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22 Awesome Landing Page Templates To Showcase Your Product Or Service [HTML & WordPress] 2018

22 Awesome Landing Page Templates To Showcase Your Product Or Service [HTML & WordPress] 2018

Success in all ventures in this modern age is as complex a goal as it ever has been throughout history. Setting out to do something, whether it is starting a business, creating a tool or a game, coordinating a large scale project or event or even simply trying to make a few bucks, success eludes the many and welcomes the few, the well prepared, and often, the downright lucky. However, those who consistently succeed will tell you that luck simply isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Preparation means everything. And to be prepared, one must know their business and their times. And these are fast-paced, on-the-go times for all businesses, owing to the widespread reach of the World Wide Web and of powerful mobile devices. Innovation is the name of the game, and if you can’t swim, you will definitely sink. That is why you need a solid technological foundation for all your ventures, and nothing beats HTML5 in terms in cutting edge potency. It is the language of the modern world, and the modern world and its opportunities are knocking at your door. Do you have somewhere to receive them? The following collection of HTML5 landing page templates has been constructed to include the best and brightest Landing Page templates on the market today. Have a look!



Stash is a one of a kind WordPress theme. It is a multi-niche design that provides codeless building process and responsiveness. You will get the aid of Visual Composer, +260 blocks and +48 demos. Stash is also built with a professional and creative concept. Additionally, it suits many areas of interest with a personal touch that radiates creativity. You will get a mix between pre-built elements and customizable elements. Stash has lots of focus on display and transitiveness. It is also retina ready and offers famous specialized plugin integrations for free. Moreover, you get to play with Slider Revolution and Essential Grid.

Stash is strong on typography and icons selection. It provides Google and Font Awesome sets. Layout itself comes with unlimited colors, dark/light skins and customizable image backgrounds. What about commercial transactions, forms or speed? Well, you get WooCommerce, Minimal Forms and SEO optimization aming others. Stash is so intented to fit any scenerio, that whatever is not integrated, it is compatible. Still have secons thoughts? We don’t blame you…We invite you to try it out with free updates at least twice a month and custom support. Oh! And I’m forgetting to mentiona child theme too! Come use these unique instrument now! Use Stash!

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Pages is a fresh-faced and cleanly designed, polished and feature-rich, technologically well developed and professionally graphically composed, colorful and vibrant, versatile and quick on its feet, intuitive and user friendly, luminous and bright responsive HTML5 multipurpose HTML5 landing page template. This template is a HTML5 landing page template that has been thoroughly thought out and tastefully put together using the most sophisticated and powerful HTML5 framework available, with smooth and beautiful CSS3 technologies animating visual elements throughout and a responsive Bootstrap modular design that is perfect for developers to fiddle with as well as completely mobile friendly and cross-compatible with all browsers, platforms and screen sizes.

Pages also incorporates over 20 different, conceptually unique readymade website designs for you to hit the ground running with your website, each constructed using the included Pages Design Framework. In addition, the Pages Design Framework is an easy to use tool to generate handsome, sophisticated, polished webpages with absolutely no coding required—just stack over 70 different, custom built, functional Block elements as you wish atop each other to make handsome one page or multipage websites with sliders, smart headers and tons of other features. That is why Pages is an excellent fit for webmasters looking for modern and handsome Landing Page website templates. Receive your traffic in style, with Pages!

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Cumulo is a colorful and beautiful, bright and gorgeous, technologically sophisticated and visually dazzling and engaging, deeply resourceful and cleverly functional, amazingly convenient and very easy to use, fast loading and search engine optimized responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Also, this template is a comprehensively built HTML5 landing page template jam-packed with time-saving page templates and wholly decked out demo websites with complete inner pages and dummy content. Over 18 such demos and over 80 completely unique HTML5 template pages are included with Cumulo, so you can get on the fast lane developing your website, with massive amounts of layouts and shortcodes to strut your stuff in style and elegance.

A clean and simplified design and an advanced HTML5 and CSS3 framework that is completely responsive out of the box and cross-browser compatible across all platforms make Cumulo a fantastic choice for deployment as a Landing Page website template. A huge amount of shortcodes will greatly speed up your workflow and allow you to add expansive functionality to your Landing Page with absolutely no coding skills required, while a creative, multipurpose conceptual design approach makes Cumulo lavishly customizable and pliable to no end, so your Cumulo Landing Page website will always mirror your needs and wishes perfectly and effortlessly.

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Apps Craft

Apps Craft is a specialized landing page HTML template. It is dedicated to offer a modern, edgy concept to appeal on the curious clickers of the world. You will get it +10 customizable homepages and with Parallax effect included. Apps Craft is proudly one of the most responsive template out there. It is also designed to go through any browser and meant to reach as many as possible. Boost your sales easily with SEO improvements specially made for your business. Apps Craft provides both MailChimp subscription form and Ajax Working Contact Form. With either of them you’ll get awesome feedback connection with customers. Social media sharing is also available for several well-known platforms.

Apps Craft also includes layered PSD files to make very cool customizations. Moreover, it is compatible with Bootstrap and includes gorgeous Parallax effect. Beautiful skin colors, Google Web Fonts and high quality Font Icons are also included. Furthermore, Apps Craft provides the adequate documentation files to be downloaded easily. All of the above reasons make it extremely versatile and thought to adapt to mobiles and tablets. It you consider its inclination to apps, you will have no doubt of its adaptability. Go for something dynamic and made with the finest specialized features! Get Apps Craft!

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Wolverine is highly dynamic and visually refined, aesthetically minimalist and soft-spoken, professionally graphically designed and technologically proficient and articulate, solid and reliable, durable and scalable, developer and user friendly, creative and responsive HTML5 template. This template is a HTML5 landing page template that has been put together with the utmost care and painstaking attention to detail in order to create a polished, serious and professional product capable of empowering webmasters of any skill level to seamlessly and effortlessly generate their own custom-designed, resourceful and modern websites.

Wolverine relies on powerful and cutting edge HTML5 technologies and LESS CSS3 dynamic scripting, further augmented by Twitter’s Bootstrap modular design, making Wolverine a top of the line tech fiend that is developer friendly, smoothly animated and extremely secure and reliable. Combine this potency with completely mesmerizing Parallax visual effects and backgrounds, and it is perfectly clear why Wolverine is simply a natural template for the purpose of creating sophisticated and impressive Landing Page websites. Whether you a mobile app developer receiving incoming traffic from your users, a marketing campaign manager processing promotional codes, or pretty much any webmasters that needs to meet and greet rerouted visitors in a beautiful way, Wolverine is your man.

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Marquez is a wonderfully bright, open and luminous, visually pliable and highly customizable, aesthetically minimalist and streamlined, amazingly interactive, resourceful and feature-rich, technologically powerful and uniquely built responsive HTML5 creative  landing page template. This template has been extensively developed to be a comprehensive and full set HTML5 landing page template that can handle the most diverse and demanding tasks imaginable as you set up your own website. Marquez has been handsomely and purposefully decked out with in-house developed plugins and features to add a polished and visually cohesive layer of cutting edge technology right at your fingertips.

These include the gorgeous Avalanche Slider and the premium Summit Lightbox feature to show off your images and videos with style and grace. Add to the mix a polished Masonry Filtering feature, beautiful layouts and plentiful on-point page templates, and it is clear that Marquez is a fantastic and flexible template for all sorts of Landing Page websites. And with Marquez’s strong Bootstrap foundation, responsiveness is a matter of course for this powerful template, with not a single device, browser, platform or screen size out there that isn’t 100% compatible with Marquez right out of the box. Upgrade your Landing Page websites to Marquez, and watch your projects become smash hits!

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LeadGen is a flexible and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template.  It’s a resourceful framework for webmasters from all walks of life to get results. LeadGen is well-suited for a range of industries and applications to benefit from. With a huge span of landing page demo websites to choose from, the options are limitless. LeadGen doesn’t need any coding for you to get professional quality websites. LeadGen is a purposeful solution for designers, architects, creatives and professionals. Deploy over 300 polished elements through an intuitive premium page builder.

LeadGen provides a robust framework for marketing your products and services to all. Seamless crafting is possible through a few easy clicks, with advanced admin options. Fine-tune your transitions and animations, customize video and image backgrounds and more. Let your creativity loose with LeadGen and take your business up a notch. Optimized for marketing and SEO, LeadGen will drive your traffic through the roof. Sleek and lightweight, it won’t clog up your server loads under any traffic. From bloggers and magazines to eCommerce stores and portfolios, LeadGen has it all. Not to mention, out of the box cross-compatibility with all browsers and devices. Set up shop online today, check out LeadGen!

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Pivot is a visually stunning and comprehensively malleable, technologically well polished and professionally graphically designed, extremely intuitive and easy to use, developer friendly and cleanly composed, vastly well documented and extremely responsive multipurpose HTML5 landing page template with Page Builder. This theme is an extremely innovative and creatively designed template, capable of letting users of any skill level produce handsome and impressive one page or multipage websites without any coding whatsoever. To achieve this, Pivot deploys a very effective and highly intuitive visual Page Builder, featuring a block-based interface wherein over 70 custom built, fully customizable content blocks are available for your convenience, to simply drop into place on your pages and then freely fiddle with their individual settings and overall appearance and behavior.

That is why Pivot is such a flexible and versatile choice as a Landing Page website template. It really puts you in the driver’s seat of your website’s navigational experience every step of the way and through every nook and cranny, with wonderful functionality at your fingertips, including Campaign Monitors, MailChimp integration, gorgeous HTML5 Video Backgrounds and hardware Parallax visual effects to dazzle and engage your incoming traffic. Welcome your visitors with elegance and flexibility, with Pivot, and center the world around your website!

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Massive is hugely ambitious, comprehensively well designed, technologically articulate and cutting edge, functionally resourceful and extremely feature-dense, clever and neatly thought out, modern and current, aesthetically attractive and polished responsive HTML5 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. This template has been carefully and expansively developed over time to constitute a formidable all-in-one website solution, capable of handling virtually every and any task a website could require, through ample quantity and professional quality; deploying over 50 wonderful demo websites fleshed out with inner pages, over 260 individual HTML5 template pages and dozens of purpose-specific pages, Massive is truly overwhelming. That is why Massive can easily muscle the demands of a Landing Page website.

With its deep-running functionality and its excessive variety of powerful features and extensive visual customization capabilities, Massive is perfectly decked out right out of the box to create handsome and modern Landing Page websites incorporating MailChimp integration, over 150 amazing shortcodes, smooth and beautiful Parallax sections, Pricing Tables, 20 menu styles, 15 readymade Sliders, 10 Page Titles and similarly vast amounts of choices for every visual element making up your Massive Landing Page website. Built on a reliable HTML5 framework with a responsive Bootstrap design, you can rest assured that every user will enjoy your Massive website in its proper visual glory.

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JANGO is a technologically sophisticated, visually expansive and well designed, incredibly graphically customizable and amazingly intuitive, powerful and fast loading, nimble and easy to use, search engine optimized and developer friendly responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. This template has been built to be the most efficiently coded, mobile friendly, developer friendly and easy to use template on the market. JANGO is built on a solid and reliable HTML5 framework styled through sophisticated SASS CSS3 stylesheets that are easily customizable and fast loading, and designed in an entirely modular fashion based on Twitter’s Bootstrap, making it especially responsive and cross compatible with all browsers, platforms and screen sizes.

JANGO is perfect for building your dream Landing Page website without any coding whatsoever, as its Component-Based Framework includes over 300 custom built components, with a streamlined, 3-step page building process, from header to components and ordering to footer, and done! Professional and polished Landing Page websites as easy as clicking and dragging, ready within minutes, right out of the box. JANGO also deploys its modular design throughout its codebase, with a highly legible, developer friendly code that is well annotated and extensively documented to ease modification and adaptation of JANGO to your specific requirements.

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Rhythm is a trendy and attractive, hip and modern, technologically accomplished and professionally graphically composed, visually impressive and functionally rich and flexible, expansive and ambitious, clever and engaging, elegant and polished responsive HTML5 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. This template has been designed with the utmost care and attention to detail in order to produce a powerful template capable of empowering webmasters from all industries and of any skill level to seamlessly and quickly put together sophisticated and one of a kind websites that are powerfully customizable, extremely intuitive and user friendly, and very modern and current.

Rhythm is very fashion conscious and aesthetically aware, and this tastefulness carries over to every one of Rhythm’s over 40 fully fleshed out one and multipage demo websites as well as its over 175 included HTML5 template pages, readymade and preconfigured for all sorts of purposes, including a wealth of Landing Page demo websites and page templates, so you can hit the ground running with your Landing Page projects or ventures, from professional or recreational mobile app-related incoming traffic to campaigns, coupons and more, Rhythm can handle any amount of users you need to receive, inform or reroute, and it will always do so in an impeccably polished, technologically mature presentation.

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Foundry is a colorful and vibrant, visually pliable and gorgeously luminous, carefully designed and incredibly powerful, graphically stunning and easily customizable, professional and serious, polished and well developed, tech-savvy and responsive HTML5 multipurpose HTML5 landing page template with Variant Page Builder. It’s a template created to bring beautiful ideas to handsome fruition, and, with the potent Variant framework, a block-based page design interface, building your own webpages has never been this easy or quick.

Over 95 custom built blocks are included with Foundry for you to make your own pages, or you can take the fast lane and get onboard one of Foundry’s over 20 unique, niche conceptual Homepage designs and over 100 completely responsive HTML5 template files readymade for deployment anywhere you’d like on your website. These features, on top of a smooth and in-house developed hardware cross-platform Parallax scrolling and visual effects make Foundry an incredible HTML5 landing page template for developing and maintaining modern and amazing Landing Page websites. Whether you are a mobile app developer, an advertising or marketing campaign manager or any other kind of webmaster looking to receive tons of incoming traffic in a stylish and inviting presentation, Foundry is the template that will let you forge the websites of your dreams!

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Porto is an incredibly resourceful and feature-rich, technologically ambitious and very mobile friendly, powerfully customizable and very thoroughly developed, extensively clever and thought out, bright and cleanly designed, engaging and dynamic responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. It’s a seamless and potent framework for the development of sophisticated and full-featured websites that look and feel reliable and modern, cutting edge and secure at the same time. To that end, Porto is built with an effective deployment of the latest and greatest HTML5 web technologies and CSS3 visual scripting built through a modular Bootstrap design, rendering Porto both developer friendly and entirely responsive out of the box.

Porto includes many beautiful and dazzling features that are visually cohesive and integrated as well as deeply functional, making it an excellent HTML5 landing page template for creating and managing modern and top-notch Landing Page websites for business or professional applications of any kind. Porto requires absolutely no coding skills and offers such powerful features as the Owl Carousel and the Nivo Slider at your fingertips. For the best results possible, Porto should be matched with the Porto Admin backend website template, for maximized customization options and admin user raw power features. Porto is for the pros!

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Canvas is a comprehensively flexible, unimaginably customizable, visually stunning and dashing, colorful and vibrant, lively and youthful, modern and full featured, creative and innovative, amazingly powerful and endlessly flexible, graphically refined and aesthetically pleasant responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. The developers painstakingly created this template with an all-encompassing eye for detail in order to create a polished and perfected HTML5 landing page template capable of handling the demands of truly every single website out there. To that end, Canvas has been built with over 75 readymade, professionally graphically designed and fully fleshed out Homepage demos, and includes a massive, whopping 500 HTML5 files at your disposal for all sorts of specific, narrow or general purposes you could imagine.

Canvas is, of course, wholly prepared to meet the needs of sophisticated and modern Landing Page websites, and its technological profile is vastly sufficient to handle the engaging One Page or Multipage Landing Page websites you have always dreamed up. With plentiful shortcodes to ease your workflow and quickly churn out page after page in a completely customized, professional visual style, Canvas is perhaps the truest multipurpose template on the market today, ready to bend to your every whim and easily customized should you ever find a need not covered already within Canvas.

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Pillar is a modern and lively, youthful and fresh-faced, luminous and bright, well structured and very navigable, easy to use and highly intuitive, polished and professional, engaging and appealing, charismatic and very memorable, customizable and flexible responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. This creators designed this template with a deliberate design philosophy that places quality firmly above quantity. As such, Pillar eschews the massive template file counts of other templates for a polished, high performance. It’s also has professionally graphically designed set of 10+ amazing template pages featuring a clean, adaptable, resourceful and pristine design. You can effortlessly customized it to suit your every need or match your brand identity requirements, within minutes.

They developed Pillar to simplify your website building experience. It requires virtually no coding skills whatsoever as you set up your professional looking, serious and well developed websites. Pillar particularly excels as a Landing Page website template, with a creative, modern and flat visual design. This design is ideal for mobile friendly or app related Landing Page applications. Pillar’s true strength is its endless flexibility. It allows you to turn it on its head just by intuitively fiddling with powerful and documented customization options. Take it up a notch, with Pillar!

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Hasta is a wonderfully colorful and visually engaging and impressive, serious and professional and ultra-responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. The developers made it modern and well developed, resourceful and functional, smooth and engaging, appealing and attractive, expansive and powerful. They built this good looking template with careful attention to detail and handsome, functional visual furnishings. These added details are modern, polished and extremely elegant. They designed Hasta from the ground up to be user friendly to webmasters of any background and skill level. They also it designed to be speedy, powerful and effective solution for all kinds of website applications. It’s powered by over 30 conceptually unique layouts and over 250 thoroughly preconfigured, professionally designed HTML5 page templates.

The creators also included over 10 default Homepage demo websites for your convenience. You can hit the ground running as you set up your website. You can perfectly use Hasta for the creation and management of sophisticated and feature-rich Landing Page websites of all kinds. Hasta is a template that can take your Landing Page website to the next era of web development. You don’t even have to write a single line of code! Its solid HTML5 framework and smoothly animated CSS3 stylesheet scripting, as well as its modular Bootstrap design makes this possible.

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SIGNATURE is a serious and professional, intuitive and amazingly responsive HTML5 multi-concept and multipurpose website template. It is also bright and cleanly designed, polished and pristine, deeply functional and highly resourceful. The developers made it aesthetically graceful and very elegant, visually impressive and expansive, highly customizable and easy to use. They constructed this template with an attentive care and a delicate touch in order to create a sophisticated template. SIGNATURE features powerful tools and plugins as well as useful and convenient predesigned templates and fully decked out demo websites. It totals at over 26, each with a conceptually one of a kind layout, look and feel. This makes SIGNATURE an unimaginably pliable template that webmasters of any skill level can easily bend to their every desire.

SIGNATURE is particularly effective when deployed as a template for handling the creation and development of Landing Page websites. The results are modern, smooth and beautiful every single time. SIGNATURE’s outstandingly creative nature is perfect for Landing Page websites that dabble in the more creative fields and industries. This can range from music and entertainment related mobile app incoming traffic to special events or promotions. SIGNATURE paints a layer of grace and style on any website in a matter of minutes. Get your SIGNATURE today!

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Definity is a powerful, flexible, and very efficiently coded responsive HTML5 one page and multipage multi-concept and multipurpose website template. The creators also made it all-inclusive and well developed, user friendly, dazzling and customizable, graphically polished and seamless, technologically articulate. They packed it with incredibly useful, convenient and time-saving features, plugins and shortcodes. These shortcodes are capable of expanding the functionality of your page without having to code a single line yourself. They also built Definity on a solid HTML5 framework and styled through cutting edge SASS CSS3 technologies. It incorporates a modular Bootstrap design for optimized responsiveness as well as utmost developer friendliness.

This template includes several templates readymade for creating beautiful and powerful Landing Page websites. You can now set up your own customized Landing Page website within minutes, out of the box, with minimal effort. Definity incorporates the Working Contact Form for simplified and streamlined user conversion, as well as MailChimp subscription newsletter integration. The creators also included over 10 multipage templates and over 11 one page templates into Definity. It also has line technological features such as HTML5 Video Backgrounds, the gorgeous KenBurns Slider, and a flat, clean design.

More info / Download Demo



Vossen is an incredibly beautiful and endlessly polished, stunning and refined, highly responsive HTML5 one page multipurpose Parallax website template. The developers also made Vossen aesthetically graceful and stylish, resourceful and cutting edge, sophisticated and fashion conscious, graceful and pliable. They carefully and thoughtfully developed this template. Vossen can be a powerful and modern one-stop shop solution for the design, development and maintenance of websites any kind. These websites can be modern or one page Parallax and Vossen can still do the job. That makes Vossen a great candidate for a Landing Page website. They crafted every tool and ability with the needs of modern one page, responsive and smooth websites.

With this, you can create coded, fast loading and smooth looking websites. Additionally, your site will look incredibly handsome across all devices, platforms and screen sizes. Vossen’s Bootstrap modular design roots enables you to do this feat. Vossen incorporates powerful, attractive and functional features like Parallax Video Sliders and Working Contact Form. The developers also added tons of convenient, neat and customizable shortcodes for all sorts of functionality. Vossen has a smooth CSS3 animations, responsive Video Playback, expansive and plentiful Parallax sections and much more. All of these features are at your fingertips, preconfigured and thoroughly documented to your benefit. Go with Vossen today!

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