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Creative Agency

Template Details

Author: Colorlib

Released: June, 2019

Licence: MIT

Credits: Images from Unsplash


Creative Agency, as it names implies, is a website template for creative, digital, SEO and media agencies of any kind. It is flexible enough to be used for any sort of business landing page style website. It would well for tech startups and anyone else looking to build a modern looking landing page.

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  1. Raouf Fouad says:

    i was asking how to modify the free template to be suited with my information
    i am starting a new website and have my host and domain
    i downloaded the creative-agency zip file and tried to open it with Dreamweaver but i saw something i never learnt.
    can you help me ?

    1. Unfortunately, we don’t do modifications or custom development in general. We are here to provide themes and templates as that’s what we are good at.
      The best places to find developers are Upwork and Envato Studio.

    2. Ahmed Sbai says:

      you should hire someone who can modify your data with cheap prices

  2. Nadav Avni says:

    Hi, I hope I find you well.
    I am trying to use your theme for my website.
    When trying to install it I get the following error:
    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme installation failed.

    I trying couple of things including contacting my hosting company and nothing.
    Is it possible that there is a problem wit the download file?

    1. This is not a WordPress theme but a HTML website template. There is a huge difference there.
      WordPress themes are available here.

      1. how to install this theme and template?

        1. Like any other HTML template. There is no special procedure for this particular template. However, keep in mind that this is not a WordPress theme and it won’t run on WordPress without actually porting it to WordPress.

  3. Hello I was wondering how I could edit the contact form? I can’t seem to find

    1. Jamex,

      Like you would with any other HTML template. In this case contact form is located in index.html.

  4. Hi! First of all, thanks for this great theme, I’m a web programming newbie and I’m using it for my personal project(almost done), but I have one question, so I’d appreciate if you could point me in the right direction. Here’s a video explaining the issue:
    So, is there any technique that would prevent the section to overlap with section – you can see it going over the buttons in the video, and also to prevent the text to go through the top of the page on resizing? It’s not much of trouble in your example, but my home wrapper section has a couple of large images and it’s really bothering me. I’ve messed with float, clear, min-height parameters, I’ve tried putting the contents of into multiple containers, divs and bootstrap columns with no success. Am I missing some key HTML feature?

    Anyway, thanks again!

    1. Goran,

      What you have tested there on the video makes absolutely no sense to actual use of the template. It will work on any mobile, tablet or computer. To resolution you are pushing it there is virtually no devices out there. You can use Chrome Dev Tools to test your site on different devices to see how well this theme works on all of them.

  5. Should’ve mentioned that in my case this stuff occurs when I resize my screen from 100% to 90%, but I guess it’s more of an initial design flaw on my side. Just wanted to see if there was some common hack for this kind of stuff. Thanks for the super quick response, you da boss!

  6. Pawarut Klai-armon says:

    How can i remove footer credit (or paid ?)

    1. That’s a paid option and costs $21. Otherwise you can use this template for private and commercial use but URL back to our site must remain in place.

  7. How can I make it so the “learn more” button uses the smooth scroll javascript to move to the About section?

  8. Do the free themes get updated regularly

    1. Philip,

      These are HTML templates that doesn’t need to be updated as regularly as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or other templates. We make sure that they are future proof the time we build them.

  9. Christina says:

    Hello, thank you for the great work of this template.
    But i have a problem with the counting numbers(happy clients,awards won,…).they dont work in the preview.
    pls can you help me 🙂
    thank you

  10. In the iOS version there are animations and resources that do not work.
    The background of the index is not visible.
    The animation of the team section does not exist.
    Can you tell me how to fix it?
    Excuse English, it’s the google translator.
    Thank you.

  11. Tried to install in wordpress, but it said it failed to install.

    1. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet

      1. Because it is a HTML template and not WordPress theme.

  12. Nice template, but the form isnt working, there is not php material to make it work.

    1. You can use any PHP mailer you wish. We usually don’t make forms functional because we want to allow users to use their own solution. Once we add our own, there are always complains that we have used the wrong tools for the job, so we don’t implement it and allow users to do so.

  13. Hello.
    I’m download the template, but i don’t can use in my Blogger. I don’t know how install this template in Blogger. You can help me?

    1. It will not going to work in the Blogger unless you convert it into a Blogger theme. For now it is an HTML template

  14. Great theme, but the animations do not work on iOS.
    They do work on Android.

    1. christian says:


      when i connect to internet it is impossible to access a file of your template i don ‘t have a right for the files


  15. christian says:

    hi; please how can i do to post on your forum

  16. My background image will not scale when viewed on mobile (iphone). On mobile, the background image appears to be extremely zoomed in. Is there a css fix for this?

    1. Rosan subba says:

      #home {
      height: 100vh;

      at style.css vh is not working at safari browser.
      but even if change it i got a problem at iphone or ios mobile only

  17. Hi! How can I buy a full license of this template?

  18. #home {
    height: 100vh;
    is not working at Safari browser so background image is not display but even if i manage as below
    #home {
    /* height: 100vh; */
    min-height: 630px;
    I got a problem at Iphone or Ios device Safari browser only.
    Please, response it

  19. #home {
    height: 100vh;

    at style.css vh is not working at safari browser.
    but even if change it i got a problem at iphone or ios mobile only

  20. Alexander Eriksen says:

    Such an excellent template to use and adjust!
    I just had a small question regarding the owl carousel, how might I add a time and pause on mouse hover?

    Thanks in advance and thanks for the wonderful template.

  21. Marcus Hagn says:

    How can I download the free version of the template? I would like to play around with the design before buying a full version. But when I press the download button I am directly redirected to the page to buy the template.

    1. You can view the demo/preview of this templates. We are not sharing this template for free for the trial.

  22. Hi,

    Not sure how this works… but this theme is located under ‘Free Themes’… but when I try do download, I am forwarded to payment site.
    So either it’s not free, or there is an error?

    1. Michael,

      Unfortunately, it is not a free template. However, we have over 700 others that are completely free.

  23. Hi Aigars,

    Okay… but then it should not say ‘free’ in the description, nor should it be listed under the category ‘Free Templates’
    Kind of disapointing when one spends to hours looking for the perfect template – finds it – and then realizes that it is not free after all 🙁

  24. Čau Aigar, tev latviešu vārds. Colorlibs ir latviešu lapa/firma? 😮

    1. Jā, ir gan latviešu lapa 🙂 Es gan esmu vienīgais latvietis, kurš pie tās šobrīd strādā. Komentāru pēc laika nodzēsīšu, lai nejauc citiem galvu 🙂

  25. Hi, why I cant download this theme? As I see it’s free but I need to make a purchase of 25$

  26. Volodymyr says:

    How to buy this template if I don’t have PayPal?

    1. Currently, PayPal is the only payment option. Within a few weeks, we’ll launch a new platform where you will be able to pay using any credit or debit card.

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