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20 Best Simple Bootstrap Templates Which You Don’t Wanna Miss

20 Best Simple Bootstrap Templates Which You Don’t Wanna Miss

Simplicity is the ultimate complexity. When you make things simple you have to do lots of hard work as well as smart work. Luckily in order to make your website simple, you needn’t have to struggle. We have collected a list of best Simple Bootstrap templates. All these templates follow minimal design as well as neat visual effects.

When you Google minimal website template, you will get lots of templates designed for the portfolio. Here in this list, we have collected simple Bootstrap templates for both business websites as well as personal website use. All these templates are not only minimal, but they are also creative. So you can make a creative template that meets the current website trends.



Minimal is a perfect blend of creative design in a simple and clean layout. The apt choice of fonts for the texts and the headings make this template more appealing to the users. With the visual effects also this template follows a minimal style, which looks clean on this minimal style website template.

The Minimal template gives you six homepage variations. All the homepage variations follow the same simple minimal design with slight variations in the content arrangements. The custom icons used in this template are also following light stroke line vectors, which looks great on this minimal design. It is a multi-page website template so you get enough pages pre-designed for you with this template package.

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Haswell is a multi-purpose and multi-concept website template package. If you are an agency who constantly in search of making minimal websites for your clients for different niches, then you must take a look at the Haswell.

The Haswell template includes more than forty homepage variations. Since it is a multi-concept website template you have different design layouts designed that meets the particular niche needs. If you are looking to make a website that describes your services in one page or even if you want multiple pages to describe your services the Haswell got you covered with multi-page and one-page templates. The web elements like the search bar, Twitter feeds, Flickr feeds and newsletter given in this template are in working conditions, integrating it with your other web applications won’t be a big issue. The best part is you get this template available in the CMS versions like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

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Definity is a feature-packed minimal website template. Out of the box, this template includes 20+ demo variations. All the variations follow full-width design layout with lots of white space. The clean white background makes the template pristine and the texts are easy to read on any screen size. The Definity also includes a separate e-commerce template, so you can set up a neat minimal looking online store that elegantly displays your products.

Like most other minimal templates the Definity also provides both multipage and one-page template variations. The color scheme of the template is black and dark. If you are looking for a colorful minimal website template, please continue to read the list they are coming next. Speaking of the visual effects, it is clean and sleek so that it matches the minimal design tone of this template.

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Sartre is a flexible and more than just an HTML website template. The developers had done a great job to give you almost all the possible customization option you get in a WordPress visual builder plugin. The Sartre uses their very own Timber framework which includes 20+ components and 400+ fonts. All you have to do is to add the components you need on your site.

It is also a multi-concept website template. As of now, this template covers eight unique concepts and twenty four different design layouts. So you have plenty of options to choose from both the design wise and the web elements wise. The Sartre covers the software company website templates a lot in its template package. So corporates who are searching for minimal design can make use of this template.

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MiniPo is a minimal plus portfolio website template. If you are a creative agency or creative professions, you can use this template to elegantly showcase your works to your visitors. Portfolio is one of the niches where minimal website templates are widely used. The reason is in the minimal design you can focus more on the content quality and the visitors can also see your works fully without any distraction.

While writing this post the MiniPo template has eight homepage variations. All the homepage variations follow almost similar design with slight variations in the portfolio segment. This template only includes multi-page template collection. Each segment on the homepage and the sub-pages are differentiated with white and grey background colors. Apart from the basic sub-pages this template also includes separate blog page templates, so you can share your thoughts with the visitors easily.

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Buro is the most interactive website template in this list. Out of the box, this template gives you two variations. One is Google fonts variation and the other is the Typekit variation. Frankly speaking, you won’t find any variations in the variations, the only thing you will notice is the text variation. Based on the font style you want you can choose a variation.

If you wish to use this template as such, then it better suits for agency websites. The creative design layout of this template will help you to make a unique website. The template uses a semi sticky top bar navigation menu; it appears only when the user scrolls up and the rest of the time the bar is hidden to give a distraction free experience.

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Light is also a simple bootstrap template to elegantly showcase your portfolio. With the interactive visual effects and the colorful content blocks, this template stands out from the rest of the portfolio based minimal website templates in this list. The Light template is pre-bundled with five homepage variations. All the five variations follow minimal design only with different header variations. The portfolio segment is designed intuitively so that it can handle both the media contents and the texts effectively. The template follows HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Since it is a multi-page template you get all the basic sub-pages designed for you.

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Dignity is a bold website template for multipurpose use. This template comprises of ten homepage variations with almost similar web design. The main difference you can see easily in all the template is their color scheme and the header variations. Interactive scroll effect gives this template a lively feel. It uses hamburger style menu to give an uninterrupted view to the users. On the clean white background, the texts and the color hover effects are clearly visible and it also adds richness to the web contents. The template uses modern HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap frameworks. As you can see in many premium website templates, this one is also mobile responsive and speed optimized.

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Octa is an ultra modern creative website template. With full of creative design and sleek animation effects, this template manages to impress the modern audience.To add more elegance to this beautiful template Revolution slider is used; it is a premium add-on you get along with this template for free. This template includes nine plus demo variations, each demo is different from each other with unique design layout.

It is a flexible website template which gives you plenty of option to customize the template. You get an unlimited color option to customize the color scheme of the web elements and you can also change the grid size to your custom needs. Overall this well-coded template can be used for niche sites and due to its flexible features the end user itself can do lots of customizations.

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The Score is a perfect blend of the minimal design and modern web elements. This template ticks all the boxes of the modern web design trends. It uses flat colors and minimal light stroke color vectors and subtle animation effects. The use of geometric shape cutouts in between each segment is a creative design touch. It is a multi-page website template and includes two homepage variations. For better and easy navigation sticky top bar navigation menu is used.

The fonts used in this template also looks artistic. Perfect font choice also made the reading experience great on this template. It is fully responsive website template, so all the web elements are made to fit even in the small screen devices. This simple bootstrap template uses HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks.

More info / Download Demo

Lovely Corporate


Lovely corporate is a multi-concept and multi-layout website template. As the name implies in this multi-concept template most of the variations are for the corporate sites. But the recent template addition includes restaurant templates, music templates, architect website template and many more. The template uses only professional fonts with ample amount of character spacing as its core theme revolves around the business site. Like many other simple bootstrap templates in this list, this template also uses line vector with light line stroke.

This feature packed website template includes useful features like attractive sleek animation effects, split screen effects, and mega menu option. This template is also shopping ready so you can use Lovely corporate as an e-commerce template.

More info / Download Demo

gullu-ly-simple-bootstrap-templates is a creative agency template just like the Score simple Bootstrap template mentioned above. It is a full-width website template with lots of white space and colorful web elements. This template uses irregular shapes as image holders, which is a creative design and you can see this type of design more often in the following years.

In order to fill the empty spaces, this template uses geometric shapes of the same line weight of the line vectors it uses. The visual effects are also clean and sleek that matches the minimal design of the template. The includes three homepage variations. It uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download Demo



Paper is also a corporate website template. To be more precise this template is designed particularly for the app developing companies and startups. This template package not only includes website template but also for the web dashboard. If you are into creating interactive user friendly application please take a look at your dashboard templates as well.

It is one of the few modern colorful minimal website templates. If you are bored of dark and white minimal design then this colorful minimal design might impress you. The most interesting feature for a developer is, this template uses partials based HTML. So it would easy for the developers to convert this HTML templates to WordPress and other CMS.

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Axeon is an interior design website template. With this minimal looking website template you can showcase your interior design project. Since the interior designing is one of the most creative fields in the industry, this template also uses modern creative design to impress the interior designers.

With the ample amount of white screen space, this template gives you plenty of space to add texts and images without clouding the user screen. This architect template also includes templates designed for the corporate and the architects. All the template variations follow modern clean design. This template uses latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, so you needn’t worry about compatibility or performance issues.

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Web hosting is one of the most competitive industry in the online business. As more and more businesses are coming online, the need for best hosting increases. Each hosting providers have their unique targeted audience. Some concentrate on the fortune 500 companies, and some try to impress small businesses. Having a modern website is becoming a must for hosting companies also. Even many real hosting companies are saying goodbye to the old school clumsy design and are now embracing modern design.

Hostify is one such template with modern design layout and interactive web elements to impress users. With its simple design and colorful web elements, you can add more about your services and pricing neatly in the homepage itself. This template comes with WHMCS to help you manage your customers and their bills effectively.

More info / Download Demo



Unibody is feature packed minimal website template for multiple niches. This template includes twenty five plus homepage variation. All the templates follow different layout style and creative minimal design. The template uses HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and SASS frameworks. The SASS files are also included in the template so that they will be handy if you are making any changes or customizations. The unibody includes separate template for automotive. This is the only simple bootstrap template that provides template for the automotive niche in this list. All the template variations are multi-page templates, you get eighty five plus HTML pages pre-designed for you.

More info / Download Demo



Maestro is a clean visual rich simple Bootstrap template. It is a full-width website template with lots of white space. The web elements and the content blocks are designed accordingly with equal spacing to make use of the white space. You can see lots of small of visual effects on this template, which explains how detailed the designing and the development of the template has been done.

In the homepage right away you showcase your portfolio. The portfolio is filterable, the user can switch between the categories by clicking the eye icon to the bottom left corner. Since this template is built on the Ajax, your portfolio loads automatically as the user scroll without loading the template for each page. It is a multi-page website template so you have enough pages to explain your services and about you.

More info / Download Demo



TechLine is a simple website template for corporates and freelancers. This template follows a classical theme in a minimal design, which means you get properly organized content blocks and web elements. But the visual effects are clean and simple that meets the modern web design trend. With this template, you get plenty of useful web elements and icons.

The TechLine template gives you thirteen header variations, seventy five components. So you get plenty of options to customize this HTML template. All you have to do is just pick a design that closely meets your design and customize with the web element you want. This well coded website template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. There is also a WordPress version of this template is available, so you can check it if you need.

More info / Download Demo



Teriz is a bright colored multipurpose minimal website template. It is a simple and straightforward website template. This one does not include multiple homepage variations, as you have seen in the majority of the template in this list. It follows a creative design with interactive scrolling animation effects. The template uses bright red as the color scheme, directly there is no option to change the color scheme from the user end. But since it is a premium template, you can get help from the template creators. This one-page website template use HTML5,CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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Canna is a simple Bootstrap template with lots of interactive features. With this template, you get all the web elements you need to keep your users engaged and hold them for a longer period of time. With the full-width design, you get plenty of space to add your contents. The smart design of the template with ample amount of spacing between each web elements gives a neat look no matter how much contents you add. Out of the box, this multi-concept website template has twelve homepage variations. This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download Demo

How Simple Is Your Site

These are some of the best simple Bootstrap templates you can use for your site. We have collected both the colorful minimal designs and very simple templates which have only black color scheme. All the templates mentioned use the latest Bootstrap framework, so you get latest features. Since most of the template authors promises to give lifetime update, you will get regular updates. As you can see some of the best simple Bootstrap templates are also available in the WordPress version. So if you are not still clear whether to choose between HTML templates and WordPress themes, check out our WordPress theme collections also.

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