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Theme Spectrum Review

Theme Spectrum makes low-key themes which are surprisingly effective. They are all responsive, which is good news for mobile developers. They are generally darkly framed, with large images and minimal text. They seem to be aimed at artists making portfolios who don’t want the art of the site to steal the limelight away from their work.

Aspec is a lovely one; it sits like a leaflet on a softwood table, casting a little shadow, rounded at the edges. I really like this theme for the resolution it offers the mind, since it is a complete item, resting on a surface. It doesn’t seem like a website so much as something physical. This makes it very appealing for people who are bored with looking at pages which are just websites.

One theme I like quite a lot is called Scroll. It is a side-scrolling portfolio, with a menu on the left-hand side, and photographs which can be swiped across over the other four fifths of the page. This seems like a great idea for laptops and I haven’t come across many like it. I would be suspicious as to how this could really work well on a little iPhone screen though. You would probably get half a picture at a time and it would feel like it hasn’t been optimized with a fluid layout.

With prices ranging between $19 and $49, there’s nothing outrageous here. The themes on the cheaper side of things, such as Art Blog do seem a little too basic to be paying money for. This is the sort of thing I’d expect when downloading a free theme or just starting up WordPress for the first time. But, who knows? Maybe the code is really clean and manageable, or the functionality makes it highly customizable. It does say that it has a variety of variations on the theme, which do make it a little more appealing when faced with giving up nineteen whole dollars.

At the time of writing, Theme Spectrum were offering a deal which is pretty much a buy-one-get-one-free offer. When buying 2 or more themes you can enter ‘half off’ at the checkout to get them for half price.

Based on the testimonials, Theme Spectrum seems to look after their customers well. They have been told they have been an amazing help, offering great support. This would surely warm the heart of any prospective purchaser, knowing they will be in safe hands if they get into any bother with their premium theme. Unfortunately for some, Theme Spectrum doesn’t offer a membership program. This is quite unusual for companies like this and I, personally, think they are missing a trick.

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