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21 Best Art Gallery Websites To Explore 2023

Are you an established or emerging artist who wants to boost and market your creativity? If so, check out these beautiful art gallery websites we’ve handpicked for a grandeur exhibition of your creativity. That’s possible when you look into art galleries to exhibit, promote and sell your artworks. Or you can build your website to exhibit your artworks charmingly.

Arts help reduce depression and anxiety. Similarly, it is a great way to boost critical thinking and memory. Additionally, it also inspires visual imagination and bolsters personal creativity. These are just a few benefits arts can bring to an individual. Hence, sharing artworks in art galleries will benefit the artist and the viewers.

Meanwhile, art galleries are a great way to increase an artist’s credibility. Whether he focuses on drawings, paintings, sculpting, photography, hands loom, and other similar artistry, connecting with art galleries will always be beneficial. This way, as an artist, you can start building a career and unlock more opportunities for your passion. With an art gallery, artists can dramatically increase recognition and awareness. Today, we’ve collected these art gallery websites to inspire artists worldwide.

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In this list, you can find different art gallery website designs to help designers, art gallery firms create the finest website. These sites are truly wonderful and awe-inspiring regardless of the artwork you collect. So, scroll through the list and don’t miss the features you must consider for your upcoming art gallery website designs.

Best Art Gallery Websites & Templates

1. Ayomide

ayomide art website template

Ayomide is ready to create an art gallery website at lightning speed. The design is ready to use out-of-the-box with full option to edit and improve it to your needs and regulations.

Showcase works and location, promote special events and sell tickets, collect emails for sending newsletters, and more – Ayomide is ready for everything.

Additionally, you can add a blog and an online shop to it (but a team of experts can help you guide it if you don’t feel like it – hint: 0 experience!).


2. Stornoway

stornoway website design

Stornoway is a VERY versatile template that aims at construction by default but works fantastically for art galleries. We tested it and were surprised by the amazing results.

Let’s face it, it’s more or less the content you add to it that will define Stornoway’s niche. And due to the minimalist look, art galleries are the perfect candidate.

And it’ll take you little time and no experience when making improvements. Stornoway is for everyone!


3. Shkret


Art galleries can create a spark for an artist’s creativity. And a good website plays a valuable role in the success of such an artist. Here’s Maxim Shkret, one of the most contemporary art gallery websites to check for inspiration. He is a freelance digital artist with 10+ years of experience as a graphic/digital designer. With the desire of the author to spread awareness of his arts, he hosts his awe-inspiring gallery. The website looks impressive with its modern, elegant, and professional-looking design. Even more, this website looks great as it embraces the GSAP animation. For the homepage, a clean and minimalist design welcomes every audience. From there, the interested viewer can buy the artwork efficiently, check the details of each artwork available and access the menu.


4. Grand Image

Grand Image

With the birth of digital advancement, many creative individuals also embrace its influence on their brands. In like manner, artists have adapted to such effective marketing. Check out these art gallery websites that will take your projects to the next level. Grand Image offers hands-on art solutions for different firms and complements their hospitality, multi-family, corporate, healthcare, and residential needs. Particularly, its website is unique and creative enough to impress the audience. It utilizes a horizontal scroll with an awesome transition effect. Upon hovering, the homepage welcomes a fullscreen layout with a menu, headline, and exceptional background animation. Similarly, the gallery page also looks grandeur and minimalist with the masonry layout it implements.


5. RZ Collection

RZ Collection

If you’re an artist who wishes to promote artworks to a wider audience, an art gallery can be an ideal way to improve credibility. Likewise, an art gallery website can greatly improve the artist’s exposure. Here’s RZ Collection, one of the creative art gallery websites to explore for your next project. It collects and exhibits private contemporary arts that the audience can purchase. In particular, it has an outstanding website design that can display the contemporary arts magnificently and is even more enjoyable with the GSAP animation. The homepage uses a beautiful split-screen layout that offers various website navigation options. That’s not all, the transition effect it uses adds sophistication to the design.


6. Unravel Van Gogh Amsterdam

Unravel Van Gogh Amsterdam

To promote the works of Van Gogh, a well-designed and unique website is ready to wow every audience. Van Gogh Museum at Amsterdam is where the largest collection of Van Gogh works. In particular, this website focuses on the artist’s painting in more detail, typically the information concealed in and under the paint. This art gallery website has a fullscreen layout on the homepage with headline, CTA, off-canvas menu and name of the firm. It also uses nice transition effects. Specifically, each artwork has a simple layout – the painting that can be zoomed in and out, then the read more for the details of the artwork. Moreover, the off-canvas menu reveals the artist’s various works that can be easily accessed.


7. Sage Culture

Sage Culture

Art galleries offer a huge leap for every artist in their respective careers. That’s why artists of any type should not miss this exposure medium. Sage Culture is an art gallery and creative agency that offers contemporary art, design, and creative services. It has an outstanding website design ready to inspire other agencies or art gallery businesses worldwide. The homepage has a nice and comprehensive design with clear and beautiful sections. The side menu is added on the hero scene to ease navigation, and a sticky off-canvas menu is visible. The website uses large and bold typography all over the page to ensure readability. In like manner, the presentation of artists also looks stunning and professional and is ever ready to boost the website’s creativity.


8. Art4Global Goals

Art4Global Goals

Some art gallery websites are established to exhibit private artist’s artworks. So with Art4Global Goals, it is one of the creative art galleries that showcase Leon Lowentraut. It is built to promote the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development in the United Nations. Like other websites in this collection, Art4Global Goals use a full-screen homepage with a clean and neat layout. It has a simple menu, great headline, social media links, and GSAP animation. Moreover, the 17 global issues are wonderfully exhibited and can be scrolled through a smooth slider. The project, campaign, and partner pages are full of web elements that can convey the message such as headlines, images, CTAs presented using an asymmetrical layout.


9. Sophie Hustin

Sophie Hustin

As artists excel and unlock opportunities for a career when they opt for art gallery exhibitions, it is ideal for art gallery agencies to build a website to reach more audiences. Here’s a magnificent portfolio of Sophie Hustin, a French Contemporary artist, painting & sculpting minimalist arts. Like most creative websites today, this website implements the GSAP animation. And, the overall design is never boring but majestic. The homepage looks monotonous but reveals startling images representing the paintings on the left and sculpture artworks on the right. The paintings array one after the other. Also, each painting can be zoomed in and out to see the beauty of the art. Moreover, the social media icons are ready to help connect the audience to the agency’s social media pages.


10. Art D’ Hope

Art D’ Hope

Whether you’re an artist or an established art gallery, these art gallery websites will benefit your upcoming project. Art D’Hope is an association of artists and non-profit organization that aims to connect patrons and lovers of art. It is established to create a social art community for artists worldwide, all fine art artists & digital artists. Specifically, artworks can be purchased, and artists can donate part of the sale to support the firm’s mission. The hero scene is a simple display of a search function with a background image. The featured artworks on the homepage are exhibited well with the masonry layout. Those artworks look clear and creative to engage the audience’s attention. It also uses a sticky header to keep the menu accessible.

Petzel Gallery

Explore these innovative art gallery websites and see which features you’d pick to enhance your website. Here’s Petzel Gallery, a contemporary art gallery that exhibits the artworks of renowned artists internationally. As it is committed to making its website accessible to everyone, it ensures that it complies with the best practices and standards of web content accessibility guidelines. With such a goal, the website design is also clean and impressive. Specifically, the homepage welcomes visitors with a simple but comprehensive layout. The hero header is a display of awesome artworks highlighted using a slider. Other featured artworks are presented in a minimalist manner too. Furthermore, the necessary pages of the site include exhibitions, artists, publications, art fairs, news and gallery.

Peace Gallery

With the power of digital advancements, more opportunities exist for businesses and creative individuals worldwide. In like manner, the art industry has never ignored such a strategy in promoting artworks. Here’s Pace Gallery that you can look into if you’re looking for art gallery websites for inspiration. It’s a leading contemporary art gallery representing many of the most significant international artists and estates of the 20th and 21st centuries. The homepage features the upcoming exhibitions in different sections. Of course, social media links play important roles in spreading the upcoming exhibitions. Hence, Pace Gallery added them to the footer section and the menu.


13. Victoria Miro

Victoria Miro

Visiting art galleries is an excellent way to enhance creativity and enrich personal expressiveness. That’s why we see a lot of art galleries these days, not just physically but virtually. If you’re looking for a set of art gallery websites for inspiration, you need not look further. This collection will give you the best features to add to your current website project. Victoria Miro Gallery is a British contemporary art gallery located in London. Her website is exceptionally built as Victoria Miro showcases established and emerging artists from different continents – the USA, Europe, and Asia. The hero scene displays various artworks through a smooth slider. To provide ease in navigation, the sticky header is used on the site and a dropdown menu to display the categories.


14. The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch

Carel Fabritius is one of the renowned artists that painted the famous “The Goldfinch.” It’s a painting of a life-size chained goldfinch and is now in the collection of Mauritshuis in The Hague, Netherlands. Being renowned in art, this painting looks visually appealing with a modern and creative website. Specifically, the website uses the GSAP animation to showcase the Goldfinch and its nature. It’s easier to navigate the website while having an amazing transition effect. While the content of each page looks fantastic, the audio also adds sophistication to the design. Video integration is also added to the website to convey the message more clearly. Moreover, the sticky icons of Facebook and Twitter are also accessible on the homepage. Hence, it is easier to share the website with social media networks.

Simon Lee Gallery

Simon Lee Gallery represents diverse generations from sculpture, painting, video, and photography. Specifically, it publishes catalogs and artist monographs and collaborated with museums and commercial galleries for exposure to artists. With the desire to reach more audiences, a great website design is built. Having a clean and minimalist design with unique features, its website is ready to fascinate every visitor. The hero scene displays amazing artworks displayed using a sleek slider. It’s a split-screen layout with the exhibition’s title on the left and the artwork on the right. Other featured exhibitions also look captivating with a little description and a thumbnail. Other useful features include a sticky header, video integration, social icons, and more.


16. Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Check out these art gallery websites to aid established and emerging artists showcase their work worldwide. Mitchell-Innes & Nash has a modern art gallery website design perfect for inspiration. A simple display of artworks with the upcoming exhibitions on the bottom is visible on the homepage. Also, the sticky header, social icons, and newsletter are apparent on the homepage. Furthermore, the artists’ page looks excellent with the fixed square layout where the content appears cleaner and more aligned.

Additionally, each artist’s page also has an excellent layout. A nice slider to highlight the featured works, a two-column section for the biography, news, and press. In like manner, the exhibitions and publications page also looks attractive with the same layout.


17. New Museum

New Museum

The arrangement of visual elements are essential to convey the message. That is why you must have amply established websites to examine before you finalize your own. With art gallery websites, it is necessary to have lots of inspiration. Here’s New Museum, a leading destination for new art and new ideas. This contemporary art museum has a modern and sleek website design. It utilizes an excellent slider to highlight upcoming exhibitions. Moreover, the featured events for the week are also visible on the homepage using a minimalist layout. While those web elements are displayed creatively, other pages are also accessible via the sliders.


18. Ateneum


Here’s another useful art gallery website that can kindle the interest of other artists or art gallery businesses. Ateneum is a Finnish National Gallery with the biggest collections of classical art in Finland. The images, typography, and sliders are combined excellently to make the homepage visually appealing. The hero scene displays the featured artworks through the slider. The upcoming events have a clean design, while the collections utilize thumbnails.

Meanwhile, the header comes with the necessary elements, and the footer has a comprehensive design. Moreover, it also offers workshops ranging from silk screen printing to ceramics and the more traditional drawing and painting methods.


Wrapping up

I hope this post inspired you to see what a real art gallery website should look like. You can create one using any of these amazing gallery WordPress plugins.

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