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WooCommerce deposit and partial payment plugins
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5 Best WooCommerce Deposit Plugins For Partial Payments 2023

With a rental or booking online business, using a WooCommerce deposit plugin can provide security for both you and your customers. By allowing partial payments, you can accommodate customers who cannot afford the full payment upfront. This feature is particularly useful for online booking websites.

WooCommerce deposit plugins offer peace of mind for both buyers and sellers by providing a solution for partial payments. They can also be used for items and products that require a deposit.

We’ve done the research for you and have compiled a list of the best WooCommerce deposit plugins. Our review process ensures you don’t have to search multiple websites to find the right one for your business. Whether you’re looking for a plugin with specific features or a user-friendly option, we’ve covered you.

Best WooCommerce Deposit Plugins

1. WooCommerce Deposits – Partial Payments Plugin

Responsive WooCommerce Deposit Plugins

This plugin is the ideal one for partial payment. It gives security to both of you. Of course, this comes with authorization. You have to authorize your customers about the deposits they will take. Given that, you can write terms and conditions powered by an attorney to avoid any conflict in the future.

Through this WooCommerce Deposit, you can allow your customers to pay a fixed price or put a percentage upfront. Of course, the deposit option is the main feature of this plugin. You can either force or accept deposits from your clients in your store. Moreover, you can create a cart-based deposit button after checking out.

It allows your clients to choose deposit type, whether a fixed value or percentage. Moreover, with its Automatic Email Reminders, you can give timely updates to avoid missed payments and penalties. Also, it gives you peace of mind.

With its back-end interface, you can manage everything gracefully. Since it has flexible deposit settings, you can control the taxes, shipping fees, and other additional payments. It’s all up to you.

Lastly, this plugin is perfectly made for the WooCommerce website, so you’ll have no problem with it.

Price: $54 one-time payment for all the features. There is no free version available for this plugin.

More info / Download

2. WooCommerce Deposit Down Payments

Functional WooCommerce Deposit Plugins

Here’s another plugin that supports down payments for purchases or services offered on your WooCommerce store. With this one, you can manage everything according to your preference. It has the latest features and functionalities to improve your website, sales, and revenues. That is probably the most important thing in your store.

The customers can complete their full payment later upon ordering an item. You, as the admin, have the power to edit deposit payments with fixed or percentage amounts, depending on their purchases.

In this plugin, you are not giving a single option, but you allow them to choose between deposit and payment. Although simple, this WooCommerce deposit has the complete functionalities to improve your website.

The demo page has a reCaptcha add-on to ensure that all visitors are human-generated. That will avoid scams and other online frauds. Moreover, it comes with the admin and buyer login to ensure that only specific people can log in to your site.

The installation of this plugin is pretty simple. You can upload this on your Dashboard plugin and activate it immediately upon purchase. Soon after, you can use it and manage it according to your will.

Price: $45 one-time payment.

More info / Download

3. WooCommerce Security Deposits – WordPress Plugin

Minimalistic WooCommerce Deposit Plugins

Of course, when it comes to WooCommerce deposits, security is the most important thing you need to consider. You don’t want to lose your profit in a single mistake, do you? This premium plugin will give your features you need to stay updated with the latest trends in the WooCommerce world.

Unlike other plugins, this one focuses more on rental businesses. So, if you are working on your rental online, you probably need these WooCommerce Security Deposits. Nonetheless, you can still use this in other products or items. Besides, it has all the other functionalities perfect for any field.

Using this, you can multiply the security deposits depending on the percentage or quantity of your items, products, or services. It also allows your clients to refund all order deposits simultaneously.

Being your website’s admin, you can modify any security deposit amounts you have made. What’s more, your customers can use the tracking numbers which link to the items they ordered. You can even have potential clients from other parts of the world with WPML and WooCommerce Booking compatibility.

Price: $30 (one time payment)

More info / Download

4. TeraWallet – For WooCommerce

SImple WooCommerce Deposit Plugins

When you are looking for a WooCommerce Deposit to use other features, this one is the right one. It enables your customers to store this digital money and use it for online payment. That includes full payment or partial payment. So, if your customer doesn’t have full cash to pay for an item, you can ask them through this TeraWallet.

This wallet system works just like any other payment method. Using this plugin, your clients don’t have to fill in the billing information every time they purchase from your store. But it works most conveniently.

You easily manage the settings when something goes wrong with the product and your client likes to make a refund. You can do the process of returning the funds on their TeraWallet. Also, you may set promotions where they could receive a cashback when they use this wallet. You’ll see that in a matter of a week or two, you’ll gain more revenue than before.

This plugin supports WooCommerce multi-vendor and other shop-related add-ons. So, you can expect hassle-free navigation throughout the settings page.

Price: Free version of the plugin is available on the WordPress plugin repository.

More info / Download

5. Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce

Easy-To-Use WooCommerce Deposit Plugins

Klarna is a startup that has massive VC financial backing. They closed the last financial round with $800m financing at a $6.7bn post-money valuation.

This plugin allows your customers to slice their payments into two or more. It enables them to pay their purchases in partial payment or deposits. The checkout feature of this is seamless with hassle-free navigations. This add-on on your website encourages more people to buy products or services from your shop.

It comes with several payment methods enabling customers with different payment gateways. Once your client purchases an item, the billing information and profile will automatically save on your website. It will help your buyers to avoid repeating on fill in their information.

Your customers can pay you through credit or debit cards. They can pay for their items in full or partial if they pay for the deposit or down payment.

One of the benefits of this plugin is that you can manage your finances inside your WooCommerce website. It allows you to see the current billing of each client. You can set the date or ask your customer to set their next payment date. You can keep track of their payments through the admin page.

Price: Free plugin available via

More info / Download

Finally, you don’t need to go anywhere to find the WooCommerce Deposit Plugins for your website. As your website administrator, you can review each client and decide whether to give them the partial payment option. Whether running a booking service or selling items online, the most crucial matter is making your clients happy by purchasing products, even if they do not have the exact amount of money. Of course, as long they have a good credit standing.

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