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woocommerce pos plugins
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5 WooCommerce POS Plugins to Receive Payments 2023

Here you will find all the best WooCommerce pos plugins ranked and reviewed.

WooCommerce POS Plugins are a must-have for any e-commerce store, aiming to provide customers with a seamless and efficient checkout experience. Integrating a POS system into your online store can improve your sales and streamline your operations. Here are the top five benefits of using WooCommerce POS Plugins:

  • Increased sales: With a POS system, you can easily keep track of all transactions, including sales and inventory, helping you to make informed decisions that drive growth and increase sales.
  • Streamlined operations: POS plugins automate many of the manual tasks associated with running an e-commerce store, freeing up time and resources that can be better used elsewhere.
  • Better customer experience: POS systems offer a quick and efficient checkout experience, making it easy for customers to buy what they want and get on with their day.
  • Enhanced security: POS plugins offer a secure way to process payments, keeping customer information and financial data safe.
  • Improved reporting and analytics: By tracking sales and inventory, you can better understand your business, allowing you to make informed decisions and improvements to your store.

Overall, WooCommerce POS Plugins are a smart investment for any e-commerce store. With a wealth of features and benefits, you can enjoy increased sales, streamlined operations, and a better customer experience.

Best WooCommerce POS Plugins

We’ve found these amazing plugins, and we reviewed and researched all of them. We will present its features and other attributes to give you better ideas.

1. OpenPOS – WooCommerce Point Of Sale

Functional WooCommerce POS Plugins

This WooCommerce POS plugin has the essential features and functionalities for a smoother transaction. It allows you to sync your store’s sales and documents to your physical store. As a result, it would be easier to keep track of your customers. Its new features include OpenPOS Progressive Web Apps. That means you can download the app from your Google Chrome browser and use it as an add-on.

Having these features enable you to manage POS for your customers at any time of the day. Also, this plugin doesn’t recur monthly charges after your purchase. You can use it by paying only one time. Furthermore, it supports several shops, like café, restaurants, hotels, and more. Instead of buying expensive material to generate POS, you can use this plugin instead.

Besides, this Openpos has full features for faster and safe transactions. It comes with Stock Adjustment, Stock Transfer, and Inventory Management. Finally, you can manage your shop anywhere you go.

Additionally, adding products to your shop by registering its barcode is possible. The other way is through searching for your customer’s name and SKU. You can also report transactions and sales or let your assistant do the works for you.

Price: $64 one-time purchase

Active installations: 2,500+

More info / Download

2. Point of Sale System for WooCommerce (POS Plugin)

Responsive WooCommerce POS Plugins

The POS plugin will help you in many ways if you have multiple stores. You can let different agents handle and manage your customers and sales. In that way, you’ll have a lesser job, and you can work on more important things.

Using this plugin enables you to allow your agents to add new customers on their panel. So, you can hire an assistant that will work for you. Also, if you want to make your POS work, you can set the plugin into offline mode.

Another good news is that this plugin created a new feature that everyone could enjoy. Its POS desktop app allows you to use it offline or physical store. You can install this POS system directly on the desktop application from your Google Chrome browser. If you want to make it an add-on, click the plus (+) sign on your browser.

It comes with the POS price rule, so you can notify your customers about the discounted price by displaying it next to the actual price. Moreover, its POS barcode inventory makes it easier for your agents or assistant to do the entire job of managing your sales.

Price: $99 one-time purchase for a lifetime of updates.

Active installations: 1,100+

More info / Download

3. Oliver POS – A WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS)

User-friendly WooCommerce POS Plugins

This WooCommerce POS Plugin works great and helps you to generate sales quickly. Maybe one of the reasons this plugin works best is that it is responsive and easy to use. Its management system is also easy to understand. Besides, you don’t need to learn coding skills and hire a developer to do the works for you. Also, you don’t have to update your inventory manually and regularly. You can use this Olive POS to sync the WooCommerce Settings, Orders, Customers, Product Inventory, and Products instantly.

Another thing is that this plugin is free. The developer’s team doesn’t ask for credit card information. You only need to download the ZIP files or download and activate it directly on your WordPress website. Since the creator of this POS tested it on different gadgets – PC, Mac, iPad, and Android – it reassures you that it doesn’t have bugs.

Moreover, this plugin supports barcode readers, allowing you to add more products from your store to the WooCommerce shop. It also makes smoother transactions. If you don’t have POS Hardware, you can check out the developers’ POS Terminal.

Price: Free version available on

Active installations: 1,000+

More info / Download

4. WooCommerce POS

Easy-To-Use WooCommerce POS Plugins

This WooCommerce POS Plugin comes with free features that you can enjoy. You will love its fast POS system, which can quickly respond to your customers’ needs. Moreover, you can sync your WooCommerce store to your physical store’s systems. In that way, you can keep track of your sales and your repeat clients. Rest assured, this plugin wouldn’t ask for your credit card information or monthly fees from you.

It reassures you that it will save all your inventories. So, it’s possible to hire your assistant or agent if you want to outsource your jobs to manage your customers in your different shops. Another feature it has is that it comes with WPML support. Wherever you are, this plugin supports your language. You can also take advantage of it by selling to different parts of the world.

Furthermore, it is compatible with various browsers, enabling more people to access your website. This POS would make things easier and move faster on your end.

Price: Free version available on

Active installations: 8,000+

More info / Download

5. Point of Sale POS for WooCommerce

Cute WooCommerce POS Plugins

Here’s the one with the full features to give more enhancement to your store. This plugin can send the receipt to your customers and keep track of your sales. Since the developers tested this POS on different gadgets – mobile, tablet, and desktop – users can fully immerse on their online shopping experience. It seems like they’re just shopping offline.

Syncing from one place to another. Thankfully, you can sell anywhere using this plugin. One of its features you might like is that it allows you to sync the POS from your online store to your physical store. So, in that way, it would be easier to keep the details of your customers, and you can manage the inventory from both ends.

You can manage and view attributes, tags, categories, and products in the POS view. Also, it supports barcodes either on mobile or desktop. So, it feels like you’re just running a physical store, but most conveniently.

Since you are the admin, you have full control over changing the prices from regular to discounted ones. And you can also modify the sales and discounts from the admin page.

Price: Free version available on WordPress plugin repository.

Active installations: 800+

More info / Download

These plugins can help you to create an organized and manageable payment system. It also gives your customers peace of mind and security. More than that, you can now keep your online store and physical store intact. That would be an excellent marketing strategy to earn more visitors and potential clients.  

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