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Awesome Ad Banner Management Plugins for Your WordPress

Here you will find all the best ad banner management plugins for WordPress that you can start using today.

Monetizing is a big part of website management. While some bloggers keep their sites ad-free to retain focus on the content, many blogs and websites start as business ventures with profit as the goal. Space on the website is made available to advertisers, and the sale of ad space is a major revenue stream for these websites.

To be able to keep all the revenue earned from the ads, most websites wish to cut out payments to the middleman. To do this and to be able to choose when, where, and what ads to display, you need to take ad management into your own hands.

Ad management is no walk in the park, especially for bigger websites with elaborate sales programs and large sales teams. Neither is it rocket science. You need a strategy in place, as well as the skills to implement it. The strategy is likely to keep changing, which means undoing and redoing all the changes on your WordPress site multiple times. You can make it easier for yourself by installing plugins.

Plugins can take on many of the tasks needed to manage ads on your website. They can create ad zones on your websites within which advertisers can choose to display advertisements. By adjusting the settings of these plugins, you can manage the size of the advertisements, the display period and track payment by the advertisers, and how the ads perform. They save time and put you in control of your ad space.

If you merely want to place an ad in the sidebar, the default setting in WordPress will do the job for you. If you want a more prominent place for the ads, like within a post, or if you are not inclined to share your advertising revenue with any ad management service, then you’ve got to use code or a plugin.

Also, keep in mind that ad management plugins for WordPress will only help to manage and maximize ad space utilization. To get advertisers to flock to your site, you will still have to do all the hard work to sell ad space.

Premium Plugins


AdSanity is a plugin that makes ad management plain sailing for your WordPress. Designed to be simple, this plugin makes putting out an ad is as easy as adding a post. Two custom widgets that are bundled with the plugin can be used for displaying single ads or ad groups.

The ads can be published with or without an expiry date. The plugin keeps track of the views and clicks the ads receive. It provides stats on how your ads are performing and you can customize the reports to suit your requirements.


This plugin is the top pick, if you want to keep your ad management simple, without going into too many options and settings.

Price: Blogger’s License at $29 per year, Publisher License at $69 per year and Developer License at $129 per year.

WP Pro Advertising System

WP Pro Advertising System is a leading advertising plugin on CodeCanyon. The plugin is chock filled with features and is highly customizable, making it a worthy contender for the tag ‘All in One, All-purpose Advertising Solution”.

If you want ads to display for certain categories only, you can make the banners category-specific. HTML5 banners,
device detection, ad scheduling, ad-block detection, and auto-updates are all packed into this plugin. Banner size can be varied and banners can be added using widgets, shortcodes or iframes. If you want to add advertisements to your MailChimp newsletters, you can do that too. It is compatible with Visual Composer and Slider Revolution.

WP Pro Advertising

18 pre-defined display options make ad zoning easy for you. Ads can be interspersed in the posts, made to peel from the corner, fly in from any corner or popup anytime. It also allows you to transform the entire post or page background into an ad.

A single click leads to a great deal of information being saved – the city, browser, IP address, platform and the country details. All find their way into real time stats displays using Google Analytics. And the plugin puts all the control over the advertisements of an entire multisite in the hands of the administrator.

Purchase Price: $29


advertplaces wordpress ad management plugin
AdvertPlaces is a neat WordPress ad management plugin that simplifies the process of adding banner ads to your blog or website. Instead of you doing all the hard work, the potential advertiser can manage his or her ads accordingly. AdvertPlaces also offers Paypal payments what makes using it even more convenient. In short, the advertiser does not really need to hit you up with the advertising options you offer; they can control it all on their own.

Some of the features of AdvertPlaces are fifteen banner sizes, Google AdSense support, in-depth statistics and click fraud protection. It also comes with excellent documentation and speedy customer support that will get you set things up in a snap. The performance of AdvertPlaces is outstanding, ensuring both parties to get the most out of it.

Ads Pro Plugin

ads pro plugin
Ads Pro Plugin is an all-in-one WordPress ad management plugin that helps you monetize your page with sophisticated ads. You can now sell and manage banner advertisements like a professional. You can display AdSense or custom ads in twenty different ways. With the tool, you will surely find the right option that best resonates with your website, making sure your banners are not too much of a distraction.

The features of Ads Pro Plugin are very many so read carefully. First and foremost, the plugin is mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible. It offers you geo-targeting, capping, over 25 ready-made templates and an option to only display ads on specific devices. You can also schedule ads, filter them by categories and tags or push them only after a set time. Thanks to Ads Pro Plugin’s convenient back-end, you are entirely in charge of your advertisements.

Epic Advertisement

epic advertisement wordpress ad management plugin

If you are ready to monetize your website or blog, make it happen with ease by employing Epic Advertisement. This WordPress ad management plugin is packed with goodies that will do you well, even if you are not really tech-savvy. You do not need to have any experience with setting up ad placements on your page, as Epic Advertisement does all the hard work for you. In addition to that, the tool is also developer-friendly, offering you to take things to the next level if need be.

Moreover, some of the core features of Epic Advertisement are four ad types, seven default placements, custom size support, flexible filtering and an option to add unlimited ads. Moreover, Epic Advertisement plugin is entirely compatible with both Elementor and WPBakery page builders. Start banking with Epic Advertisement.

Progress Ads

progress ads wordpress ad management plugin

Instead of following the traditional ad types, you can always spice things up with Progress Ads. This WordPress ad management plugin creates a full-screen advertisement, similar to those you see on YouTube. It comes with an array of features and options, so you get to tailor the ad exactly to your liking. Keep in mind, while you can use Progress Ads exclusively for site monetization, you can also use the plugin for showcasing video content and other specialties that you would like to put an extra shine on them.

Other goodies of the tool include different progress bar styles, 100% mobile-readiness, modal box, ad waiting time and shortcode compatibility, to name a few. Thanks to fantastic styling options, you can effortlessly perform modification tweaks and improvements, making the progress ad feel more native.

Freemium Plugins

Google DoubleClick for Publishers

Once your website is up and running and you have earmarked the areas for ad space, find buyers for the ad space. Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business can pitch in here. This is a web based tool that is integrated with AdSense.

You can run a competition for the best ad spots on advertisement placement services like Adsense and other third party advertisement networks. The most lucrative ad for that spot will be clicked and displayed. And for this Google will not reduce the winning price or take any cut from it. The service is free up to 90 million ad impressions.

Google DoubleClick

It is slightly complex to get it started off on your site, and it is a take it or leave it offer from Google. You don’t get to negotiate terms and Google can unilaterally vary features or disable the service for not sticking to their terms. Given all this, it is still a good service for small businesses which find themselves holding unsold ad space.

To make it easier to work with this plugin, you can install a free plugin DFP Ad Manager. The streamlined traffic flow, inventory management, performance measurement reports and revenue maximization, make Google DoubleClick attractive. Web, mobile and video advertising can all be managed from one place. Numerous settings are possible which help you to control many details, such as the number of times a visitor sees an ad. Settings will also help to target visitors based on criteria like geography, time or age. You can preview anything that you have created before putting it out for viewing by visitors.

The premium version is available and more suited for websites with a detailed sales program and large-sales teams.


AdRotate is available both as a free and a premium plugin. From a dashboard that is familiar to WordPress users, you can manage ads and groups of ads and campaigns. You can create ads using basic HTML or JavaScript or the ads from referral sites like AdSense, DFP or Double Click can be used.

You can make banners of any size and place them anywhere using widgets, PHP or shortcode. With the help of data gathered you can see how each ad is performing for any time period. You can set ads to expire automatically when they reach the preset duration.


The premium version packs in a lot more features than the free plugin. Purchasers can add, edit and mange their own ads and mask ads so that they are not detected by ad blockers. And you can choose to be notified by email or by push notifications on your mobile.

Live preview, device detection, Geo Targeting, scheduling ads for specific date/ hours, advanced analytics (including Google Analytics) are additional features packed into the premium version. While multisite is supported in the free version, network activated cross site adverts are possible only in the premium version.

The cost for the premium version starts at $29.

Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is yet another free and popular plugin with which you can add, manage and test ads on your website. You can create ads can in the same way as creating a post. You can also group them for easy rotation and schedule for display.

What’s more, you can select the type of ad that you want to create. So you can have ads that enable code and affiliate links to be added or ads that enable dedicated support for Google AdSense Banners. It can pick up ads from other plugins like AdRotate and Simple Ads Manager. Creating Ad Groups will allow ads to share the same settings.


It also offers a wide range of display settings. You can fix the start and expiry time, auto inject banners, display ads in templates or in post content and you can indeed retain individual pages as ad free. Display can also be made to depend on type of post, category, and can be hidden from bots.

A pro version that allows enhanced features, including additional placement options is available at a starting price of $29.

Free Plugins


WP-Insert is an ad management plugin that is designed to work with AdSense. As the name suggests, it allows you to insert an ad anywhere on the site. Using an intelligent midpoint detection algorithm, you can insert an ad right in the middle of a post or page. Or use a widget to insert it in the sidebar.

For more control over when and where to place the ads, you can insert ads within the theme files. You can easily add Google Analytics code and put any embed code into the header and footer area. Moreover, you have the choice to style ads the way you want.

WP Insert 1

The efficient algorithm intends to prevent slowing down of the site. All the legal riders that generally accompany ads are included in a template for ready use.

You can use Geo targeting, Google Analytics and A/B Split Testing to assess ad performance and develop strategy for advertising.

Ad Inserter

ad inserter wordpress ad management plugin
As the name suggests, you can easily and effortlessly insert different types of advertisement into your website with Ad Inserter. This WordPress ad management plugin is compatible with loads of different 3rd-party ads, like AdSense, Media,net, Amazon Native Shopping ads and rotating banners. Although the tool costs you nothing, it still delivers quite a bunch of practical features and function to have full control of all your banner ads.

You can insert ads pretty much on any spot on your page, like before or after post, above the header or in the footer to name few. Moreover, you can enable or disable ads for specific posts and you can also create ads from scratch through the included visual advert editor. The options are there so bring things forward and start monetizing your web platform once and for all.

Woody Ad Snippets

woody-ad snippets wordpress ad management plugin

Woody Ad Snippets is a functional and powerful WordPress ad monetization plugin that helps you with advertisement insertions. Skip the idea of doing things manually when you can rely on a nifty tool that does all the hard work for you. You can use Woody Ad Snippets to pretty much add an ad anywhere you want on your website. Footer, header, in content, sidebar, you name it, and Woody Ad Snippets will handle it with ease.

Along with the primary objective, which is page monetization, Woody Ad Snippets works for all sorts of other stuff, like Google Analytics, Yandex Counter and Facebook Pixel, to name a few. Moreover, you can also hide code snippets based on the conditional logic and use Woody Ad Snippets with Gutenberg block editor. Unlock an array of functionalities that will level up your overall website performance with Woody Ad Snippets.

WordPress Ad Widget

WordPress Ad Widget is easy to install and use. Make sure that you disable your ad blocker before you install it. The user interface is intuitive, and you can easily add banners, Google ad tags, and other codes.

Ad Widget 2

This plugin allows you to place an ad in the sidebar by simply dragging a widget into it. You can place ads at the bottom of any content. You can also adjust some basic settings, like resizing to maximum width, the name of the advertiser, and the option for the ad to open in a new window.

Here are some more plugins that serve specific functions: 

  • Corner Ad lets you display an ad in the top corner of your website. When the mouse hovers over it, it can expand from the corner to be readable and then shrink back when the mouse moves away. Before you install this one, keep in mind that Flash is required for proper display.
  • Meks Easy Ads Widget can get you multiple ads within a widget. Put spaces like your sidebar to good use by packing in more ads.
  • Foobar enables you to add a bar to the top and bottom of your screen. It uses conditional logic so that it can be displayed on some pages and not on others.
  • Amazon Link can add the link to products of any Amazon domain to your pages, posts, templates, and widgets. You can also add images and custom templates.

Which One Is Right for You?

While this really depends on the size of your website and the complexity of your advertising program, some simple pointers are possible. Try AdSanity or WordPress Ad Widget if you want to keep it simple. If you need loads of options and a good deal of customization, Ad Injection or WP Pro Advertising System can be your choice. If you are sticking to 125 x 125 ads, your choice is obvious. Go for WP125.

Drop us a line if you have found something outside of this list that works well for you.


Vishnu is a freelance writer by night, works as a data analyst by day.

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