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Free Booking Form Templates
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21 Free Booking Form Templates (Most Flexible) 2024

We were using third-party free booking form templates for prototyping, but we always needed to do some extra editing.

To end this, we decided to create our free snippets. You can confidently use these on any of your websites. They also come in different shapes and styles.

In other words, there’s a VERY GOOD chance you’ll find one working for your project out-of-the-box. (Note: you can customize them, too.) Every free booking form is 100% responsive and contains a lightweight code.

So, if you run a hotel, taxi, restaurant or any other business website that needs a booking form – WE HAVE YOU COVERED.

Best Free Booking Form Templates

Below you can see a wide selection of the best HTML booking forms you can use for any website.

Colorlib Booking Form v1

You already know you are in for a collection of the best free booking form templates. And you can use these for ALL SORTS of intentions!

If you own an accommodation-based business, here is a clean, elegant, and modern reservation form. What will spark everyone’s interest is the full-screen image background.

Get the user to pick the destination, check-in and check-out times, rooms, and the number of adults and children. To some extent, it provides all the necessities but keeps things SIMPLE. And that is precisely how you should approach forms for a chance of winning over even more customers.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v2

As a resort or hotel with a well-thought-out website, you better have a solid booking form on the page. Without one, you might lose all the potential clients who make bookings online.

Pick up this free booking form template and sort things out immediately. It is a simple-to-use form with a unique look that will allow new guests to check room availability.

The background welcomes your imagery to add EXCLUSIVITY to it. On the right side, there is also a space for the title and additional information.

Viewing it from your mobile device will make the form appear even prettier.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v3

You must cleverly and strategically keep your visitors engaged in every section of your vacation website. Even on the booking page, use a beautiful picture as a background.

With that small action, you can make your visitors want to visit your location more. For a clean and sophisticated free booking form template, consider the one we have here.

The free tool you can download right now also follows all the LATEST web and tech regulations.

In other words, it is responsive and cross-browser compatible. Add it to your page and help them find the appropriate dates to visit you.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v4

While we might be used to seeing booking forms mainly on websites related to accommodation services, other industries use them, too.

For example, if you offer transportation services, e.g., a taxi firm, here is the ideal booking form. And, of course, it comes entirely free of charge!

Download this stunning and contemporary free template and use it instantly. It features everything you need to help those who need to book a taxi.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v5

We provide free booking form templates for every industry. However, if you tweak the one you dig slightly, you can use it for something entirely custom.

Even airlines do not miss a neat booking form on their pages.

When you offer your passengers the option of making the booking MANUALLY and finding the most ideal and cost-effective flight for their trip, you have a much greater chance of winning them over.

They can take the time and see what fits their schedule and budget best without rushing it.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v6

You must ensure that your page’s reservation process is quick and hassle-free. You can only start seeing more people using it and successfully processing their reservations.

Here is a versatile and highly adaptive free booking form template that you can use for various purposes. It best suits hotels, motels, and even hostels.

Guests only need to fill in five fields with information and can check availability.

They can repeat the process until they find the best solution for their much-needed trip.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v7

Modern, mobile-ready, optimized, and visually appealing are some of the characteristics of all the free booking form templates on this list.

We always deliver the best tools that save you both time and money. Thus, creating a booking form from scratch is not needed anymore.

You can now download one for free and take it to YOUR ADVANTAGE. Create a form on your website for potential guests to check the available dates so they can plan their trip.

And if a form already has a date picker integrated, that’s even better!

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v8

Back in the days, guests would either need to call you or send you an email to make a reservation. To make a long story short, the organization was off compared to the technology’s current automatization.

You can have all your booking in complete order and do not need to do anything manually.

After they complete the booking process, using this amazing template, the software stores their information, and all you need to do is wait for them to COME and visit you.

Implement this stylish booking form into your hotel or luxury resort‘s website and make a difference.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v9

Nowadays, the convenience of booking flights went through the roof. You can even do it from the comfort of your handheld device or on your desktop computer.

Booking is seamless no matter what device you use. To ensure your customers have the same amazing experience on your platform, here is the free booking form template you should not miss.

It has an elegant and dark layout with a contrasting call-to-action button. Users can select the type of flight they want, the dates, and the number of adults and children.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v10

This light and white alternative is the complete opposite of the previous booking form layout. If you are rocking a minimal and modern style website, you should add this form to your page and forget about all the rest.

Whether you are a boutique hotel, a luxury resort, or a motel, your page should feature a booking solution. Without it, you might lose a lot of money.

Nowadays, picking up a phone and dialing a number is not that popular anymore. Make sure you have your booking process FULLY SORTED out online.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v11

First and foremost, whatever type of business you run, you need to rock the world wide web with a banging website. Secondly, if you offer bookings and reservations, a form on your page should cover that part of the business.

No need to be answering calls and emails any longer! With a booking form and solid software linked, you can have it 100% automated.

How COOL does that sound?

Save yourself time and invest it in the sections of your business that are most important, like marketing. Get your booking form sorted out today and be forever grateful.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v12

Attach a free booking form template to your page as a pop-up or create an entire page dedicated to booking. Here is a crafty form template that features an image on the right and the fields that must be filled on the left.

Get potential customers to make their reservations quickly and have your rooms FULLY BOOKED throughout the year.

That is possible if you have a page that caters to your audience perfectly. Of course, the quality of your services is of the utmost importance. Combine the two, and you just won the game.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v13

Car rental and taxi firms need to offer bookings to their clients online. The booking process should also work smoothly on mobile devices so they can book on the go.

If you are still figuring out how to get the online booking part of your business sorted out, you came to the right place.

Here is the form template ideal for any company in the mentioned industries. Make sure you download it (yes, for free!) and use it to its FULL POTENTIAL.

The form also has date and pickup time pickers, so you do not need to add those yourself.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v14

As an alternative to the previous taxi and car rental booking form, we bring you another stylish solution to spark your interest.

Give this form a shot by downloading it now and enriching your current website with a handy addition. Everyone needing your services can go to their smartphones and complete the booking process effortlessly.

The free booking form template features seven fields for adding information, from personal details to the number of passengers and pick-up date and time.

It is ALL there, ready and set for you to use out of the box.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v15

Even if you own just one hotel or a chain of hotels, you can attain your desired goals much quicker with an optimized and high-quality website full of features.

A booking form is one of the most important assets you should sport on your page. The scalability might not be as quick as you originally planned without one.

Besides, you will have everything organized and tidy with a form, which is especially helpful if you deal with many guests daily.

Your online platform can work for you when it is stuffed with the right features.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v16

Nowadays, reservations are made without breaking a single sweat. It is a win-win situation for both the website owner and the end user.

Meanwhile, the users can check the available dates multiple times and see what fits their schedule best.

You will be greatly rewarded if you add a booking form to your page and have NUMEROUS to choose from.

One might even fit your needs out of the box, saving you from any additional tweaking you might need to perform.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v17

With the flexibility of our booking forms, you are assured that your users and guests can utilize them regardless of their situation—be it on the go, using their mobile device, or enjoying the comfort of their desktop computers.

You can test it yourself and see how pretty it looks on your handheld gadget.

It is a contemporary and clean-looking free reservation form template that will enhance the performance of your website and make it STAND OUT a mile.

Always ensure that every part of your webspace runs smoothly, at the highest degree, even through the smallest detail.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v18

With the wide variety of free booking form templates we offer, everyone can find one that best suits their taste. And if not to a T, you need to know that improving and adjusting the choice form is as easy as pie.

Do what feels right to you and get them to make a room reservation online, straight from your hotel website.

To make it even more appealing to the eye, add an image and some additional text that persuades them to take action.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v19

If a neat and well-executed booking form is the last thing you need to add to your page to COMPLETE the launching process, we have you covered. We deliver a free booking form template for flights, particularly for airlines.

The layout features a full-screen image background with a title, text, and form. Every section is designed and developed professionally to ensure the highest user experience.

Potential passengers can choose their destination, time, travel class, number of travelers, and type of journey (one-way, roundtrip, etc.).

Make it follow your branding by changing the colors and finally put it live.

Download Preview

Colorlib Booking Form v20

Are you starting a new hotel business or an existing hotel business owner with an outdated web presence? Build a fresh site or add life to your current one with an up-to-date page that includes online booking.

As for the latter, do it in style and fashion with this EXCLUSIVE reservation form. It will surely boost your site’s user experience.

You can use it out of the box as is or go the extra step and make it precisely match your branding and company requirements.

Do the right thing, since using it is a SIMPLE breeze.

Download Preview

Contact Form 3


Contact form 3 is a small contact form template gift for you. Yes, something a little different to this list, but the demand is so high that we needed to add it.

It is a full-page contact form template with an image background. You can customize the image. You can download the template and use the code to customize it.

With this template, you get files like names and services needed with a drop-down option, a budget with a drop-down, and a message section.

We have also added neat visual effects to make the template more interactive.

More info / Download Demo

Wrapping up

I hope this article helped you to find the best booking form for your website.

These are the best of the best examples out there. However, one disadvantage is that you must know basic HTML to integrate these forms into your website. Another solution is to use WordPress booking plugins that are easy to set up, customize and use.

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  1. Josko Misulic says:

    Godd evening,
    Pls one question..
    Are your form fully working or is necessary customize??
    Thanks in advance

    1. Josko,

      These are design templates and they are not going to book anything for you. They are to be used on website or elsewhere but you need a backend for them.

      1. Nicolas Tome says:

        Great samples, thanks

        Please notice all your Preview buttons are going to the same sample (number 1)


        1. Thank you for pointing that out. I have fixed all those links.

  2. These look awesome, however they all revolve around the same scenario…it is either booking a flight or a room. Ideally I’d like to see some variety, like appointment booking, food order form, etc.

  3. Tj Arcamo says:

    Hi.Your website has good content and awesome design templates.Can you suggest a website that can teach me how to use the Colorlib Booking Form v19 to my own website?Also on how to get the booking form send the information directly to email or facebook messenger?Thanks.

  4. I too wondered how to add the backend to these templates. As Tj Arcamo has asked, I too would like to know where I might be able to find instructions on how to implement these into a website.


    1. That entirely depends on the platform and coding language you use. These are simple HTML templates. Basically a functional design but with no backend. The integration part with the backend is on your own because we only work on making frontend templates.

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