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List Of Top Free CSS3, JQuery & HTML5 Search Form Examples And Tutorials 2018

List of Top Free CSS3, jQuery & HTML5 Search Form Examples And Tutorials 2018

A search box is one of the prime components of website that define and enhance the User Interface of a website. Undoubtedly, a search form is a much needed component of a well-structured website to enhance its usability among the users. This basic user-interface element serves various purposes by helping the visitors to navigate through the website easily to exactly find what they are looking for.

This one line search component is usually placed visibly on the navigation bar or sometime hidden under a regular icon that serves lots of advantages; mainly, it saves a lot of time, makes website user-friendly, improves navigation and user-experience. And, the icing on the cake is that it is very easy to create a search box.

If you are among the website owners who don’t have a search box on their website yet, or are looking for some better search forms to replace your original ones, then this listed tutorial of best search form scripts of CSS3, HTML, and jQuery might help in serving your purpose.

Before heading on to the list of the best tutorial/scripts of CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery search forms, lets’s know why is search form so important in a website.

Glimpses to The Benefits of Search Form in a Website:

  1. Website becomes more interactive and user-friendly
  1. Enhances the user-experience
  1. Allows site-wide navigation
  1. Simplifies the search process by easily directing the user to the desired section
  1. Saves time and money

I have compiled a list of the best non-paid CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery search forms available online which can be used to easily create a search box from scratch.


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1. Stunning Glowing Pulse Form:

Stunning Glowing Pulse Form

It is a simple and centrally aligned search form with a text area (that glows when clicked) and a submit button. The animated glowing border of this search box makes it more attractive and interactive as it glows instantly whenever the text is entered in that box. This styled box was developed with CSS and HTML, which is functional with jQuery. Get a closer look of the functions and designs of this search box in this tutorial.

Tutorial | Demo

2. Best & Beautiful CSS3 Search form:

Best & Beautiful CSS3 Search form

Search box is a much needed and the most frequently used element in a website. This simple search tool makes your website beautiful and user-friendly. It enhances the user-experience by simplifying the navigation and exploration. All you need to do is just follow the guidelines as mentioned in the tutorial and create the search box from scratch on your own.

Tutorial | Demo

3. Expandable Search Bar Deconstructed:

Expandable Search Bar Deconstructed

This classy search form is unique with its expandable feature(s). Primarily, only a search icon appears on the screen but on clicking that icon, the expanding search bar pops out. Not just this, it automatically moves back to its usual magnifying glass icon whenever the search bar is left empty. Further, checkout the tutorial to get a clear picture of the designing procedure of this CSS3 and HTML based search form.

Tutorial | Demo

4. Google Powered Search Form with jQuery:

Google Powered Search Form with jQuery

Every visitor that lands on your website improves the ranking of your business, so now it’s your duty to enhance the experience of these users by providing a well-structured site-wide search option. Thereby, they can easily explore and navigate the site in fractions of time. This tutorial will give you a detailed look into the complete process of search tool designing with amazing designs and forms.

Tutorial | Demo

5. Stylish CSS3 Search Box

Stylish CSS3 Search Box

Learn step by step from this tutorial to get a stylish CSS3 Search Box on your website to attract more visitors on your website. These stylish and attractive search boxes help the users easily get what they are looking for on your website, which saves their time and creates a lasting good impression of your business & website on them.

Tutorial | Demo

6. “Loooong The Search Bar”

Loooong The Search Bar

Exact to its name, this search box “Loooong The Search Bar” expands automatically whenever the search area is clicked. Such an amazing search bar is created using CSS3 with no subsequent use of any scripting language. Hold back your visitors by serving them with functional elements like this. Still confused about the functions and features of this search form, no worries, get a look at the informative tutorial to know how to create a “Loooong The Search Bar” in your website.

Tutorial | Demo

7. Cool CSS3 SearchBox with On-focus SuggestionBox

Cool CSS3 SearchBox with On-focus SuggestionBox

Get styled search box integrated with special effects like transitions, round-corners, and box-shadows in just few simple steps mentioned in the tutorial. This all new creative search box comes with a predictive text feature in search fields. It shows all the archived, suggested, and the most proximate search results. It helps the users quickly search by just using the initials of keywords.

Tutorial | Demo

8. Animated Search Form

Animated Search Form

Once you enter the text by clicking on the magnifying glass icon of the webpage, it expands further in animated form. The appearance of the search bar changes from being simple to highly attractive and intuitive. You will understand it more clearly from the tutorial with detailed procedure to build an animated search from.

Tutorial | Demo

9. Apple Inspired CSS3 Search Box

Apple Inspired CSS3 Search Box

This Apple inspired search box is created using CSS3 to satisfy the never-dying inclination of Apple users. To personalize the search experience as same as an apple device, you can look up for this search bar tutorial to create on your own.

Tutorial | Demo

10. WebKit HTML5 Search Tool

WebKit HTML5 Search Tool

This WebKit HTML5 Search Inputs lets you add stylish features to the search box. The developers turned this simple box into an intuitive search bar that normally behaves like a text box for site-wide navigation. The tutorial contains more detailed information to create a perfectly customized CSS3 and HTML5 powered search tool.

Tutorial | Demo

11. Usable CSS3 Grooveshark Search Form

Usable CSS3 Grooveshark Search Form

Inspired from a popular music website, this search tool is built using CSS3 with a submit icon at the end. This search box is also very common and in-demand among the web developers and designers these days. If you are looking for a stylish search bar, this could be your final step. Overall, everyone would love this Grooveshark inspired Interface Search box with amazing features of HTML and CSS.


12. Clean Search Form, CSS3/jQuery + PSD

Clean Search Form CSS3

If you want to mark your website above the others, then you need to add unique elements into your website. A search box is one among it. If you have a customized search box, then surely it would be easier for a visitor to explore your website, which might turn your frequent visitors into prospective buyers. This search box is also built-in CSS3 having simplified jQuery validation with an interesting feature i.e a pop-up appears if the user misses to find and fill the search field.

Tutorial | Demo

13. User-friendly CSS3 Search Field

User-friendly CSS3 Search Field

Looking for some cool and inspiring search forms for your website, check out this tutorial to build amazing CSS3 search box using HTML5 and jQuery validation. Moreover, using the Modernizr’s feature, you can easily make your search box compatible with your browsers.

Tutorial | Demo

14. Shadowed CSS search box

Shadowed CSS search box

Get a realistic approach towards creating a stunning search box with some added extra effects of shadows around the text and boxes. Also, look out the tutorial to add some unique effects into the search box using HTML5 for functions and styling and CSS for attributed effects.


15. Attractive Search Box

Attractive Search Box

This eye-catching search form is unique in its look and display that accentuates the look of the website. The special layered effect down below the search box is also sure to attract visitors on the first go. Overall, checkout this tutorial to take a glance at the procedure of creating a search form from scratch.


16. Search Box with flexible attribute

flexible search box

This flexible search form contains flexible search input field with submit button of fixed-width and fixed-border. This awe-inspiring feature is sure to grab attention of the visitors when they land on your website. Also, get detailed information in this tutorial how functions and coding of CSS3 and HTML5 worked together.

Tutorial | Demo

17. Arched Search Bar

Arched Search Bar

It is an apt search form that compliments the structure of a website is always preferred by both developers and website owners. Based on the usage of a search form, it is equally important to do some styling changes in its structure and display. With a magnifying glass icon on the above and rounded search bar below, this kind of search bar looks great. Learn more from the tutorial.


18. Drop Down CSS Search Box

Drop Down CSS Search Box

Creating a flat style navigation bar with a search box and drop-down menu is now easy with this tutorial. You can add elements like settings, list, options by using HTML coding and with CSS, add basic styles, navigation and list items, links, search box, drop-down menu, etc. This drop-down menu falls vertically showing all the options available.



If you are looking for a creative and user-friendly search form to amplify the elements and functioning of your website, switch to an effective mainstay that delivers tailored as well as out of the box solutions to convert PSD to HTML5/CCS3. Also, this proven methodology empowers you with exclusive and unique structured websites.


David Meyer wrote this post. He is a professional web developer at CSSChopper who holds an expertise in website development and its related terminologies. His informative writeups and blogs related to web development are both visionary and self-explanatory. 



Frontend web developer and web designer specialized in free and premium WordPress theme development. Started to learn to code 2 years ago and now I am familiar with CSS/HTML/JavaScript (jQuery) and PHP. Obsessed with application performance, user experience and simplicity.

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