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27 Best Simple Bootstrap Templates Which You Don’t Wanna Miss

27 Best Simple Bootstrap Templates Which You Don’t Wanna Miss

Simplicity is the ultimate complexity. When you make things simple you have to do lots of hard work as well as smart work. Luckily in order to make your website simple, you needn’t have to struggle. We have collected a list of best Simple Bootstrap templates. All these templates follow minimal design as well as neat visual effects.

When you Google minimal website template, you will get lots of templates designed for the portfolio. Here in this list, we have collected simple Bootstrap templates for both business websites as well as personal website use. All these templates are not only minimal, but they are also creative. So you can make a creative template that meets the current website trends.


fanton simple bootstrap template
Fanton is one simple Bootstrap template that you can utilize for your consulting and other business service needs. It comes with a stunning, clean and to-the-point web design that will do you well. Fanton also sports four different homes that offer you to pick the right look for your firm quickly. Bear in mind, once you have the look you fancy most, feel free to edit and enhance it and make it follow your branding.

You can effortlessly customize Fanton to swiftly craft a page that will push your service to new levels. Fanton comes with many amazing features, like wide slider, call-to-action buttons, hover and parallax effects, testimonials and blog section. Contact page is fully equipped with a working form and Google Maps while footer catches their emails with newsletter subscription widget.

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kewll simple bootstrap template
Are you looking for a simple Bootstrap website template? Then you should, undoubtedly, consider Kewll. It is a perfect tool for startups, small businesses, agencies and personal websites. In short, whoever seeks to come up with their portfolio, Kewll will do the job right. The simple and minimal design of this template is ideal to highlight the samples of work done by a business or individual.

Due to being based on Bootstrap, Kewll is also super responsive. It will display surprisingly well on all modern devices, as well as modern browsers that are commonly used right now. Moreover, modifying this tool will also be a breeze since all the files and code are well organized and properly commented. Two styles, dark and light version and a broad specter of other assets are at your disposal once you choose Kewll.

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lunatic simple bootstrap template
You do not have to be a lunatic to get your hands on Lunatic simple Bootstrap template and use it for your web space. This app landing page tool is very appealing to the eye, modern and sophisticated. It comes with three main pages with an addition of a blog which, when executed right, can help you grow your business significantly. Everyone who is in the app business, it is Lunatic that will help you showcase it to the world and attain a whole new fan base.

Lunatic is a mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and optimized for top-notch performance. No matter what device and platform they use, your page will also appear and perform first-class. Sticky navigation, on scroll content reveal, back to top button, video support, elegant screenshot slider and stylish pricing tables, Lunatic has it all and then some.

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genix simple bootstrap template
Let the genie out of the lamp when you use the Genix template and gain way more than three wishes. This is one of the best simple Bootstrap templates that you can find today. Genix is a great looking tool that is also quite easy to use what appears to be super newbie-friendly. You can use Genix for making websites for freelancers, creative agencies, photo studios and other similar businesses.

In the bucket full of stupendous features and assets following are a few of the key ones. Genix rocks Revolution Slider, is retina ready, comes with a functional contact form and social media icons. The site skin was also put together in a way so everyone can easily customize and modify it. Make Genix match your needs with ease. The distinct look and top-notch functioning of the tool will surely hook you once you see the live preview.

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digency simple bootstrap template
Is Digency short version of digital agency? Very clever and funky name. It is a minimal and simple Bootstrap template to represent your brand name online in the best professional way. If this is the style you prefer when it comes to your online presence, look no further and use Digency now. It provides all the necessary and loads more to swiftly sort out your website and start gaining new potential clients.

Digency is a great fit for marketing and other digital agencies that need to push their services and scale their businesses. It is responsive, sports a pixel perfect design and has home along will other internal pages predesigned. If simplicity mixed with creativity is your game, Digency is your template. Without further ado, get busy setting yourself up with the much-needed web space and reach a new degree.

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reva simple bootstrap template
You can now stop looking for a simple Bootstrap website template that you can use for building your page because you can go for Reva straightaway. It is an ideal tool for creating your portfolio website and advertise your services and experience. With Reva, you will not have a single issue presenting yourself on the web in the best way possible. After all, it is easy to use for you to do things your way without breaking a single drop of sweat.

Reva uses all the latest technologies, like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4 and jQuery. To make sure that this template will be easy to adjust and modify according to the needs of users, all of its codes and files are organized and clean. Reva also comes with three home page demos, four header styles, dark and light look and five color skins. Your online appearance is just short moments away with Reva.

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spring simple bootstrap template
If you are in the tech field, offering SaaS, apps or any other software and you need a website, build it with Spring. It is a simple Bootstrap template with a neat and smooth web design that will bring your product front and center. In the Spring bundle, you will discover four excellent front page demos that vary quite a bit. All this tells you is that you have many options when it comes to sorting yourself out with a fresh design as quickly as possible.

Other valuable features and assets of Spring are responsiveness, retina display readiness, easy documentation, Owl carousel and an active PHP contact form. It also supports video background for you to market your promotional content and spark everyone’s interest and get them intrigued. In addition, Spring also comes with a blog which you can put to use to tell more about your product and content marketing.

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mimosa simple bootstrap template
If it is an online fashion store that you would like to build, then it surely needs to be stylish and modern at the same time. Finding the right tool to use is not that easy because there are so many simple Bootstrap templates out there. That said, we compiled only the best in one list to save you time and effort. In the fashion eCommerce case, the solution is to consider using Mimosa template for building your online selling platform.

Mimosa is specifically designed for building fashion websites but it easily applies to other stores, too. Nope, there is no need for your eCommerce page to be about fashion and clothes and you can still use Mimosa. The item is very user-friendly, adaptive and versatile enough to suits many different tastes. Every Mimosa user also gets a lifetime worth of free updates and a free seven days a week support.

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znews simple bootstrap template
Why complicate if you do not have to? Not only that, but keeping things simple and straightforward is the best formula to follow when it comes to web design. For a news and online magazine website, ZNews is the finest and cleanest Bootstrap template out there. It is equipped with a whopping seventeen home design and other inner pages for your pure convenience. ZNews also features six lovely color schemes what gives you even more options out of the box.

ZNews is modern, highly responsive and compatible with all modern web browsers. They used all the latest technologies and followed up-to-the-minute web regulations to offer your outcome stability and flexibility. Some of the goodies you also get are overall menu, load more pagination, newsletter subscription box, sticky sidebar and the list goes on and on.

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kelly simple bootstrap template
Do you happen to be a designer or a creative professional? Are you planning on crafting a website that could display all your masterpieces? Then you should use a simple Bootstrap template like Kelly. The tool is very minimal and appealing to the eye what helps you to push your works and bring it in front of potential clients. You can even decide how your home will look like by selecting one from four predesigned demos.

Kelly is highly responsive and will look great on any kind of device, mobile and desktop. No doubt, Kelly will provide a modern look for your web space which will spark their curiosity and make them want to learn more about you. Kelly offers unlimited color presets, is search engine optimized, features a sticky header and a well-commented code. Get the experience going and make something novel with Kelly.

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Engine Hosting

engine hosting simple bootstrap template
To give you as many options as possible, we bring you Engine Hosting. It is yet another fantastic and simple Bootstrap template that focuses on web hosting firms. With two color schemes, blue and light, and a total of 24 HTML pages, Engine Hosting gives you a great deal of material you can utilize at free will. Instead of building from scratch, you can now have a website up and running in little to no time.

Engine Hosting has a responsive and cross-browser compatible layout that was optimized for excellent performance. For the ease of use, Engine Hosting also offers you complete documentation so you do not run into any trouble. Create the attention grabbing web space for your web hosting service, drive in more traffic and have them hooked for years to come.

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casely simple bootstrap template
Do you want a simple Bootstrap website template that is beautiful and innovative at the same time? If that is the case, then Casely is the ideal template for you to use in constructing the website that you were planning up until now. Casely will come perfect for making a marketing website and give you the space to present your brand and product in the most novel way possible. Besides, it is also versatile enough to be used for other types of websites.

Casely comes with a contemporary, stylish and elegant web design that will stand the test of time. Meaning, it will not look obsolete any time soon. Moreover, it gives you an option to pick between many different styles, to find the one that will best resonate with you are your agency. Still, if you would like to make any tweaks, by all means, adjust Casely however you see it fit best.

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imfundo simple bootstrap template
All it matters is the value you bring to your students while keeping all the rest simple and straightforward. This way, they will always have a distraction-free experience when enjoying your fabulous content. For an education and online courses type of a website, Imfundo is the best simple Bootstrap template to go with. Not only does it provide all the necessary but also comes with quite a bunch of other traits that you will profit from.

Imfundo kit contains five one- and five multi-page demos. It offers you to choose between boxed and wide layouts, dark and light styles and fully supports RTL pages. Imfundo is 100 responsive and retina ready to instantly adjust to any screen resolution, be it of a smartphone, tablet or laptop. There are also loads of different headers and a horde of shortcodes to personify your page however you want.

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sigma simple bootstrap template
To best unveil your mobile, web or desktop app, chances are, you need a simple Bootstrap website template. Instead of doing things on your own, it’s the handy and practical predesigned tool that can help you out tremendously. If such a page is what you require, Sigma is a template that has been specifically designed for this purpose. Utilize Sigma and let it showcase all and everything about your application creatively.

To kick it off, you can choose from a set of four ready-to-use front pages and other internal sections for features, pricing, about and a get-the-app form. On top of that, you can easily adjust the template in order to make it follow your needs and demands to the T. For a neat, tidy, contemporary and advanced template to skyrocket your user base, go with Sigma.

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showkase simple bootstrap template
Before you dig any deeper, you already know what you get with Showkase. This convenient and simple, Bootstrap-powered, website template is all about pushing your creative works forward. It has eleven layouts, four headers, seven portfolio options, stunning dark and light look, you name it, Showkase misses nothing. Instead, it over-delivers the material for the swiftest and most rewarding website launch in history.

No matter what type of portfolio you would like to forge, Showkase is here to help you sort it out for you. Great UI/UX elements, fast performance, responsive carousels, unlimited colors and original hover effects are just some of the goodies that every Showkase user gets. Along with the portfolio thing, Showkase also brings to the table multiple blog pages, a working contact form and friendly 24/7 support.

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tmart simple bootstrap template
Tmart is a very minimal eCommerce website tool that fits our collection of the best simple Bootstrap templates best. Whether it is selling fashion or anything else, Tmart is here to get your eCommerce page up and running. It has a tidy, modernized and stylish look with a total of well over eighty pages. Eleven of those are home designs which vary from simple to even more simple. Besides, if the straightforwardness is what you dig the most, you can effortlessly adjust the look of Tmart and make it your own.

Due to the powerful Twitter grid system, Tmart comes super responsive and flexible. No matter what device they are on, your online store will instantly readjust its layout for an always seamless and amazing experience. You can also start a blog and implement content marketing in the success of your online shop. Showcase items so they appear appealing to the eye and start taking new orders on a regular.

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angles simple bootstrap template
Angles is a multi-purpose template with one- and multi-page layouts predefined and ready to use. That said, you can use it for all sorts of intentions and make it follow your needs and branding precisely. And if the simplistic and minimal approach is your method, you will not have a problem to alter Angles that way, too. You can almost do whatever you want with it, Angles is, after all, ready for any challenge.

Along with the classic responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility, Angles also offers a broad range of other features and assets. There are a total of 25 pages in the package which include the mentioned home designs, as well as blog, contact and even coming soon page. Full-screen slider, awesome hover effect, on scroll content load, pricing tables and more of the valuable traits you gain with access to Angles.

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simply simple bootstrap template
Simplicity is a great quality in websites. Sometimes, a page can become too complicated and is loaded with too many features. The result is that the site visitors will become confused and lost. The worst thing that can happen is to lose them entirely by leaving your page early. Even if you are in the construction and building industry, make sure you deliver a distraction-free experience to all your visitors regardless of the device and platform they use.

One such tool is Simply, a fine and simple Bootstrap template with killer traits, three homes and three blog pages. The template is quite versatile and adaptive so you can use it for construction, architecture, engineering and even plumbing websites. Simply is simple to customize and modify what allows you to use it for something entirely different, too.

More info / Download Demo

The Copywriter

the copywriter simple bootstrap template
You know what you get with The Copywriter without giving it much thought. However, you definitely need to look further into it because this simple Bootstrap template is a real gem. It is one of the best options for bloggers, writers, copywriters, you name it, who would like to craft a web space for themselves and their work. If that is what you are truly the expert in, The Copywriter will do its job to best represent you on the web.

The Copywriter will give you the space you are worthy of to bring your services in front of potential clients and boost your business. Share your skillful writing talent, be it SEO articles, press release writing or blogging, and march toward new successes. The template comes packed with single- and multi-page layouts and some genuinely impressive features.

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moto simple bootstrap template
Moto is a vibrant, modern and energetic app landing page template. It is a simple Bootstrap template that will suit any application just right. First and foremost, it’s the twelve predesigned demos that strike you heavy. Meaning, you get many options to choose from for the exact look of your web space that you are after. Simplicity mixed with an artistic touch gives you Moto, a first-grade tool to advertise your mobile, web or desktop app.

Some of the main features of Moto are sticky navbar, different sliders, pricing tables, video pop-up, counter, text animation and a whole bunch of other qualities. You will surely have a blast bringing into being a website that will take your app to the Moon. Nothing should be holding you back when you have such a powerful template in front of you, just a click away.

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dyon simple bootstrap template
What would possibly be the best way for you to present your credentials? Perhaps, you might want to come up with a resume website that you could then share with the entire world. If that is your aim, then you should skip the rest and go with DYON. This is a powerful and simple Bootstrap template that can take you really far. It comes with big images, excellent video backgrounds and numerous animation overlays. In the bundle, DYON offers you to choose from twelve different background variations for a quick start of your page establishment.

DYON will allow you to have a personal space where you can share your work as a designer, photographer, developer or as any other creative individual. Keep in mind that DYON is very simple and quick to modify so it will be easy to make changes to it and let it emphasize your project.

More info / Download Demo


minipo simple bootstrap template

MiniPo is a minimal plus portfolio website template. If you are a creative agency or creative professions, you can use this template to elegantly showcase your works to your visitors. Portfolio is one of the niches where minimal website templates are widely used. The reason is in the minimal design you can focus more on the content quality and the visitors can also see your works fully without any distraction.

While writing this post the MiniPo template has eight homepage variations. All the homepage variations follow almost similar design with slight variations in the portfolio segment. This template only includes multi-page template collection. Each segment on the homepage and the sub-pages are differentiated with white and grey background colors. Apart from the basic sub-pages this template also includes separate blog page templates, so you can share your thoughts with the visitors easily.

More info / Download Demo


light simple bootstrap template

Light is also a simple bootstrap template to elegantly showcase your portfolio. With the interactive visual effects and the colorful content blocks, this template stands out from the rest of the portfolio based minimal website templates in this list. The Light template is pre-bundled with five homepage variations. All the five variations follow minimal design only with different header variations. The portfolio segment is designed intuitively so that it can handle both the media contents and the texts effectively. The template follows HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Since it is a multi-page template you get all the basic sub-pages designed for you.

More info / Download Demo

gulluly simple bootstrap template is a creative agency template just like the Score simple Bootstrap template mentioned above. It is a full-width website template with lots of white space and colorful web elements. This template uses irregular shapes as image holders, which is a creative design and you can see this type of design more often in the following years.

In order to fill the empty spaces, this template uses geometric shapes of the same line weight of the line vectors it uses. The visual effects are also clean and sleek that matches the minimal design of the template. The includes three homepage variations. It uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download Demo


hostify simple bootstrap template

Web hosting is one of the most competitive industry in the online business. As more and more businesses are coming online, the need for best hosting increases. Each hosting providers have their unique targeted audience. Some concentrate on the fortune 500 companies, and some try to impress small businesses. Having a modern website is becoming a must for hosting companies also. Even many real hosting companies are saying goodbye to the old school clumsy design and are now embracing modern design.

Hostify is one such template with modern design layout and interactive web elements to impress users. With its simple design and colorful web elements, you can add more about your services and pricing neatly in the homepage itself. This template comes with WHMCS to help you manage your customers and their bills effectively.

More info / Download Demo


teriz simple bootstrap template

Teriz is a bright colored multipurpose minimal website template. It is a simple and straightforward website template. This one does not include multiple homepage variations, as you have seen in the majority of the template in this list. It follows a creative design with interactive scrolling animation effects. The template uses bright red as the color scheme, directly there is no option to change the color scheme from the user end. But since it is a premium template, you can get help from the template creators. This one-page website template use HTML5,CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download Demo


canna simple bootstrap template
Canna is a simple Bootstrap template with lots of interactive features. With this template, you get all the web elements you need to keep your users engaged and hold them for a longer period of time. With the full-width design, you get plenty of space to add your contents. The smart design of the template with ample amount of spacing between each web elements gives a neat look no matter how much contents you add. Out of the box, this multi-concept website template has twelve homepage variations. This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

More info / Download Demo

How Simple Is Your Site

These are some of the best simple Bootstrap templates you can use for your site. We have collected both the colorful minimal designs and very simple templates which have only black color scheme. All the templates mentioned use the latest Bootstrap framework, so you get latest features. Since most of the template authors promises to give lifetime update, you will get regular updates. As you can see some of the best simple Bootstrap templates are also available in the WordPress version. So if you are not still clear whether to choose between HTML templates and WordPress themes, check out our WordPress theme collections also.

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