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Introduction: provides the latest in theme distribution. Based in San Francisco, AppThemes builds WordPress application themes that help businesses make money online. AppThemes is a site that provides many services for those who wish to construct a stylish blog or website. Located and founded in San Francisco, California, AppThemes has employees around the globe. These employees are located in places like Florida, San Franciso, Arizona, Belgium, New Zealand, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, the Ukraine, and the Dominican Republic. can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus and was founded in San Francisco, California in 2010. Like many other sites like it, AppThemes has a diverse range of theme templates to choose from. These themes are just as diverse in characterization as they are in name and design. However, these themes don’t come cheap. They are a bit on the pricier side, but they’re worth it. If you want great quality at a steep price, then AppThemes is the place for you.


When you enter the homepage of, you’ll immediately see a banner with a red background that displays the images of the three AppTheme templates that are located on the right hand side of the screen. To the left of the screen, you’ll discover the title “Premium WordPress Themes.” Under this title is the description, “The leader in WordPress application themes. Easy to setup. Crafted by WordPress veterans.” Within that same banner, there is a sliding mechanism installed into that enables the viewer to see what the AppThemes site has to offer next. The title that appears next is the “Ideas” title. Below this title, you’ll find the description, “A powerful and robust customer feedback theme for WordPress. Easy to setup. Crafted by WordPress veterans.” Finally, as the scroll capability continues, you’ll discover the “Easy To Use Admin Interface” title with a description to the left of three template designs that reads, “Setup and configure your site within minutes. All settings are centralized within a custom admin panel so you can easily make changes without having to touch any code.” With all three of these options, users have the option to educate themselves on the numerous possibilities that can appear by using by clicking on a yellow button within this banner that reads in white letters, “Learn More.”

As the user scrolls down, they’ll see the number of how many satisfied customers AppTheme has garnered over the years. This number is just over a surprising 35,000. Below this number is a description on how they have accumulated so many numbers. Their themes are, of course, compatible, with WordPress and each theme has easy to manage features. Not technical person is required and they’re simple to translate, taking the rigidity out of traditional business software. AppTheme also has a huge community and customer-base system of operations that allows you to interact with other business owners to share ideas and network. However you choose to utilize your AppTheme experience is entirely up to you. To the right of the screen, there is even a quote by the founder of WordPress himself, Matt Mullenweg, which reads: “App themes are the next big thing for WordPress.”

Below this, as you scroll down, you’ll find detailed and specific features on what an AppTheme template has to offer. The first offer is the Tight WordPress Integration, which means that each theme is completely compatible with WordPress and their capabilities. The next thing that is offered is the site’s Complete Business Capabilities. This simply means that the templates on AppThemes are built to suit the needs of whatever business you may have, so you won’t have the headache of setting up a complex server environment. Thridly, there is a Quality Written Open Code. This means that each theme is of the best quality and technological capability to suit whatever need you may have. There are also Custom Option Panels, which enable the user to manage and setup their website without the headaches of other traditional software. The next capabilities provided about AppThemes are that they are Community Driven and Constantly Innovating. This simply means that AppThemes is always listening to the suggestions of consumers and constantly finding the latest techniques to provide innovation and genius to their products.

Scrolling down on the right side of the screen, users will find a Mailing List and Twitter Feed. On the Mailing List, users are granted the opportunity to provide their first name and email address. Also, to the left of the screen, you’ll discover all the latest news AppThemes has to offer. Below this information, you’ll find links to more about AppThemes as well as links to the site’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. All of this information will be explored later in this article.


As I mentioned before, AppThemes is a site that is specifically geared towards helping businesses make money. On the “Themes” page, you’ll find a total of six fantastic templates that can assist in helping businesses make money online. These templates are bright, colorful, and simple. The names of these templates are: ClassiPress, JobRoller, Clipper, Quality Control, Vantage, and Ideas. The descriptions of each and every template are provided by The following are the names of each template as well as the descriptions that are listed under them:

  1. ClassiPress – A classified ads application theme for WordPress.
  2. JobRoller – A job listing application theme for WordPress.
  3. Clipper – A coupon management application theme for WordPress.
  4. Quality Control – An issue tracking application theme for WordPress.
  5. Vantage – A business directory application theme for WordPress.
  6. Ideas – A customer feedback application theme for WordPress.

All these themes are available to the user and can be purchased through AppThemes for $99 EACH!


Like I mentioned before, the pricing for these themes does not come cheap. They are expensive, but they can be highly beneficial to an aspiring business. If you’re willing to purchase a theme, or even more than one theme, then you the opportunity to join a buyer’s club for a considerable amount of money: These clubs are the Single Theme Standard, the Single Theme Developer, the AppThemes Club Standard, and the AppThemes Club Developer. The descriptions are given for each and every pricing club provided by The following are the names and prices of each club as well as the descriptions that are listed under them:

1.   Single Theme Standard ($99):

  • One theme
  • Lifetime license
  • Unlimited websites
  • 12 months support
  • 12 months free updates

2.   Single Theme Developer ($159):

  • One theme
  • Lifetime license
  • Unlimited websites
  • 12 months support
  • 12 months free updates
  • Photoshop (.psd) files

3.   AppThemes Club Standard ($249):

  • All themes
  • 20+ Marketplace Items
  • Lifetime license
  • Unlimited websites
  • 12 months support
  • 12 months free updates
  • $1,000+ value for only $249!

4.   AppThemes Club Developer ($349)

  • All themes
  • 20+ Marketplace Items
  • Lifetime license
  • Unlimited websites
  • 12 months support
  • 12 months free updates
  • Photoshop (.psd) files
  • $1,000+ value for only $349

All these clubs, as well as the services they provide, are given by AppThemes! For a considerable amount of money, AppThemes can help your business grow by producing templates and pricing packages that will really help your company grow into the business that you need it to be. Also, below these descriptions, users will find an enticing animated caricature of a ThemePress employee wearing a red hat, gray shirt, and blue jeans saying, “If you’re buying more than one theme, AppThemes Club is definitely the way to go!” To the right of this caricature, there is a description of what is called the AppThemes Club. This is another club only available to users who are purchasing more than one theme. The AppThemes Club and all that it entails are provided below:

AppThemes Club:

  • Access to all themes and AppThemes-built Marketplace items!
  • Access to all existing AppThemes child themes!
  • All new themes and AppThemes-built Marketplace items released during your membership period!
  • All updates released during your membership period!
  • Unlimited access to support forums!

Below these descriptions is even more information about what AppThemes can do for you! Users who have purchased a theme and would like to upgrade to AppThemes Club can pay for less. Users can only pay the difference by contacting an AppTheme employee.

Users also have access to already answered frequently asked questions. These questions include the following:

  1. How does the checkout process work?
  2. What’s the difference between Standard and Developer Editions?
  3. Are Marketplace items included with Club?
  4. What type of payment methods do you accept?
  5. How much are the renewal fees?
  6. Will my membership be automatically charged each year?
  7. Why is there an annual renewal fee?


Adding to the success of the site and how it has helped thousands of people all over the world, AppThemes has helped customers in over 25 languages around the world. On this page, users can see how creative people all over the world have taken an AppThemes template and used it to establish and grow their prospective businesses. From used cars, baby gear, real estate, job postings, business directories, to general classified ads, AppThemes can handle just about anything!


In the AppThemes Marketplace, customers are given the opportunity to buy and sell WordPress products. There are currently 26 sellers, 108 items listed, and 8,426 items sold. On this page, the items for sale are exhibited as well as the monthly bestsellers. These bestsellers include FlatPress ($39), Advanced Custom Fields for ClassiPress ($29), Jobsapp Job board ($49), Koupon ($49), and Flatter ($39).


If you’re looking to make some extra money, AppThemes has an affiliate program that can help you make that happen. The protocol for this is pretty standard. Like most sites with affiliate programs, users who sign up gain commissions. The benefits included in this packet are as follows:

  • Earn a 30 % commission for each customer you send our way.
  • Earn a 10 % commission for any second-tier customer referrals.
  • Your own account dashboard with sales, top referrals, and click-thru reports.
  • Our themes and any items in our Marketplace quality for commission.
  • Create affiliate links to any package on the site! Just tag it with your unique ID (i.e.
  • Early notification of any special offers or discount promotions.
  • An opportunity to make an endless amount of cash each month.

With these benefits, users have the opportunity to make thousands of dollars a month. As the user scrolls down the page, they also encounter a large list of already answered frequently asked questions about the affiliates program provided by AppThemes. These questions include:

  1. How does it work?
  2. How do I promote AppThemes?
  3. How quickly can I get started?
  4. How much money can I make?
  5. How does the two-tiered program work?
  6. How will I know I earned a commission?
  7. How do I get paid?
  8. When are payouts made?
  9. Is there a minimum payout threshold?
  10. Can I earn commissions from my own purchases?
  11. Can I earn commissions from product upgrades?
  12. Do Marketplace items qualify?
  13. How long does the affiliate referral last for?
  14. How does the affiliate cookie work?
  15. Can I use paid search to promote app themes?
  16. Can I setup a dedicated website to promote AppThemes?
  17. Can I promote AppThemes Coupon Codes?
  18. I made a sale but didn’t get paid.
  19. Why do I need to submit a tax form?
  20. I made a sale but now it’s not showing up as credit
  21. Can I promote AppThemes in forums?
  22. Promotion Ideas and Legal

Support and Resources:

AppThemes also provides prospective clients with an opportunity to provide support with all their questions and with all their needs. Support for AppThemes comes in the forms of forums, documentation, Language Packs, Theme Release Schedule, and FAQs. AppThemes assist with pres-sales questions as well as provide their customer service hours, which are 24 hours a day 7 days a week. However, customers are able to speak with someone Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. They note that they do not provide support via phone or email. They also indicate that their customer support representatives are volunteers, so of course you should treat them nicely. Resources are available as well in the form of custom development, plugins, and hosting!


In conclusion, is a site that helps business make money online. It has a myriad of plugins and hosting opportunities, along with six high-priced themes that can be creatively molded to fit your marketplace needs. AppThemes has a wonderful online marketplace where plugins and other software can be bought or sold for a reasonable rate. Pricing packages and clubs are also made available for those who are willing to purchase more than one theme with AppThemes. Overall, AppThemes may be steeply priced but no price is too much to make the goals and aspirations of a prospective business come true!

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.
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