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30 Shopify Technology Themes For Hi-Tech Online Stores 2019

30 Shopify Technology Themes For Hi-Tech Online Stores 2019

To start selling electronics and gadgets online, use any of our best Shopify technology themes picks. With these, you will have a professional looking online store up and running in no time at all. While there are many solutions available to get yourself in the online retail world, Shopify is one of those which make it all happen in a breeze. Very little is on you, more or less, everything is ready and set for you to take it to your advantage.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced eCommerce entrepreneur, you can both see much success with our list of top electronics Shopify themes. The former can start an online project quickly and very efficiently. While the latter, he or she can update the existing web store with something unique. Or in case you are a serial entrepreneur, you can start hammering out website after website and have many making you money at the same time.

Each of the theme listed here gives you the opportunity to construct a modern and advanced way of showcasing your tech products on the internet. Fully functional and following all the web standards and rules, our Shopify technology themes will help you turn visitors into customers (yes, even the pickiest ones).
Select the theme you fancy, check the live preview and start selling online.


e-come shopify technology theme
E-come is a Shopify technology theme perfect for selling all types of electronic devices. But to be frank, E-come is capable of managing and pushing any kind of product due to its multi-purposefulness. It is a clean, minimal and modern tool with five front page designs and more dropping in the near future. On top of that, E-come also has other internal pages and a ton of great features and assets for you to take to your advantage.

With its mobile-first web design, E-come will beautifully display all your items on smartphones for shoppers on the go. Other fantastic features are live smart search, product quick view, horizontal and vertical mega menu and the cool product pin mapper. You can also start writing a blog and get on a more personal level with all your customers. Get your online store up and running quickly with E-come.

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javenist shopify technology theme
A professional lool works best regardless of your niche and industry. Add a touch of simplicity to it and you win big times. This is what Javenist suggests. It is a Shopify technology theme which gives off a contemporary and sophisticated look to any eCommerce website, ideal for tech-oriented stores. It seamlessly fits any device whether you are using a desktop computer or your mobile phone. Javenist makes sure that your page runs smoothly all the time.

With plenty of customization options to choose from, you could definitely affirm that creativity has no limits upon using this theme. It has headers and footers, sliders, preloaders, seven home pages and the rest that will match your needs. Javenist’s navigation and functionality are top-notch, so users will easily navigate and purchase products. Javenist surely is a slick eCommerce tool for tech and electronic stores.

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polo shopify technology theme
At first glance, it feels like Polo should definitely not be in this collection of the best Shopify technology themes. Yet again, all Polo tries to prove you is how versatile and highly modifiable it is. Sure, beauty might be the ideal topic for the eCommerce website built with Polo but not limited to. In fact, Polo will work great with many different niches including selling stuff like technology products and electronic devices.

With numerous features and assets, drag and drop page builder and loads more, you can quickly make Polo serve your needs. There is nothing wrong with going against the norm. This way, you might even have a higher chance of standing out from the crowd, grabbing the attention of even more folks compared to your initial plan. Think beyond expectation and start your business solid with Polo.

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bestshop shopify technology theme
Functionality, versatility and cutting-edge performance are three factors that online store business owners look for in an eCommerce theme, and BestShop happens to have all three. Not only the three things mentioned, BestShop has a ton more. This Shopify technology theme is built around improving your online presence using effective design and a great set of tools. It features Google Rich product snippets to highlight your product even further when doing an online search. Speaking of search, BestShop is fully SEO optimized to help your rank higher and get picked up by search engines quicker.

BestShop has three well-designed home pages which you can adjust fully. In addition, there is also a boxed version and an RTL option to choose from. BestShop also has no issues with you picking any kind of color what comes ideal with those having a picky taste. You can also utilize color swatches, quick view, three pre-made headers and many more goodies which are at your disposal.

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sanzo shopify technology theme
Do you want a theme that spells convenience all over? Look no further, Sanzo is just the right choice for you. Being a Shopify technology theme, it is a highly recommended option for you if you are in search of a multi-purpose web design. This way, you can use the tool however you fancy, with zero limitations. Not only does Sanzo has a ton of ready-to-use material at your service, you can also do your own thing entirely and use and customize it exactly how you want.

Sanzo has six original and remarkable index page layouts that are trendy and modern, perfect for selling tech goodies. The layout of the theme also adapts to different screen resolutions instantly for smooth viewing. You can also swiftly localize or globalize your online shop with Shopify’s language editor. What’s more, every Sanzo user gets 24/7 customer support so any concerns can be addressed at any time.

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clickboom shopify technology theme
ClickBoom is a section ready Shopify technology theme with a broad specter of features and assets. There is nothing missing in this majestic bundle of predesigned material and accessories. Utilize what is available and you can have your desired page ready to go live as quickly as you want. Of course, you can also modify and tweak ClickBoom to your likings but is not a necessity. You can always stick to the out of the box web design, it looks superb and professional anyway.

With three home and several other inner pages, ClickBoom provides a great deal of options to find the right expression for your web space. Moreover, with the powerful and super handy visual drag and drop page builder, you can quickly alter the current look or even come up with your own designs. Whatever feels right to you, you can achieve it with little effort involved using the amazing ClickBoom theme.

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martfury shopify technology theme
Martfury is a spectacular tool that you will be super happy about. This Shopify technology theme has virtually boundless elements to explore when creating a breathtaking eCommerce page. Discover numerous widgets, ten killer demo templates, internal pages, icons and extensions, all of which are responsive and adaptive. Also, you can find a selection of fonts that beautify content.

All designs do not require any coding, so whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will find this template to be a reliable companion. For your information, it is the drag and drop technique that does the trick. Other features include advanced live search, daily deals section, mega menu, countdown timer, Facebook chat and dynamic check button. With Martfury, you can sell gadgets and any other electronic devices like a boss from the start.

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marketo shopify technology theme
Construct an online store extensively with Marketo to ensure optimal performance. This Shopify technology theme is effortless to set up and play around with. Initially, you will find clean and minimal looking demos, but you could awaken your creativity with evergreen content as you move along. Choose which template best represents your niche and concept and go from there. There are twelve demo designs available for you to take to your advantage and shine online. Bear in mind, it is quite impossible to mess up with Marketo, as every step is broken down for you to assemble. And there is no need to deal with the tedious code.

When you are done, you may publish the site and gather traffic immediately. The process is quick which means you can have your site ready swiftly.

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martify shopify technology theme
Martify is a striking and simple to use tool that you will enjoy for its consistency and dependability. Everything this theme touches turns into gold. Because of this, you can gain confidence in sharing your wonderful content. This Shopify technology theme is perfect for showcasing your products flawlessly and encouraging people to take action without giving it a secong thought.

Each of the templates is fully responsive and adaptive, as it resizes your content and images to automatically fit any device or screen width. Prolific designs and functionalities resemble those from Amazon, Flipkart, AliExpress and others. Add headers, footers, effects, animations, menus, carts, widgets, icons, fonts and perform any customization tweak you wish. These add-ons will make your website look more professional and vibrant without the need to invest too much time and effort into establishing your dream online gadgets store.

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omeo shopify technology theme
If you fancy a clean look for your eCommerce website, OMEO is a clear option for you. Tailored to look simple and minimal, this Shopify technology theme is actually jam-packed with features and traits that will put your online store on top. OMEO works best for all sorts of different niches including electronics and gadgets. With OMEO, you can personalize your store to your likings and the sky is the limit. Have things under complete control and boost your web space to new heights.

OMEO comes with social media tools and SEO optimization features to market yourself effectively from the get-go. You can integrate custom fonts, icons and enable auto-resize image function as well. OMEO has ten stunning front page designs to choose from and multiple collections and product detail styles. What’s also pretty cool about OMEO is the fact that it offers you free installation in case you are completely new to the process. Use OMEO and get the most out of it.

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tmart shopify technology theme
For a clean, minimal and up-to-the-minute Shopify technology theme, you should consider choosing Tmart. It is a versatile item which you can use to sell all sorts of products including stuff like computers, watches and other electronic devices. Due to its simplicity, Tmart instantly adapts to your needs and places your products front and center.

You can begin the journey to a successful eCommerce website launch by going through eleven predefined demos and picking the one that suits you best. From then on, you can blend preferred home together with other shop pages that are also part of the kit and have a site prepared to go live in little to no time.

Some other valuable features of Tmart are working contact form, custom brand logo, wishlist, newsletter, an option to add multiple currencies and Facebook comments. Once you unbox the Tmart kit, there is nothing else you need to craft the desired online tech store.

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siezz shopify technology theme
Good, robust content will definitely leave a strong and lasting impression on your customers. This is wheat Siezz is all about. This Shopify technology theme comes with versatile layouts that are all uniquely striking and visually appealing. It is a tool which you can use to sell a broad range of products, electronic devices being one of them. But it is your imagination which is the only limitation you have with Siezz and its capabilities.

Siezz’s core function is to highlight your products seamlessly regarding of the device and browser they use. It makes sure that your end page is stable and secure, offering shoppers a neat experience every time. Siezz’s design itself is both elegant and functional with fantastic customization features. It also has a product quick view and a mega menu so that users can easily access everything. To be able to offer customers live chat is icing on the cake. Yes, that is possible, too.

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sophie shopify technology theme
Once you gain access to Sophie, there is no stopping for you. Instead, go full tilt and create the dream online store you always wanted to run. Start a web-first business right now with this craking and killer Shopify theme that will stand the test of time. Since you are here, you know already what you will use Sophie for, but you can start other projects outside the technology world easily, too.

With nine stunning and interest sparking home page designs, choosing the right face of your online business will be unchallenging. Still, you can also improve the look you dig the most with your personal touch and create a custom version out of it.

Sophie sports a 100% responsive and cross-browser compatible layout to make your stores appear exactly the same no matter where they come from. A few other goodies of Sophie are mega and mobile menus, product slider, daily deals, drop-down cart and multi language and currency readiness.

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topdeal shopify technology theme
With top design variations and assets, TopDeal just lives up to its name. It is a Shopify technology theme which offers a lot of features and predesigned content for you to benefit from. After all, it is a multi-purpose theme that needs to suit many online business ideas. All these tools, when combined, create a perfect harmony that is very practical for your eCommerce business. Doing all the work yourself should not seem intimidated at all since using TopDeal is child’s play.

Tailor your website with a plethora of color schemes and layouts that TopDeal has to offer. Go ahead of the competition by optimizing your website for search engines due to TopDeal’s great SEO and Google rich snippet features. TopDeal can do all that, too, so you do not have to worry about any of the technical part. TopDeal is also compatible with all devices and web browsers, allowing you to expand your reach and scale your business.

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Quick Shop

quick shop shopify technology theme
Quick Shop does two things; (1) it helps you launch your online shop quicker and, (2) it gives visitors a chance to shop faster. If all this makes sense to you, you should surely further investigate this extraordinary Shopify technology theme. With ten unique and stunning demos and numerous other features and traits, Quick Shop provides unlimited possibilities to craft the right web space for your business. Get your word out there and start taking first orders shortly after the official launch.

To get the gist of it, Quick Shop is responsive, retina ready, comes with thirteen headers and footers, supports multi currencies and rocks ten enticing product hover effects. To no one’s surprise, there are still many other traits that will make your eCommerce website a novel web space everyone will enjoy browsing through the roof.

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mimosa shopify technology theme
An organized eCommerce website makes customers think that you are taking your business seriously as an online seller. Realize your dream plan with Mimosa Shopify technology theme. You can find all the stuff that you need in one bundle what comes very convenient for both beginners and pros. No need to be looking elsewhere for any other extensions since Mimosa has it all prepared for you.

Mimosa allows you to display your products as a tab or per row. While its design features are neat already, as well as customizable, Mimosa is well-renowned when it comes to navigation and slider features. Mimosa even has a blog module if you want to write articles relating to your niche and announce product drops. It also comes helpful if you are an affiliate.

This is not all.

The nifty Mimosa also comes with the ability to configure multiple languages and currencies, ideal for a global online seller.

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basel shopify technology theme
Basel is a massive tool with over 25 predesigned demos for online shops of all niches. That said, Basel is also a Shopify technology theme to craft the best performing eCommerce website out there. The look and the style of Basel are neat and tidy, offering all your shoppers a distraction-free experience. Besides, the site canvas is also responsive and mobile ready to make sure the experience stays the same amazing one across all devices (and browser).

After you choose the right demo, Basel offers you to import it with one click and start modifying it straight away. Loads of header options, unlimited color schemes, AJAX search, item quick view, 360-degree product view and full RTL support are a few of the assets of Basel. Obviously, there is a lot more this solid tool brings to the table, like different shopping cart widgets, seven portfolios, testimonials slider and a wishlist add-on.

More info / Download Demo


bookshop shopify technology theme
Since we like to add something distinct to our lists from time to time, we present you BookShop. We try and show you that you do not always need to solely rely on niche tools, like Shopify technology themes. All this tells you is that the tools we have in store for you are fully versatile and highly adaptive. Not only that, knowing that something entirely different can be used for the website you are currently working on will also expand your mind and reach.

Take the original path and stand out from the crowd by going with BookShop. This responsive, retina ready, optimized and great performing theme is packed with goodies. Doing things in a way no one else does might take you slightly longer, but the end product might have a more substantial impact on everyone that ever visits it.

More info / Download Demo


jasper shopify technology theme
Do you need a sectioned theme that fits your budget and serves your business in the long run? Check out Jasper, one of the most recent Shopify technology themes available on the market. Relatively new, Jasper managed to utilize knowledge from its competitors’ core functions and came up with something revolutionary. Adding sections to a page means that design options are more liberating as every section can be customized to your liking easily.

Jasper also has many unique features and traits for you to take to your advantage and construct a banging eCommerce website. Custom pop-ups, screen reveal effect, fourteen homes, ten headers, mega menu, autocomplete search and included PSDs are some of the mentioned assets. More updates will come eventually, but seeing how good Jasper is at this point, we can expect even brighter things in the future for sure.

More info / Download Demo


azshop shopify technology theme
The online market seems to be boundless when it comes to the products being offered. Worry no more as Azshop can cover all your bases. From A to Z, any product line fits into this Shopify technology theme. Start exploring this tool by further examining four one-of-a-kind home page layouts. No matter which you find the most fitting, you can use it as is or you can take over and adjust it to suit your business needs precisely.

Azshop has powerful product filtering system, related products, rich mega menu and more. Sales are almost guaranteed when you use this theme as it has built-in SEO tools to guide you. If all done correctly, you can expect great things to happen. For content marketing, you can also start your own blog which Azshop has integrated into its web design. Azshop is very user-friendly and has garnered positive reviews so give it a go.

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everything shopify technology theme
When it comes to selling products online, you can push whatever you want with Everything. You can even call the tool however you fancy, including a Shopify technology theme, due to its multi-purpose approach. Everything has close to one hundred demos pre-built and ready to use along with all other internal sections to complete building a functional eCommerce page ASAP. You only need to dig deep enough to find what you are after since the bundle is so vast.

Everything is light and fast loading, responsive, optimized for mobile devices, SEO customized and all the rest you would expect a legit theme to have. You can easily globalize or localize your online electronics and gadgets store by changing language and currency. Moreover, Everything has in-depth documentation included so you never run into any issues rather enjoy a smooth website establishment.

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material shopify technology theme
If you are the type of marketer who wishes to take creativity to new heights, then Material theme is just right for you. Explore and innovate to your heart’s content with this Shopify technology theme’s easy guidelines. Material is stuffed with essential features that give your website a professional and advanced look. Moreover, Material makes sure that every detail is seamlessly integrated to deliver the best experience.

With its core features, the website you are about to bring to reality with Material will definitely stand out. Speaking of features, Material is RTL and retina ready, offers advanced filter module, color swatches, infinite scroll and video slider. Bear in mind, this is just a small percentage of the entire collection of traits Material has prepared for you. No need to get too busy to have the preferred eCommerce technology website all set up.

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Volga is an incredible Shopify theme. It is perfect to sell all kinds of items and products with dedicated e-commerce features. Electronics, digital, and all technological areas are its intended ideal users. Volga comes with more than 9 pre-built layouts that have a custom V-Mega Menu on top. It offers among selling options incredible Ajax cart & wish list plugin. Google fonts and Awesome Icon Fonts are included too for gorgeous information display.

Volga has two types of menu: vertical & horizontal. With the products tabs slider modules you can show your products by categories. New, featured, best selling and discount are some of the options on this section. All products are displayed in sliders with designs and smooth effects. Even daily deals modules with a countdown timer are available to choose from. You will get a powerful theme that lets you control every aspect of your store with a minimal concept. Volga also comes packed with a blog module for you to write and post articles about your products. Customers will have information about the site and the products with quick views. If you are into the tech or just specialized online selling, you must have a look at this tool. Just try Volga!

More info / Download Demo


nexgeek shopify technology theme
You kinda cannot go wrong with a name like that for anything related to tech and electronics. In the online world, NexGeek is a mighty tool for putting together online stores to help you sell what you are passionate about. All types of electronic devices are beautifully displayed for visitors to enjoy the shopping experience and become one of your many loyal customers. The awesome filtering options will bring them to desired products quickly. But the main Mega Menu with links, texts and pictures will do the major part of the navigational work. Get them to the product category or page as fast as possible.

To avoid the clutter and save more space on your site for the items, shopping cart appears only when one clicks the icon. This also gives shoppers a chance to quickly check what they added from all pages.

To showcase the stuff you are selling or announce the new big drop, use the stunning lookbook page with masonry grid. An excellent way to add extra images and even show the folks how the gadgets look in real life. NexGeek theme is also ready for retina displays and fluidly adapts to all screen sizes. Any device users will have fun time flipping through your amazing pages full of products and awesome items.

More info / Download Demo


famiza shopify technology theme
You are looking at a beautiful, modern and sophisticated Shopify technology theme with as many functions as one needs. A name Famiza might not be familiar to you just yet but you two might soon become best friends. Once you know its secrets, it will transform you into something what you have never thought about becoming. An online shop building magician. Are you ready to take the plunge and start developing a proper masterpiece of an eCommerce page?

Famiza is a multi-purpose theme with the super useful drag and drop page builder called (Shopify) Sections. In the administrator, you will have total control of your site and be able to modify it how you fancy. The theme also comes with more than 7 ready-to-use front pages. Use these and improve on them or start creating a custom home page from scratch. It is all a matter of personal preferences.

Bring navigation to an entirely different level with Mega Menu, add product videos, enjoy product filtration and benefit from the collection tabs on your home page. You can feature different products in the collection tabs and push the top selling products. You will have a great time building the website and visitors will have an awesome time shopping.

More info / Download Demo

Digital World

digital world shopify technology theme
To go to the point right away, Digital World is a special Shopify technology theme for every niche within the industry. It dedicates every section of the site to meet the needs of digital, hi-tech, computer, mobile and any other electronics based shop owner. Do you have something uncommon racing through your mind but you just do not know how to make it happen? No biggie, Digital World theme has you sorted with everything required.

A clean and modernistic niche theme with all the up-to-the-minute Shopify functions. These allow you to create an advanced and complex e-shop, yet still stay very basic and minimal in the front end. Due to Digital World’s extensibility and flexibility, you can add as many products to your store without the worry of your site slowing down.

For different styles, Digital World comes packed with a variety of pre-built home pages. Give these a go and individualize them. From then on, it is only a matter of adding products, info and everything in between and you are ready to start selling. Simple but highly effective. By the way, there are also different headers and footers available for use. Moreover, Digital World is well documented so you are clearly guided how to start playing the customization game.

More info / Download Demo


electro shopify technology theme
It is stylish and it is clean, Electro Shopify technology theme is perfect, you guessed it, for selling gadgets and electronics. Compatible with Shopify Sections, you are in for a ton of enjoying moments spent designing and finalizing a store for your online project. It is a no brainer that you can create a fine eCommerce website with all the necessities to ensure great buying adventure. The responsible design will make your store fluid, perfectly adapting to all screen sizes instantly. Guarantee everyone to get the most out of your shop no matter which device they use for browsing and shopping.

Electro includes 8 color presets, from yellow and orange to green and black. You can choose one from the list or create a signature one for your shop. Save on time or go original, it is up to you which path you choose. At the end of the day, you can always change the color and refresh your web design later. For a time well spent on your site, you can include product quickview, back to top button and enable sticky menu. To increase the sales potential, up-sell shopping cart will do its magic.
Test out different Electro theme functions and see what gives you the best results.

More info / Download Demo


porto shopify technology theme
Porto calls itself the ultimate responsive theme and, what to say, it sure is. It gives you so many possibilities in all the aspects of building your first eCommerce site. Not only for a newbie, Porto is a perfect solution for experienced site builders, too. This elegant Shopify technology theme will transform what was once only an idea into a serious online business. Now let’s dig deeper.

Demo content, a big selection of layout variations, different sliders, 2-8 column category pages and unlimited headers are just a bit of the enormous cake of features and extensions. Each section can be further modified and personalized to your wants. You can differentiate your store only by changing colors and fonts. Simple task but can have an enormous impact on the overall design of your web shop. Do not neglect the small details, these can get your unique visitors hooked immediately.

Porto is search engine friendly, optimized for speed and supports both multi currencies and languages. You will do yourself a huge favor by giving Porto theme a chance and let it revolutionize your technology project. Impressed you definitely will be. Not only you but every single person who stumbles across your gadgets stacked store.

More info / Download Demo


fastor shopify technology theme
Are you ready to step it up a few notches and bring things to reality once and for all? If you are still deciding when to start your online business, wonder no more, the perfect timing is now. It is not tomorrow, on Christmas nor next year. You start acting now and let Fastor Shopify technology theme help you with the technical part. Building a website is exceptionally easy in this modern age. You do not need to be educated about it neither is the investment significant. For approximately $50 and with a bit of creativity, you can have everything set for the D day shortly.

Engineers behind Fastor always try to improve on it so you can get the most out of it with as little work as possible. One of the features which help you achieve incredible goals is Shopify Sections. A drag and drop layout builder where your imagination is the only limit. Stylize the website to its perfection and start taking fresh orders soon after the launch. Sounds very intriguing, right? Do all of the adjustments yourself and position everything in an exact and strategic order. Fastor is a feasible solution for all sorts of electronics, tech and gadgets-rich e-shops. Something for every taste.

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Home Market

home market shopify technology theme
While some themes are for selling single products, the others are for small inventories while the third ones are for creating mega stores. A supermarket if you will. The latter is what Home Market Shopify technology theme is all about. Launch a massive online shop selling electronic devices of all kinds and categories. An easily manageable theme gives you complete control of your store no matter the amount of products. Sell 100, 1,000 or even more and Home Market will handle it all.

No matter the store size, a great navigation is always very helpful. With horizontal or vertical Mega Menu, shoppers will quickly access the desired section of your web shop. Advanced filtering options of Home Market play a big part of the overall navigation and browsing, yet shopping, experience. When an item interests them, they can enjoy the quickview function what ensures them to learn more about the product without leaving the current page. If the product is the one, they can instantly add it to cart with Ajax cart feature or wishlist and purchase it later. Chances are, it will not be available anymore due to the popularity of your outstanding tech products online shop. To expand your audience, enjoy Shopify’s translation feature and Home Market theme’s RTL support.

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