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11 Amazing Paid WordPress Advertising Plugins

11 Amazing Paid WordPress Advertising Plugins

Your website is growing steadily, which means that the time has come to look into the best paid WordPress advertising plugins. After all, you do plan to make money with your fantastic and content-rich blog, don’t you? After testing out a bunch of free options, you finally come to the conclusion that premium is the way to go. If this is the case, you could not have come to a better place.

In this article, we examine a select few of top-notch advertising management plugins for your WordPress websites. Displaying beautiful advertisements for your targeted and hungry audience is way easier than you may think. One of the simplest options is to add an AdSense banner to your sidebar or into posts. Then, you can start earning from each click. However, even for that, you need a plugin. This post goes through a wide range of choices for your website advertising. When you start to get familiar with the potential of your blog, make sure that you get the most out of this list.

Since WordPress does not come with an ads manager by default, you need to rely on extensions. That’s why we put together this collection of the best paid WordPress advertising plugins. There is a tool for every webmaster to monetize a website and scale profits. Besides, some of the most popular WordPress themes already offer ad space. This is when a plugin comes very handy.

Let’s dive in!

WordPress Corner Peel Plugin

wordpress corner peel plugin

With an elegant corner peel, you can avoid popups and ads on your website and keep your website distraction-free. The WordPress Corner Peel plugin allows you to implement advertising on your website, which users can access from the right or left corner. Go against the grain, and pick the left option. Guests might not be used to seeing a peel in the top left corner, which can increase the click-through. An even better solution is to split-test which position works best for your users. When it comes to advertising, testing is the key to success. Depending on the size of your website, the more traffic it generates, the quicker you will be able to test and find winners.

Since WordPress Corner Peel is fully responsive, it will beautifully appear on any screen—mobile, tablet, or desktop. Plus, it remains visible all the time. In just three simple steps, you can have your very own peel-type advertising introduced to your website. Add your industry-related ads, and start seeing results in little to no time. That simple “Special Offer!” sign in the top corner can spark interest and intrigue your visitors. It is not a common practice, but it can have a positive impact on your website’s performance.

More info / Download Demo

WP PRO Advertising System

wp pro advertising system

Are you after one advertising manager to take care of all your ad placements and promotions on your websites? WP PRO Advertising System is an all-in-one plugin with numerous options. It does not only display banners anywhere on your website, but it also helps you create ads. One of its many cool features is the visual banner designer tool, which is a drag-and-drop animated HTML5 ad builder. You do not have to hire a designer; you can craft simple and stylish ads all by yourself. Needless to say, all ads that you put together within the plugin are mobile-friendly.

Another highly beneficial feature of WP PRO Advertising System is the banner heatmap. You get to see where users are clicking on your ads and later adjust them accordingly. You can also target a specific audience and show banners per device, carrier, platform, and even brand. Note that the plugin shows ads to iOS and Android users only.

Along with the classic banners, you can also create corner peels, popups, and turn your entire background into an advertisement. Choose from over 300 transition options for banner rotations and predefined display options for unique placements. Most importantly, track your ads, and see which performs best. You can schedule ads and let users build, manage, and edit their own banners. Allow the best performers to appear first, followed by all the rest. With WP PRO Advertising System, your banners will always appear at the right place at the right time.

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WP In Post Ads

wp in post ads plugin

Displaying ads in WordPress blog posts might be the best option for some of you. You can implement advertisements into the text and have them featured in the right section. Let it be at the bottom of your article, somewhere in between, or both. You can do it all with WP In Post Ads. Placing ads in your posts, though, is only one of the many things that this plugin can do for you. Track impressions, perform AB split tests, and make banners appear or hide after a certain amount of days. Optimize ads for each particular post separately, and have complete control over your website monetization.

Additionally, the plugin allows you to show ads after post titles, after a specific amount of paragraphs, or after the content. You can also completely customize the appearance of the ads with a shortcode. You have the freedom as well to do exactly what you want with banners. There is even an option to hide them from members. Show advertising only to guests, but have your ads disappear for every logged-in user.

To get statistics always, WP In Post Ads integrates with Google Analytics for detailed data of your adverts’ performance. If you solely rely on placing advertisements in your posts and on your pages, WP In Post Ads is here to take care of your needs.

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wp quads pro

If you find AdSense to be the best monetization method for your website, WP QUADS PRO will make integration a breeze for you. It supports unlimited ads to your Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Of course, the responsiveness of your ads will be instant. You can choose a specific banner size for your users’ device. You can also enable the automatic mode for the plugin to detect the appropriate ad size for a screen automatically.

WP QUADS PRO can detect whether your visitors are using an ad blocker. If they do, you can create custom messages that will appear where ads do. In addition, with Google Analytics integration, you can have a clearer view of your audience and of how many are using ad blockers. After the simple setup, you can start adding as many ads to your websites as you want. There are no limitations.

So, avoid issues with placing Google AdSense’s code on your blog. Let WP QUADS PRO make your lives simpler.

For those who are yet to build a website, make sure you check out our top collection of AdSense-optimized WordPress themes.

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AdRotate for WordPress

adrotate for wordpress

AdRotate for WordPress is one of the most popular paid WordPress advertising plugins. It is a very straightforward tool for managing banners straight from your admin panel. It is very newbie-friendly yet great for advanced users, too. This plugin is a solution for website owners of all levels, with or without technical knowledge. From now on, you can launch successful campaigns without breaking a sweat. AdRotate for WordPress does the major part of the work. Just finalize it, and make it go live on your website.

Placing banners across your entire page is possible with AdRotate for WordPress. You can have as many as you would like. When it comes to mobile, you can tell AdRotate Pro to hide desktop ads and show only the ones specifically designed for mobile users. It is very possible to use geo targeting, which comes helpful when you would like to show certain banners to a particular audience. It might sound like it involves a ton of work to set it up, but this is not really so. Every feature of AdRotate for WordPress is simple to use and even easier to put into action.

Some of the top brands use AdRotate for WordPress, so there is no reason why you should not join the squad as well.

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Banner Manager for WordPress

banner manager for wordpress

Would you like to avoid joining ad networks and work directly with advertisers? With our paid WordPress advertising plugins, you can do it with ease, and coding knowledge is not necessary. In a matter of seconds, you can have your own marketing system ready for displaying ads on your website.

A tool that will help you do just that is Banner Manager for WordPress. No need to pay extra fees anymore. Put all the money your ads generate directly into your pocket. Depending on your website, set as many or as few banners as possible on your website with a PHP code, an HTML code, or a simple shortcode. Have advertisements in the sidebar, in the posts, and in the header, you name it, and Banner Manager for WordPress will realize it for you. There are eight most-used banner sizes available, but you can create a custom version easily.

Advertisers can sign up to your website where they can manage all their advertising material. A preview option is also available for clients to check their banners in action. For pure testing purposes or to offer several business partners the same ad spot, Banner Manager for WordPress comes with a banner rotation feature. However, the banners go live only after the admin approves them and no sooner. You do not want to promote something that is totally irrelevant to your site’s content, right?

More info / Download Demo

Aparg SmartAd

aparg smartad

A plugin like Aparg SmartAd makes WordPress ad management simple and efficient. You can start selling ads right away and continue growing and monetizing your compelling blog. If only you knew how easy it was and how much you could achieve with an advertising plugin, you would have probably done it sooner. However, better late than never.

Insert Aparg SmartAd into your blog, and have a targeted advertising ready and set to attract the right users. To get the most out of your fans, target ads by tags, categories, language, devices, pages, and posts. Make your banners appear only on a specific section of your page and nowhere else. For instance, include tags and categories, but exclude posts and particular words.

Aparg SmartAd has 43 popup and 34 embedded animations ready to craft eye-catching creatives. Tailor them to your industry’s standards, or go against the grain and make them stand out. However, the best option is to test out what performs well and what does not perform at all.

When it comes to creating campaigns and ads, you can benefit from the automatic rotation and schedule the start. You can also set when ads should stop showing after an exact number of clicks, impressions, and date. After the campaign is complete, export statistics with graphs for each ad and further examine its performance.

More info / Download Demo

Ads Pro Plugin

ads pro plugin

With Ads Pro, you can do just about anything regarding your website advertising and banners with Ads Pro. It is a powerful WordPress banners manager with all the necessary features and a ton more—one WordPress advertising plugin to take care of your entire website. You, as the admin, and your users can all greatly benefit from Ads Pro. Both the ultimate admin panel and the useful user dashboard give your entire network full control. With over 20 ways of displaying ads and more than 25 ad templates, the options are endless. Billing can be done on a CPC, CPM, or CPD (cost per day) basis, while the payment methods that the plugin covers are Stripe, PayPal, WooCommerce payment gateways, and even bank transfer.

Ads Pro Plugin is compatible with Visual Composer, Google AdSense, BuddyPress, bbPress, and all the latest technologies. The plugin is smart enough to detect ad blockers and to keep your banners running uninterruptedly. You can also set capping to display ads only for a certain number of times per user. Random ads display, automatic ad confirmation, hiding ads for logged-in users, and easy translation are just a few extra features of Ads Pro Plugin. Each customer can access statistics where they can check clicks, click-through rates, and views in real time. The hype is real.

More info / Download Demo

SAM Pro Lite

sam pro lite plugin

SAM Pro Lite manages all your ads on your WordPress website with ease. In case you need something basic yet powerful enough, SAM might be the ideal option for you. It is an easy-to-use tool, flexible enough to rotate banners depending on the ad weight and any other restrictions you might set. As far as the rotation goes, there are two types: rotating on a page refresh or on a time basis. Banners can be limited to pages, tags, categories, and custom post types, to name a few.

Your new best pal, SAM, supports all kinds of ads, from static to animated, from Flash and JS to PHP and more. You can get as creative as you would like, and SAM Pro Lite will still be able to display it on your page. Make your ads stand out, and use them to monetize your site with. You can use sticky banners, corner peel, and any other type that you need. Turn your website into a money machine, and start selling advertising to companies within your industry. Geo targeting can be executed on three levels: country, region, and city. Be in charge of your site advertising, and scale your business through the roof.

More info / Download Demo

ADF — Amazon Discount Finder for WordPress

adf amazon discount finder for wordpress

Are you practicing affiliate advertising with Amazon? If so, you might introduce ADF, which stands for Amazon Discount Finder, to your WordPress website. Start earning advertising fees from Amazon without having an actual e-commerce store. You can also allow visitors to browse only the best discounts from the biggest e-commerce platform in the world. They can do it straight from your website, and if they purchase within 90 days after the first visit, you earn yourself a commission.

ADF comes with a range of banner styles to incorporate into your page as smoothly as possible. You can choose a popup, a sliding sidebar, a top or bottom search bar, or a banner at the top of the content or at the bottom of the post/page. Users can browse all Amazon categories, and even check more options, but only for the in-site search version of ADF. As far as external search goes, visitors get automatically redirected to Amazon, where they continue shopping for their favorite products.

Filtering is possible by brand, manufacturer, and condition and sorting by best sellers, on sale, and similar. To try something different regarding your site’s monetization, an Amazon affiliate can be a really good start.

Construct your ideal website with our Amazon affiliate WordPress themes.

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notifire wordpress toast notifications plugin

Now, let’s take a peek at something a little different compared to our other paid WordPress advertising plugins. Instead of placing banners all over your website, a clean and simple toast notification box can increase sales, too. Or you already have all the banners in order but you would like to promote a special deal or announce a new update. However, it does not have to be that you are promoting your own products and services. A notification box can be great to link it to other businesses’ pages and help them spread the word out and ramp up the revenue. There is a plugin that does just that, and it is called Notifire.

With three (default, metro, and rounded) different styles and eight positions, you can find the ideal mixture for your website. You can have a notification appear as a full-width top or bottom banner, in the top left or bottom right corner, and many other positions in between.

Notifire has many features to meet every webmaster’s needs. You can display notifications permanently or for a specific time range. Let it appear on your whole page, or choose only a few pages to promote to your guests. Notifications can be displayed only once per visitor and are completely AdBlock immune. Have you even tested out what toast notifications can do for your advertising yet?

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