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30+ Best Free Bootstrap Templates To Create Modern Websites 2018

30+ Best Free Bootstrap Templates To Create Modern Websites 2018

Bootstrap is the most preferred front end web development tool. It is widely used by all web developer and even by the leading web development company. Bootstrap was born in the Twitter laboratory even it is known as the Twitter blueprint in its early stage. Due to flexibility developers started using it for their web development, now Bootstrap has become one of the primary qualification for any website template.

Bootstrap’s primary aim is to connect designers with developers. It brings many dream website to the real world. The main advantages of using Bootstrap framework are responsiveness, easy to customize and consistency in design. Bootstrap website templates help you to create mobile responsive websites easily without disturbing the core design aesthetics of the website template. Bootstrap releases updates periodically to meet the modern world needs. Here we have mentioned some of the best free Bootstrap templates that you can use for your site.

Shapely (WordPress)

Shape your website however you want with our remarkable free WordPress template powered by Bootstrap, Shapely. Adjusting it will come super easy even if you are not a skilled coder. You do not even need to have any design skills since the demo is already so refined. In fact, you can use Shapely exactly as is and only edit the content with your visuals and texts and you are ready to hit the online space.

Cool features of Shapely are search engine optimization, parallax effect, multi-level drop-down menu and online shop readiness. Shapely is also a super adaptive template that you can effortlessly alter to your project requirements. Make it shine, add your personal touch to it and start something fresh quickly and efficiently. By the way, if you would like to localize it, Shapely is also entirely translatable and multilingual.

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tasty free template
Chefs, restaurants and everyone else in the food business, Tasty, hence its name, is an ideal free Bootstrap template for you. To sort out your internet presence, this is one of the best approaches you can take. Moreover, since Tasty is based on the powerful grid system, it ensures your page to be entirely responsive, fluently adapting to all devices. Besides, Tasty is also in tune with modern web browsers and highly optimized and easy to customize.

Give everyone the opportunity to drool over your succulent images and book a table using the integrated form. Speaking of form, it also has a date and time picker for your convenience. Other than that, Tasty comes with a filterable food and drinks menu, parallax effect, testimonials slider and Instagram images. You can also start a food blog and capture their emails with the included newsletter subscription widget.

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health free template
Health is a free Bootstrap template for clinics, hospitals, health institutions, as well as doctors, surgeons and dentists. Basically, everyone in the field can take Health to his or her advantage. It is a page building tool that gives you the freedom to craft your own online appearance and take your business to the next level.

Everyone who is in need of your services can now first check out your site to learn more about you before reaching out. And they do not even need to pick up the phone since they can make an appointment using the implemented form.

With the nifty home page, Health provides all the necessary sections for you to introduce yourself and give them a reason to pick you. Other internal pages are there for a comprehensive overview of your business to truly get a better understanding of your services.

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academica free template
Similarly to the last one, Academica also hints you at what it is all about with its name alone. Indeed, Academica is a free Bootstrap template for online courses and other educational programs. You can definitely use this template for schools and universities, too. Academica is a simple to use and highly modifiable site canvas that you will enjoy using and establishing a page with. Even if you already run a website but is in need of a refreshment, Academica will do the trick as well.

Due to following the modern technologies, Academica is responsive, cross-browser compatible and performing at the highest level. Search option, testimonials, courses page, about section and a blog along with a fully working contact page, Academica bundle is loaded with features. And for those students who would like to be updated with new programs, they can also sign up to your mailing list using the integrated subscription form.

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vcard free template
Creating an online resume is easier than you may think in the modern era, we live in. Not to mention, approaching an employer or a potential client with a sophisticated vCard is something that can bring you really far in your career. If nothing else, sending them a link to your page instead of the good old boring CV can easily make you stand out a mile. Collect all your skills, education, experience and other rewarding goodies in one place with help from the amazing Vcard2.

This free Bootstrap template is here to realize your internet presence swiftly and reliably. The web design of Vcard2 is very simple to skim through, yet professional looking and elegant. While personal information appears as a sidebar and stays there intact, the main content changes regarding the information they will want to know about you. There is also an active contact form for when they would like to get in touch with you for business.

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yoga free template
Yoga studios but truly any gym and fitness can utilize Yoga free Bootstrap template for their websites. If it happens that you are not online yet, boys and girls, you might be leaving a ton of money on the table. Do not do that. A website is one of the best marketing tools you can use for your yoga business or any other business in general. You can also link it with your social media accounts and have it all mixed and matched in the right way.

Yoga has a big slideshow, menu overlay, loads content on scroll and includes pricing tables. The overall web design of Yoga is clean and minimal, beautifully displaying your services, classes and trainers. There is also a classes schedule, blog and Instagram-ready feed. Contact page with a functional form and Google Maps is also part of the Yoga experience.

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libro free template
Starting a blog in this day and age is not challenging at all. There are full blogging solutions available to you which allow you to make the desired blog quickly and efficiently. And you do not really need to be super skilled at the process of development of your page. With Libro free Bootstrap template, you get an original and creative web design that brings your blog on a whole other level right off the bat.

While the majority of blogs are pretty identical on the looks, Libro comes entirely different. It arises with a split screen style of a responsive and mobile-ready layout. On one part of the screen, you have a slider, and on the other part is your compelling content. Even menu, although an overlay style, appears only on the slideshow half. If doing things differently is your thing then you sure need Libro.

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musica free template
As the name suggests, Musica is a free Bootstrap template for bands, artists and other musical projects you are passionately working on. That said, if you need to build a page to share your tunes with the world, now is the right time to do it. Although you might be super busy coming up with the perfect riff, in between, you have just the right amount of time to create the website thanks to Musica. The tool did the work already, you just need to put it to use.

Since it is based on the amazing Twitter grid system, Musica comes 100% mobile-ready. All your fans are able to check you out from their phones, tablets and desktops. Not to mention, Musica is also retina-ready and in tune with all popular web browsers. It comes with an assortment of advanced features to make you emerge on the web super professional. You can push your forthcoming shows, create a playlist and share what you have been up to lately.

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raptor free template
Web hosting companies are in for a treat when they discover the up-to-the-minute Raptor free Bootstrap website template. From now on, building things from scratch is a thing of the past. It is Raptor that has the ready-to-use material at your disposal, so make sure you use it to its full potential for a killer web space that will drive your business. You might also consider redesigning your existing page once you stumble across Raptor due to its appealing and attractive web design.

With its cool banner and built-in slider, you will not have a problem grabbing their attention and fire up their interest. Once they start browsing and experiencing your website and your offerings, chances are, they are hooked already. Take them on a journey of finding their ideal hosting plan and picking up a domain name and seal new deals on a regular.

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wisdom free template
For churches exclusively, here we have Wisdom. This free Bootstrap template has you covered with all the must-haves and then some to hammer out one banging church website. It is modern, elegant, professional, neatly crafted and furnished with features. No doubt, you will have a ton of fun coming up with the best possible website that will spread the God’s Word amongst a much wider audience.

There are a lot of specialties that come with Wisdom that do things in a unique and creative way. Do stand out from the crowd and set up a website that everyone will love visiting on a regular basis. Wisdom rocks a video background, has an exclusive section just for sermons and a convenient countdown timer for your upcoming events. Let them get familiar with pastors and share different stories using the integrated blog section, all this with the free tool, Wisdom.

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fitnessgym free template
FitnessGym is a free Bootstrap template specifically designed for fitnesses, gyms and other health projects you are running. If a website is still on your to-do list, you better build one with FitnessGym. It is a simple to use tool with the right equipment for you to set yourself up a web space that will raise your business to new levels. You can showcase all your fitness classes and get people to enroll via your page. Have your sessions and attendees fully organized so you never miss a thing.

There is a variety of fun stuff you get with FitnessGym. From an eye-catching slider and sticky navigation to special deal animations, chat and newsletter subscription from. Quite a lot is going on on FitnessGym despite the fact it is a free template. Along with that, do take the opportunity to adjust the layout of FitnessGym, too, and make it follow your branding.

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techmag free template
Building an online magazine, even in the tech field, is nothing strange anymore. Even if you are relatively new to the process, with TechMag free Bootstrap template, you can have a page up and running without a hitch. The tool is a contemporary piece of web art which rocks all the latest technologies and follows all the modern web directions. In short, TechMag is a tool that will realize your ideal online technology magazine with little effort invested.

What’s more, you can employ TechMag for other niches, easily. For the most part, it is the type of content you add to it that defines its purpose. However, you can also adjust and tweak the web design of TechMag if you find it a need. Bear in mind, TechMag is ready for any customization enhancement so you can tailor it to your requirements precisely. TechMag is also furnished with ad spots, social media buttons, newsletter widget and a full-blown contact page.

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Unapp is a killer free Bootstrap website template for web, desktop and mobile applications. It is a tool full of handy features and assets, as well as high in performance. You will need not to look anywhere else for the right page canvas that will sort out your internet presence in full. Boost the necessary downloads through the roof and have your app installed by users from all around the globe. If your product is the kind that helps solve an issue, you are set to march toward the success you always wanted to achieve.

With the right online presentation, you can win big times. Not only does a website make you appear even more professional than you already are, but it is also a fantastic promotional medium. With Unapp, you get expertness and sophistication mixed and matched with practical goodies to step things up and attain impressive results.

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Wordl Free Template
If you have a passion for writing, then you sure need World. I mean, you do want to share your enticing articles with the world, don’t you? If so, World is a free Bootstrap template that comes ideal for online magazines and publications. It has plenty of fantastic features that you can put to use and luxuriate your readers with. The clean web design is mobile-ready in its entirety for your content to readjust instantly to any screen resolution.

Sliders, on scroll content load, sticky navigation, drop-down menu, social media icons, what else do you need? Is that back to top button, subscription widget and a cool search option that I hear? Well, World has it all prepared and just a click away from you. Feel free to enjoy template’s live preview first and go from there.

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Jackson is a free Bootstrap website template that will suit all professional individuals. Whether you are a freelancer or even a job seeker, Jackson is here to get things rolling for you. It is a spectacular product that gives you all the right components and a jaw-dropping web design that you will soon be able to call your personal website. Cleanness of Jackson is at the highest degree for everyone to enjoy your page to the fullest.

Moreover, Jackson has a sticky sidebar navigation, boxed layout and all the rest that comes applicable to your talent. There is a slider, a CV download button, animated stats, skillbars, accordions, work experience section and a filters-ready portfolio. All the content loads on scroll what spices up the entire page experience. If you would like to get things rocking on the web for yourself, now you know that Jackson is one of the best solutions.

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Personal Free Template
There is no real secret behind Personal. It is a free Bootstrap template for forging personal websites specifically. Creative individuals, freelancers and web agencies can all benefit from Personal greatly. You see, even if the tool is meant for one thing by default, you can effortlessly go against the norm and use it for something different, too. All our templates are ready for you to adjust and fine-tune them however you fancy. Make it follow your brand appropriately.

Some of the features of Personal are sticky navbar, categorized portfolio, brands slider, newsletter subscription and hover effects. While you can already showcase all the mandatory on the home page, Personal also has other internal sections for you to go in-depth with your works, your skills and your services. On top of that, you can also start writing a blog and provide a full contact solution with the integrated and working form.

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Stuff Free Template
No matter what is the stuff you would like to share with your community, Stuff is the free Bootstrap template that will help you do it. You can use the template for establishing a blog or a news site quickly and effortlessly. Stuff sports a trendy and neat look with amazing attention to detail. It has a full-width slideshow, supports all types of posts and even has a terrific about me page included.

Stuff suits almost any blogging project, be it lifestyle, food, sports, health, travel, DIY, you name it. You can also enrich your page with an Instagram gallery and put Stuff’s integrated contact form and Google Maps to use. The footer section is rich with widgets for quick access to other page sections and a back to top button lets readers avoid scrolling all the way up again.

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Transcend Free Template
You are not far away from creating a web space for your agency anymore. Here is Transcend, a free Bootstrap template that is rich in features and more than ready to push your services to the online space. Transcend features a full-screen banner with parallax effect, navigation, social media buttons and scroll down button. The design of the template is neat and bold, bringing your content to the front for everyone to enjoy to the fullest.

Transcend also brings you stuff like on scroll content load, animated statistics, testimonials slider and an enticing portfolio section. Whatever there is you do and need extra exposure for, Transcend is here to take care of the website part. Kick things off strong.

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philosophy free mobile-friendly website template
You do not have to be a philosopher to have permission to use Philosophy free Bootstrap template. Everyone out there who is interested in starting a blog or online magazine can use it. Philosophy works with all sorts of niches, like design, travel, politics, food, fashion, you name it. It is more or less your imagination that might be holding you back, Philosophy, after all, does not really mind what your project niche is. At the end of the day, it is your content that defines the main topic of your blog and that is something that Philosophy handles with ease.

When it comes to post types, again, Philosophy manages them all. From standard and video to audio and gallery, everything works smoothly with Philosophy. Due to the use of the powerful framework, the site canvas is also responsive, retina ready and compatible with all modern browsers.

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Market your business by building a website using Zeta free Bootstrap template. It has it all in the kit to showcase your incredible skills and tell the industry why you do what you do. Not only that but why you are the best in your field. Zeta’s navigation is sorted out with a sticky menu for everyone to have quick access to jump from section to section. Moreover, along with the killer home page, Zeta also has other sections carefully designed for services, blog and contact. As for the latter, Zeta comes with an active contact form and Google Maps.

Everything Zeta does, it does it with style and professionalism. Animated skillbars, parallax effect and nifty details spice up the experience and make it a notable one. Take the opportunity and use Zeta to its full potential for the most pro looking web space ever.

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MobApp is short for mobile application, a free Bootstrap template with a landing page style layout. However, MobApp is also fully customizable and mega adaptive. That said, you can freely use it for web and desktop projects and make them stand out from the crowd and attract a horde of new potential users. The modern and energetic web design of MobApp will surely set you apart and make visitors enjoy browsing your page.

There is no need for you to come up with your own design when you have access to such templates like MobApp for free. Download it now and start using it right away. MobApp has all the sections you need to get guests familiar with your product and persuade them to use it and benefit from it. MobApp is set to help you march towards success.
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Saas free template
SaaS goes straight to the point both with its name and its web design. It is a free Bootstrap website template for software as a service based businesses. If you are just starting out or even if you are already months deep into running your project, refresh your web space with SaaS. The template is ready to give you all the needed exposure you deserve and skyrocket your user base.

Organized, clean and elegant, that’s what SaaS treats you too. Of course, there is a whole bunch more you get in form of valuable features and assets. Sticky menu, video support, pricing tables and newsletter subscription box are just a few of the values SaaS treats you to. For a quick website fix, while still keeping your workflow as professional as possible, choose SaaS.

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Startup free template
Startup does not hide anything from you. It does things in the complete opposite way. It tells you right away what it was built for using nothing else but its name. Of course, once you look into it, all you need to check out is the above the fold section of the tool and you are hooked immediately.

Yes, that amazing it is.

By using a free Bootstrap template, flexibility is part of the deal. What’s more, Startup is also exceptionally simple to use and modify. Do not hesitate and make sure you tweak the design, individualize it and make it follow your startup to a T.

The large banner gives you the opportunity to share with every visitor what you are all about and encourage them to investigate your business further. All other segments of the Startup template are ready for displaying your projects, your services and all the rest you would like to share to attract new clientele.

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Appy free landing page template
The era, we live in, sure is a mobile-first one. Or maybe we are not 100% percent there yet but are steadily approaching it. More and more firms are launching new applications that help others to manage their lives easier or for pure entertainment. If you are an app owner, Appy is a great free Bootstrap template for you to expand your reach and grab the attention of more folks in need of your product.

Appy is a responsive and retina ready template with great performance and SEO-friendly coding. Smooth transitions, nice selection of colors and overall contemporary web design are prepared to intrigue every single new and returning visitor. Move them through your funnel and little do they now, they are already downloading the application, eager to try it out.

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If you are dreaming with Drimo, you, undoubtedly, will realize all your goals. Or at least come close. It all depends on the level of your dedication. Anyhow, Drimo is a large landing page free Bootstrap template with countless options. Out of the box, you can choose from eleven professional index page designs. You can use Drimo for web hosting, mobile app, repairing service, product or loads of other websites. On top of that, Drimo also includes blog section which you can use to market your product or service and get personal with your users.

Regardless the demo you pick, every final product, built with Drimo, will be a cutting-edge one. We put all the additional hours into design and development of this fantastic website canvas that you can now use for free both for personal and commercial use.

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Robotics free template
With our very own free Bootstrap templates, we make sure to cover as many niches as possible. Still, every tool you find in this collection is, as well, entirely customizable. All this tells you that limits are close to none. No doubt you will find the exact web design that meets your expectations.

If you are building robots and drones for selling or renting (or even re-selling!), bring your creations to the web with Robotics.

Yes, we made a free web template for drones.

And it gets better.

Robotics follows all the new-age web and technology trends to keep up with the pace of your business. Professional and scientific, however you want to call the web design, Robotics gives you the freedom to establish the page for your futuristic creations.

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CallCenter free business website template
You do not have to do things from square one anymore. Instead, save yourself time with what is available on the market and invest all the extra time into building and growing your business instead. Seems like a plan! That said, if offering communication services is what your company focuses on, CallCenter is the ideal free Bootstrap template that you need.

CallCenter has a clean and professional look with many cracking features to impress everyone interested in hiring a call center to do research for them, collect statistics or whatever else. Tell them what you can provide for them and how they can benefit from your business and build customer loyalty with included testimonials slider. To get in touch with you, CallCenter has a working contact form and also comes with a newsletter subscription widget.

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Creative Agency

Agency free agency website template
Creative Agency needs almost no introduction. You will get the exact explanation and what it was built for by reading nothing but the name. Creative Agency is a free Bootstrap template for nearly any type of agency that does things creatively. The tool will push your professionalism and make you reach your yearly plans in half of the time after you put the work in.

Why does this matter?

With Creative Agency template, you can quickly set yourself up with a fresh and compelling website and save plenty of time and effort. The two, you can invest in marketing and networking to take your agency to new heights.

By using Creative Agency, you unlock yourself a horizon of new possibilities. Not only that, Creative Agency’s design will stand the test of time so you do not have to worry about refreshing it for years to come. Maybe ever again.

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Small to medium size businesses of any niche and industry can now bring their services and products to the world wide web with help from Fancy. Push it above and beyond and witness fantastic results that you once only wished for. Fancy is a free Bootstrap template that gives you all you need to craft a page and get online swiftly. And that is precisely what you are currently after, right? Fancy is a quick and reliable solution which will help you out considerably.

Full-width slider with text and call-to-action buttons, hover and parallax effects, skillbars, contact form, Google Maps and widget-rich footer, these are some of the amazing traits of Fancy. There is also Twitter feed, blog and pretty much all other must-haves up for grabs to finalize the site creation as quickly as possible.

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Security free template
To reach the goals you set yourself for your business, a website is the first things you need to establish. It is one of the best approaches to market your products and services. What’s best, making websites is not a tedious process anymore. In fact, with all the tools you have at your disposal (for free!), you have plenty of fun putting together an attention grabbing page.

For security services, Security is the free Bootstrap template that could not be of better quality. I told you earlier that it is always on our minds to cover as many niche businesses as possible and not just the classic ones. Security is prepared and fully equipped with the essentials and all other extras you might finds of use to deliver fantastic website experience. No need to be looking elsewhere when this type of page is what you are after.

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Sierra free template
For a startup that is in a hurry with forming the ideal website, you could not come to a better place. Sierra is the free Bootstrap template exclusively made for fresh new businesses which are looking for the best solution to execute their page development as professionally as possible. Besides, it also gives you the chance to meet the deadline and have a page up and running in little to no time.

The modern and elegant web design of Sierra will wow every site guest and have them intrigued and hungry for more. Describe your startup, inform everyone why you exist and fire them up to get in touch with you. Speaking of getting in touch, Sierra has a functional contact form integrated into the layout so you do not have to make your own.

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Mosh free template
Creative, digital, marketing, you name it, agencies are welcome to sort out their web presence with Mosh. With just a click on the download button, you unlock yourself access to this extraordinary creation of us. It provides enticing home page layout with other inner pages, like about, services, portfolio and contact. Portfolio section comes more than ideal to spark everyone’s interest and get them using the contact page, the form and even discover your exact location by checking at Google Maps.

Make your work, completed projects and satisfied customers market your agency and grow it to a new degree. All this, you can feature on your newly put together page. Say big thanks to Mosh for realizing it all for you and giving you the opportunity to have your complete web presence under your command.

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Suitcase free template
Suitcase is a first-class free Bootstrap template for both personal and business sites. You can use it as a freelancer or you can use it as an agency. In both cases, Suitcase will do you tremendously well in regards to online presence. In short, it will be a smashing one without a doubt. With the clean and straightforward web design, everyone visiting your page will instantly become curious about you and your work. For that, Suitcase has a tempting portfolio section where you can showcase your latest and most fabulous creations.

The navigation is done with an overlay menu, the wide slider creates a strong first impression and the blog section allows you to go in-depth with your work process. Suitcase has a very modern feel to it with a touch of simplicity. Enjoy the journey and get your business known.

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Risotto is a restaurant style bootstrap website template. Its fresh and new design help you to create a modern looking restaurant website. This template uses trendy casual fonts which looks neat and clean. Risotto is a full width design layout website template, so you have plenty of screen space to showcase your foods and your restaurant images.

This template uses clean white as the background and the orange color as the primary color for the template. With this template you get parallax scrolling effects, elegant contact form & booking form and food menu card. On the white background, the texts and the images are clearly visible on both small screen devices and big monitors.

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The Listing, as the name implies this template is primarily designed for the directory sites and listing type website. This template uses modern design layout and trendy web elements to make this template matched the modern day needs.

In the header section, you have big hero image as the background and you also get advanced search option. The listing segment is designed in a masonry style in order to accommodate more images and texts effectively. This template also allows you to show the rating of the particular foods. Listing uses custom made icons that fits well with the modern looking website template. This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and latest Bootstrap framework.

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Juli is a personal website template in particular for the bloggers. The clean and minimalistic website template helps you to display rich contents and images elegantly to the user. On the white background, the use of orange tint color for the web elements easily manages to grab people’s attention.

It is a multi page website template with all the basic pages pre-designed for you. Since it is a personal website template you also get all the web elements you need to make a personal branding. In the header section, you have a big image slider which shows your recent posts. In the right sidebar, you have the options to include author bio, recent posts, and search option. The footer section has the option to integrate your Instagram account so that you can share your images more effectively.

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Edusite is an educational bootstrap website template. This template is primarily designed for the schools, universities, and institutions, but the clean professional looking website template can be used for any type of business sites as well.

It is a full width website template which provides you ample amount of space to display your services elegantly to the user. The logical design of this template helps the user to know more about your business in a single glance. With this template you get parallax scrolling, custom-made icons, and neat professional font. This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. If you are searching for a premium quality website template for free, then you must try Edusite.

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Yaseen is a free bootstrap website template for photographers. The modern design layout follows boxed width style. This template uses a modern color gradient as the primary color scheme. Hamburger style menu option is used in this template so that the user can have a distraction free website experience.

Yaseen can also be used as the portfolio website template since it has all the necessary web elements you might need in a modern portfolio site. With this template, you get clan text fonts, content blocks, and animated counters. Speaking of the content blocks, they are designed smartly so that it can handle both images and texts efficiently.

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Fashe is a bootstrap website template for e-commerce sites. The neatly designed storefront designed helps you display more products. This template provides you three homepage variations to choose from. All three homepage variations follow different layout style.

This template uses clean white background so that all types of products are clearly visible to the users. With bold texts and neat animation effects, you can get the user attention as soon as they land on your site. It can also be viewed neatly on the small screen device since it is mobile optimized. Fashe uses HTML5, CSS3, and latest Bootstrap framework.

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Creative Agency Free Website Template

Droppler is a photography website template. With the full width design layout, you can impress your visitors with your brilliant photographs. This template uses every inch of the screen space and did not leave any white space so that you have plenty of space for your photographs.

The template uses subtle animated backgrounds here and there in the template to give the user an live feel. Droppler adopts the hamburger style navigation menu options, to give the user a distraction free experience while they enjoy your photographs. This is a multi-page website template, so you get all the basic pages you night normally need in a photography site. Droppler is also a better choice for the personal site templates and portfolio site templates.

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Susan is one of the best free premium feel free software company website templates and app landing page. This template is full of modern web elements and features. The modish web design layout handles both the texts and multimedia contents effectively. Since it is a one-page website template users can know more about you, without navigating around the site. It has all the important segments and elements you need to describe your services elegantly to the user.

In the header section, you have big image slider with horizontal transition effects. You also get an option to add a call to action buttons in the image slider. With this template, you get features like custom icons, smooth scrolling, carousels and neatly designed pricing tables.

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Colo Shop

Colo Shop is an another e-commerce website template form us. This modern e-commerce template helps you to make a clean and modern looking e-commerce site. This template includes all the layouts you need to attract the user and also to improve the user experience. Colo shop template follows clean and simple animation effects to give a professional look. It includes multiple pages pre-designed for you, including the shop page and the cart page.

Colo shop is a full width website template with lots of white space to add richness to the web elements and texts. You also get the badge elements to help you indicate the special offers and prices on the products. In the cart page, you get star rating option, product quantity increment, and decrement options.

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Pato is a restaurant style free website template. This template uses more casual web elements but they also look professional. It includes a long homepage to help you describe more about your restaurant and foods elegantly to the user. Each segment in the homepage are differentiated neatly with different colors.

In the header section, you have a big image slider with cool transition effects for the texts. You also have the option to add a call to action button in the image slider. This template gives equal importance for them images and texts in its design, to help you elegantly display your food images. With this template, you also get a form to reserve the table and a separate food menu page.

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Boxus is a creative website template, which you will never feel like a free template. It includes premium features and design style for free. As per the name, the templates includes a lot of boxed content elements that handles both the multimedia contents and the text contents elegantly. The interactive design of the template will keep the users engaged sure for fire.

This template uses warm color scheme with different colors throughout the template. The consistency of the design and the colors make this template an outstanding one among the pack. Boxus follows traditional top bar navigation for better user experience, the interesting feature in the sticky navigation bar is, the bar color changes as per the segment selected.

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Glint is a full width album style website template for creative agencies, corporates, and personal portfolio sites. It is a one page website template with all the necessary features and elements you need impress the user in a page. The smart design of the template readily presents all the necessary information to the user.

With this template, you get features like parallax scrolling, animated counters, custom icons and smooth scrolling effects. This template follows hamburger style menu option so that the user can enjoy your site without any distraction. Each segment in the homepage is differentiated with different solid colors. Glint template uses HTML5, CSS3, and latest Bootstrap framework.

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Five Star

Five star is a website template for artists and creative professionals. This template includes all the elements to create a strong personal branding and features to promote your services and the features. With its full screen website design layout it intelligently uses the screen spaces. White spaces are given at the right places and full width stretched elements are used to present the multimedia contents elegantly. With this template, you get features like carousels, custom icons, elegant contact forms and this template also provides you the option to add video to the template easily. This well coded website template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. Out of the box, it is mobile responsive and cross-browser compatible, meaning this template performs well on any device and in any browser.

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Ilene Berg

Ilene Berg is a colorful website template with full of modern web elements. This template uses modern bright colors as the color scheme of the template. This modern Bootstrap website template is flexible and also allows you to add web elements like buttons, gallery and quotes. To get a complete list of the elements it support take a look at the elements page in its demo page.
This template follows hamburger style navigation menu, which on clicking elongates at the top bar. This template does not include andy flashy visual effects, so you can use this template for any type of business site. With this template you get features like carousels, colorful content blocks and subtle animation effects.

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Creative Agency

Creative agency is a minimalistic website template. With its simple design layout, it manages to retain the user longer as it gives only the necessary elements to the user. The full width design layout makes use of the screen space effectively, with its white space it adds richness to the web elements as well as made reading text on this template a pleasant experience. It is a one page website template, so you can provide only the most important info to the user. With this template, you get features like custom icons, smooth scrolling, animated counters, parallax scrolling and smartly designed pricing table.

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Top Builder

Top Builder is a professional looking construction website template. Though it is primarily designed for the construction business, the web design layout and the web elements used in this template make this template a perfect fit for any type of business sites. At the top bar, you get contact information with opening and closing hours. In the header section, you have a big image slider with bold texts and call to action button. Random transition effects are used in the image slider to give a lively feel to the user. The Top builder is a multi-page website template with all the necessary pages pre-designed for you.

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Datarc is modern website template with full of colors and refreshing design. This is a multipurpose website template that fits for any business and corporate sites. Since it is a one page website template you can present the information readily to the user. It is a full width website template that intuitively manages the screen spaces in both the small screen devices and big desktops. It is a mobile responsive website template, so all the web elements are scaled to perform better in the small screen devices. With this one page website template you get segments like services, portfolio, team, and contact. The grid style portfolio segment helps you to elegantly display your work and the tabbed interface helps you to organize your works effectively.

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Yummy is a food website template for food bloggers and other food related websites. With its clean design, you can share your rich food images elegantly to the user. This template gives you two background option; one with clean white background and the other with an image background. Since Yummy is a blog website template by default, it has all the web elements you would normally expect in a blog template. This template also allows you to organize your content neatly into different categories and label them on the homepage. It is a multi-page website template and also has sidebar in the pages to help you place widgets neatly.

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Katt is a modern website template. It uses full width web design layout but all the contents are made to fit uniformly within a boxed boundary. In the header, you have an image slider with bold texts and the tag of the post. The template uses trendy color scheme which acts light on the user’s eyes, as well as adds an artistic touch to the template. Overall Katt is the best choice for creative agencies, personal sites, and the portfolio sites.

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Which One Is Your Favorite?

These are some of the best free bootstrap website templates help you build modern websites. Most of the templates mentioned in this list use the latest Bootstrap iterations. At least they will follow the Bootstrap 3 framework, so all of these templates are future proof. If you are a developer you can easily customize or update these templates easily. We have also made website template collections based on different category and niches. In order to find the best website templates for your site feel free to check our other templates and theme collections.

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