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Top 5 WordPress Read More Plugins That You Can Try This 2020

Reading blogs is fun, especially if it is your interest. But we cannot read all the articles in the world.

We also cannot have a grasp of all the articles, especially when we are particularly looking, researching, reading for something. We have limited time and energy to read the articles on all of the blogs that we like. That’s why we make summaries to give you a brief hint or an overview of things. Especially, if the original post is too long to read.

As writers or bloggers, we must learn to organize our blogs in a design. That is in a way that our readers would think that we can hold our thoughts. For example—adding a read more plugin on our WordPress blogs. It would enable your readers to first read the summary of our posts. Later on, they’ll see if they are interested in learning the whole of it by clicking the Read More button.

There are lots of Read More plugins in WordPress. Every blogger may just need a simple one. Others need some additional features. But here are the top 5 Read More plugin picks in WordPress. We based them on purpose, features, some pros and cons, and further extensive or fun facts.

Read More by Edmon – Show-Hide Plugin by Edmon]

Read More by Edmon Preview Oage

We all want things that work perfectly and merely excellent.

Read More by Edmon is by far the simplest WordPress read more plugin that you need. Especially, if you are looking for the most simplistic, good as is read more plugin. It is easy to use, as you could just download the plugin and make some personalized arrangements. This could be modifying the color of the reading More button. You can also customize the button’s size and choose fonts that are funky, formalistic, or anything you prefer.

The options are not that hard to manipulate as it is also user-friendly. Basic knowledge of HTML coding is what all you need to be able to wing that plugin and finally make it work. If you are looking for some kind of read more plugin that is not too complex to use, you could have this one. 

However, all the fun things are not free. If personalization of settings is not that an issue to you and you seem to be okay with everything. Probably, the basic one can be as good to go.

The thing is, most of the personalized options are available only when you subscribe to their pro package. The basic one is basic in a sense. For example, customize button height and width, font size, link type, and button type.

The options for the customizable button background color, font family from the google fonts. Which is in a sense the options for customizing or personalizing the physical face of the read more. These are button custom text color, etc., is only available on the paid version.

Customer support is responsive. When you need them, they reply as soon as they can, and they make all their users satisfied.

More info / Download

Read More Without Refresh by George Gkouvousis

Read More Without Refresh Preview

Back then, the plugin doesn’t have a close read or read less button. But the developer made some unique changes for improvement. Another best part of this plugin is that shortcode is not needed anymore when you had already installed the plugin. However, this newbie type of WordPress read more plugin is just new. It is still on the process of improvement. If you are that kind who does not appreciate giving feedbacks, then this one is not for you. You could try the other plugins instead. But if you are that patient and kind enough that not all people start from being so perfect and would like to be open to giving continuous room for improvements or feedback, you can try this read more plugin and see by yourself.

George Gkouvousis, the owner of this, read more plugin, which works in eight webs, an award-winning WordPress blog designs group agency. They belong to the success stories of their clients that is why they are an award-winning team. This team has created a lot of business websites for their clients. Everyone also seems to have a good culture of teamwork, as it can also be shown on their website.

Aside from that, this particular plugin does not have any offers for an upgrade, like you have to pay a portion of the premium to be able to enjoy the full perfect WordPress read more plugin experience. No, they do not aim profit generation. Aside from working on improving plugins, the values of the developer can be seen by hearing feedbacks from users until work becomes better, which is a good recipe for success. Being adaptable to change and openness to feedback is vital as a work ethic, for, in turn, it results in the betterment of work.

More info / Download

Gosign – ReadMore Toggle Text Block by

Gosign – ReadMore Toggle Text Block demo page

There is nothing much to say with this, WordPress read more plugin. The design team, GoSign is comprising of careful web analysts, experts, and developers. We can say they do think about their work a lot. They are so thorough in planning, careful in perfection in all sorts. Also, they want the users to be hands-on, but the key ingredient of their work is simplicity, perfection, and friendly. It is pleasant in terms of not allowing users to think of complex HTML codes. It goes the same with some in-depth programming processes. This read more plugin is, it is what it is. We can say they do their work very much carefully all the time. Same as to this particular read more plugin that they have, it is hands-on when it comes to settings. If you know the motto, ”less is more”, that is what it is.

They try to include only the crucial settings that a read more plugin user should have. Probably if you have some additional requests, you could maybe write feedback to their work or just simply message them because their plugin is essential, necessary, and what you see is what you get.

It comes with perfection and up to date minimalist design, which is useful for the new bloggers of this century. Young, simple, sophisticated, but trendy like it embeds the fundamental values of simplicity and not that too colorful and having wave splurge of abstract colors of the design, and basically does what a basic read more plugin needs. If you share the same values of sophistication and simplicity, this plugin will work best for yourself and your blog, and who knows, probably you could write an email to the developers too if you might be interested in their works.

More info / Download

WP Show More

WP Show More Preview Page

If you’re looking for simplicity and hands-on read more, this is it. You found it. That is how simple it is. Leaving you with no options for manually changing the color, fonts, or anything that makes the read more button more personalized. The rest is all up to you, and you’re way to lucky if you know how to use HTML codes, because basically, since this read more plugin is too easy, changing the format, color is upon on all your hands freely. What they provide you is simply the design and the technical part of the plugin itself and how to run it on your WordPress blog, but all the personalization stuff is upon on your shoulder to do by yourself. That’s probably why no one has written up any reviews or feedback from the user even if there are 6,000+ active installations on the WordPress blogs by it.

The good thing is that this read more plugin is free. You don’t have to pay for premiums, no upgrades, or sales. Whether you use this plugin with the total responsibility on anything personalized with all your HTML codes knowledge, or you may want to message the developer for further information and see if they can add better things with this read more plugin.

More info / Download

Read more by Adam Skaat

Read more by Adam Skaat WordPress Read More Plugin Demo

If you’re looking for the best plugin that claims to be as the most comprehensive all you need a plugin and the most complete plugin that you need in all your blogs, you could have this read more plugin by this jolly man, Adam Skaat. Unfortunately, we could not be able to find any further information from this pleasant man as his name does not have any clickable website or any names of developers that he works for. Probably this man is an independent developer, all working by himself. But here it is, you got all the most complete and most satisfied plugin users, that all agree with the perfectness of this read more plugin.

If you are going to look carefully, you can be confused by yourself for the read more plugin made by a developer named Edmon. This plugin made by both of the looks just pretty the same. Were both the developers being brothers or maybe friends, probably college classmates in one of their web development class? Who knows?

Talking about the features of this read more plugin, it has a surprisingly unlimited read mores wherein you could have as much a read more plugins on your blog posts if that’s what you want. Plus, there’s this expand animation, which allows you to choose whatever animation you like your readers to experience with when they click the read more button on your posts. Aside from that, you could also edit the button’s height, weight, and font—that is for the essential plugin subscription.

Again, where there is more—there is always a fee. You could get more options such as changing the color of the background, button color, and if you opt to make the read more button available on mobile devices. You could get these if you subscribe to their pro or paid package.

More info / Download

WordPress read more plugins are essential in blogs, especially if we are learning to stay organized all the time. Picking one which suits best is also a challenge since choosing the right one is the key to staying organized. We can equate it to real-world problems when we get to pick the jobs, friends, or work that we want to. It is crucial to choose the right one as the right WordPress read more plugin would dictate if our readers will keep at ease in reading with our blogs, which will, in turn, affect if they stay in touch or not.

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