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5 Store Locator WordPress Plugins for Local Business’ Website

It’s about time your potential customers and clients stop doing guesswork about how they can visit your physical business location. Let them find you easily by embedding a store locator on your website. How can you add one? Don’t dread the process—you can always use a trusted store locator WordPress plugin for that.

What is a store locator? How would providing one on your website benefit your local business? What makes a plugin a reliable store locator builder on your WordPress site? We’ll dive into the answers to these questions in a bit. Meanwhile, let’s first talk about what a store locator is.

A store locator is a unique feature on a website. It helps site visitors get accurate directions to a certain brick-and-mortar business location. The good-old map of the local area where the physical store is located, is always a requisite in a store locator.

It’s also good to include essential pieces of information such as operating hours and a set of official and regularly updated contact details. A functionality that provides driving directions from a specific starting point is handy as well.

Benefits of Store Locator of WordPress Plugins to Your Local Business

“Okay, that’s a cool feature, but how would that benefit my business?”, you might wonder. Well, there are compelling reasons that would literally light a fire on you to go build that store locator on your website as soon as today.

First, it drives traffic to your website. Obviously, the main reason why you’re building a store locator is to drive more traffic to your physical store. Another one is that of the local businesses you’re partnering with. But optimizing your website for local SEO can also increase your site traffic which is absolutely a win-win.

Before visiting your physical business location, potential customers will probably lookup relevant information on your website including your address, contact information and directions. New site visitors may also come across your website when you rank better on search engine results.

Second, a store locator increases efficiency not just on your potential customers’ end but yours as well. Customers won’t have to send a message or call you just to get directions to your physical store, because it’s right there on your website. It also keeps your customer service simple and convenient as you don’t have to spend extra minutes answering every query about your store location. Again, it benefits both parties.

Third, and most importantly, this can gradually boost your brand popularity. As a result, you gain more sales and leads. Increased reliability experienced through your website can engage site visitors more, converting them into loyal customers.

How to Add a Store Locator on Your Website

Tell you what, it’s easy. It’s not rocket science. We don’t need to nerd out on special programming to get this done. As mentioned already, you can use one of the top WordPress store locator plugins to build one on your site. What are the ideal tools that make a plugin the best one for building this unique feature?

Of course, a handy map builder is always a given. Good thing if the plugin allows you to create multiple of that or even unlimited. Tools for customizing these maps are a must-have, too. The plugin should also allow you to enter custom meta data tailored for the contact information and other relevant details you want to display about your physical business location.

And what about a tool that allows you to include detailed directions for every mode of transportation to get to your store? You know, that Google Maps feature that comes in handy for every single person without sense of direction? Now we’re talking!

These are just some of the ideal tools you should look for in a store locator plugin. The good news is, we came up with a useful list that gives you just that.

WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps setup page

As this popular plugin’s name implies, it provides useful tools that can help you integrate Google Maps to your WordPress site. With the WP Google Maps’ features, you can add a customized map to either your site posts or pages. By just adding a supplied shortcode, this can be done in no time.

What purposes can you use the WP Google Maps for? You can utilize it for adding a map to your physical business location on your eCommerce site’s contact page. You can also use it to come up with routes and customized maps showing your delivery or service areas. This is useful to anyone who comes across your site and is interested in availing your products and services. At a glance, consumers will immediately determine whether or not it’s possible to do business with you.

With over 400,000 active installations, the WP Google Maps is definitely one of the most popular store locator plugins for WordPress. And that’s all because the developers are so generous to include tons of handy features even in the free version itself! What are some of the awesome features included in the free version?

There are nine responsive map themes you can choose from. Even so, the plugin enables you to come up with your own map theme. You can even define the map’s width, height and zoom level. The plugin also comes with a handy support for the Google Maps Streetview that will enable your site visitors to become more familiar with the landmarks surrounding your brick-and-mortar store. Plus, you can quickly learn how to use the plugin. No coding needed!

With all these features and more, you’ll be able to come up with a highly customized contact page on your website, drawing more customers to your business. And if ever you need to create multiple maps, and you need to utilize more tools and functionalities, you can simply upgrade to the pro version.

More info / Download

WP Store Locator

WP Store Locator demo page

Thinking of its wide range of tools and features, it is amazing how the WP Store Locator is a no-fuss easy to use WordPress store locator plugin. Think of it as a one-stop location management system for multiple stores you’re overseeing. Because the features enable the management of an unlimited number of stores, this plugin is great for businesses with multiple branches spread across several locations.

Thus, even if boosting each of the branch for local SEO may sound intimidating, the WP Store Locator keeps things simple for any business owner who’s managing multiple branches. Add customized maps on your site pages. Customize labels for the entry fields on the admin’s end. Provide driving directions for each of your store locations. All these are just some of the things you’ll be able to come up with by utilizing the tools and features included in the WP Store Locator plugin.

In addition to these, the plugin also allows you to add in necessary contact information to your directory page or anywhere on your WordPress site. Some of the details you can add are the store’s phone number, fax, email address, social links, operating hours and description. You can add in some more custom meta data, as there’s a tool for this as well.

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Store Locator Plus for WordPress

Store Locator Plus for WordPress demo page

Used and trusted by some of the popular international brands. That includes Blue Bell Creamery, Goodwill, Bosch, Old Spaghetti Factory, Feeding America and The Big Green Egg. There’s a good reason why the Store Locator Plus is worth our close investigation as to why it’s one of the top store locator WordPress plugins available.

Designed for businesses with multiple expansions, it doesn’t matter whether you’re managing five, ten or thousands of stores across various locations. The plugin allows you to create convenient and easy to use locators for each right on your WordPress site. And you don’t need special programming knowledge to do that! Yet, it’s fully customizable with basic HTML and CSS. You can work on this through the admin panel using some add-ons available on the plugin.

Creating a location finder on your website with this plugin takes only three simple, very easy steps. First, enter your store locations. Second, create a special page for it, such as a directory page or a branch locator page. Third, enter the SLPLUS shortcode on it. And that’s it, a search form and map will appear on the page.

If you’re managing store branches in multiple countries, you’ll also find the support for multiple countries and languages beneficial. It sends a clear and positive message to the local market. That is, their convenience is part of your utmost priorities. And you show this even in small details such as providing a useful store locator in the language they best understand. Communicating with your target audience in their language of the heart is always the way to go.

With mobile search optimization in mind, the creators of the plugin also include a bundled REST API. It allows users to easily build mobile apps and custom framework interfaces. Yes, folks, you can create a mobile app for your store branches designed to help your customers reach your brick-and-mortar business location as quick and convenient as possible.

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10Web Map Builder for Google Maps

10Web Map Builder for Google Maps demo page

The 10Web Map Builder for Google Maps is a handy, feature-packed plugin that allows you to bring the convenient features and functionalities of Google Maps right on your website. What does this mean? Simple. The plugin provides useful tools and features that allow you to add unlimited responsive maps to your WordPress site.

What’s surprising is that while the 10Webs Map Builder offers tons of tools, features and functionalities, most of these are available right in the free version. Some of these otherwise come with a fee or are only available via monthly premium subscription in other similar plugins. Examples of these features are the possibility to add an unlimited number of responsive maps, geolocation tools, store locator, layers and unlimited markers. Thus, there’s no doubt why it’s one of the most popular WordPress store locator plugins.

The simple and intuitive plugin allows you to customize your maps. While the customization is in progress, the live preview option enables you to see the changes immediately, making the map building process more efficient. No matter your WordPress theme, the 10Web Map Builder promises utmost compatibility.

It also comes with tons of useful premium features. One of these is the directions feature. Use this to help your potential customers search possible routes to your physical store from a specific starting point. The feature allows them to get directions tailored for their mode of transportation. Whether they’re driving, using public transit, traveling by bicycle or walking, they’ll get access to the best routes as well as calculated distance and estimated travel time. Indeed, it’s a smart way of integrating the best Google Maps features right on your website.

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Agile Store Locator

Agile Store Locator demo page

If your business involves forging partnerships with stores in your local area, the Agile Store Locator is definitely one of the best WordPress store locator plugins you must consider installing. Through its category management, you can add an unlimited number of stores in your local area. And with just a few clicks, your site visitors can find information of the best stores corresponding to their inquiry. Plus, they can also find an accurate geolocation for each right on your website.

This plugin is perfect for blogs partnering with local businesses. When these bloggers publish posts talking about products and services that their readers can purchase in certain physical stores around the local area, these potential customers can use the store locator on the blog to get directions from their current location.

For example, if there’s an article discussing 10 best steak restaurants in the city, the reader won’t have to spend extra time googling the directions for every restaurant he wishes to visit. And that’s because it’s right there on the blog. And so, because the blog offers this useful content, readers will trust it more, given their positive and convenient experience every time they use the site to lookup information they need.

Real estate brokers can also utilize this plugin on their website to display property listings as well as the directions and relevant information for each.

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Key Takeaways

A store locator provides great benefits to your local business. It all leads to increased revenue and boosting your business success as a whole. For example, it can help optimize your website for local SEO. Another is that it might drive more traffic not just to your physical store but to your website as well. It also increases efficiency on your customers’ end and yours, too. That said, go ahead, build a store locator on your website for your local business now. It’s fast and easy when you use the best store locator plugin designed for your needs.

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