. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for artists:

Best WordPress Themes for Artists



Divi is a creative and original WordPress theme for artists and art galleries. This theme is a deliberately flexible and endlessly shape-shifting WordPress theme, gifted with an ample set of powerhouse tools and features as well as tech-savvy widgets and shortcodes neatly integrated into theme core.

This theme packs Divi Builder, a visual page builder equipped with more than 40 custom block-based modular elements at your fingertips. Moreover, Divi features intricate configuration choices for the deft and dexterous handling of all types and formats of multimedia content in any resolution, being completely Retina-ready out of the box down to the last Font Icon, of which hundreds are available. Endless combinations of colors, layouts, multimedia lightboxes and galleries, professional-quality portfolios and showcases make Divi a perfect theme for artists, as it is one of the strongest themes on the market today ranked by the ability to favorably frame content for the world to see and appreciate, qualities perfectly suited for established or up-and-coming artistes that are looking for a website to call home. Try Divi today!

More info / Download Demo


Jevelin is a polished and stylish responsive WordPress premium multipurpose theme. A creative edge and seamless graphic design makes Jevelin work well on simple and complex websites. After installing Jevelin with a single click, you’re done wasting your time. All that remains is customizing your website using an advanced set of options.

Through Jevelin’s admin panel, there’s nothing you can’t configure. It puts you in charge of everything you can lay your eyes on. From header layouts and element styling to theme color palettes and fonts, Gallery transitions and animations, and footer area configuration, Jevelin’s multiplicity of choice makes it an excellent vehicle for self-expression. This is why creatives and artists love Jevelin. Its utter ease of deployment makes it a joy to use. Installation takes a single click. You can create silky-smooth sliders and showcases with the Revolution Slider. The WooCommerce plugin suite lets you market your products or services to your audience. And with RTL native support, you can reach people across language barriers. Get Jevelin today!

More info / Download Demo


adios-simple-artist-portfolio-wordpress-theme Adios is a bright and luminous WordPress art portfolio theme. It is a remarkably elegant framework for the uncomplicated, speedy development of handsome and eloquent portfolio websites that can effectively disseminate your works to a worldwide online audience of any scale or size without having to write a single line of code yourself.

Adios includes nine exclusive homepage demo website templates for you to always hit the ground running, featuring the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin as your intuitive customization interface and a wealth of custom elements and modules you can deploy and tinker with. Artists find in Adios a particularly creatively flexible platform for introducing their works to the world. With incredible capabilities for visual refinement, gorgeous, custom, in-house developed sliders and jaw-dropping fullscreen Hero sliders, Adios knows how to make a lasting visual impression. In addition, myriad customizable menu types let you control how your users peruse your website. SEO friendly to the core, Adios performs superbly in search engine rankings, taking your traffic to unexpected new heights. With Adios, your beautiful artwork can finally find its way to everyone. Try Adios today!

More info / Download Demo


haar wordpress theme for artists
Pretty much any creative individual can employ the powerful, modern, and contemporary Haar. This WordPress theme for artists is a bundle full of goodies that will do you and your project well. Designers, illustrators, freelancers, and other individuals who are in need to build a solid online portfolio, take a peek at Haar and be impressed. Even if you are an agency and Haar sparks your curiosity, by all means, use it and create an enticing web space with it.

Haar contains multiple home and inner pages, which you can mix and match to your likings. Moreover, the tool is stuffed with helpful shortcodes, three paginations for portfolios, three headers, social sharing, and a sticky sidebar. Last but not least, Haar is also mobile-ready, 100% customizable, cross-browser compatible, and optimized for search engines.

More info / Download Demo


bridge wordpress theme for artists
Creative individuals of all genres, Bridge is your best option to get your name known. How does it do it? With the ability to adapt to your needs and giving you all the rights to tailor it to your requirements. In short, Bridge is a WordPress theme for artists with a killer collection of pre-defined layouts and features. Once you start utilizing Bridge, you will understand how effortless the process is. Not only that, but how much freedom you have, as well as how quickly the outcome will appear in front of you.

With Bridge, you will save yourself time and effort, which you can keep on investing in creating your phenomenal artwork. Furthermore, the page you are about to realize will serve as your portfolio to get people to know you better, as well as to help you advertise your services.

More info / Download Demo


webify wordpress theme for artists
Webify is a contemporary, vibrant, and engaging WordPress theme for artists that everyone will find very appealing to the eye. Kick things off with a pre-built demo that resonates with you best. From then onward, you can utilize the sample exactly as it comes out of the box or customize it according to your signature style. You have all these different options that will place you right on top without the need to be an expert at hammering out websites. Thanks to the drag and drop technology, you skip coding completely.

Along with the full website demo content, Webify also treats you to numerous stunning galleries and portfolios. Present your works however you fancy; Webify handles all the ideas you have with ease. Other goodies include blocks and modules, a top-notch modular system, striking headers and footers, SEO optimization, and fast loading speed.

More info / Download Demo



Creativity can be a very fragile thing, as it often requires an environment that encourages expression and thought. Themes like FWRD can facilitate the creation of such environments by allowing users to craft interesting websites. Developed by an elite author, FWRD is one of the best Music themes of WordPress, and its success is owed to a sizable collection of useful features. It can be used for any DJ, musician, webmaster and music producer pages. There are multiple theme demos available upon installation, sparing you from having to start from scratch. However, every demo can be modified and tweaked, in order to meet the owner’s requirements.

Furthermore, FWRD has integrated the WPBakery Page Builder premium plugin for free, and you can save $33. This tool also has 13 personalized widgets which were developed just for you. Drag and Drop technology is used, making it easier for inexperienced clients to customize their website. No coding knowledge is required. In addition, you will have access to an Easy Menu Builder with 100 header design variations. It is possible to implement full-width, boxed, floating, classic or 3D pusher menus. For those who want to sample FWRD and its features, an informative live preview was made available.

More info / Download Demo


art wordpress theme for artists
ART is a WordPress theme for artists who are searching for a noticeable web design. This neat alternative will help you stand out from the masses with its originality and amazingness. With its numerous demo formats and a plethora of features, you can now create a first-class online portfolio website in the snap of a finger.

You are welcome to use ART out of the box, but if you would like to modify it, you can do that, too. Keep in mind, ART will never ask you for coding knowledge. You can even use the theme for selling products online and starting a compelling blog.

More info / Download Demo


croma-fullscreen-music-wordpress-template Croma is a colorful and creative WordPress music and artist theme. It is a beautiful and wonderfully simple theme built for musicians, artists and creatives of all types and kinds to easily and effectively market themselves and their wares to a massive online audience in a sophisticated, smooth presentation that lets their beautiful content speak for itself. With stupendously pliable features and options and a very easy-to-use page design interface in the form of the premium WPBakery Page Builder, Croma lets you take charge of the look and feel of your website every step of the way.

Attractive header design features are included in the Easy Menu Builder, with immersive experiences such as the full-width user menu and the floating box user menu for you to choose from. Complete WooCommerce plugin integration makes Croma a natural salesman for your crafts, merchandising and all sorts of wares, turning your online creative showcase into a virtual shop in an instant, and without having to so much as look at a single line of code. Croma is all about creativity and convenience. What else could you look for? Try Croma today!

More info / Download Demo


Kallyas in an adaptable multi-purpose WordPress theme. It stands for versatility and variety with a responsive design. It is Retina-ready and ready for action! Kallyas is pixel perfect and great for images display. You get to set up tons of galleries and sliders. For artistic projects showcase, 3 portfolio pre-built layouts are available. Customizable, there are just many many more. With Kallyas, HTML5 & CSS3 files are also at disposal. Even PSD files (for main demo) are in the bundle. Use MailChimp to have fans sign up to your website. Furthermore, Kallyas is very well connected socially speaking. It features many sharing buttons for different platforms.

Use its live customizer and drag and drop builder to create tons of homepages. Kallyas is designed as a perfect mean to make an image public and famous. It has been improved with Smart and is compatible with W3 Total Cache. SEO is also available and a very potent adjustment. Moreover, Kallyas handles boxed and full-width formats and uses a beautiful Parallax effect. Get forums running with bbPress and BuddyPress’ special plugins integration! Even put up blog pages to talk about your artwork and yourself. Get lifetime updates and incredible tutorials and documentation to set up! Enjoy the privilege of Kallyas!

More info / Download Demo


uncode-music-wordpress-website-template If your goal is to create an astounding artist website, Uncode can be your greatest ally. This top-quality WordPress theme refuses to be mediocre, as it offers a versatile roster of groundbreaking features. High performance and attention to detail are the pillars of its design. Uncode can also accommodate those who prefer hand-held devices, as it is capable of adapting to any screen size. Indeed, this theme can work with tablets, desktop PCs, smartphones, and laptops.

An artist can only express his creativity if he has access to some extensive customization tools. Your website will benefit from a beautiful option system that allows you to take control of each layout. The power to design anything is right at your fingertips, and you can do anything that you can imagine. The creators also implemented an advanced grid system that allows page administrator to control vertical and horizontal gap settings, full-width rows, and height parameters.

Moreover, Uncode has some unbelievable skins for your website and a nifty WPBakery Page Builder tool that offers to simply the personalization process. There are 6 different menu styles, each boasting some advanced effects and options. In addition, you will get to enjoy 16 unique layouts for your blog and portfolio. Basically, this theme turns your page into a lump of clay that you can shape if you have an artistic vision.

More info / Download Demo


lekker wordpress theme for artists
Artists, designers and just about any other creative can successfully employ Lekker. This WordPress theme is for everyone who likes to go against the grain and build an online portfolio that stands out. There are many samples to work with, of which all are additionally customizable with your tweaks and improvements.

Tons of practical internal pages, heaps of shortcodes, drag and drop page builder, header styles and mega menu, all these and more are what you get with Lekker. What’s more? To take things to an entirely different degree, Lekker also comes with a child theme.

More info / Download Demo


avo wordpress theme for artists
Avo is a WordPress theme for artists and agencies. It comes with tons of practical, beautiful, and attention-grabbing designs that will do an immediate difference. You can also feature a night/day toggle on your website, which can come advantageous depending on the time of the day your visitors view your website. In addition to that, you can also work with light and dark samples out of the box.

Other amazing features contain Slider Revolution, RTL compatibility, header and footer builder, one-click import and more. Animations, testimonials, hover effects, blog, shop, and pricing are just some other highlights worth mentioning.

More info / Download Demo


musea wordpress theme for artists
Musea, as the name suggests, is a WordPress theme for artists, galleries, and museums. It has a very original look to it, neat and tidy, so your masterpieces come in to view stunningly. Furthermore, Musea has a bunch of different samples that you can put into practice comfortably. It is all due to the fact that you will never need to touch a single line of code. Even when it comes to performing customization tweaks, you do it all with the technique of dragging and dropping.

Many other inner page layouts also await every Musea user, as well as an online store and events section. And if you would like to start blogging, you can do that, too. To sum up, you will find nothing missing in the Musea kit of amazingness. That said, dive all in and enjoy the end product that appears right in front of your eyes swiftly.

More info / Download Demo


tacon wordpress theme for artists
As an artist, it is pretty obvious that you would want to share your works somewhere. Instead of using 3rd-party platforms, you can create your own online portfolio website and have it all under total control. Tacon is a fantastic WordPress theme for artists and creatives who are looking to stand out from the masses. The tool has a very modern and distinct look that will trigger everyone’s curiosity in the snap of a finger.

Start your online journey with any of the four different samples, as well as an option to go with dark or light mode. Different portfolio layouts, contact sections, blog pages, Elementor page builder, smooth animations, and glitch effects are other exclusive features that Tacon comes with. Mix and match the available, introduce your signature style, and voila, your online portfolio is all set.

More info / Download Demo


polyphonic wordpress theme for artists
For musicians and artists, Polyphonic is the WordPress theme for artists that you should consider. Once you start studying any of the pre-defined demos further, all the rest become history. You will instantly become hooked and amazed by what is possible with this dope tool that provides all the necessary equipment for a fast website launch. Musicians, bands, singers, labels, and others in the music industry hammer out a website that will take your musical project to a whole new degree.

After selecting the demo you fancy most, you can then stuff it with your details and tunes utilizing the default settings or enrich the look with additional customization tweaks. Polyphonic handles all your requests, so make sure you use it to its full potential. Add an audio player, announce your upcoming gigs, album releases and a cool gallery, all these and more with Polyphonic.

More info / Download Demo


boldlab art wordpress theme
Boldlab is a nifty solution for agencies and freelancers looking to share their projects and services with a wider audience. This feature-rich art WordPress theme gets you to rock the online space with various samples. Each layout is very artistic, expressive and resourceful, ensuring it adjusts to many different tastes as is. On top of that, you can always step things up with the WPBakery page builder and perform additional customization tweaks.

Loads of elements, internal pages, blog section, online store, one-click demo data installer, you name it, Boldlab has them all and then some. The layout is also mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible, and in-tune with Retina screens. The performance will always be of the highest quality, offering an experience like none out there. Begin the adventure to a successful page realization with the striking Boldlab now.

More info / Download Demo


bard art wordpress theme
Bard is no doubt one of the best art WordPress themes that you can get your hands on today. It is a simple-to-use tool with a modern, creative and attention-grabbing web design that will spark everyone’s attention. From multiple home designs to several additional internal pages, Bard is here to please your needs and take your art project to an entirely new degree. Make it your own by enriching it with your individualism and stand out a mile.

Like all other professional themes, Bard is also mobile-ready, Retina screen-friendly, optimized for search engines, and compatible with popular web browsing platforms. Besides, you do not need to know how to code nor do you need to be familiar with web design; Bard already makes it convenient from the get-go even for a complete beginner.

More info / Download Demo


milieu art wordpress theme
For an art, style, culture, fashion and other similar online magazines, Milieu is the perfect art WordPress theme you can employ immediately. So do not miss the opportunity and all the killer features and possibilities this tool brings to the table and realize your idea once and for all.

Out of the box, Milieu comes with six clean, stylish and elegant home demos. Each one is unique and original in its own way, bringing an unforgettable experience to the end user. You can utilize the demo you fancy and freely customize it to fit your heart’s desire. After all, Milieu is easy to use even for someone who has zero coding skills.

Additionally, Milieu is mobile-ready, Retina-friendly, compatible with modern browsers, and packed with many preset shortcodes for your convenience. Take Milieu to your advantage today and start your fantastic web-based magazine in a breeze.

More info / Download Demo


bryson art wordpress theme
Bryson is an artist WordPress theme that can spark your interest in an instant. It is creative and innovative — the two main characteristics of Bryson that easily distinguish a website from its competition. Once you see the live preview of each demo, you will instantly know what we are talking about. Each sample is outstandingly gorgeous and very appealing to the eye, if you will. On top of that, you can customize each one to your meticulous taste with the drag and drop function.

There are also many different portfolio layouts for your art creations, as well as stunning single-project pages. Bryson sure does not disappoint. Loads of ready-made shortcodes, blog section, Slider Revolution, mega menu, and multiple icons and font packs are also at your service. In short, to help your website stand out from the crowd, all you need is Bryson.

More info / Download Demo


anggita art wordpress theme
As a freelancer or an agency, you better have your online presence sorted out. Not just that, but you should also make sure that it is jaw-dropping, high performing, modern and sophisticated. To avoid the hassle of starting from scratch, you can now choose Anggita and all the rest becomes history.

Different demo layouts, as well as dark and light modes, await all Anggita users out of the box. Each sample is fully functional, ready to present your works of art in the best possible light. Besides, you can indeed fine-tune the look to your heart’s content.

Anggita has a one-page layout, will never ask you for coding and design knowledge, and follows all the current web and tech trends. With Anggita, you are in the right hands, so take action now and start on the web like a champ from the start.

More info / Download Demo


ultraviolette art wordpress theme
Entice everyone with a mind-bending, contemporary, and awe-inspiring website. But how? Well, all you need is UltraViolette, an artist WordPress theme, and you are ready for a difference. More than 10 striking demos are pre-defined for your convenience, ready to be stuffed with your masterpieces. One of the layouts is a Coming Soon page, in case you would like to start the hype early. To sum up, UltraViolette is perfect for freelancers, agencies, creative individuals, and all the rest who would like to build an online portfolio.

UltraViolette misses nothing. Along with the sample material, the tool also offers you plenty of practical shortcodes, smooth scrolling, internal sections, sticky header, drag and drop page builder, and top-notch customization features.

More info / Download Demo

Galleria Metropolia

galleria metropolia art wordpress theme
For galleries and museums, Galleria Metropolia is one fine art WordPress theme that will put you online ASAP. With all the ready-to-use content the theme brings to the table, you can kick off the creation of your website pretty much in a snap. Popularize your museum or exhibition gallery with a professional website that will reach potential visitors from all around the globe.

Moreover, there are two different home styles to choose from, each unique and outstanding, knocking everyone’s socks off. Pick the one that best resonates with your project and get things moving forward right away. With the intuitive drag and drop website builder, you can effortlessly modify the Galleria Metropolia theme and make it follow your regulations precisely. With all the other powerful and practical features, you can start the experience online and grab everyone’s attention quickly.

More info / Download Demo

CONTRAST – Photography & Portfolio Theme

contrast photography theme

Photography has truly matured into an art form, given the rise in technology. It’s one of the most profound things that you can do: to freeze a moment of existence, to capture it forever. As its name suggests, the CONTRAST – Elite Photography & Portfolio WP Theme is more than capable of helping you create an online profile that will overshadow that of your competition.

Thanks to expert coding, the developers have implemented a Flash-Like system, which is based on JavaScript techniques and CSS3. Upon purchase, the product will come with 7 variations of your potential new gallery, giving you a large amount of choice and creative freedom. Moreover, it is fully compatible with any given device, and it may fit any screen thanks to the adaptable layout grids that can be either vertical or horizontal. This theme also has a wide color palette and some charming animations. Furthermore, it supports all types of posts and it can even let you add your own logo.

In Contrast, any artist will find the freedom necessary to ascend towards the highest peaks of success.

More info / Download Demo
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  1. seriously… who can figure out the envato market terms? we re all building all kinds of things here and it s next to impossible to know what license a given project subscribes to. throw a few real-world examples into all the generic jargon. love the themes but hate the legalese.

    1. Actually there are three types of licences for themes listed ThemeForest:
      1. 100% GPL licensed themes – Which means that you can do anything with these themes with almost no restrictions at all. You can modify them, use it to build another theme or product etc. The only thing that you need is to give a credit to original author somewhere inside your software/theme. It can be readme.txt file or elsewhere. If you are building a website for your client based on this theme then you don’t have to give a credit to thema author unless your client wants to resell it.

      Now many themes are licensed under GPL license and the ones that are are marked with “This item is licensed 100% GPL.”.

      2. Regular ThemeForest license. You can use this theme for commercial and private use without restrictions but you can’t resell or redistribute them. You can use this theme to build a website for your client but one licence is for one website/client. You can’t buy a single license and use it for hundreds of clients.

      3. Extended license allows to use theme to build a product based on it and then sell it as service or as different product.

      Let me know if you have any other question.

  2. soperfectpaint says:

    You can use theme for commercial painting,but you can’t resell them.You can also use this theme for your website but one license for one client. Now, we are planning to recreate our website. I found these themes can work also, but I’m having a hard time choosing which theme is best for my painting website. Can anybody help?

    1. Most themes listed above can be used for painting website and all comes down to your personal preference. If you have some more specific requirements please let me know and I will come up wit some suggestions. If I have to name one theme I would say Oshine.

  3. Barrick Becca says:

    Thanks for suggesting these amazing themes Aigars. A friend of mine was asking about best artist themes for WordPress the day before, I just sent this link to him, thanks man! BTW when are you going to post the updated list of artist themes?

    1. Hello Barrick,

      Thank you for sharing this post!
      Post was published last week and the next scheduled updates is within 3-5 months. However, we update posts monthly to check if there aren’t any broken links or other things are no longer relevant. You can be sure that you will always find the latest up to date information about the best WordPress themes for artists and any WordPress themes in general.

  4. Hi Aigar

    I’m looking for a theme which might have functionality of an Ecom art gallery. I currently have an art gallery showcasing works of visual artists. Can you recommend any theme?

    Also of themes I saw is focused to a single portfolio . Is there a theme where we can show multiple artists and their works with ecomm.

    Appreciate your response.


  5. im looking for an Art Gallery business theme. any ideas? key aspects to showcase paintings, artist details and ecommerce integration

    1. Valerie Way says:

      As I see it, to achieve that, it may make sense to search for and check if a theme comes with pre-defined shop templates and whether it is WooCommerce compatible.

  6. Excellent work, I think the Colibri theme is the best.

  7. Shoaib Shahriar says:

    Amazing list of artist themes. But I really feel less confident to choose best one when I get list. Hope this will assist me to make a short list at least 🙂

  8. One thing that visual artists (e.g., painters) may need is the ability to add metadata to images, like the medium, dimensions, and whether or not a painting is sold. It’s very difficult to tell whether any of the artist themes listed here (or elsewhere) allow you to have a portfolio of, say, painting images that include that metadata so that when a visitor clicks on the image or views a gallery they can see things like, “Acrylic on canvas, 18×24, 2013, SOLD”. On my own website I used a custom post type and it works ok, but I’m not an expert with WordPress and now feel like I’m stuck with an old, customized theme. Would love to find a better one that just makes it easy to show paintings with metadata, tell customers about upcoming exhibitions, and maybe do some occasional blogging.

    1. Aj,

      Just put this information in portfolio description and you will be good to go. Choosing theme with some already defined metadata will limit you in case you will need more custom fields. Plain text edit will allow to use whatever information you want. Custom Fields would work as well but for that you need to have some basic coding knowledge to create a proper setup.

    2. Hey AJ,
      Even I am looking to build a website with the exact criteria as yours. Could you share your website link so that I can have an idea if you figured it out.

  9. Victoria Iverson says:

    Love the ROUA . these themes are really good, specially tatto themes (i needed theme).
    Thanks For Your Awesome Blog

  10. Katina Lee says:

    Thanks for sharing these awesome WordPress themes for Artists. Divi is one of my favorite WordPress theme because it is a multipurpose WordPress themes. It works for almost all type of websites.

  11. Hi

    I created this site using Mobirise but find uploading very slow and the formatting very unreliable. I was wanting to move it to a similar looking Word Press site. Do you have any that match this look or know where I could find one or have one built?


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