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Instagram is one of the biggest social networks around where many people publish pictures every day.
Would you like to publish your pictures on Instagram and see them at the same time on your website? You can now to do this with only one click!

Every day and everywhere people organize parties, conferences and events and publish photos on their Instagram accounts, but we know that they would like to do more. For example, they would like to be able to display their Instagram photos on their websites with the hashtag of the event …. but what happens if someone publishes a photo not related to that specific event?

Your problem can be solved with a MODERATION PANEL that allows you to decide which pictures to publish and which ones to reject.

We know that you want to automatically display on your website pictures that you published on your Instagram account for a particular event or with a #hashtag, but you also want to display just the pictures published with the moderation panel.

All this is possible with Enjoy Instagram, which is a new way to display Instagram feeds and to embed and moderate pictures on WordPress websites and blogs.

There are many different ways to display pictures with Enjoy Instagram and you can now use the following effects: Carousel, Grid, Polaroid, Badge and Album view.

Enjoy Instagram is also simple to use in pages or posts thanks to a shortcode method and the sidebar with Widget one.
Once you have installed our plugin, thanks to the presence of Enjoy Instagram icon on the editor you are able to use the shortcodes to embed files or create objects that would normally require a lot of code in just one single line.
When you click on this button you can choose to insert shortcode that displays pictures with carousel, grid, album, polaroid and badge view.
In the settings section, you can customize a lot of parameters that you visualize also in the shortcode that you make.

For carousel view, some of them are:
– the number of pictures to show with carousel (for example): enjoyinstagram_carousel_items_number
– the button for the navigation forward or reward: enjoyinstagram_carousel_navigation
– the number of pictures to show at resolution of 1024px: enjoyinstagram_carousel_1024px
– the use of autoplay: enjoyinstagram_carousel_autoplay
– the use of timeout: enjoyinstagram_carousel_timeout
– the kind of animation: enjoyinstagram_carousel_animatein
– the use of moderation: enjoyinstagram_carousel_moderate


Enjoy Instagram is the only WordPress plugin with a MODERATION PANEL which allows you to display or not the images in the pages or posts. The last plugin version now supports multi hashtags and profiles, pictures with square format, grid view with a border between pictures.

Choose your favorite hashtag and, magically, the carousel will come alive with all the latest photos published with your chosen hashtag.

Whether you are a food, travel or fashion blogger, you can create a link between your Instagram or public account and your blog/website. It will make your life so much easier!
And how can you do that? With WordPress and Enjoy Plugin for Instagram!

By using Enjoy Plugin for Instagram you no longer need to waste time uploading photos from your Instagram or blog/website and, thanks to the moderation panel in the back office of wordpress, you can decide whether or not you want to publish a photo.
Your blog will always have new pictures without the need to physically upload them. You can create a custom carousel for your blog or website but also an Instagram Grid, where you can customize your Instagram feed in a modern and contemporary way!

Enjoy Plugin for Instagram is a Premium WordPress Plugin with different views.
Not only you can benefit from features such as
– Carousel view
this feature allows to display your photos as slides which you can then customize in different ways. You can also upload as many images as you wish, animate them and use functions such as Autoplay, Speed Autoplay, Loop and Responsive Settings.
– Grid view
You can display your photos in grid form and customise the number of columns and rows, you can also alternate Images and replace your chosen number of photos at the same time.
Other available features are also Animation Speed and placing margins between photos.

You can also benefit from:
– Polaroid view
You can use Polaroid view to display images as polaroid pictures on pages or posts. Using Polaroid Gallery adds a unique view to your blog.

– Album view
This feature groups your pictures together by username and/or hashtag. When you click on a particular album all the photos in that album will be displayed.

– Badge view
Badge view will help you to link and promote your Instagram web profile, Show Profile Picture, Username, Bio, Website, Fullname, Media, followed by and Follows.

– Moderation panel
With this function, you can see in real time if you need to approve, publish or reject new photos. This is an excellent and useful feature for your Meetings and Events.

Autoreload option
You can update the photo stream on your screen without having to refresh the page. Another outstanding feature for your Events, Parties and Meetings.

In addition to this we know that “Mobile First” is still very important which is the reason why Enjoy Plugin for Instagram is also responsive.

All of these features can in turn be customized based on the user’s interaction.
For example, when the user clicks on some pictures with the mouse he can in particular:
– see a lightbox with the picture requested
– open the Instagram account to which it’s linked
– open a website that is linked
– or link nothing

There are also additional features such as Custom CSS where you can custom your view and style, add margins, put backgrounds of your choice, borders and much more.
With Custom JS, you can chose the speed of your carousel and Custom your view in many ways.


Furthermore, on the Enjoy Instagram website, you can find some demos to view the final results for some embedded instagram feeds; there is also a “How To” section with information to allow you to understand quickly how to install, use the carousel view, the grid one and all the other effects.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.
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