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20 Technology Website Templates  For Apps & Software 2018

20 Technology Website Templates For Apps & Software 2018

Whatever kind of a tech business or startup you are, you can take all these modern and responsive technology website templates to your advantage. For apps, software and any type of service you offer, it should not be a question anymore whether or not you need a website. The shortest answer is: You Need A Website! But that is something you are already aware of otherwise, you will not be here. You also understand that you do not have to built from the ground up. There are pre-made templates available for your convenience.

If one industry, then it is technology which has loads of tools and ready-to-use material at your service. With the technology website templates below, you have a great chance to turn your visitors into potential clients. The quality of your product or service is the main thing that will make or break your business. However, how you present it on the web is not far behind. Even if your product is the best in the world, if your (web) design simply sucks, barely any will decide to go with what you offer.

There is no need for you to lack enviable look, site performance and overall fantastic user experience. That’s why we have here only the best of the best technology website templates. These tools will take your mobile app, web hosting company, IT or SaaS startup to an entirely new level.


thesaas technology website template
As the name already says it, TheSaaS is a technology website template with SaaS, software and web applications in mind. With a range of ready-to-use demos, you can create pages for all kinds of software by replacing the existing content and information with yours. You will find Google, Bootstrap, Slack, Skype and Trello template lookalikes. Pick accordingly and start editing the amazing layout of choice.

In addition to the demos, TheSaaS also has all the necessary inner pages and a nice selection of headers. It is responsive, retina ready and optimized for fast loading speeds. Get that clean and stylish website for your software as a service up and running and boost it above and beyond. Let new potential users experience your product in a unique way and have them hooked with the quality easily. That is something you will not have a problem achieving with TheSaaS template and all its remarkable features.

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utouch technology website template
Utouch is one of those cool and fun templates that will spice things up for you in regards to your business’ website design. With the available material and a set of awesome SVG icons, your site will look just terrific. Everyone will enjoy browsing it and learning more about your startup, product or any other business. Although Utouch’s focus is tech industry, you can undoubtedly tailor it to something entirely different. The code is clean what makes working with it an effortless process.

The modern design, neat animations and a broad range of other features ensure your website that uses Utouch template to be as sophisticated as possible. Sticky menu with four different hover effects and a drop down feature take navigation to a new level while footer’s parallax feature makes things look special.

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appai technology website template
APPAI is a landing page template to showcase mobile apps and web applications. Four types of demos of which each has additional four styles give you enough variations to quickly find what you are looking for. You can choose between color, particle, video and image background and select one of four available home page variations. But the demos are only a slice of all the fun that APPAI template delivers. Of course, there are other HTML pages at your service while APPAI’s customization capabilities give you enough freedom to come up with the exact layout you want. On top of that, there is also a coming soon template to start the hype early.

Many features make APPAI a product that deserves further investigation. Pixel perfect design, Bootstrap 3, smooth transitions and quality documentation are just a few of the extra goodies worth mentioning. But more, you will enjoy exploring on your own.

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cynic technology website template
Digital agencies of almost any type, marketing, IT, SEO, PPC, etc., will be thrilled about Cynic template. You will notice the variety of the best technology website templates we prepared for you. Only because we always want to cover as many tastes as possible. However, with only one template, you choose from this collection, many businesses are covered. It is all because of the fact how powerful and modifiable the templates are. One of them is, no doubt, Cynic.

With over forty HTML pages and premium Slider Revolution and Linear Icons free of charge, Cynic’s powerfulness fulfills even the pickiest users. The template is 100% mobile-friendly, has a sticky menu, typewriter effect and a strategically executed content. The UX of Cynic template is following high-standards for fantastic results.

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softbox technology website template
Elegance and sophistication are what you get with Sofbox software website template for landing pages. The clean and simple web design, each of several default predefined demos uses, will give your product extra shine. Moreover, Sofbox also has pre-built demos that follow the style of the popular software, like Dropbox, Slack, Bootstrap and Webex. In both cases, you can improve the current layout and make it look custom.

Sofbox is a technology website template with a crisp and easy customizable code, hover effects and a working contact form. Editable header, footer, sliders, colors, you name it, you can modify Sofbox how you like it with ease. Fill it with your personal touch and company branding and turn it into the website you planned on building. Just that with a solid tool, you do not need to construct it from scratch.

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apperle technology website template
Apperle is a slick and contemporary landing page template for web and mobile applications. It has a whopping 28 color presets and over 23 different front page designs. The template is responsive what makes it smoothly adapt to any device, mobile, tablet and desktop. Apperle sports a valid HTML5 and CSS3 code with all the files that come organized to manage them easier.

Some of the backgrounds you can choose from are particle, snow, parallax, waves, glee and video. Apperle is an RTL friendly template with a working contact form, MailChimp subscription and Instagram compatible. In the template bundle, you will find HTML, CSS, Sass and JS files. Start customizing and have a website for your software, product or app up and running ASAP.

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appro technology website template
With twelve demos always at your fingertips and a great chance of more dropping in the future, Appro is a premier landing page template. It is a Bootstrap Framework based item, compatible with all device screens and modern browsers. All websites will have a gorgeous appearance both on smartphones and tablets, as well as desktops. Pick the demo and start improving it per your or your client’s interest. Appro’s code is well commented what makes it friendly to newbies and experienced website developers.

Awesome on scroll animations, video support, sliders, testimonials section and pricing tables, you get it all and loads more with Appro. From top to bottom, your website will deliver an outstanding experience and act as the most excellent funnel to turn visitors into clients or users. Feel free to start publishing compelling articles with an addition of the blog section that Appro sports.

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hostino technology website template
Hostino is the contemporary web hosting website template for refreshing your current sites with something remarkable. Your page does not need to feel outdated anymore. Make it something special and impressive with Hostino template. Most of the work has been done for you already. All there is you need to do is the fancy stuff and publish the website.

One design, two colors, various HTML pages and WHMCS ready, Hostino is The template for your web hosting pages. As for the WHMCS part, Hostino has login and register pages, pricing tables and all the necessities to save you as much time as possible. This technology website template is ready to deploy the most advanced stuff. Clean and to the point web design of Hostino along with call-to-action buttons, testimonials and pricing tables are enough to win your visitors over.

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sigma technology website template
Do you need a solution to promote your app on the web? Well, that should not even be a question, of course you do! For the fastest execution, there is no need for you to build a custom website. We have loads of technology website templates here that will take care of your site creation. Your application will be on the web sooner rather than later. That said, expect new clients, new downloads and new subscribers to start coming in.

To speed things up, Sigma comes with four sample front pages, one for mobile apps, the second for messengers, the third for web apps and the last one for desktop apps. Pages for features, pricing, about and others are also part of the deal. Besides, you also get fully editable mockups so you do not have to worry about downloading those.

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logic technology website template
Logic is a fully responsive and browser compatible material design agency website template. The appearance is elegant and expert looking what will add up to your overall professionalism. Your web presence should be as pro as possible to build trust and show them that you are a real serious deal. Default, image banner, parallax banner, gradient banner and text rotating banner are five home page versions that you receive once downloading Logic template.

At any time, you can customize the friendly code and tweak the style you like most. That said, the possibilities are close to endless when you have a solid template at hand. And that is something you get not only with Logic but all other technology website template, too. For the most part, you will not have a problem doing the editing and customization yourself. However, when the need arises, hit up the support and they will assist you.

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appland technology website template
Impressing potential clients and customers with a website that is based on Appland will be inevitable. This technology website template is for app landing pages, hence its name. It is an HTML5 product powered by Bootstrap 3 for extensibility and quick and efficient customization. The design of Appland is a memorable one. As a matter of fact, there are several version of it in form of seven different home page demos. Each of these seven demos comes as an iPhone or Android version. Meaning, it’s the mockups that change which you also get as part of the bundle.

Appland offers to each of your visitor a one-of-a-kind experience what will turn them into fans right away. Responsive, retina ready, quick support and three blog pages for content marketing, Appland gives your product an entire website solution.

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ahamag technology website template
To be part of the tech industry, you do not really need to own a product or offer services. You can start a tech related page and write about the industry and whatever you might be passionate about. AhaMag is the technology website template for online magazines, large, small and even blogs. You can use it for any niche within the industry or build a massive online news site that covers it all.

AhaMag is a Bootstrap 4 template with an optimized code for faster loading speed and enhanced overall performance. This also goes for adjusting the template to how you fancy it. There is nothing complicated about it. The quicker you start the sooner you will see the first results.

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winapps technology website template
No questions asked, you do need a website to promote your app or software. If you would like to see a fantastic outcome and your business to grow, a page is a must. No ifs, no buts, no maybes. Create one today or refresh the existing one if you think it deserves to be updated with a new design. Either way, technology website templates are here to take care of all your tech businesses and firms.

Winapps is a template for landing page like websites to help you push your product and grow your project. Nope, you do not have to be an owner of a Windows app to be able to use Winapps. The name is irrelevant in this case. What is important are the features, the pre-made content and the adaptability of the template.

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restart technology website template
Restarting your computer does not always feel comfortable but if you are doing it due to installing a new application, it is always exciting. That just sounds the most old-school possible, right? But we are not really here about restarting your computer, more like using the Restart technology website template for your apps and software. If that is really what you are looking for, we have plenty of tools available to put them to use. One of them is, well, Restart.

Responsive and cross-browser compatible, following all the latest SEO practices and rocking a neat and modernistic design, yep, that is Restart. While you might use one of the four demos as they are, you can still customize them to suit your needs precisely. Those interested in customizing the preferred demo, Restart’s convenient code is easy to work with.

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dot technology website template
Mobile and web applications, software, SaaS products, whatever your business may be, Dot is the template that takes care of your web presence. You can do a ton of promotion only by using a first-class website with a cutting-edge design. While all the technology website templates from this list deliver all that, it is the design what will make you choose one over the other.

With simplicity in mind, Dot is an HTML template with a broad specter of possibilities. To kick it off, there are ten home layouts and two color schemes. That already makes it twenty options for your websites. Moreover, fresh CSS3 animations, sticky menu, pricing tables, parallax effect and the meet-the-team section will make Dot a leader in its field. Indeed, it has a responsive and retina ready layout with easy-to-use files.

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camel technology website template
Digital agencies, startups and professional individuals with an emphasis on the tech world, start building a website right away with Camel template. Promoting your service online is simple with the right set of tools and that is when we come into play. It is our technology website templates which will help you save time and money and fulfill the most important sector of your marketing – WEBSITE. Without the latter, there is no online project. But you are closer than ever to bringing into being the must-have page.

To start with, Camel is flexible, optimized for search engines and in tune with all modern browsers. Everyone surfing your website, no matter the device and browser they use, will be impressed by the fact how well your page functions. Your great services in conjunctions with a smart website will take you to new riches.

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fury technology website template
For software landing pages, technology website templates have loads of options for you. You find many here and one of them is Fury. For your ultimate product, you need an unbeatable website that will make it stand out and attract even more potential users. That is definitely something that everyone is interested in achieving. No need for you to look elsewhere, you have all the needed gathered in one location. If you already came so far, then chances are high that you will pick Fury template. It is contemporary, elegant and built with the up-to-date technologies.

While Fury is already fantastic as is, it is super simple to customize. Improving it will feel very natural to you even if you have little prior skills and experience. Take it to your advantage and establish the ideal website with Fury.

More info / Download Demo


saslab technology website template
Not only for SaaS products but for almost all types of software and applications, SaaSLab is the technology website template to analyze further. Begin here and finish with the live preview or even the possibility of purchasing it if it meets your requirements. SaaSLab has five demos at your service, from a generic app landing page to several that imitate popular software websites, like Skype, Slack and Gmail.

We can easily call SaaSLab a multi-purpose website template since it covers a huge variety of niches. You already know what the template is capable of. Along with the ideas it provides, the features make SaaSLab one hell of a template. On top of that, all the extra pages you get are icing on the cake.

More info / Download Demo


saasera technology website template
If, for whatever reason, you are still checking out what technology website templates we hand picked for you, sit tight because the next one will blow you away. It is SaaSera, a template with over fifty demos. Yes, that is correct, 50! They range from app and agency to product roadmap and management and several famous software lookalikes. Speaking of which, they are Asana, Helpdesk, Bootstrap and Trello to name a few. Alongside the demo index pages, SaaSera also has loads of other pages for pricing, testimonials FAQs, blog and contact page. If you do not take extra time to flip through the available material, chaos will arise. Be careful.

From the initial idea to the final launch of your software product, little time will pass if you pick SaaSera template. It might even take you more time to check all live previews as it will creating the actual site. Just do not say I did not warn you.

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particle technology website template
Your websites will look ace when their foundation is Particle template. It is a contemporary startup and tech HTML template with three main front pages but in reality, there are six. Default, self-served HTML5 video and YouTube video demos come in light and dark styles what makes it a total of six. What’s more, you get high-resolution mockups at no extra charge to showcase your product like it would be displayed in real time.

Particle sports stunning animations and effects, like parallax, typewriter and particle, and makes your lives free of struggle with a straightforward code. It will work for both novice and advanced website developers and designers. Particle is a complete solution for creating a technology website for established businesses and startups.

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