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bootstrap autocomplete forms
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20 Best Free Bootstrap Autocomplete Forms 2023

We decided to create our free Bootstrap autocomplete forms after being unable to find reliable ones.

You can boost your website’s user experience with a neat feature that quickly fills out the missing information.

We gathered the best contact, registration, login, billing, and appointment forms.

Something for EVERYONE.

No more manual work for your users. They can fill out different forms with just one click!

How convenient is that?

When it comes to the web, time matters. A. LOT.

But it’s not only your users that save time. You save it with a predefined template that we have here.


These Bootstrap autocomplete forms are stunning and will do owners for your website. However, I would like to point out that we have hundreds of Bootstrap 5 templates that come with form autocomplete on top of many other elements and features.

Easy-To-Use Free Bootstrap Autocomplete Forms

Colorlib Wizard 1

colorlib free wizard 1

This three-step registration wizard is full of great features to help you embed it into your application without needing to speed too much work on it.

It also comes with an autocomplete feature that becomes very helpful for the user as it saves them additional time.

Some other GOODIES are stunning split-screen layout, gender selector, drop-downs and the list goes on.

With an image section on one side, each wizard step can feature a different photo, so get creative.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Wizard 3

colorlib free wizard 3

Colorlib Wizard 3 is an excellent Bootstrap autocomplete form for event registration. It does not mean what your event is all about, Colorlib Wizard 3 is easy to modify and configure, matching your project to a tee.

The free widget features a modern, impactful design that effortlessly adapts to different screens. It contains a three-step process, social media icons, drop-down, a checkbox for terms and more.

You can also let the attendees SPECIFY any special requests on the last step (or modify it for something else).

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Wizard 4

colorlib free wizard 4

Colorlib Wizard 4 is an exclusive wizard that you can use for all types of online education platforms and course registrations. The autocomplete form uses only the latest technologies, ensuring great performance and a user-friendly working experience.

Since the snippet is pretty straightforward, you are welcome to employ it out of the box. However, you can also brand and customize it, enriching it with your creative ideas.

Instead of starting from scratch, you can now have a FULL-BLOWN registration wizard with autocomplete functionality and live on your application swiftly.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Wizard 5

colorlib free wizard 5

We try to cover something for everyone with our collection of the best Bootstrap autocomplete forms. For all looking to create a billing/order wizard for your eCommerce website or services ordering, Colorlib Wizard 5 is the right option.

The minimal and modern design works very well out of the box. Moreover, this widget features a four-step process with drop-downs, checkboxes, etc.

Its flexible and fluid structure also adapts to DIFFERENT screen sizes conveniently.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form V01

contact form 01

An autocomplete feature also comes very practical when speaking about contact forms. Contact Form V01 is one fine solution that practices the latest trends and regulations of the modern web by default.

The clean and simple design also easily adapts to different applications and website themes.

However, there’s no need to use it precisely as-is, as you can brand it to meet your regulations. Add a functional contact form, so your users can get in touch with you now.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form V02

contact form 02

Let your users contact you with any queries before sealing the business deal with them.

Contact Form V02 is a great alternative with a special company details section and a functional form with autocomplete.

Along with the form, YOU CAN ALSO feature clickable contact details, like phone and direct email, and link your users back to the home page.

As for the form features four fields – name, email, subject, and text.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form V03

contact form 03

An all-around Bootstrap autocomplete form for your application or website’s contact page/section. You can use it as a full-blown page template or include it as part of your existing page.

Along with the form and extra company details, this free snippet also features an image section, which only spices things up.

The layout appears HORIZONTALLY on the desktop, but stacks contact form ON TOP of the image on mobile. It remains all the elements, ensuring an equally amazing experience for everyone.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form V04

contact form 04

If you want to enrich the contact form continuously, use Contact Form V04’s gradient effect. It is a COOL addition that can boost the UX, as it does not follow the traditional look that the majority use.

Thanks to the free alternatives on this list, you can test a few variations first and go forward with the clear winner.

Besides the contact section, Contact Form V04 also contains company details, clickable links, and a telephone number.

More info / Download Demo

Contact Form V05

contact form 05

Even though you can find multiple contact forms on Colorlib, we would like to focus on some other Bootstrap autocomplete form alternatives here.

However, here is one more cool free widget to add to your website or blog.

The split-screen layout features the form and additional details on one side and an image on the other.

Use Contact Form V05 strategically, link it to your social media accounts, and more – it’s ALL possible and then some.

More info / Download Demo

Login Form V01

login form 01

When a user returns to log in to their account/profile, you want to offer them as fast a solution as possible. Thanks to this Bootstrap autocomplete form, they only need to do some clicking and they are in.

Along with the two main fields for username and password, Login Form V01 also features a checkbox for “remember me” and a “forgot password” link.

There’s an IMAGE section to this beautiful tool, too, to make the most out of it.

More info / Download Demo

Login Form V03

login form 03

Login Form V03 is a simple but creative Bootstrap autocomplete log in form that effectively works with different projects.

While the main objective is basic, its core highlight is the header image section that beautifully adapts to mobile.

Of course, you can change the image, even alter the color so that Login Form V03 MATCHES your branding.

What’s more, the practical “remember me” checkbox and a link to forgot password are also integrated into the design.

More info / Download Demo

Login Form V07

login form 07

With the various available free Bootstrap log in autocomplete forms, you will find the one that resonates with you best. Login Form V07 is an EXCELLENT example for everyone offering digital services.

Freelancers and agencies, skip building a contact page from the ground up when you can use a ready-made template instead.

With the traditional email log in method, you can activate the social log in options. Keep in mind, this is just an HTML template, so a back-end is necessary.

More info / Download Demo

Login Form V09

login form 09

Login Form V09 is a completely responsive and mobile-friendly sign in form with autocomplete for quick access.

In addition, you can let your users log into their accounts with their preferred social media account.

The free widget is easy to operate with and does not require much work due to the adaptable default design.

But you can still change the color of the checkbox and the log in button to make it IN TUNE with the branding of your website or application.

More info / Download Demo

Login Form V12

login form v12

Even though Login Form V12 is very vibrant by default with its pink background, it does not NECESSARILY mean you use it as-is.

It is a Bootstrap autocomplete form for signing in applying the username, email, or social account.

There’s no back-end to make it fully functional, just like the other snippets you find on this list.

Users can also tick the “remember me” checkbox or renew their password with the “forgot password” option.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form V1

colorlib reg form 1

If the users have set in their browser to autofill forms for them, Colorlib Reg Form V1 is an easy tool to make a registration quickly.

This free widget is perfect for class registration, whether online or offline. Along with the name field, it also includes two dropdowns and a datepicker for date of birth. There’s also a registration code section, but you can reconstruct it for something else.

Another specialty of Colorlib Reg Form V1 is the image above the form, which adds a CREATIVE FEEL to the overall experience.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form V4

colorlib reg form 4

With a registration form that supports autocomplete, the process is quicker. For instance, it can fill out name, last name, email and phone number with just a click.

Colorlib Reg Form V4 supports just that and even includes a drop-down for picking different subjects.

Two more features of the template are datepicker for birthday and gender selection.

With the default modern and mobile-ready design, you will experience a QUICK integration into your web application, so waste no time and take action now.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form V7

colorlib reg form 7

Colorlib Reg Form V7 delivers two great, clean, contemporary forms, one for signing up and one for logging in. Instead of browsing around to find close relatives by default, this bundle SORTS YOU out right from the get-go.

Both items are also based on Bootstrap Framework and use modern technologies to ensure great performance. Even working with the code will be easy due to the organized structure.

If you would like to configure anything, you are welcome to make it happen.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form V12

colorlib reg form 12

This Bootstrap autocomplete form is for educational and student appointments. With multiple fields predefined, you can save time, as you only need to focus on performing refining touches.

The tool also features an image background, different drop-downs, a checkbox for terms and a fluid layout.

A quick embed into your application or website is a GUARANTEE with Colorlib Reg Form V12. It’s free, too, so you can start working with it by hitting the download button now.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form V34

colorlib reg form 34

Colorlib Reg Form V34 is a neat widget that sports both a sign up and a sign in form with autocomplete. You can use this free snippet FOR ANY website, membership platform, blog, online store, you name it.

With the image section, you can enrich the experience, as you can get as creative as possible.

The background also highlights a gradient effect, which you can style with any color.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form V35

colorlib reg form 35

Colorlib Reg Form V35 features a horizontal desktop design and a vertical mobile structure. The instant adaptation to different screen sizes makes this Bootstrap autocomplete form VERY user-friendly so that they can register a new account comfortably.

Inside the widget, you also get an image background, which you can replace with any visual content you want. Don’t make it boring; spice things up with something original and attention-grabbing.

Since you don’t need to start from scratch, you now have the time to play with the design variations and make it look exactly how you want.

More info / Download Demo

Colorlib Reg Form V36

colorlib reg form 36

This advanced registration form with autocomplete is a terrific alternative for when you require more information about your users.

Along with general information, Colorlib Reg Form V36 also rocks contact details, multiple drop-downs and a checkbox.

Thanks to the newbie-friendly code, you can quickly configure text, even alter the color scheme, as you would not want to distance it too much from your core branding style.

Moreover, the “contact details” field goes below the “general information,” remaining GREAT user experience on mobile devices.

More info / Download Demo

Technology is made for our convenience, making our daily interactions faster and quicker.

The same goes for your website, if you want to be in line with what your users need, always take note that they want to browse through and navigate your site easily.

Save them all the troubles by providing autofill features to your page forms to effectively save up some time.

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