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AppThemes Review

At first glance, it seems AppThemes specialize in hyper-customizable themes. It would be a good explanation why there are so few and they are so expensive, anyway. For each theme, for example ‘ClassiPress’, they show all of the auxiliary setup options you can indulge yourself in. If I’m not mistaken, the themes come with a specific functionality unique to AppThemes, like TeslaThemes’ framework, they allow you to surpass the boundaries imposed by WordPress itself for a simplified, yet more powerful web building experience.

Each theme comes with several different tools for customizing them, including social network connectivity, advanced search, membership packs, etc. This is a helpful addition because you would otherwise be searching around for a variety of add on(s) which might not be optimized for their templates.

To join the AppThemes club, it costs $249. That’s for all six themes which retail at $99 individually. It also includes 20+ marketplace items, usage on unlimited websites, a lifetime license, updates and support. This is in contrast to the other packages they offer, such as the aforementioned basic 1 theme deal for $99, the more advanced 1 theme deal, for developers, going for $159 and including the .psd files. At the top of the chain is the club membership: developer edition. This includes the same as the standard membership, all the themes, marketplace items and support, with the addition of the .psd files too. Pretty standard practice, but $349.

One of the main things AppThemes does is developing the so called ‘marketplace items’. This means plugins and child themes, basically. This is where the bulk of their offerings lie. It’s where you can get more specifically customizable things instead of going for the whole $99 package. That explains why they only have six themes visible under the themes section; they’re all hiding here, in the form of ambiguous, unappealing little boxes. Most of the plugins are add-ons for their all-encompassing ClassiPress business theme. These are functions like anonymous posting, extra layout templates, QR code widget, ad embeds and more.

AppThemes are very focused on function instead of aesthetics, which must make them a popular choice for no-nonsense businesses. The thing is that their plugins selection seems comprehensive but not cohesive enough. Where’s the plugin suite sort of thing which iThemes offered? All of the essential plugins. That would be a good idea for people who are indecisive. I’m sure people part with their money more easily when they see that they are getting a lot for a little, so setting up some package deals for the marketplace would do them some good.

Overall, AppThemes is not all that special. The themes are very professional but also very expensive. The plugins are a bit all over the place, but good if you know exactly what you want. This is more of a site for the experienced developer than the amateur looking to start something off.

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