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Top 14 Free jQuery Plugins with Bootstrap Support

BuiltWith reports that there are 6.9 million websites using Bootstrap in their design. That’s an insane number of websites, even more insane when we realize that as many as 10% of websites in the top 10,000 websites list are using Bootstrap for one purpose or another. The growth of this framework has surpassed everything that the creators could have ever expected, and Bootstrap remains as the one household framework within the front-end dev community.

There are so many other reasons/benefits to use Bootstrap, but these will be the ones that you will instantly become aware of, or perhaps you’re already aware of. To be looking for jQuery plugins with Bootstrap support, it must mean that you’ve met Bootstrap before. What are these Bootstrap-supported jQuery plugins anyway? Well, they are a collection of jQuery plugins that have some sort of interaction with Bootstrap, which can be in two formats.

The first format is that the plugin directly influences your Bootstrap experience, the other is that the plugin is using Bootstrap to support itself; such as styling and colors. You can skim through the list quickly, we have made it accessible, but if you’re interested, check out the descriptions we have shared to learn more about each. The Download pages are leading straight to GitHub where you can grab the latest version of each plugin/library, and also read the full documentation.

The reasons to use Bootstrap stretch:

  • Easy to work with — Bootstrap doesn’t have a huge learning curve. That is why it has been so widely adopted by beginner developers. Getting started is as easy as downloading one of the boilerplates, and stitching together the required components of your project.
  • Responsive — Mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers alike can all share the same design and design functionality when a website is built with Bootstrap.
  • Grid layout — Bootstrap is built on a foundation of 12-column grid layouts. And because the classes and selectors are native to Bootstrap, you can quickly position the location of components. Also known as rapid web development.
  • Development speed — One of the many reasons so many devs are using Bootstrap, is the amount of time it takes to develop a production-ready website. For smaller-size projects, it could take as long as a day, even a few hours if everything required is actually known.
  • Customizable — Bootstrap doesn’t restrict its own components to a single style; quite the opposite. Bootstrap encourages everyone to download the components and style them with unique designs and approaches. The end result is also known as custom UI kits.
  • JavaScript support — Bootstrap supports a lot of custom components. Although, one of the best features/benefits for many developers has been the native integration of JavaScript plugins that do all sort of dynamic activities for the website; tabs, sliders and more.
  • Community — Bootstrap isn’t just a framework. It’s a community of developers and designers who bring the framework to life. These are the people that make the whole thing possible. And as can be learned by the numbers, there’s a lot of love that goes out to this framework. The community aspect also yields to gaining easier access to support for any technical questions related to building a website with Bootstrap.

Bootstrap Fileinput

bootstrap fileinput jquery plugin
Bootstrap Fileinput is an exclusive plugin that works as an extension to include file selection into your project. It comes with many features, like multiple file selection, resumable chunk uploads and also supports different files. As for the latter, you can employ Bootstrap Fileinput for images, video, audio, text, flash, you name it. Bootstrap Fileinput comes compatible with the drag and drop feature, includes upload progress and contains an option to both add and delete files.

There are several samples available for basic, advanced and other usages of the tool, so you get a better idea of how Bootstrap Fileinput does things. To put Bootstrap Fileinput into play, you can use either NPM or Yarn, it even works with jsDelivr, just in case. The installation process and additional documentation are also part of the bundle for your convenience.



pnotify jquery plugin
Are you looking to include different notifications to your app or project? If that is the case, do the right thing by choosing PNotify. This jQuery plugin with Bootstrap support does the trick with many great options to choose from. As for displaying notifications, you can use toast and snackbar styles, banners, dialogs, alerts and the list goes on. It guarantees excellent user experience even when it comes to showcasing multiple notifications at the same time.


Bootstrap Calendar

bootstrap calendar jquery plugin
This next project is pretty self-explanatory, as the name reveals it all. If you are in search of a full view calendar, you better consider using Bootstrap Calendar plugin. It is a 100% reusable solution, meaning, you can tailor it to your needs. For instance, all the buttons that allow the user to view and load events are individual. The view of the calendar is indeed adjustable, but comes with the basics, like year, month, week and day. You can also experience it first-hand by accessing the live demo and see Bootstrap Calendar in effect. If you are looking to incorporate a large calendar, now you can with the use of this Bootstrap and jQuery plugin.


Bootstrap Slider

bootstrap slider jquery plugin

Sliders are such versatile website widgets. But we are not talking about content sliders here. In a way, we are, but really we are not. The kind of sliders we are talking about right here that can be built with this library are the kind you use to slide up and down specifically set values. This means you can create interactive sliders for the purpose of allowing users to select pricing through a slider. You could create a slider that would allow you to create a color selection tool, a color mix and match if you like. Those are the sliders that the Bootstrap Slider library allows you to create. We encourage that you take some time and take a closer look at the documentation to explore the available demo sliders, to better understand the purpose of this library on your own website.


Bootstrap Sortable

bootstrap sortable

We already discussed one tables library. Now it’s time for another, and we truly believe this could complement the previous one greatly. Bootstrap Sortable lets you attach a jQuery library to your website that would allow visitors to sort table data according to their own preference. This mean sorting data for ASC/DSC values, also sorting by alphabet and other common sorting values that we encounter on platforms that allow sorting through data.


jQuery Backoffice Filters

jquery backoffice filters

Running a complicated data set within the internal aspects of your business, and need a way to sort through data without losing out on time or performance? jQuery Backoffice Filters can help. It’s a library designed to help you sort any kind of database/website data through the use of specific filters. The filters can be selected and set up by you. It means that you still get full control over the way data is going to appear to you. And of course, the filters could technically be applied for front-end use as well, in situations where it would be necessary for users to sort out possible matches for specific data returns; like search engines, eCommerce stores and others.


Bootstrap Contact Form with Google’s reCaptcha

bootstrap 3 contact form with googles recaptcha

What would the web look like, if there were no contact forms. That’s the beauty of web. A truly necessary feature will naturally be developed by someone, and what a day it was when someone decided to create a contact form for the web. These days, contact foms have evolved beyond the basic features. You can use the contact form to send over sensitive data, to apply for a job, to send a simple message, and so much more. The one thing that many modern contact forms lack, is the ability to protect themselves against spammers. And to best deal with spam, most professional web developers will recommend to use Google’s reCAPTCHA platform. The basis upon which this particular library was built. A Bootstrap oriented contact form that uses reCAPTCHA to protect your contact form against spammers.


jQuery Table of Contents

jquery table of contents

It’s very likely that at some point during your web browsing history, you stumbled upon a piece of content that was so big that it needed a Table of Contents. If not, then think of any book that you have read or picked up in the past. It had what’s called a Chapters page, where all the book chapters are listed. You can compare this to the table of contents of the particular book. On the web, people often use it to discuss documentation, but also on large pieces of content; like tutorials and guides, and this library, Tocify, is going to help you create individual content pages accompanied by a table of contents, to help your readers better engage with your content, and to help them better understand the overall structure of what you’re trying to convey.

You can optionally style Tocify with Bootstrap or jQuery UI Themeroller, and optionally animated with jQuery show/hide effects. Tocify also optionally provides support for smooth scrolling, scroll highlighting, scroll page extending, and forward and back button support.


Bootstrap Grid Editor

bootstrap grid editor

Having a grid in the first place, is already such a huge boost to the workflow of website design. But being able to re-organize the grid using a drag and drop system, that’s pure revolutionary! Grid Editor is a Bootstrap-specific editor for rearranging the appearance of your Bootstrap grid system. The creators built it in way that’s going to let you edit the Grid content, appearance, and location through the use of traditional content management editor tools. You will not know how useful and convenient this tool truly is, until you try it on your own Bootstrap website.


Bootstrap Notify

bootstrap notify

Website notifications get a lot of attention these days. Notification and popup scripts are on the rise as more website owners realize that in order to fully capture users attention, notifications will be necessary to experiment with. Popups can be annoying, but when the popups have deeper purpose, they actually make a lot of sense to use. You can take contact form as a good example. You can create a notification to alert the user after a successful submission. Or, you can use the notification to alert the user when there’s an error in their profile. The uses for notifications are many, and the Bootstrap Notify library takes Alerts to the next level. A custom settings platform is available to select different settings for creating the perfect notification that’s going to capture your visitors attention.


Bootstrap Multiselect

bootstrap multiselect

We are still actively exploring libraries that help us to manipulate our forms. Forms are a big deal, and this library shows. Bootstrap Multiselect lets us create specific forms actions that would allow us to select multiple choices within a form. A very handy library that could come in handy for situations where a user needs to select the quantity of something, but also in different variations. Or select between styles where multiple style options are present, needless to say — job application process forms could also benefit from this library, because applicants are often presented with questions that require multiple answer choices and sometimes there’s the need to select multiple answers to better portray the user’s proficiency.


Premium jQuery Plugins built with Bootstrap Support

Plugins as such began to originate in the free, open-source market. Putting a price on something wasn’t really a thing. Of course, except for those who were working in freelance at the very early stages of web’s evolution. These days, premium plugins are fairly common. They offer unique features and functionalities that nobody else has bothered to create in the open-source space. The Colorlib team embraces this content, even if you find ourselves being affiliated with these companies from time to time, it’s not because we are in any way trying to milk our community, it’s because we can vouch for what others are creating, and want our community to have the same, good, experience that we are having. If none of the open-source plugins were of huge interest to you, perhaps some of the premium ones will be. It’s all just for fun anyway.

jQuery & Bootstrap RSS Widget

jquery bootstrap rss widget

RSS feeds are still some of the most popular ways of consuming content on the go. The process of checking each website that we read individually, for new content, can be so time consuming and boring. We quickly run out of patience, and that’s where RSS feeds come in really handy. The following script is for aligning together both jQuery and Bootstrap. It creates a unique RSS feed fetching experience for your website. Simply attached the library and specify the location using a jQuery call and you’re all set. You can set up as many feeds as you like.


Bootstrap JQuery Paypal Shopping Cart

bootstrap jquery paypal shopping cart

Quickly launch an online store that accepts PayPal payments. The developers used Bootstrap to do all the styling. It gives you the freedom to add any additional Bootstrap components to your project as you desire them. This is a full-on shopping cart solution. So, you have to make sure that you know the purpose of this library before you use it. You could technically extract individual components for personal use if you so desire.


DMSS – Bootstrap jQuery Style Switcher

dmss bootstrap jquery style switcher

Say hello to DMSS — a personal jQuery built and Bootstrap supported style switcher for websites. Now, the developers aimed this product at any webmaster. The developers particularly web designers who are keen to display their final work in a variety of styles. It doesn’t help to create just one single style, and then re-do another style and have the user view that. Instead, a much more flexible choice would be to program/code a smart design. This design should allow the style switcher to quickly change the overall appearance of the website’s style. That’s the kind of library you are looking at here. They would also add a simple widget to your website. This allows users to completely change the appearance of the style that they are viewing, based on your own recommendations.


jQuery libraries with Bootstrap support

In the end, there is enough variety of scripts, plugins and libraries to make an actual collection out of it. These are the absolutely best and most relevant jQuery plugins that support Bootstrap integration as a native thing. From forms to direct website management, all the way to fully comprehensive scripts that add unique experiences to your website. We added all of these for your visitors. Do let us know what you thought of this collection. We look forward to coming up with new and fresh angles to such pieces.

Alex Ivanovs

Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others. You can find his personal writing at The Divine Indigo.

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