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Technology Website Templates

35 Technology Website Templates For Apps & Software 2020

Whatever kind of a tech business or startup you are, you can take all these modern and responsive technology website templates to your advantage. For apps, software and any type of service you offer, it should not be a question anymore whether or not you need a website. The shortest answer is: You Need A Website! But that is something you are already aware of otherwise, you will not be here. You also understand that you do not have to built from the ground up. There are pre-made templates available for your convenience.

If one industry, then it is the technology which has loads of tools and ready-to-use material at your service. With the technology website templates below, you have a great chance to turn your visitors into potential clients. The quality of your product or service is the main thing that will make or break your business. However, how you present it on the web is not far behind. Even if your product is the best in the world, if your (web) design simply sucks, barely any will decide to go with what you offer.

There is no need for you to lack enviable look, site performance, and overall fantastic user experience. That’s why we have here only the best of the best technology website templates. These tools will take your mobile app, web hosting company, IT or SaaS startup to an entirely new level.


divi technology website template
For anything technology-related, there is one solution that suits any taste, no matter how picky one might be. With that said, meet Divi. This extraordinary website template is all one needs when bringing into being even the most advanced page. You will soon find out how much you can accomplish in a relatively short amount of time.

Have in mind, in the massive Divi bundle, you will find well over eight hundred predefined designs and a whopping collection of more than one hundred full site kits. How insane does that sound? And all for the price of one tool!

While each demo can become its own website out of the box, with the Divi builder, you can take things to the next level swiftly. Edit and enhance the default look with quick visual editing and make Divi yours. Without the need to spend countless hours behind the code, you can now see immediate results real-time with Divi.

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jevelin technology website template
Jevelin is a striking business and technology website template with a multi-concept approach to web design. Out of the box, there are tons of different samples ready-made for you to put into play right away. Feel free to employ the one that sparks your interest as is and see your page live on the web quickly. However, you can also use WPBakery drag and drop page builder, make corrections and fine-tune Jevelin to your needs and requirements. Both approaches will give you a first-class page that will scale your reach over and beyond.

Instead of designing a page from scratch, heck, hiring a web developer to do it for you, with Jevelin, you can make it happen all by yourself. Let the idea of building a website not frighten you. Jevelin is here to unlock a broad horizon of possibilities for you regardless of your skill level.

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When a name of the item goes as straight to the point as Webify goes, you know right away what to expect from it. Indeed, Webify is a technology website template for SaaS startups but you can alter it to other projects, too. Webify comes with seven super-exclusive demos and an addition of over fifteen internal pages. In short, Webify provides all and everything for sorting out your online appearance as quickly as possible.

You do not have to invest much time to have a fully functional page ready for launch. Instead of focusing on building your site, you can continue focusing on growing your business. It is Webify which did the majority of work for you. Pick what is available, improve it and you are ready to rock’n’roll. In the bundle, you will find all the necessary sections and pages, as well as newsletter subscription which is in tune with MailChimp.

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spring technology website template
Are you an entrepreneur running a startup and are looking to expand your business online? Or you maybe already have a page built but you just do not feel it best resonates your brand and product. Spring is a solid technology website template for software, SaaS, application and other tech landing pages. It comes with four neat home designs, as well as a full blog section which you can utilize for content marketing.

Spring is based on the popular Bootstrap grid system, has a clean and friendly code and does not shy away from any customizations you would like to perform. It is also fully mobile and retina ready, compatible with browsers and optimized for fast performance. Alongside, you also get easy to follow documentation so you never run into any issues. Spring is beautiful and fresh, making your website look professional and go straight to the point.

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bulkit technology website template
Agencies, startups and small businesses alike, Bulkit is the one technology website template that you need. It will help you answer all the web design questions you may have for a successful establishment of a banging website. The Bulkit package includes five incredible default demo kits, plus, three special demos for startup, agency and dashboard. You will not need to build much on your own since Bulkit has it all ready-made.

In the bundle, you will also find a ton of reusable components, loads of graphics and many illustrations that allow you to modify the look of Bulkit however you like it. Doing any improvements to Bulkit will be an easy process since the tool is super beginner-friendly to give everyone a chance to create a page for their business. Bulkit also uses an alternative framework called Bulma. That said, if you would like something that is not Bootstrap, by all means, go with Bulkit.

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ICO Crypto

ico crypto technology website template
ICO Crypto is a professional technology website template for, as the name implies, ICO landing pages. For development agencies willing to enter the cryptocurrency world, do it in style with ICO Crypto. The tool comes with ten demos and seven color presets along with plenty of other great features and assets. Just by blending together the available material and you already have countless possibilities for your wesite.

Awesome illustrations, AJAX contact form, well-organized code and RTL compatible, have a quick solution for your web design with ICO Crypto. The look of the template, regardless of the demo you choose, is very smooth, unique and attention-grabbing. Content loads on scroll, the navigation is a sticky one and the entire layout stuffed with amazingness. With so much material at your fingertips, you can hammer out an ICO page swiftly.

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smart technology website template
Perfect and ideal for a web developer or a team looking to sell creations online. SMART is a landing page style scheme that offers a sleek and contemporary look where you can showcase your apps for the world to see. This terrific technology website template comes with thirteen ready-to-use demos which are all beautiful, following all the latest trends. No matter which you choose, they will all make your products stand out from the rest.

SMART also rocks a fully responsive layout, vector icons, a functional AJAX contact form and an on scroll content reveal feature. Those stunning animations will pop up in an enticing way, getting them hooked right off the bat. With the tidy design and organized code, SMART is effortless to use and compatible with all devices and browsers. Be it mobile phones or tablets, Chrome or Safari, SMART works seamlessly no matter what.

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Engine Hosting

engine technology website template
If you are browsing this collection of the best technology website templates in hopes to find a great tool for your web hosting company, you just came to the right place. Engine Hosting is the HTML template for a web hosting website that unlocks many options for you. The first one would be a quick and comfortable page realization. With two color schemes – blue and light – along with 24 HTML files, the content is there, you just need to put it to use.

Engine Hosting guarantees exceptional responsiveness for every modern and mobile-first user, as well as cross-browser compatibility. After all, Engine Hosting is based on Bootstrap what gives it the flexibility that your web space deserves. Pricing tables, animated statistics, chat box, testimonials slider, domain search, you name it, it is all in the Engine Hosting kit for you to utilize.

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alpas technology website template
A bright and creative website is perfect when you are getting ready to head into the online business world. Alpas allows you to be unique in your presentation. This theme is one of the best when it comes to technology website templates. It is fresh and smart looking, making sure the outcome will be first-class and striking. It also sports easily customizable page layouts that will bring your site to life. Speaking of customization, the Elementor page builder does the trick with its drag and drop technology. No coding for you.

What’s more, Alpas is responsive and looks great on any modern browser and device. Only a little bit of work, and you will be up and live quickly. That is exactly how Alpas rolls due to all the very many features and functions it has in store for your convenience. Let the fun begin!

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quadron technology website template
Building a clean and stylish website is important when you decide to present your business to the online world and get the most out of it. Quadron will bring anything drone and aerial photography to life. You cannot find a look that is more sophisticated than this technology website template offers. In the kit, you will find three homes, sixteen inner pages and over one hundred elements to mix and match. You can even create an online store with Quadron and take your project to a whole new degree.

There are lots of ideas and options to make sure your site will look as you want. Of course, you can always spice things up and enrich the default appearance with your creative touch. Quadron will never ask you for any advanced web development knowledge. In fact, you can be an utter beginner. To sum up, Quadron is quick and simple with an unmatched style.

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binmp technology website template
When you are looking to go live on the internet with your business, you want a template that is easy to use and will showcase your company in the perfect light. Binmp can do that for you. It is easy to customize and gives you lots of options and possibilities out of the box. Without a shadow of a doubt, Binmp is a breeze to use, offering a design that will scream with sophistication and attractiveness. No doubt, you will capture everyone’s interest with ease.

Needless to say, Binmp is fully mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible, as well as offers outstanding performance. Some other features include Slider Revolution, one click installation, Ultimate Addons for WPBakery, Contact Form 7, smooth animations, parallax effect and practical shortcodes. Instead of starting from zero, you can now save yourself a ton of time and energy that you can instead invest in marketing your business for the success you would like to attain.

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signflow technology website template
Signflow, with its modern and elegant design, is an ideal template for startups looking to optimize their online presence. As a technology website template, Signflow is one large template full of goodies. It comes with over one hundred pages and more than four thousand creative industry icons. Besides, you also get to select from fifteen portfolios to find the best that suits your needs. There are also 75 advanced web components and elements what makes it customizing your page a breeze.

Signflow is powered by Bootstrap Framework and created using smart codes which works smoothly with the comprehensive and simple to follow documentation. With an innovative and always up to date framework like Signflow, you never have to worry about lagging behind your competitors and focus on growing your business instead.

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Protech SaaS

protech saas technology website template
Is it that you are looking for a pliable tool to start a website for your SaaS, software or any other app project? Kick off marketing right with a grand and compelling web space. That said, look no further as Protech SaaS could just be what you are looking for. It is a cutting-edge technology website template with various elements and options to make the page you want for your product. With Protech SaaS, you can bring into being advanced pages with ease.

Protech SaaS comes with six front page variations and a total of more than 50 HTML inner pages and more than 49 components. Everyone crafting a page with Protech SaaS will also find it a breeze to customize it since all files are documented and well-commented. What’s more, the site canvas is also MailChimp integrated, perfect for your forthcoming marketing strategies.

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profix technology website template
ProFix is a slightly different technology website template that you are used to seeing in this list. It is a tool exclusive to repair service companies that specialize in computers and mobile phones. Of course, you can adjust it however you see it fit best but that is just to give you a better idea what is possible with ProFix. Besides, ProFix is also shop and blog ready for when you would like to expand your offering and grow your business above and beyond.

Three homes, different headers and footers, under construction page and two classy contact sections with form and Google Maps, all these and loads more is what you get with ProFix. Other features of the template are mobile-readiness, cross-browser compatibility and easy customization with the included documentation. If tech repair services is what you are the expert of, expand your reach with ProFix.

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cloudhub technology website template
Perfect for web hosting projects, Cloudhub offers a contemporary and versatile design to push your services and get your business bloom. It is a technology website template which provides a strong base for your web space that will create a solid first impression and spark their interest. Cloudhub is a template with a number of customization features and elements, making it easier for you to establish your brand online.

Changing colors is super simple and convenient with Cloudhub. It allows you to alter the primary and secondary colors of the design with an option to add gradients as your desire. There are also a bunch of predesigned demos which you can use exactly as they are on live preview or adjust them per your requests. In fact, you get forty pages in total and nine demos which all rock a light code and are optimized for top-notch performance.

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breed technology website template
If you have not hunt down the ideal technology website template for your domain and web hosting firm yet, Breed might be the one. It is a pack of HTML and WHMCS predefined layouts which ensure you a quick and efficient website creation. The web design of Breed follows all the modern trends and regulations what will benefit you greatly. You can start something fresh super fast with little work and time invested.

The great features and assets of Breed are smooth scrolling, SVG icons, side menu overlay, optimized for fast loading speeds and mega menu. Pricing and plan tables, lovely hover effects, back to top buttons and accordions are just a few extra goodies to increase the hype. Without further ado, get your web hosting’s web space sorted out with Breed and start marching toward the success you want to reach.

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Techno Store

techno store technology website template
Techno Store is a technology website template that you can use for online shops selling gadgets and other electronic devices. The tool comes with a total of 43 HTML and PSD files to give you the freedom you are qualified for. Designing, developing and establishing an eCommerce platform packed with electronic devices will be a piece of cake with Techno Store. After all, you have it all ready to use.

With the Techno Store kit, you can benefit from ten pro home page designs, five shop pages, five different product details and even a blog section. The coding of the template is very clean and humanly executed for beginners and pros to take to their advantage. Spice things up with the parallax effect and let them get in touch with you with any questions they may have using the included working contact form.

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pixer technology website template
The road to building a digital agency may seem too hard to achieve. However, you can defy the odds with the Pixer template. This technology website template is your vehicle in traversing that path smoothly. It has a high-quality and modern design, with versatile features to boot. Pixer is also responsive based on the latest technology, seamless for any device and browser.

A page can speak volumes, and Pixer assures you that every page will excellently connect to your leads by showing all the necessary information. To ease the process further, Pixer offers you three creative and vibrant demos that will kick-start your project and get you going in a small breeze. Other treats of Pixer are sticky navigation, funky animations, skillbars, hover effects, video support and pricing plans. The options are very many with Pixer so make the plunge now and see the difference.

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hostsun technology website template
As the name suggests, Hostsun is an ideal technology website template for web hosting firms and domain registrars. Hostsun includes a bunch of first-class front pages and other internal sections that will engage your users from the moment your website opens for them. Furthermore, Hostsun is a Bootstrap Framework tool that gives it the responsiveness every modern page should sport. Meaning, with Hostsun, your website will work fluently on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

There’s more.

Hostsun allows you to start a blog, too, and introduce content marketing for the success of your hosting company. Make it match your branding to a T by customizing and tweaking the default settings according to your taste. Change texts, images and colors and you already have an entirely different look of Hostsun. And the modification process does not need to end here – go entirely against the grain if you wish.

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applify technology website template
For a fun, vibrant, energetic and full of great characteristics technology website template, you need Applify. Even the name is cool! But isn’t almost anything that ends with a “y” cute and adorable? Oh well, that is not really the topic we will discuss here. Applify is an app landing page template with four niche demos and four other, more classic style samples for you to employ and adjust however you fancy.

Applify has four gradient presets, includes Photoshop device mockups for free and features exclusive app modules. Stunning UI, lightweight, tidy and neat code, smooth animations and a responsive grid layout await all Applify users. Bear in mind, Applify even provides email responder templates. Of course, this is just the beginning of what Applify has to offer you. There is a lot more in the bundle which will rapidly speed up your website building activity.

More info / Download Demo


appino technology website template
Whoever out there is a mobile app developer in search to push his or her services on the web, the solution is here. Appino could be the perfection of a tool for your web space. This technology website template is ideal for mobile app landing pages. It sports a neat and elegant web design, a perfect combination for your expert looking website.

But there is a lot more to it.

Appino comes with a whopping collection of over 21 home versions and ten more inner pages. Besides, there are also three additional pre-built template options for browser, caller and messenger applications. Appino also offers a broad diversity of customization schemes for different site elements such as sections, sliders, headers and colors. With the pre-built content and your creative touch, Appino can be a great approach to taking your product to the next level.

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terahoster technology website template
In this day and age, your website must be performing great across all devices and platforms, as well as loading fast, optimized for SEO and other fancy stuff. However, if you are not experienced with any of that stuff, you better look into predesigned tools that will help you make do things like pros do. For a web hosting company, TeraHoster is a dope technology website template with HTML and WHMCS versions.

TeraHoster is made up of three index page styles for you to find the right look for your firm quickly. It also features a toggle switcher for pricing tables, professional mega menu and a parallax background effect. Smooth scroll, search engine friendly, responsive and retina ready, as well as free lifetime updates, TeraHoster provides and cares of your online appearance.

More info / Download Demo


hostify technology website template
Perfect for web entrepreneurs who desire a no-fuss design for their websites, Hostify offers a straightforward and novel design. It is an ideal solution for your branding needs but most importantly, to kick off your online project in a stylish and enticing way. Bring your world’s best web hosting services to the web and help those in need. Hostify is a technology website template for everyone who wants something different compared to what you get choosing an alternative.

As a design-oriented template, Hostify features various interactive elements and great customization options, what makes it a breeze for you to construct the website you want. Amazing pricing tables, stunning slider with icons, lovely industry graphics and five color schemes, Hostify fires you up for a fast launch of a web hosting page. It is all highly adjustable for you to create the exact web space you want for your company.

More info / Download Demo


skyhost technology website template
SKYHOST is a fluid technology website template that works for all sorts of different web hosting related businesses. It could be a general hosting service, domain registration or a mixture of everything, SKYHOST handles it all efficiently. In the bundle, SKYHOST offers different HTML and WHMCS layouts which are also RTL compatible. Start by selecting the demos you dig the most and get busy adjusting it to your requirements.

Different loader styles, active contact form, mega menu, pricing tables and login form, SKYHOST equips you with all the essentials and then some. It uses Font Awesome icons, Google fonts, is optimized for search engines and instantly acclimatizes to every modern web browser. Smooth transitions, animations and hover effects add up to a genuine experience. You can also start writing a blog and use it as a helpful content marketing strategy.

More info / Download Demo


thesaas technology website template
As the name already says it, TheSaaS is a technology website template with SaaS, software and web applications in mind. With a range of ready-to-use demos, you can create pages for all kinds of software by replacing the existing content and information with yours. You will find Google, Bootstrap, Slack, Skype and Trello template lookalikes. Pick accordingly and start editing the amazing layout of choice.

In addition to the demos, TheSaaS also has all the necessary inner pages and a nice selection of headers. It is responsive, retina ready and optimized for fast loading speeds. Get that clean and stylish website for your software as a service up and running and boost it above and beyond. Let new potential users experience your product in a unique way and have them hooked with the quality easily. That is something you will not have a problem achieving with TheSaaS template and all its remarkable features.

More info / Download Demo


utouch technology website template
Utouch is one of those cool and fun templates that will spice things up for you in regards to your business’ website design. With the available material and a set of awesome SVG icons, your site will look just terrific. Everyone will enjoy browsing it and learning more about your startup, product or any other business. Although Utouch’s focus is tech industry, you can undoubtedly tailor it to something entirely different. The code is clean what makes working with it an effortless process.

The modern design, neat animations and a broad range of other features ensure your website that uses Utouch template to be as sophisticated as possible. Sticky menu with four different hover effects and a drop down feature take navigation to a new level while footer’s parallax feature makes things look special.

More info / Download Demo


appai technology website template
APPAI is a landing page template to showcase mobile apps and web applications. Four types of demos of which each has additional four styles give you enough variations to quickly find what you are looking for. You can choose between color, particle, video and image background and select one of four available home page variations. But the demos are only a slice of all the fun that APPAI template delivers. Of course, there are other HTML pages at your service while APPAI’s customization capabilities give you enough freedom to come up with the exact layout you want. On top of that, there is also a coming soon template to start the hype early.

Many features make APPAI a product that deserves further investigation. Pixel perfect design, Bootstrap 3, smooth transitions and quality documentation are just a few of the extra goodies worth mentioning. But more, you will enjoy exploring on your own.

More info / Download Demo


cynic technology website template
Digital agencies of almost any type, marketing, IT, SEO, PPC, etc., will be thrilled about Cynic template. You will notice the variety of the best technology website templates we prepared for you. Only because we always want to cover as many tastes as possible. However, with only one template, you choose from this collection, many businesses are covered. It is all because of the fact how powerful and modifiable the templates are. One of them is, no doubt, Cynic.

With over forty HTML pages and premium Slider Revolution and Linear Icons free of charge, Cynic’s powerfulness fulfills even the pickiest users. The template is 100% mobile-friendly, has a sticky menu, typewriter effect and a strategically executed content. The UX of Cynic template is following high-standards for fantastic results.

More info / Download Demo


sofbox technology website template
Elegance and sophistication are what you get with Sofbox software website template for landing pages. The clean and simple web design, each of several default predefined demos uses, will give your product extra shine. Moreover, Sofbox also has pre-built demos that follow the style of the popular software, like Dropbox, Slack, Bootstrap and Webex. In both cases, you can improve the current layout and make it look custom.

Sofbox is a technology website template with a crisp and easy customizable code, hover effects and a working contact form. Editable header, footer, sliders, colors, you name it, you can modify Sofbox how you like it with ease. Fill it with your personal touch and company branding and turn it into the website you planned on building. Just that with a solid tool, you do not need to construct it from scratch.

More info / Download Demo


apperle technology website template
Apperle is a slick and contemporary landing page template for web and mobile applications. It has a whopping 28 color presets and over 23 different front page designs. The template is responsive what makes it smoothly adapt to any device, mobile, tablet and desktop. Apperle sports a valid HTML5 and CSS3 code with all the files that come organized to manage them easier.

Some of the backgrounds you can choose from are particle, snow, parallax, waves, glee and video. Apperle is an RTL friendly template with a working contact form, MailChimp subscription and Instagram compatible. In the template bundle, you will find HTML, CSS, Sass and JS files. Start customizing and have a website for your software, product or app up and running ASAP.

More info / Download Demo


appro technology website template
With twelve demos always at your fingertips and a great chance of more dropping in the future, Appro is a premier landing page template. It is a Bootstrap Framework based item, compatible with all device screens and modern browsers. All websites will have a gorgeous appearance both on smartphones and tablets, as well as desktops. Pick the demo and start improving it per your or your client’s interest. Appro’s code is well commented what makes it friendly to newbies and experienced website developers.

Awesome on scroll animations, video support, sliders, testimonials section and pricing tables, you get it all and loads more with Appro. From top to bottom, your website will deliver an outstanding experience and act as the most excellent funnel to turn visitors into clients or users. Feel free to start publishing compelling articles with an addition of the blog section that Appro sports.

More info / Download Demo


hostino technology website template
Hostino is the contemporary web hosting website template for refreshing your current sites with something remarkable. Your page does not need to feel outdated anymore. Make it something special and impressive with Hostino template. Most of the work has been done for you already. All there is you need to do is the fancy stuff and publish the website.

One design, two colors, various HTML pages and WHMCS ready, Hostino is The template for your web hosting pages. As for the WHMCS part, Hostino has login and register pages, pricing tables and all the necessities to save you as much time as possible. This technology website template is ready to deploy the most advanced stuff. Clean and to the point web design of Hostino along with call-to-action buttons, testimonials and pricing tables are enough to win your visitors over.

More info / Download Demo


sigma technology website template
Do you need a solution to promote your app on the web? Well, that should not even be a question, of course you do! For the fastest execution, there is no need for you to build a custom website. We have loads of technology website templates here that will take care of your site creation. Your application will be on the web sooner rather than later. That said, expect new clients, new downloads and new subscribers to start coming in.

To speed things up, Sigma comes with four sample front pages, one for mobile apps, the second for messengers, the third for web apps and the last one for desktop apps. Pages for features, pricing, about and others are also part of the deal. Besides, you also get fully editable mockups so you do not have to worry about downloading those.

More info / Download Demo


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