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20 Best Free Bootstrap Registration Forms For All Sites 2018

20 Best Free Bootstrap Registration Forms For All Sites 2018

Registration forms are used for different purposes. One of the places where you can predominantly see registration forms are in the website signup area. Based on the purpose the form fields included in the registration form varies. To help you get a better idea and choose from a wide variety of alternatives in this free Bootstrap registration forms list we have collected registration forms of all possible types.

Before getting into the free Bootstrap registration forms list lets see how to makes an effective registration form that helps you get more subscribers or registration.

  • The first thing you must keep in mind while making a registration form is, try not to make it longer. According to a survey, 44% of the users found long forms are annoying and feel they have been asked too much of unnecessary questions.
  • Do not name your login and registration options as sign in and signup. It may sound absurd but seven in ten users accidentally click the wrong form, especially the mobile users. Since most of the visitors use mobile to access the internet nowadays using the words sign in and signup together may lead the user to click the wrong form.
  • If you decide to put the login and registration forms side by side in a split design, try to give a different color scheme for login form and registration form.
  • Another important user-friendly feature you must consider adding to your Bootstrap registration forms is, show and hide password. Because users always tend to cross-check the characters once they type in their desired password.
  • One more on trend and must-have feature in your registration form is the option to register via social media accounts. This reduces almost 60% of the user work as most of the basic information will be fetched from their social media accounts directly.

In the following free Bootstrap registration form list, each form follows different design principles. Based on your need select the best one for you. Again all these are templates, none of them can’t be used directly on your site, before using them on your site you need to play little with the codes. Saying that let us get into the free Bootstrap registration forms list.

WordPress Login Customizer

The rest of the list and HTML/CSS powered login forms but here you can see the best login customizer plugin for WordPress. It comes with several defined templates that you can further tweak to match the design of your website. Thats to this plugin you can finally get rid of boring WordPress wp-admin page and create a truly unique experience for yourself and your users.


Creative Login Form

creative html5 and css3 login form



Signup Form 1 by Colorlib

login form v1

Download Preview

Signup Form 2 by Colorlib

login form v2

Download Preview

Signup Form 3 by Colorlib

login form v3
Download Preview

Signup Form 4 by Colorlib

login form v4

Download Preview

Signup Form 5 by Colorlib

login form v5

Download Preview

Signup Form 6 by Colorlib

login form v6

Download Preview

Signup Form 7 by Colorlib

login form v7
Download Preview

Signup Form 8 by Colorlib

login form v8
Download Preview

Signup Form 9 by Colorlib

login form v9
Download Preview

Signup Form 10 by Colorlib

login form v10
Download Preview

Signup Form 11 by Colorlib

login form v11
Download Preview

Signup Form 12 by Colorlib

login form v12
Download Preview

Signup Form 13 by Colorlib

login form v13
Download Preview

Signup Form 14 by Colorlib

login form v14
Download Preview

Signup Form 15 by Colorlib

login form v15
Download Preview

Signup Form 16 by Colorlib

login form v16
Download Preview

Signup Form 17 by Colorlib

login form v17
Download Preview

Signup Form 18 by Colorlib

login form v18
Download Preview

Signup Form 19 by Colorlib

login form v19
Download Preview

Signup Form 20 by Colorlib

login form v20
Download Preview

Bubble Signup Form

bubble free bootstrap registration form

Bubble signup form is an interactive template with lovely background. The transparent form uses dark shade to differentiate itself from the colorful background. Calm soothing background animation effects gives a pleasant experience to the users. With this registration form template you get username, email address, create a password and confirm password options. You also get the option to include a checkbox for terms and conditions. At the footer, you have the option to take the users to the login page if they are already a member on your website. It is a mobile responsive Bootstrap registration form, so it will be easy for you to integrate this form into your mobile responsive website template.

More info / Download Demo

Signup and Subscribe Form

signup and subscribe free bootstrap registration form

Signup and Subscribe Form is a modern and creative Bootstrap registration form. With its split design, this template can be used for dual purposes; it can be used as a registration form as well as a subscription form. The user can dismiss the subscription form if they find it as intrusive. In the registration form, you have the option to sign up via the social media, which is one of the most preferred ways by the users because they no need to remember a bunch of passwords for different sites. Since it is a full-width form the designers have used image background to fill the whole screen. The form fields supports field validation, so even if the user left a field, they will be promptly noticed. With the subtle animation effects and professional design this type of from best suits for corporate website templates.

More info / Download Demo

Multi Step Form

multi step free bootstrap registration form

Multi Step form is more or less like the Bootstrap wizard like registration form template. Instead of providing a long boring form you can use these type of step by step interactive Bootstrap registration forms. The visual effects on this template are neat and sleek, so it not only gives a lively feel to the form but also make sure the user is not waiting for a long time for the next sheet to appear. There are three stages in this form to collect different details like account setup, social media details, and personal details. None of the form fields supports field validation, so make sure to add it if you wish to use this form on your website. This is also a full page form which uses trendy gradient background to cover the full screen.

More info / Download Demo

One Line Signup

oneline signup free bootstrap registration form

It is an interactive and modern registration form. The basic principle of lead capture is to let them in first through the easy process and gradually get their details. If you believe in this principle then this signup form will impress you. All the signup process ends up in one line, now you know why they chose this name for this template.

The template uses interactive animation effects to collect the user details. The result is you save plenty of space on your site and the user also no need to jump to another page to register. Icons and form field labels are used to indirectly indicate the user what information they need to provide in each step. With this form, you can get user email and phone number. Finally, users can set their password and create their account. If you use this type of form then your second step is to use a dashboard to collect other information. Check out our admin panel template collections to create an impressive user dashboard.

More info / Download Demo

Cupo Signup

cupo free bootstrap registration form

Cupo signup is a flashy registration form. If you intended to use this template without any modification then this form best suits for restaurant website templates and food related website templates. Except for the flashy animation at the beginning, the rest of the form design is simple. Again this form also uses split screen design. On the left, you have space to add your logo and some beautiful pics and to the right, you have the account registration form. The form fields you get with this form template are name, email, and password. You also have the option to add sign up with Facebook and Twitter. Overall this form template is a good inspiration, which you can use to build your own Bootstrap registration forms.

More info / Download Demo

Event Registration Form

event registration free bootstrap registration form

Event registration form is a classic form which you can use for specific registration process rather than just registering an account. Since this template is based on event concept all the form fields you get with this template are related to the event registration. Apart from the normal form fields this form also supports calendar entry and drop down options. The user can also choose their type of drink and type of food they want with the help of the radio buttons. These options make this registration form an obvious choice for the restaurant table registration. It is mobile responsive and all the form fields support field validation.

More info / Download Demo

Clean Classy Registration Form

clean classy free bootstrap registration form

The Clean Classy registration form is also a Bootstrap wizard based form just like the Multi-step form mentioned above. The concept of this form is just an outline and none of the options are in working condition. So it is up to you to decide what to include in each step of the wizard. The form fields you get with this template are name, email address, and the option to create a password. Other useful features you get with this template are neat hover effects and the current form field indicator. The transition effects are also smooth when you switch between different tabs in the form wizard.

More info / Download Demo

Client Signup Form

client signup free bootstrap registration form

Client Signup Form is a classic looking signup form with modern web elements. If you just need a simple form without any visual effects and interactive elements then this template will help you. It is a long form so that it can include all the necessary form fields neatly in a single page. The full-width background image is used to fill the entire page. The form is differentiated from the background with a transparent glassy look and shadow effects. With this Bootstrap registration form, you get form fields like name, email, mobile, number and option to create a new password. Just above the signup call to action button, a checkbox is provided for terms and conditions. Client signup form is mobile responsive, so you needn’t worry about scaling the form elements for mobile view.

More info / Download Demo

Pokemon Style Signup form

pokemon free bootstrap registration form

The concept used in this Bootstrap registration form is amusing and interesting. We all know how famous Pokemon Go is and even Tim Cook after the release of iPhone X has tweeted an image of him with a pokemon in the AR game. This signup form is also based on the Pokemon Go. You can use this form as an inspiration and develop your own custom registration form for your game website template.

The only flaw in this template is the animation timing is too long. The user has to wait for the form to appear. Keeping the long animation effects aside, the rest of the design is neat and clean. The form fields use both the icons and texts to indicate what details to give in each field. Below the call to action button, you have the option to take the user to login page if they already have an account on your site.

More info / Download Demo

Trendy Signup Form

trendy signup free bootstrap registration form

The Trendy signup form is a modern looking registration website template for agencies and corporates. This form also uses split design. To your right, you have a small about us section which gives a gist of your services and there is also an option to include social media profile link. Text rotator is also provided on the about box to help give an interactive intro. To your left you have the registration form with five form fields. The form section is transparent, but the dark overlay makes the text visibility easier on the form. Field validation is given only for the email section, each form field is indicated by the field label. Overall it is a professional looking form template with the modern and useful web elements.

More info / Download Demo

Merci Signup Form

merci free bootstrap registration form

Merci signup form is a flat material design based registration form. With the subtle animation effects and warm colors, this template easily blends well with any type of website template. Since the form is designed based on the material design concept, you can use this form in any type of website templates. The form filed supports field validation, and the best part it after signing up the form flips and show a thank you message, which adds a human touch to the form.

More info / Download Demo

Trendy Login and Signup Forms

trendy free bootstrap registration form

Trendy Login and Signup Forms is a cool looking signin and signup form for lifestyle websites and e-commerce website templates. A carousel like approach is followed for the demo purpose, but it is better to provide a clickable call to action button to switch between forms. The form follows a boxed width design style, containing an image background. In the registration form, you have the option to get the name of user, email address and the option to create a password. The form uses solid blue color as the background for this full-page form template, which looks bit outdated. With minor code adjustments, you can customize the template. This bootstrap login and registration form is mobile responsive out of the box.

More info / Download Demo

Stylish Signin and Signup Form

stylish signin free bootstrap registration form

Stylish Signin and Signup Form template is an agency style registration form. The template gives you the option to add your logo at the top of the form, so you can make even the form to reflect your brand. Since the form uses a clean white box, the texts are legible and easy to read on both the desktops and mobile devices. The visual effects on this Bootstrap registration form are neat and quick. The stylish form uses green as its color scheme, but you can change this to your pre-existing websites color scheme easily. The email form field alone supports field validation, the only outdated design part is the green color highlighter to indicate the current field.

More info / Download Demo

Materialize SignUp form

materialize free bootstrap registration form

It is completely designed based on the material design concept. The Bootstrap registration form is clean and simple looking. It includes only minor animation effects but they look elegant on this template. With this form, you get the first name and last name form fields, email and password fields. At the top right corner, you have the option to switch to the login form. The unique feature of this template is it has an image slideshow as the background, if you are owning a photography website template then you can use this feature to show your best clicks. This registration form uses HTML, CSS scripts and few lines of the Java scripts.

More info / Download Demo

Signin and Signup Form

signin and signup free bootstrap registration form

Signin and signup form is a bright colored flat style form. It is a simple form, which enables the user to create a profile on your website. Each form field use field labels and line icons. One user-friendly feature in this template is the user can see and hide the password, so they can cross-check the password. Just above the call to action button, you have the option to add a checkbox for terms and conditions.

More info / Download Demo

Material Design Login Form

material design free bootstrap registration form

Material Design Login Form is a perfect inspiration for creating an interactive registration form. In the beginning, it only shows the login form to the user, but to your right, you are provided with an option to create an account. Again this form also uses split design, so this form effectively uses the available space. Since it is only an account signup form, you have on form fields to collect the username and email address. To give users an easy way to log in at the bottom right corner you have the option to log in with the social media profile.

More info / Download Demo

ES6 Login Form

es 6 login form free bootstrap registration form

ES6 is a modern mobile application based Bootstrap registration form as well a login form. Instead of using a horizontal split screen design, this form uses vertical form design. The user can choose whether they need to use login or signup form. The other form folds to the top or bottom based on the option you choose. The visual effects of this template are smooth and clean. The color scheme used for the form is also modern and trendy. In both the form you have the option to include your logo. With this form, you can collect the username, email address and let them register on your site. If you are looking for an interactive registration form for your mobile version, then this template will be a worthy one to have a look.

More info / Download Demo

Education Registration Form

education free bootstrap registration form

Education registration form is a student admission form based template. Since the core purpose of this template for student admission and course registration, it has all the required fields. It is a simple and clean looking long education form and it does not include any fancy visual effects. With this form you have the drop down option, to help the user easily select the choices. If you are intended to use this form without any change, then it best suits for school website templates, and college website templates. The best part is this form is optimized for the mobile view, so the responsive part is taken care by the form.

More info / Download Demo

Appraise Register Form

appraise free bootstrap registration form

Appraise Register Form is a modern looking colorful registration form. Each form field is marked with different flat colors, the combination of colors are neat so that it does not look odd. Since it is a full page form template it uses an image background to cover the entire page. This Bootstrap registration form uses HTML5 and CSS3 framework, so you get modern web elements which are neat and also performs well on all platforms. This registration form is also mobile optimized, so the users on mobile also can view and interact with the form without any problem.

More info / Download Demo

Sports Camp Registration Form

sports camp free bootstrap registration form

Sports camp is similar to the Education registration form template. This a classic style long form which helps you to get more information about the participants before joining the event. The mandatory fields are marked with the asterisk symbol and the form fields also supports field validation. This form design does not use any visual effects, it maintains a simple and clean form. Overall with this Bootstrap registration form you get a complete working classic style simple form. The sports camp registration form template is mobile responsive.

More info / Download Demo

What’s Your Form?

These are some of the best free Bootstrap registration forms which you can use as inspiration to develop your own custom form or can download and integrate to your existing website template. If you can’t find the best form for your site in this list, feel free to check out our other form template collections.

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