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3 Best WooCommerce Email Follow Up Plugins 2023

WooCommerce follow-up email plugins are a must-have for any e-commerce store. They are designed to increase your profits, recover lost customers, and ensure that your customers receive payment reminders. The best part is that these plugins are easy to use, even for those without technical skills.

Using this plugin, you can create a series of automated emails sent to your customers at specific intervals. For example, you can send an email after a purchase, reminding customers of their payment, or follow up with customers who have abandoned their cart. This saves you time and effort and ensures that your customers receive relevant and timely communications.

The WooCommerce follow-up email plugins have various customization options, allowing you to tailor your emails to match your brand’s voice and style. You can also set conditions and triggers to determine when an email is sent, ensuring that the right message is delivered to the right customer at the right time.

In conclusion, WooCommerce follow-up email plugins are a must-have for any e-commerce store looking to increase their profits and build better customer relationships. Their ease of use and customizable features provide the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. So, if you want to take your e-commerce business to the next level, consider using WooCommerce follow-up email plugins.

Best Follow Up Email Plugins for WooCommerce

We have found these WooCommerce email follow-up plugins and reviewed them to give you better options to download.

1. ShopMagic: Free Follow-Up Emails & Marketing Automation for WooCommerce

Functional WooCommerce Follow Up Emails

This plugin is capable of sending follow up emails, design custom emails, and a lot more. It has many possibilities on hand to give you the best services possible. Also, you can edit the email based on your customer’s order status. Some of the examples are Failed, Completed, and Processing. In the admin page, you can manage the settings and get ready the automated reply instead of creating new ones every day.

Moreover, you can request customer reviews using the template perfect to remind your client about the purchased products. Create a thank you message with reminders beforehand for easier sending of emails.

Creating an email template based on your preference and goal is super easy. It’s up to you if you want to create customized thank you and reminder letters or if you’d like to use the default template and message. Just edit all the essential details, and make it personal for effective email writing.

You can instantly include your clients to your MailChimp subscribers after they purchase items from your store. Through that strategy, you can send them several automated emails based on their activities on your website.

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2. HubSpot for WooCommerce

User-Friendly WooCommerce Follow Up Emails

This plugin is multi-purpose, giving almost everything you need for your WooCommerce website. It helps your buyers by managing your CRM, abandoner cart, email marketing strategies, marketing automation, and Analytics.

You finally have one plugin that is a jack of all trades. It allows you to integrate with marketing automation, such as automated reminders or follow up emails. Also, it syncs your WooCommerce to Hubspot, wherein you can manage everything on your site without hassle.

Managing orders and CRM would never be that easy without the help of this plugin. It also enables you to track the customers with abandoned carts. Once you see an abandoned cart, you can create customized emails to remind your clients about their carts – and maybe – earn them back.

This plugin can also manage and create your advertising campaign on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and other websites, including Google and LinkedIn.

Once you recognize the analytics or reports of your seller history, you can keep track of the buyers and use the automation system to thank them for purchasing.

Moreover, this plugin comes with an email newsletter and marketing automation. You can choose from the built-in email templates or create a model representing your brand.

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3. Product Alerts for WooCommerce

Responsive WooCommerce Follow Up Emails

This plugin is perfect for you if you want to alert your customers regarding the purchased items or anything alike. It lets you keep engaged with your clients and earn back previous customers. Also, you can remind them about the new products you have to encourage them to buy more from your store.

Buyers might put an item to their wish lists if they don’t have the money yet or if the price seems expensive for their budget. If so, you can remind them about the product, later on, to create potential sales easily. Anything your customers place on their Favorite section automatically belongs to your automated email marketing.

You can send alerts to your customers if you are restocking, on sale, or low in stock. These three alerts will help you earn more clients or make more sales from your repeating clients.

With the Restocking email, it comes with several features. You can change or use the same email subject, edit the layout and template design for the Headings, Type and Notification Text, Button Text, and many more. It also has the option to enable Captcha for safer sending of mails.

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These WooCommerce Follow-Up Emails Plugins can help you to bring back old customers. Other possibilities of using them include reminders for payments or online transactions made in your store. Use one of these plugins for hassle-free email automation for better profits and higher traffic.

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