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Top 18 Google Plugins for WordPress Blogs 2020

Many of us know Google by its benchmark products, like GMail, Google+, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Maps. These are among the many apps and products that have shaped the way we do work online, how we communicate, and how we conclude business. Right now, a single person could use Google exclusively to launch a global-scale startup that would include all required client and server-side features. WordPress bloggers are truly fortunate to be able to plug their blogs with external functionalities. A great variety of Google plugins add products and apps directly into your WordPress experience. They are all you need to combine your existing Google product usage with your daily blogging tasks. This will inevitably make your work more productive.

Google Ads Master

Google Ads Master

Google ads will be around for decades to come. All new web publishers choose to go with AdSense to experiment with their potential to earn revenue from their content. Google Ads Master can help with putting AdSense ads anywhere on your site. The carefully crafted codebase increases the performance (load times) of your ads. So, all visitors can enjoy the special offers from advertisers.

Some publishers have been reporting lower earnings, but this could be because Google is cracking down hard on advertisers who promote crappy ads, messing up the user experience for the average web user. Ad blockers are also a huge topic right now, but unfortunately, they overshadow Google Ads.


Google Authenticator — Two-Factor Authentication

Google Authenticator - Two Factor Authentication

Maybe when systems were first introduced, passwords were considered a safe choice for protecting the sensitive data of customers and software. Nowadays, a simple password authentication doesn’t provide that much security. Not only can passwords be forced; they can also be sniffed and socially engineered. Many companies in the last few years have experienced devastating system hacks that led to leaks of billions of user details, like names, email addresses, and passwords. That’s why two-factor authentication has become so popular and is now being embraced literally anywhere where sensitive data are at play. Even Google will rely on two-factor authentication if it senses that your account might have been compromised. The same goes for online banking systems, where the bank will alert the account holder if suspicious activity is detected.

Two-factor authorization basically prevents hackers from accessing your sensitive data even if they have gained access to your password. Typically, two-step authentication introduces a second layer of verification security. This is most commonly attached to a technological device, such as a smartphone. So, even if an attacker has your password, when trying to log in to one of the services that you use, he would be required to verify his identity through a code that would be sent to your mobile device. Also, because you’re the sole owner of that device, the hacker has no chance to get the code. Your security goes up a notch, and your data remain safe.

If you want to add two-step authentication to your WordPress blog, Google offers it in a bundle in this marvelous plugin. By default, the Two-Factor Authentication (Google Authenticator) plugin for WordPress is free for one user forever. The free version includes limited authentication methods. Telephony credits are important for certain authentication methods, like Phone Verification and OTP over SMS.


Google Analytics Dashboard

google analytics dashboard for wordpress
When you get more serious about your online project, you would definitely want to track everything. You need to know how your website is performing so you can optimize it accordingly and see even better results for your project. With Google Analytics Dashboard plugin, you can get access to all the stats and details on users, page views, sessions, bounce rate and other whatnot. Additionally, Google Analytics Dashboard also delivers in-depth page and post reports to gain all the details about each section of your page.

With a simple activation and installation process, you can access Google Analytics straight from your WordPress admin. With the extension, you can also track different objectives, like downloads, emails, affiliate links, as well as custom events. Have a complete understanding of the performance of your website and take your project to new heights.


WP Google Maps

wp google maps wordpress plugin
Needless to say, adding Google Maps to your website can benefit you greatly. Not just any Google Maps, a customized version that suits your needs precisely. Of course, it totally depends what your website and business are all about. However, if you do decide to take the plunge, WP Google Maps is one of the simplest and quickest Google plugins for WordPress. Bear in mind, you can upgrade to the pro plan at any time you want. But let’s speak more about the lite version of WP Google Maps.

To date, WP Google Maps is one of the most known and well-liked tools of such kind available on the market. The map you are about to create will be fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. Additional features include but are not limited to nine themes, markers, full-screen function and fully customizable width and height. Look no further and expand your page with a fine, elegant and modern map.


XML Sitemap & Google News

xml sitemap feed wordpress plugin
Hence the name, XML Sitemap & Google News is Google plugin for WordPress that works like a dream with, well, XML Sitemap and Google News Sitemap protocol. Thanks to its simplicity and ease of use, no wonder why the tool already has well over one hundred thousand downloads. What’s more, this is also a very good indicator that the plugin does the job super well, benefiting your website as it should.

All three, Multisite, Polyland and WPML, are fully compatible with XML Sitemap & Google News plugin. And the tool does not create any additional files that could over clutter your page. You have full control over which sitemaps are enabled, posts that are included, as well as who to ping and an option to set additional robots.txt rules. With very little configuration needed, you can set things up and have it running in no time.


Google Maps Widget

google maps widget wordpress plugin
There are all these reasons why you should be adding Google Maps to your page, but you might find yourself in doubt, which plugin to choose. Long story short, any you find in this collection will do the trick for sure. And the amazing and always improving Google Maps Widget is no different.

The extension prides itself on the fact that it will only take you sixty seconds to install it. Of course, there are all sorts of other goodies and features that it has in store for you, too. Make sure you use it to its full potential and see the magic happen. Although Google Maps Widget is free, the functions are very premium-like.

Google Maps Widget is also extremely fast, loading the entire map in just one request. Meaning, your page will keep the fast loading speed intact at all times. Moreover, you can customize map color, change pin type, add links and introduce text above or below the map. Enjoy.


Google Fonts for WordPress

olympus google fonts wordpress plugin
When customizing your website or blog, one of the elements you might want to change is typography. With Google’s hundreds upon hundreds of different fonts, you will have no trouble finding the right style that best resonates with your theme. And to access all these fonts, all you need is to download and activate a simple Google plugin for WordPress, Google Fonts for WordPress. Well, the name of the tool pretty much tells you everything.

Of course, the plug is fully compatible with every WordPress theme out there and there is 100% no programming involved. Fonts load with a single request, updates happen with one click and you can also use it with any language you want. What’s also cool about the plugin is the live preview which you can use to see the font of choice in real-time.


Google Reviews Widget

widget google reviews wordpress plugin
One great way to build customer loyalty and increase your potential is by adding reviews (and testimonials) to your website. To get things moving, Google Reviews Widget is the WordPress plugin that does the trick. You can simply import Google Business Reviews to your page’s sidebar in the widget’s area of your WordPress admin. The add-on is free of charge but the positive impact it can have on your online project can be highly beneficial.

One amazing function of Google Reviews Widget is the fact that it stores all reviews in WordPress’ database. This way, you do not need to rely on Google and always have reviews present. Having Google reviews decorating your website can have a great impact on the overall search engine optimization of your page as well. Moreover, you can easily trim super long comments with the read more button. Let others share the pleasant experience they had doing business with you and witness more positivity coming your way.


Google Language Translator

Google Language Translator

It usually is the case that webmasters disregard additional languages altogether. Who cares about visitors from Spain, Italy, or Denmark. They best learn English if they want to read your content, but luckily, with the development of technology, platforms like Google Translator can be in-built in the WordPress core and can be used to give users an option to translate your content in the language they most prefer. The results aren’t always 100% accurate, but it might give your foreign readers a chance to better grasp the main concepts you are discussing. Google Language Translator integrates the Google translate service in your blog through a simple to access widget. You can opt in to provide only specific language translations, or all of them.


Google Places Reviews

Google Places Reviews

Google Places helped local businesses to shape their online presence, and collect user reviews for increased exposure. Restaurant owners, retail chains, real estate agencies, hotels, and any other business with a physical location can enjoy the truly immense benefits of Google Places. The Google Places Reviews plugin is strictly for displaying your Google Places reviews on your blog with the help of a widget.

Giving your users the exposure to your business widget, allows them to quickly analyze the potential of usability for their needs, and gives you extra leverage right from the start. The widget will allow you to show reviews, up to three unique reviews per widget. You can also show your business info, like the name of your business, your website address, your social page, and other details that could be important to your customers. A theme selection is in-built to suit the needs of websites that focus on light color scheme, but also dark. Have you added yourself to Google Places yet? Now could be a great time to do it. All reviews appear in live Google search results when people search for a business like yours.


Site Kit by Google

google site kit
Site Kit by Google is a free WordPress plugin that combines all the must-have Google products for successfully tracking your website’s performance into one. Instead of not knowing how well your website or blog is doing on the internet, go to having an in-depth overview of the performance. With Site Kit by Google, you can make it happen easily and quickly, without the need to spend a single penny. By joining all sorts of different Google products, Site Kit by Google offers you to have access to them from within your admin dashboard.

As for the products, Site Kit by Google supports, they are Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, PageSpeed Insights, Tag Manage and Optimize. Instead of only focusing on the traffic via Google Analytics, Site Kit by Google steps things up for your convenience.


GA Google Analytics

ga google analytics
Hence the name, GA Google Analytics, brings you Google Analytics account to your WordPress admin. You can easily link the two together and start tracking all your website’s pages and posts. There are many great features that come along for you to have a better understanding of your page’s amazing performance. With this, you can optimize it further and witness even better results that will take your project to an entirely new degree.

Some of the features of GA Google Analytics include outstanding performance, user-friendliness, frequent updates, header and footer tracking code, disabling tracking for admins and easy customization of the tracking code. While the free version of GA Google Analytics works fantastically well, all the advanced users can find even more goodies by going pro. In conclusion, track stats and grow to the next level.


Reviews and Rating

google business reviews rating
If you would like to build customer trust, do it by adding testimonials and reviews to your website. As simple as that! Thanks to Reviews and Rating plugin, if you have a Google Business listing, you can now incorporate those reviews and ratings straight to your website. Let new visitors and potential clients and customers read reviews on your page. With a ton of positive reviews and excellent ratings, you know you will raise your potential sky-high. In short, let existing customers do the marketing for you by reviewing your products and services on Google Business.

With the quick and user-friendly setup process, Reviews and Rating does all the work for you. You only really need your Google Place ID and the plugin does the rest for you. Reviews and Rating plugin also encourages new customers to share their reviews and ratings on Google.


Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

Google stands out when it comes to bringing forward desktop office software to the browser. Spreadsheets, and even Google Docs, isn’t an exception to this. Create custom spreadsheets or other data sets using the Google Spreadsheets tool, and effortlessly import those spreadsheets into your WP content, which will be rendered to be responsive, design friendly, and user experience appealing.


Google Drive Embedder

Google Drive Embedder

Google Drive plugin, similar to the Google Images plugin, will create a new button in your post editor, that once accessed can be used to embed content from your Google Drive folders, directly into your posts. Remember to setup your Google Drive so that documents can be shared and accessed by everyone, otherwise they won’t show up in the posts.


Premium Google Plugins for WordPress

Apart from a few select business services, Google tends to be free for everyone, in all of its platforms and software tools. So what sense does it make to purchase a premium solution for adding Google’s product functionality to your blog?

For one, it’s a way to experiment with plugins that you won’t find on the free market, though many of the following premium plugins actually do exist on the free market, so the other thing is  you get an extra set of features, usually unique for each plugin, and you also get support packages that ensure that if you experience problems with using the particular plugin, the developer who built it will be there to help you solve your issues quicker.

The more we can support independent developers, they more we encourage them to build more interesting plugins, and you never know where your next useful plugin is going to be coming from.

WordPress Google Reviews & Ratings

wordpress google reviews ratings plugin
Quickly implement reviews, ratings and testimonials and boost the confidence of your potential clients. If they need an extra kick that will help them decide whether or not to work with you, visit your place or other whatnot, reviews, ratings and testimonials can help them decide much easier. With WordPress Google Reviews & Ratings plugin, it will be a breeze adding reviews from Google and enhance your web space.

You can display five reviews of any Google Place and auto-fetch all new reviews. The plugin also has an option to let others write a review without the need to leave the page (a pop-up opens). Extra features are height and width customization, responsiveness, set the number of reviews and loads more. If you offer products or services, own a restaurant or run a boutique store, with (positive) reviews, ratings and testimonials, you can expect an increase in customers.


Bookly Advanced Google Calendar

bookly advanced google calendar addon wordpress plugin
Before we dive in, you need to know that in order to use this plugin, you need Bookly PRO. That said, Bookly Advanced Google Calendar is just an extension to the main tool, but a very practical one. If you would like to connect your Bookly Calendar with Google Calendar, this add-on is exactly what you need. It performs real-time two-way synchronization between the two calendars and keeps your bookings and appointments as organized as possible.

In short, all the bookings that are made in Bookly will automatically be copied to Google Calendar. Moreover, any changes, updates and even cancellations that clients make in their Google Calendars will be instantly reported to Bookly. With the Bookly Advanced Google Calendar plugin, you can have it all automated, not requiring you to do any manual work whatsoever.


Advanced Google Maps

advanced google maps wordpress plugin
Since Google Maps are super popular, we have a few free and premium plugins here for you that will save you time and effort when creating custom variations. Needless to say, Advanced Google Maps is easily one of the top plugins that you can currently get your hands on. It allows you to do oh so many tweaks and improvements, making sure the final layout follows your regulations and wants precisely.

Advanced Google Maps WordPress plugin offers single and multi-location maps, route direction maps, as well as enticing interactive maps. It also comes with a widget and a shortcode so you can add your preferred Google Maps anywhere on your website. Customize the map according to your needs, add custom markers and you can also translate it if needed. The solution is at your fingertips, no need to look elsewhere.


How to add Google services to a WordPress blog?

Clearly, we have answered this question for you, in a big way. We didn’t expect it ourselves, to put together such a rich resource of the best Google plugins for WordPress bloggers, but there you have it. This full set of Google services is now at your disposal directly into your admin dashboard. Google will continue to come out with great software in the future. No question about that. So, keep an eye on this topic when a new globally used tool gets published. We will be the first to update this post to reflect those changes. For now, thanks for reading, and we hope that these plugins will be a useful addition to your already productive workflow.

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