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About Mint Themes

I wasn’t that impressed with Mint Themes straight away. It might be that I’ve spoilt myself on great companies such as GavickPro recently, but not only did the themes not look too nice, their homepage itself looked a little ugly and dated in places. I think I have the biggest problem with the fonts they use on their example themes, which just doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the page. Amongst a mass of simple, glossy minimalist themes I just spent a lot of time looking at, most of Mint Theme’s designs seem clunky and way too busy to concentrate on properly.

The one designed for photographers – the Photostore Theme, is probably the nicest of the bunch. Since they made it with photographers in mind, it is actually very sparse and open. The best bet for getting a nice theme out of the selection these guys offer might be getting this one and using it for something other than photography.

In addition to the reasonably poor selection and dated designs, the themes are also quite expensive. They all cost $79 each, with the option of having all themes past, present and future for $169. This is astronomical in comparison with GavickPro’s reasonably priced packages. They also don’t offer any free tasters like ThemeForest or GavickPro, putting them at a disadvantage for designers looking to test the water before they part with their cash. They do, however, sporadically run competitions giving away goodies which are pretty unrelated to their themes, like t-shirts and a backup buddy license, allowing you to back up and move WordPress sites.

Mint Themes do quite a range of themes, even if they aren’t that focused on one particular category. They do themes for food blogs, portfolios, bands, eCommerce, churches, DJs and photographers. Their biggest focus seems to be music and the church, each of these categories having a few different templates to choose from. As with most theme designers, they have a support option available, but it doesn’t really tell you the extent to which they help you out, unlike the other sites I’ve seen. This makes me think they aren’t ever so helpful. They’re still worth taking a look at though, especially if you are in band, run a church, or a combination of the two.

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