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MotoPress Review

MotoPress is a content editor plugin for WordPress. It fully replaces the default editor with a premium and apparently more effective version. It has the drag and drop functionality, which seems to be becoming the standard selling point of any given product these days. Drag and drop gourmet meals, drag and drop college degrees, coming soon. The code-based WordPress standard editor is replaced by a simplified, more visual twin – which means you can make your site using trial and error as opposed to by using knowledge of code and previewing the site all the time to make sure it isn’t broken. This is a great feature, actually. But nothing which isn’t already being done by thousands of other companies.

So what makes MotoPress special? As far as I can see, not that much. I, for one, have seen it all before several times over. It’s the same old story of ‘don’t bother to code, just slap an image on here and we’ll code it for you’. I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just not new by any stretch of the imagination. Soon there will be no other way of doing it and people won’t have to learn coding at all. Is that a good thing?

Hyper-simplification is always a feature of most frameworks, including Tesla Framework and Builder, by iThemes. Maybe it’s a sign of the times, an admission that no one can be bothered to even work on their own site anymore to design it properly. Or maybe no one has any free time because of punishing work hours. Either way, it’s not 100% a great thing, in my eyes. That’s speaking from a point of view where I don’t know everything about this piece of technology, so who knows? Maybe it’s the best thing ever.

The price is anything but jaw-dropping, provided you use it only on one site, you can get it for just $29 a year; very forgiving. For use on five different sites you can be expecting to pay $79. Their premium package lets you use it on any number of websites you like, for $139 a year. It’s not as expensive as other things around, like Builder, but this is the best budget option by far if you’re looking for it as a personal tool.

There might be loads of them around, but it doesn’t make simple drag and drop designers bad. With enough people making them and enough people innovating, they will get better quicker, democratizing the production of webpages.

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