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Top 30 Free One-Page Website Templates Built With Bootstrap 2018

Top 30 Free One-Page Website Templates Built With Bootstrap 2018

One-page websites have been around for a long time now, but only in recent couple of years we have seen such a large influx of people who want to use one-page templates to promote their business, their apps, or their portfolio. One-page websites in that sense are great because they remove clutter, and they establish a foundation of a single page (one page) to convey all the necessary information, only to lead up to a call to action (if necessary) for signing up, for purchasing, or for otherwise engaging with your idea. The most successful one-page websites know that the focus should remain only on the essentials, meaning there’s no room for rubbish!

Of course, we should still remember about things like organic marketing (Google and such), and one-page websites don’t really impose any threats for building well-strucutred websites that can also benefit from pagination (each part of the single page can be optimized for different anchors through the use of HTML elements), and also external link building; once again making sure that external links point to your specific anchors. Other such concepts include optimizing our code for search engine spiders, and ensuring that we are using the right HTML tags and elements to highlight our most important aspects of the website we are running.

One-page or single page websites are often seen taking advantage of JavaScript and jQuery to create dynamic effects like vertical and horizontal navigation options, to implement custom scrolling techniques for opening and closing different parts of the site, as well as the integration of Parallax web design; which can turn your one-page website into a stunning work of art by itself. Parallax also allows to use your one-page website as a vessel of transmitting an interactive story that will leave a lasting impression on those who interact with it. Single page websites are known to appeal to customers and visitors in general because they tend to keep the fluff out, and thus make it easier to understand the purpose of what you are trying to sell, or promote.

If you are looking for some cool inspiration as to what has been built with the concept of one-page in mind, we recommend this piece from Creative Market, in which there is some insight about the best tips for building a one-page website, but also a number of examples of other businesses and individuals who have used the concept of one-page to build state of the art websites.

Needless to add, one-page sites tend to take a fraction of the energy and time than a website that’s built on dynamic management system and consists of a lot of internal software — one-page websites can be quickly updated, and provide an easy to maintain environment. When putting together our list of the best Bootstrap one-page templates, we took all of the above tips and recommendations in mind to provide you with the best possible roundup of such templates to date. We hope you can find a combination of styles and colors that resonate with your idea, and do let us known in the comments once your project has gone live as we would love to check it out!

All Colorlib Website Templates

We have a huge selection of free HTML website templates that you can see here.

Shapely (WordPress)

Download  Preview


Transcend Free TemplateDownload  Preview


Colid is a contemporary, professional and straightforward to use free one page website template. It is designed to fit Android and iOS app developers the most but you can also use it for web applications and SaaS. Flexible and extensible landing page website template can also suit startups and small businesses. Colid does not mind if you edit it and make all sorts of adjustments to it for as long as you keep footer credits intact. Modify it or use it as is, whatever you fancy.

A broad assortment of features, neat design and usability help you attain excellent results with Colid. Different sliders, pricing tables, testimonials, accordions, functional contact form and social media icons decorate Colid’s layout. Your website will be responsive and retina ready for your mobile app to impress everyone interested in learning more about the product.

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Are you a creative individual or a digital agency who is in search for a fantastic HTML template? If you find yourself one of those, Glint is the free one-page template you will thoroughly adore. Let the free part of this template not fool you. Glint has plenty goodies that you see only the premium tools feature. First and foremost, it is fully responsive and retina ready, what makes it beautifully appear on any screen size and resolution. The pixel sharpness displays your fabulous creations in an even more professional way. Make sure you take advantage of it.

Once you start scrolling, you will notice the lovely animations, especially the animated statistics section. Moreover, Glint also comes with a fully working contact form and a superb portfolio section. Use the latter to impress and inspire guests and the former to give potential clients a chance to contact you. And to quickly jump to the desired location, the off-canvas menu will come very handy.

Editing and customizing Glint template will be a breeze due to the clean and entirely organized code it was built on. Small businesses and freelancers, you just found yourself a sophisticated solution for your online projects.

Download  Preview


If you would like to find a home for your creative projects and display them in an expert way, Dinomuz is here to take care of your needs. This free one-page website template based on Bootstrap makes your lives a whole lot simpler. You do not have to come up with the website design from scratch anymore. You can pick up a template and go from there. The majority of work is already completed for you. All you have to do is to finalize things, add content, maybe remove something and you are good to go. With Dinomuz, you can achieve great results for your website that others will go crazy for.

It was created in a way that will fulfill all your artistic minds and help you come up with as creative websites as you would like. Make your works shine in the best possible light with Dinomuz template. From a nice above the fold introduction with call-to-action to service display and beautiful portfolio section, Dinomuz has it all. In addition, you will also find a newsletter subscription box all the way at the bottom. What you will notice is that Dinomuz has a very app-ish feel to it. And that might be something you were looking for ages to find.

Download  Preview

Go Crepe

Nope, we are not talking about tasty and delicious chocolate and almond crêpes rather a gorgeous free Bootstrap template. Go Crepe is a handy one-page website template which is 100% responsive, making every device user enjoy browsing it. Whether using desktop, tablet or smartphone, the user experience will always be of the highest quality. Every website crafted with Go Crepe will instantly adapt to the screen of the gadget for smooth reading and scrolling. If you are lacking online appearance, the time has finally come to improve your website with a high-end tool.

A wide range of businesses can benefit from Go Crepe template. Local companies, mobile app startups, photo and digital agencies, SEO firms and many more in between. Still, if you like the design but you want to use it to showcase your yummy food creations, by all means, pick Go Crepe template and put it to use. Switching content with yours, adding all the information and other necessary whatnots and you are ready to roll. It is just as simple as it sounds, no different.

Download  Preview


MobApp comes ideal for creating fabulous app landing pages. Either you are a one-man-band or a startup, this free app landing page website template is fantastic for showcasing your online/mobile project. It includes just about all the necessities you are in need for to display what your product is all about. But the one thing that you will find the most fascinating about MobApp free one-page website template is its vibrant colors. That’s surely the one feature that will easily help you stand out from the crowd. Still, MobApp template does the colors in just the right amount. There’s not too little of them and it does not overwhelm you with the bright and vivid tones. There are plenty white spaces in between for the best contrast.

At the top, you will find a full-width introduction image with title and a short description along with navigation and call-to-action. The “Download” button is placed where the menu is so that the visitor can access it at all times. Navigation is sticky what makes it present no matter how far down you scroll. You can quickly get to the section you want to re-check it or simply press the download button. Big images, app screenshot slider and plans pricing all play big part of the MobApp template. For an app lander, you do not have to look elsewhere.

Download  Preview

Creative Agency

Hence the name, Creative Agency free website template is for all kinds of creative agencies out there. But to be frank, you can use it for almost any type of business which is in need of a landing page-like site. Creative Agency template is customizable, rich in features and fluently adapts to any screen.

There are various hover effects available for services and portfolio. Use it to your advantage when sharing short information about the work in your portfolio. When clicking on it, each image opens up in a popup for the guests to investigate it further. If they like what they see, they might go straight to the contact form to make the first appointment with you. The menu is sticky so it is not necessary to scroll all the way to the bottom to reach the contact form. A simple click of the mouse will take them there.

Creative Agency template also features a blog section where you can share more about your work and company. You can also use it for content marketing and grow your business with it.

Download  Preview


Download  Preview


In the web-first age we are living, if a business is not online, it means, there is no business. Well, some are still keeping it old-school, but if you are reading this, you are not one of those. You want to move with the latest technologies and online trends. If so, you are probably looking for the best way to build a website for your small business and make your online appearance first-class. Luckily, you just came to the right place. Here is BBS, a free website template which gives you the opportunity to create the ultimate one-page website. What is especially hot about the template are the premium look and features. With a free template, you can efficiently create pro-level business sites with ease.

BBS is a very straightforward template which will do you good and only good. Get those interested in your services familiar with what you do and turn them into loyal clients. That is something you will not have a problem achieving with BBS template. It even supports videos that will appear in a popup and captures visitors emails with a nice newsletter subscription box. Feel free to use the social icons and connect your website will the platforms you are active on.

Download  Preview


Those who are doing business in the digital world but do not have a website yet, look into the free template, Datarc. Even if you do have a site, but you want to refresh the design, Datarc comes ideal, too. It is a complex template, yet easy to use and edit. Each website you put together using the free digital agency website template will have a positive impact on everyone landing on it. With the full-screen banner that appears after the site loads, you can luxuriate visitors and get them hooked. The minimalistic approach will get them intrigued and all the rest becomes history. By now, they are already exploring your website, learning all about your firm and your services.

A professional website is one of the best ways of expressing your expertness and sharing it globally. You will realize your dream page with Datarc without spending too much time and effort working on it. For a free template, you are treated with a premium layout that includes many outstanding features. No need to do many tweaks other than adding your content and information and you are ready to go live. A speedy solution for your unbeatable services.

Download  Preview


Ca App Landing

Mobile app developers, Android, iOS or both, are you looking to construct a site for displaying your creations? While your app takes the majority of your precious time, instead of building a website from scratch, pick Ca App Landing free template. This one will be of tremendous help when you need a quick solution for online mobile app presentation. Besides, you can also use Ca App Landing template for SaaS and a variety of other technology landing pages. If you need a website purely for promotional purposes or to increase sales, even downloads, you can have it all sorted with Ca App Landing.

A free website template with Bootstrap that does not really feel like it does not cost you a dime at all. You will be surprised by how much you can accomplish with such powerful gratis tool. It will almost feel like you are not doing something right. However, download the template and start using it right off the bat. Ca App Landing is opulent in features what make the experience building your landing page for your new trending application fun and jolly. Make sure to use it to its full potential.

Download  Preview


For branding and growing your agency, small or local business, having a solid online presence is a must-have. With an emphasis on “solid.” Meaning, it must be responsive, mobile friendly, beautiful, clean and packed with info. A great free template that will help you out with the creation of the perfect website is Dup. Sharp and simple. Nifty and stylish.

Dup is a one-page website template built on Bootstrap of which user experience reaches the highest orders. Everyone browsing it will enjoy checking and reading all content. Getting familiar with your work and what you excel at will be delightful. If your type of work is what they are after, maybe it is your professional website what makes them get in touch with you instead of picking competition.

With a fairly basic template, you can bring into being a really amazing one-page business website. Add a background image, take to your advantage the strategically placed CTA’s across your page and gain new subscribers. You can do it all effortlessly with Dup. One more thing that you should know about Dup template is that it supports Instagram. In other words, you can use the Instafeed widget in the footer to display your latest posts and get people connect with you.

Download  Preview


Before we even go into details and revealing other information, you should know that Boxus’ unofficial last name is “Uniqueness.” And if you would like to know why so straight away, check out the preview of the template. Boxus is a free HTML website template with a very original concept that you might never saw before. That said, if you need to build a site that will unquestionably stand out from the crowd, you came to the right place. For all your creative work, portfolios, services and simply to promote your company, with a distinct web design, you can get very far. Showcase your finished projects in a tasty and innovative way.

Along with the bright colors, you will most certainly like how menu moves along with your scrolling the most. What’s extra special about the navigation is how it highlights each section. How cool is that? Feature you service and display your portfolio and get visitors familiar with each project on a separate section. Use Boxus template to introduce your team and start a blog where you can share all your experience and skills. There is a lot you can do with Boxus to make your online presence as extraordinary as it can get.

Download  Preview


Bobsled is a flexible and free website template which you can use for almost all types of businesses. But it is utilizable for building personal pages, too. For as long as minimalism and vivid colors are your thing, you will find Bobsled a great match for your business and any online project. Although there might be a ton of competition going on in the industry you are in, with Bobsled, you will not have a problem to stand out from the masses. Always make sure that your web presence goes above and beyond the industry standards. Your website, powered by Bobsled template, will not face any challenges attaining such results.

The HTML template has plenty practical and useful features for your business website to offer the best UX. Display your terrific works, share your workflow and introduce visitors to your services. To avoid developing your own, Bobsled template also has a working contact form that uses PHP. Moreover, whoever is interested in regular updates from your brand, a convenient newsletter subscription box comes part of the Bobsled. Craft a stunning and mobile friendly page that will help you grow your business above expectations.

Download  Preview



To hook your new and returning visitors straight away, a large, full-width slider is worth adding to your website. There is no need for doing it manually if you are using Labs. Big and exciting images being the first things a guest sees, of course, he or she will be down to browse further. With a quick image (and text) introduction, the next thing they see is your services, each displayed in a separate box. At this point, they already know all the key strength of your business. And that is precisely how you would want your website to perform. In quick few seconds, a user should know all the vital elements of what you do. With Labs template, achieving that will not be a problem.

Besides, Labs is not only about the massive slider and services. There is a whole lot more about the free one-page Bootstrap template that will be of interest to you. Video support, testimonials, team section, contact form and blog. The overall design is vibrant, using beaming colors. Getting your website to help you reach new levels of successes is all part of Labs. The free template is here for you to make the most out of it.

Download  Preview

Shapely (Most Popular)

Shapely shapes your website in a way not only you but all your visitors will adore through the roof. For a free site theme, it comes with many features, like search engine optimization and pixel perfect design. Those who use all the latest devices will have a fantastic experience checking out your page content. Moreover, it supports the majority of free and premium plugins, like WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7 and a ton more. By using Bootstrap 3, it makes it responsive and fully optimized for mobile devices. Did we mention retina readiness? That is something Shapely does not shy away from.

The index page features various widgets which you can use for all sorts of intentions. From adding portfolios and testimonials to product information and, the much needed, call-to-action. Parallax section is just an icing on an already incredibly well-decorated cake. Hover effects, project pages, clients slider and much more is what you get with Shapely. It is a potent tool for building business sites, portfolios and landing pages. You can do even more with Shapely. With some adjustments and customizations, you can turn the theme into a blog or online magazine quite easily. Chances are, after setting it up the way how you like it, you might not need to look for a new theme in the future. Even if your site grows bigger.


Illdy (Trending)

Do you need a well-ordered, retina ready, responsive and mobile-first one-page WordPress theme? And on top, it must be free? No biggie. Ladies and gentlemen, Illdy is a trending theme that was built on Bootstrap front-end framework. That means total flexibility and fluent layout. Big image, parallax effect, CTAs (call-to-action buttons) and just the right amount of animation; have you met Illdy yet? If this already sparks interest in you, you will be impressed even more once you learn every little secret of the theme.

When building with Illdy, you can use WordPress Customizer and see changes made on the go. With several professional sections to describe your business in-depth, visitors will be hurrying taking first orders. There is a nice and big contact form placed right at the bottom for everyone to see it. Different elements of Illdy one-page theme can be modified to individualize your page exactly how you fancy. The theme is translation ready, optimized for the most popular plugins and even comes with dedicated support. For a free theme, Illdy is no joke.



Impact is one of those templates which you can use for engineering almost all kinds of websites. After all, it is a responsive and multi-purpose tool which will save you time and effort. Loads of features and grand design will turn your website idea into reality with ease. Sometimes, all you need is a free website template and you are ready to rock. Impact is the one item that helps you achieve fine things with it. Not only will your page look mind-blowing but your business will start growing, too. And you do not even need to make any investments to get things going. Even by reading this, you already won big times.

Full-screen slider with text and CTA, sticky menu and loads of cool animations accompany visitors when scrolling. It is just the little extra entertainment everyone will enjoy. Categorized portfolio, testimonials, blog and pricing tables are all part of Impact. The template also does not miss Google Maps integration, working contact form and full browser compatibility. All this for the price of free. Who knows, for now, a one-page website is more than enough for your online project. However, in the future, you might be interested in expanding it with different sections to offer your users even more. If so, look no further and go with Impact.




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