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bootstrap form validation
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29 Best Bootstrap Form Validation (Examples) 2023

If you want to make your users’ lives easier, just as we do, we created many Bootstrap form validation examples to use with any application or website.

When working on different form templates, we usually ensure validation functionality. (Which you can CHANGE if you want.)

It’s just such a helpful feature for forms!

Speaking of which, with the variety of different designs, you can use these examples for:

  • Contact forms
  • Registration forms
  • Account creation forms
  • Booking forms
  • Application forms
  • Login forms

You will have everything you NEED for a successful form validation inclusion at the end of the list.


If you are new to the Colorlib, I would like to let know that we have several hundred ready-made Bootstrap 5 templates. All of them come with form validation built-in but some separate examples can be found below.

Best Bootstrap Form Validation Examples

Gentelella Alela!

bootstrap form validation

What makes you more like this validator plugin? This is because it offers automatic form validation that is configured by way of HTML5 standard attributes.

It is also exciting to use because it can provide a discreet user experience. This is also since nobody likes such a naggy form.

It’s several features that you would want to discover include the following; configurable via standard HTML5 and data-API attributes, patient that inform user of errors, submit is disabled until then that the form is already valid and all needed fields are complete, customizable error messages, and custom validator functions, and validation of the input field by way of AJAX.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form V15

contact form 15

This is a super minimalist and creative contact form with validation that easily caters to various websites, blogs and even online stores.

The template also features additional company details on top, which you can configure at free will along with the form section.

The snippet adapts flawlessly to mobile and desktop devices, making sure that the mobile experience is excellent.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form V14

contact form 14

Contact Form V14 is a business Bootstrap contact form with validation that works for different services conveniently.

Whether you are in the marketing space or something else, this is the neat site canvas that will help you make an IMMEDIATE difference.

The template consists of two sections; one for the compelling text and one for the form. There is also a dropdown that you can use for budget selection or something else.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form V13

contact form 13

Contact Form V13 is a Bootstrap form validation for quick integration into your web application. The modern and vibrant design ensures a PLEASANT experience, whether filling out the missing info on mobile or desktop.

The template features a gradient effect background color, 100% mobile compatible structure and user-friendly code.

And if it works for you, you are in luck, as you saved yourself plenty of time.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form V12

contact form 12

You can now feature an inquiry form with validation on your website without breaking a single drop of sweat. Let’s face it, even if you are a beginner at web development, it will still be a little breeze activating Contact Form V12.

Take the minimalist design to your advantage and create a contact section that everyone will blast using.

There’s also a part where you can WRITE MORE about your business, how you can help your clients and additional business contact/location information.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form V11

contact form 11

With this broad collection of different Bootstrap form validation templates, you can find the one that resonates with you best swiftly.

If simplicity works for you best, Contact Form V11 is one of the ideal alternatives to opt for.

Make sure you offer your users and potential clients a chance to get in touch with you, asking any questions they may have.

This way, you can further interact with them BEFORE making the deal happen.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form V10

contact form 10

With a Bootstrap form validation widget, you do not need to work on the technicalities, like responsiveness and screen adaptability, it runs smoothly by default.

Contact Form V10 is another superb example of a template with a full-screen image background.

The form has four sections/fields; name, email, subject and message. In addition to that, you can also provide other contact information, like direct email, phone and address.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form V20

contact form 20

With this straightforward contact form template with validation, you can treat yourself to almost instant embed into your website.

Thanks to the basic design, the widget adapts to different themes and application styles.

However, if necessary, there’s always an option to perform customizations and improvements.

Furthermore, the format remains in great shape both on desktop and on mobile, stacking fields one on top of the other on smaller screens.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form V19

contact form 19

Contact Form V19 is an all-around, flexible, extensive Bootstrap form validation with a drop-down budget selector. Still, if you’d like to use the drop-down for a different intention, alter it accordingly.

The “send” button also has a cool click effect that changes the button’s color and removes the shade, which makes it pop more. In short, everyone will know when they click it.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form V18

contact form 18

Many decide to go with the form and map integration regarding a contact page or a section. If this is something that INTERESTS you, Contact Form V18 is the fantastic free widget that will do the trick.

The template features a split-screen design with a form on the left and a map on the right. The form comes first when viewing it on mobile, followed by the map.

Note it works with Google Maps integration.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form V17

contact form 17

A full-blown contact form with validation and company details is up regarding Contact Form V17. The convenient structure and design promise excellent inclusion in your application.

What’s cool, you can alter the existing appearance and FINE-TUNE it to your precise branding regulations. However, for this, you may only need to change the color scheme and call it a day.

Along with the main form fields, this one also features a section for the phone number.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form V16

contact form 16

Creative businesses, agencies, and freelancers can use Contact Form V16 for their remarkable online presence.

It’s a Bootstrap form validation example that follows all the latest trends and directions of the modern web by default.

This ensures great performance and a beautiful design that effortlessly acclimates to smaller and larger screens.

There are also title and text integrated into the widget to IMPROVE and match to your business.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form V36

colorlib reg form 36

Forms with validation for all sorts of aims and intentions, whether contact, registration, login, etc. Here are a few of our registration form alternatives that you can get your hands on.

Colorlib Reg Form V36 is a more extensive alternative with different fields for general information and contact details.

Drop-downs and a checkbox are integrated into the widget, which you can use however you fancy.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form V33

colorlib reg form 33

Registration and sign-up forms are similar – they can be simple or advanced.

Colorlib Reg Form V33 is a more basic variation with a password confirmation field and an image.

You can also link it to your sign-up form and your privacy policy (or something else). An X sign appears for MISSING information, which turns into a green checkmark once you successfully fill it out.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form V30

colorlib reg form 30

For your soon-to-be members, add Colorlib Reg Form V30 to your web application, which they can use to create an account quickly.

Name, last name, email, password and password confirmation are the four areas that come with this Bootstrap from validation.

Additional CTA button can take existing users to the log-in page and you can also share EXTRA information and offer a checkbox that they need to tick to agree with your terms.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form V16

colorlib reg form 16

Colorlib Reg Form V16 is an exclusive Bootstrap form with validation ideal for conference and event registration.

You can gather Many information about your attendees with various predefined fields.

For instance, Colorlib Reg Form V16 features meal preference drop-down, payment mode, company name and donation selector, to name a few.

With a simple reset button, the user can clear the form with a single click and start again.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form V15

colorlib reg form 15

You don’t have to build a student registration form from square one anymore, go with Colorlib Reg Form V15. This tool rocks all the necessary for you to save time and even comes with an image.

The split-screen layout transforms from horizontal on a desktop to vertical on mobile, remaining the same amazing performance and UX.

If you want to edit any ready-to-use fields, go ahead and make it happen, as there’s no need to stick to the default configurations exclusively.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form V14

colorlib reg form 14

Colorlib Reg Form V14 offers you a full customer registration process with additional information.

Along with the main section, this Bootstrap form validation also contains several extra fields that open by hitting the “additional info” button.

Drop-downs, gender selection, password confirmation and datepicker are all the practical features of this widget, which you can now make with a click.

You can also test its SUPERB performance first and go from there.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form V13

colorlib reg form 13

Colorlib Reg Form V13 is a wonderful free widget that you can use for food event registration or even online table booking. The beautiful DARK DESIGN creates a pleasant atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.

The layout is also 100% fluid, so the operation is smooth across all the popular devices.

The snippet offers to select time, type of food, number of persons and more. The image also spices things up nicely, so use it strategically to grab everyone’s attention.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form V12

colorlib reg form 12

If you plan to launch an online education platform, offer in-person classes, or welcome new students with Colorlib Reg Form V12.

This education appointment Bootstrap form validation is here to help you create an online appointment registration more convenient for your users.

You can let the potential student pick their course, how they would like to be contacted and when. It’s EASY to work with, even if you would like to tweak and improve it.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form V10

colorlib reg form 10

A user registration form validation based on Bootstrap awaits you when downloading Colorlib Reg Form V10. This widget is free and ready to use right from the get-go.

What’s cool about the snippet is that you can also ask a question, getting to know your user better.

You can stick to the default settings, but you are welcome to make EDITS and design the final variation that follows your wants and regulations.

More info / Download Demo

Signup Form 13 by Colorlib

bootstrap form validation

This is a Form Validation is a very aesthetic sign-up form that provides purple gradient and white as its theme.

In addition, you can upload your image to act as the background to ensure that this sign-up form still sticks with your branding.

The information NEEDED to finish this form is the usual: full name, email, username, password, and the tick box to agree with Terms and Conditions.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form v1

bootstrap form validation

Colorlib Reg Form v1 is a simple and easy-to-use form validation library for Bootstrap and Bootstrap 4. But, this does not depend on jQuery. Its supported versions include the v2: Bootstrap 4 and v1: Bootstrap.

When it comes a time you want to use it, include the script of the bootstrap-validate.js. Next is to set up the validation for the input elements. Of course, what you want as a name is at a maximum of thirty characters long.

The tests are found right under _tests_/in testing it out. After installing all the dependencies, you can now run the yarn test or the npm run test to spin up the Jest-powered tests.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form 7 by Colorlib

bootstrap form validation

Contact Form 7 is the free HTML contact form template that will do you well if you are looking for minimalist form validation.

The format goes directly to the point with no diversions and enhancements coming in their direction. They arrive on the page, utilize the dynamic form and that is essentially it. Isn’t that what a contact page ought to be about?

As the site’s proprietor, you can alter Contact Form 7 to suit their page in a perfect world. It may just be an adjustment in the shade of the background.

More info / Download Demo

Booking Form 7 by Colorlib

Chic, modern, made for any devices, streamlined and outwardly engaging, are a portion of the qualities of all the free reserving form templates you find on this rundown.

We generally make a point to convey the best apparatuses that spare you both time and cash. Making a booking form starting with no outside help isn’t required. You can now download one for nothing and take it to further your potential benefit.

Make a form on your site for potential visitors to check the accessible dates so they can design their outing route early.

Also, if a form now has a date picker coordinated, that is far and away superior!

More info / Download Demo

WordPress Login Customizer

This is a WordPress plugin that can provide an automatic form validation that can also be configured. This is by employing HTML5 standard attributes.

This is as well designed to offer a discreet user experience.

It is also because no one who likes a naggy form. This features a configurable by using standard HTML5 and data-API attribute. Submit is disabled until then that the form is already valid.

There are error messages and VALIDATOR functions customized, too. The validation of the input field is also made possible with AJAX.

More info / Download Demo

Creative Signup Form

This bootstrap form validation is an intelligent layout with a beautiful foundation. The straightforward form utilizes dull shade to separate itself from the brilliant foundation.

Quiet relieving foundation movement impacts gives a wonderful encounter to the clients. With this enlistment form format you get username, email address, make a password and affirm password choices.

You additionally get the alternative to incorporate a checkbox for terms and conditions. At the footer, you have the alternative to take the clients to the login page if they are a part of your site.

It is a mobile responsive enlistment form, so it will be simple for you to coordinate this form into your mobile responsive site layout.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form v7

This is introduced as a React Bootstrap component set for React drip form. When you start, you will need to use the React Bootstrap and the react dip form.

There might be complexities in using it. But it’s good that the horizontal layout and inline layout are supported.

More info / Download Demo

Signup Form 8 by Colorlib

Bootstrap form validation should not be muddled. Indeed, the easier and cleaner it is the better. You can make your own modifications and present liveliness and other embellishments if that is a piece of your marking.

On the off chance that you are in a rush, you ought not be squandering much time on the sign-in page by any stretch of the imagination.

Just pick from our broad rundown of free templates and get it dealt with in a bit of breeze.

When a blend of green and white is your thing, you have a magnificent format to use, prepared to be utilized on your site.

More info / Download Demo
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