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4 Best WooCommerce Custom Tab Plugins 2023

Here are all the best WooCommerce plugins to add custom tabs to your product pages.

WooCommerce tab plugins are essential for the success of your online store. They help organize information in a visually appealing way and are easy to understand for your customers. With the right WooCommerce tab plugin, you can improve your website’s performance, increase user engagement, and boost your conversion rate.

There are several essential features to consider when choosing a WooCommerce tab plugin. Firstly, reliability and bug-free operation are essential. You don’t want your customers to encounter technical difficulties or errors when using your website. Secondly, consider the design of the tabs. They should complement your overall page and be visually appealing to your customers.

In addition, you should look for a tab plugin that is easy to install and customize. It should be user-friendly and flexible, allowing you to make changes to the design and functionality as needed. The plugin should also offer a range of customization options, such as adding custom icons, changing the tab layout, and more.

Moreover, consider the integration with other plugins and third-party tools. You want to ensure that the WooCommerce tab plugin you choose can seamlessly integrate with other plugins you are using, such as payment gateways, shipping methods, and more.

Overall, a good WooCommerce tab plugin should make it easier for you to manage and organize information on your website. It should help improve the user experience and boost your conversion rate. Choose a plugin that meets your specific needs and requirements, and you’ll be on your way to a successful online store.

Best WooCommerce Tab Plugins For Extra Product Details

So now, we will show you the top WooComemrce tab plugins to save time from researching and testing each one.

Simple WooCommerce Tab

This plugin allows you to create and manage custom tabs with anything you like to include. Creating bookmarks on your page, especially to the product section, can help the viewers and readers look at the item’s vital information. Also, it makes your page more organized and keeps things under their categories.

This plugin enables you to make your own saved tabs, and you can put them in your website’s products page. You can manage your tabs on the WooCommerce Edit Product screen, and manage everything according to your preference. That includes the number of tabs you want to put in each item.

You can edit the tabs using the basic WordPress text editor. Through the admin page, you can rearrange, delete and add tabs. Moreover, you may add images, additional texts, shortcodes, and HTML as you like.

Furthermore, this WooCommerce tab plugin is WPML-compatible. That feature automatically translates the texts on the tabs based on the viewers’ nationality.

The perks include a broader target market from different parts of the world. You might opt for the pro version with enhanced features to get the most out of this plugin.

Active installations: 100,000+

Price: Free

More info / Download

2. YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager

Responsive WooCommerce Tab

Here’s another plugin allowing you to manage everything on your tabs and product pages. You can include all the information you want to add and to show to your potential clients or customers. The contents you can send are galleries, PDF files, video tutorials, product’s additional details, virtual maps, and anything under the sun. It’s all up to you.

The plugin comes with an enhanced editor to give you its full functionality. All the tabs you have created are open for renaming, moving, and deleting.

You can easily hide the default tabs from the WooCommerce Tab section on your admin page or change the texts included. Doing this option is pretty simple. It is up to you to override or hide the tabs if needed.

You can also choose where to put the tabs on the setting’s page. You can only select individual product pages or put the same tabs in all pages.

If you find three options for tab type, here are their meanings. Product Tab means the product section to include with your tabs. Then, Category Tab pertains to the part where your tabs will appear. Lastly, the Global Tab is the option to include all the tabs on each product.

Active installations: 20,000+

Price: Free

More info / Download

3. WooCommerce Tabs – Ultimate Custom Product Tabs

Functional WooCommerce Tab

This WooCommerce tab plugin has complete features and functionalities that significantly impact your viewers and potential customers. This is the one for you if you need a plugin that enables you to develop global, category, and custom tabs. Read on to learn more about it.

Editing and creating tabs on each product are hassle-free. It also has more than 100 settings to design your tabs according to your preference. You can also choose the style representing your WooCommerce store.

Its main features include disabling, reordering, and renaming each WooCommerce tabs if you need to change something. The setting of this plugin is easy to configure without spending much time on your computer.

The custom callbacks you can include with these plugins are Show Related Products, Show Top Rated Products, Show Best Selling Products, Show Sale Products, Show Features Products, and much more.

Tabs are an essential feature that everyone should have in any online store. Why? You can put all the categories you need to give full information to your client. Moreover, you can create a tab section to entice more buyers to purchase additional items.

Active installations: 600+

Price: $49 (one time payment)

More info / Download

4. WooCommerce Tabbed Category Product Listing – Pro

User-Friendly WooCommerce Tab

With this plugin, you can show every tab you want to include on your product page. It is your time to include all the details your customers need. Aside from that, you can put the Featured Products and Sale Product to encourage more clients on your platform.

This Pro WooCommerce Tabbed Category Product Listing can help you to create manageable tabs. You can choose from the 10+ elegant templates to complement your style or the product page.

Moreover, the formats you can use with these plugins are carousel, accordion, and tabbed. It’s up to you what to choose to make your website uniform. It has ajax load more, allowing your visitors to click on the ‘load more’ button instead of going to another page, slowing down the process.

It also has a floating cart to remind buyers about the products they purchase. If not, it might entice them to buy more from your website. The bonus features of this website are the ‘List Categories and Sub Categories,’ and the Premium Category Selection Widget. That widget comes with Collapsible Category Links.

We’ll make this review short. This plugin has essential features you probably need for your website. So, if you are the one who wants to have better features and functionalities for creating tabs, this one is the right for you.

Active installations: 200+

Price: $26 (one-time payment)

More info / Download

Everything would be possible on your product page if you incorporated the most functional WooCommerce Tab plugin on your website. When you are only looking for a single tab with a simple feature, you can go with the WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite.

On the other hand, if you want to use the pro features, WooCommerce Tabbed Category Product Listing – Pro could be the best option. Nonetheless, the final choice is still up to you.

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