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23 WordPress Themes For Static Websites For Startups, Sales Pages And Companies 2017

The internet is the last new frontier; the solitary remnant on Earth of entirely uncharted territories, gargantuan expansion and tales of unbridled success and rags-to-riches stories. But the internet is also an incredibly dynamic, ever-changing place, for fickle and fortuitous are the gods of the web. Yet a widely known key to creating successful website ventures of all imaginable purposes online is and always has been the visual interface. Websites live or die on looks, more often than not, and among the lookers, it’s ease of use and functionality that set the winners apart. Achieving all of the above conditions might seem difficult, if not even paradoxical—as you add functionalities to your website, its overall ease of use tends to decrease, while looks suffer from excessively technical interfaces. Balancing the needs of a successful website has always been complex, up until now. The development of advanced web technologies now enables the creation of handsome, functional and powerful single page, static websites, which can offer virtually endless amounts of content and functions without ever adding visual clutter or decreasing ease of navigation. The following collection of themes has been built in the pursuit of themes capable of facilitating the design and construction of such static websites.


Jevelin is a handsome and flexible, resourceful and responsive WordPress premium multipurpose website theme. Jevelin is a high-quality toolkit, assembled to empower webmasters. It doesn’t matter whether you have any previous coding experience. You can make stylish, professional websites quickly and efficiently. Jevelin is packed with tons of crafty features and convenient capabilities. Jevelin has a range of demo websites you can install with a single click. Also included are over 40 custom-crafted shortcodes for all kinds of purposes. Not to mention over 40 different element animations to experiment with.

Jevelin is filled to the brim with possibilities. You’ll never run out of unique ways to present your content. Because with 10 different portfolio layouts and 6 different blog layouts, possibilities are broad. These compliment a wealth of gallery module styling options. Jevelin includes a robust SEO framework that gives you the tools to impact your search engine rankings across the board. Cutting-edge social media sharing widgets cement your website’s presence in the web’s hottest markets. Commercial features powered by the WooCommerce plugin suite make online shops an easy task. Native RTL support lets you reach markets across the globe. Jevelin is everything you need to succeed. Check it out!

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X Theme

x-theme-app-landing-page-theme-for-wordpressFew WordPress themes can ever hope to compete with X. It is one of the fastest selling items on ThemeForest, and it can adapt to almost any role. While some users prefer to use it for dynamic pages, it is equally effective in creating static pages. The WordPress Customizer allows clients to personalize their sites, while previewing every change that is made. This instant feedback encourages experimentation, so feel free to tinker with the colors, texts, layout types and images of your static site. If a bad call is made, you can instantly return to a previous configuration.

Static websites must be as beautiful and their dynamic counterparts. Although it may not seem like a major detail, customized typography can improve the overall quality of each post. X has more than 600 gorgeous Google fonts, each with different styles. There is no limit when it comes to page navigation. Dozens of navigation options were implemented, including integrated search functions, centering, height, and positioning. Complicated navigation layouts are very easy to sort, given the introduction of Megamenus. For your site background, you can use solid colors, patterns, or images. These backgrounds can change, as readers scroll to different sections or pages. If you want to sample X, be sure to access the live preview.

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Divi is an amazingly resourceful, endlessly flexible, unfathomably strong and wholly customizable WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built with the latest technological advancements in responsive web development, fluid visual effects and behavior and smooth transitions powered by HTML5, CSS3 and BootStrap 3 frameworks. Divi was meant to satisfy the needs of a whole host of different website applications, and chiefly among them, it shines as a WordPress static website theme. Including numerous pre-made layouts, Divi is ready out of the box to service as a single page website with a static homepage, using powerful customizable widgets and tools such as impressive Parallax static background, static image and much more. Divi is uniquely well endowed for creating static websites, as its simplified visual Divi Builder effortlessly produces customized layouts that you can base off of Divi’s own pre-made static website layouts to get your website just right, then easily customize its look with advanced theme options. Divi’s endless, ever-growing list of shortcodes includes tons of amazing functionalities that expand the possibilities of your every page and post, and require absolutely no coding skills—drag and drop them into the action, and you’re done. Divi is easy to install, easier still to use, and impossible not to love.

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Uplift is a modern and minimalist, slick and streamlined, intuitive and innovative, superbly responsive WordPress business and corporate multipurpose website theme. Uplift is a wonderfully easy to use, user-friendly and engaging WordPress theme that requires absolutely no coding skills or previous development experience, empowering webmasters from all walks of life to quickly and masterfully craft their very own, completely unique websites with a modern look and feel and powerful functional capabilities. The Swift Page Builder provides a highly intuitive, completely visual interface for you to manually create the designs you want for your website and pages, though you can always speed things along using a template page or the top-rated Demo Importer to replicate one of the six professional-quality demo websites provided.

With the Swift Page Builder and the Unbranded Theme Options Panel, thoroughly customizing your template to suite your needs perfectly is a breezy, effortless task. A plethora of shortcodes can be dropped into the fray, greatly expanding what your users can do in each of your webpages. Beautiful, Retina-ready Icons Fonts are available in the hundreds, so expressing yourself is now simpler than ever before. A wonderful Mega Menu is integrated, so your users can find their way about your site in no time. Try Uplift now!

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fatmoon-unique-one-page-wordpress-themeFatMoon is a visually discreet and very elegant, subtle and understated, polished and tech-savvy, readily responsive WordPress creative photography multipurpose website theme. FatMoon has been crafted as the result of an extensive design effort by a professional team of developers working to put together a masterpiece of eloquent yet clean-cut visual content showcasing for sophisticated, discerning, massive online audiences. Each of FatMoon’s 41 completely unique demo websites has been carefully constructed to perfectly capture the essence of your content while allowing your users to navigate intuitively about your website without detracting from your visual works.

This makes FatMoon a fantastic theme for professionals, freelancers, creative design studios and agencies, and all sorts of individuals looking for a robust portfolio presentation framework they can build their business from. With intricately detailed portfolio showcase and image gallery configuration settings and options, as well as impressive transitions and animations, Parallax visual effects to amaze and impress your audience, sophisticated video backgrounds and much more under the hood. FatMoon is very easy to customize using the included premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder and the Slider Revolution premium slider plugin. With a responsive Bootstrap modular foundation, FatMoon looks just as good across all devices and browsers. Try FatMoon now!

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Avada is an amazingly powerful, incredibly pliable, technologically accomplished, visually stunning, modern and flexible WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built in spirit to be able to seamlessly adapt itself to successfully create beautiful, interactive websites that satisfy the needs of absolutely all imaginable individuals or businesses, projects, corporations or organizations, through its use of the advanced Fusion Core framework, which empowers the sophisticated technology running through the veins of each of Avada’s incredible features. Its clean, modern, clutter-free, graphically impressive nature makes it an ideal fit for single page static websites looking for a WordPress theme that can quickly and easily allow them to create elegant, modern, professional-looking static pages and static websites with a couple drags and drops using the powerful Fusion Builder, dozens of predesigned layouts to start yourself off with, gorgeous slider capabilities thanks to the Fusion Slider feature, ultra-high resolution, Retina-ready icons and graphics all over the theme, smoothly animated behavior in every element present, all entirely customizable through advanced theme options, and of course, an easily enabled or disabled single page static Parallax background feature for images, page titles or both. Avada gives you full power over your static website, are you ready to call the shots?

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bridge - advanced local business theme

BRIDGE is a remarkably flexible, immensely powerful, entirely modern and thoroughly technologically savvy WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, created with the express intent of easily and intuitively producing quick, polished, professional looking websites of all sorts of possible general and niche applications that have both powerful extended functionalities as well as an engaging, refreshing graphical user interface with profound pliability in terms of layout, animation and visual effects. This is why BRIDGE makes a fantastic static website WordPress theme—it is already packaged with several templates readily available to aid in the construction of single page websites, static homepages and individual static pages and any combination of the above, as easily as flicking a switch, with multiple, visually attractive Parallax background choices for your static pages, page titles, headers, sliders and more. The potent QODE framework powers every element of BRIDGE, from its fully customizable custom visual elements and its smooth Qode Sliders to the convenient advanced customizable Contact Form 7, Parallax Section feature tool, fluid AJAX animations, full WooCommerce eCommerce plugin support and compatibility, the gorgeous Qode Carousel to showcase your work on a reduced space, smooth and infinite scrolling… BRIDGE will take your static website anywhere you want to go. Make the crossing!

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BeTheme is an incredibly powerful, visually stunning, elegant and graceful, modern and thorough WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, designed to service as the ultimate one-stop shop solution to all sorts of website applications and needs, from personal or corporate blogs to news magazines and commercial webstores, and constructed in a way that empowers webmasters to quickly and effortlessly churn out professional-looking, interactive, engaging webpages in a matter of minutes and with tons of customization at every turn, without ever having to type a single line of code. BeTheme’s well over a hundred professionally designed layouts cover all sorts of websites, and are particularly endowed in the single page and static website department, with several different templates and demos available to start off your static website on the right foot, personalize everything in a jiffy with the Muffin Builder visual page builder and its hundreds of customized shortcodes for easy content creation and graphical enhancement, with tons of icons, blurbs, charts and other features in full Retina-ready high definition glory, add your WooCommerce store in a couple of clicks, all rendered in responsive, Parallax customized static background websites, single page websites and individual static pages, as you desire. Be all you can be, with BeTheme.

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Salient is a visually raucous, technologically polished, outstandingly memorable and incredibly functional WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built to be a fluid, modern, dynamic all-around WordPress website theme solution for all manners of webmaster needs out there, from websites personal to commercial, of any size or scale, that share the firm necessity to stand out and make a statement that can be perceived among the indistinct white noise of a saturated marketplace. Salient knows the internet is a competitive place that is scarce on attention, and it specializes on producing websites that create powerful, lasting impressions while delivering your content in any format you desire, especially in the form of beautiful, modern single page and static websites, of which Salient includes several templates and demos for your convenience as you create your own layouts and customize your preferences using the professionally designed basis provided by Salient. Incredible Parallax homepages and Parallax enabled static backgrounds at full width for pages, titles, sections, sidebars—if you can name it, it can be static. Salient’s strategy for overall across the board excellence is, simply, outperform, and in terms of ease of use, loading speed, responsivity, search engine optimization and sheer visual prowess, nobody outperforms Salient as a static website WordPress theme. Try it today, and get noticed.

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Ronneby is a youthfully bold, aesthetically sophisticated, relaxed and unpretentious, classy but cool, modern and tech-savvy WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built for completely seamless integration into a plethora of quite diverse website model, types and designs, and uniquely well suited for servicing the needs of static websites and single page websites, from landing pages to mobile app developers, from corporate websites to professional freelancer portfolios, Ronneby has you covered, if your game is high performance, high quality, high end products, audiences and themes. Ronneby is the crème of the crop, filled with professionally graphically designed templates, demos and layouts that are always stylish, while ranging from the standard and commonplace to the avant-garde and completely unique, but persistently made in a purposeful, deliberate, visually accomplished and homogenous manner that is sure to impress discerning visitors. Ronneby knows it’s all about delivering quality, which is why it’s packed with custom built shortcodes and widgets that include Ronneby’s inherent high standard of performance, design and aesthetics throughout, making for easy, fast and intuitive building of incredible, professional-looking, innovative and deeply creative single page websites, static websites and static webpages, without ever writing a single line of code. Ronneby is the complete package, give it a go!

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Unicon is an incredibly memorable, visually unique, graphically cogent, modern and tech-savvy WordPress responsive design-driven multipurpose theme, the result of the application of a radically design driven approach to the construction and outfitting of a multipurpose theme centered on the production of powerful websites that never fail to speak on an experiential level to users who navigate it, creating powerful, lasting impressions that are correlated to the rate at which websites become iconic pieces of internet culture, content becomes viralized, and related sociological phenomena. Unicon is built to easily create gorgeous, functional single page websites, static websites and static webpages, making intuitive use of the powerful visual page builder and the advanced theme features to easily turn any page or template into a static page, powered by smooth Parallax backgrounds, as well as static headers, sections and all sorts of elements, always retaining a coherent, cohesive design that brings your website together for your users to process. Gorgeous Parallax sliders are provided by the Revolution Slider plugin, meaning your static website can have smooth, static sliders on top! Full WooCommerce integration easily lets you market your wares through Unicon websites in a matter of minutes and within a couple of clicks, with full theme visual and functional integration. Unicon is the standard of theme-spanning cohesive static website design.

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X is an extraordinarily exuberant, exponentially exhilarating and exceptionally exciting WordPress responsive multiconcept, multipurpose theme, built to be a shapeshifting, all-around solid and robust website solution capable of meeting the expectations of websites the world over, regardless of scale, size, language, content nature, topic or audience—X can service them all, and with exceedingly excellent results. X is specifically enabled to create endless static website layouts from a wide set of preincluded template pages that can be easily altered to make your own personal layouts, all of which can be turned into static webpages or whole static websites at the flick of a switch, with expansive customization capabilities available through the advanced admin panel options. X is so flexible because it’s basically four themes in one—Integrity, Renew, Ethos and Icon are X’s four current Stacks, themes within a theme, all complete with their own exclusive demos, templates and layouts. These aren’t just skins; in fact, each of them has their own skins. Think of them as entirely different approaches to website conception, and you’ll be closer to home. You can get a glimpse of the possibilities through the distinct live demos within each Stack, but you won’t really know until you’ve bought X. You won’t regret it.

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Jupiter is a visually clutter-free, fresh-faced and clean, minimalist and polished, versatile and technologically accomplished, functional and flexible WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built for the dreamers and the creative types to come together and gather under one theme that is uniquely suited to satisfy their wildest pipedreams. Jupiter includes powerful single page and static website and webpage capabilities, which seamlessly combine with its incredible visual prowess to intuitively and easily churn out professional-looking, natively responsive, search engine optimized pages and content in a matter of minutes, by compounding the many convenient included page templates and layouts with the latest Visual Composer plugin and the Revolution Slider, LayerSlider and iCarousel Slider premium plugins, for incredible, smoothly animated, gorgeously transitioning interactive, engaging goodies all over your static website, as you desire. Tons of customized post types, incredibly pliable blog styles, portfolio styles, image gallery and image lightbox customized styles and much more, all available within a static, beautiful, Parallax powered website. Edge One Paper enables perfect, endless scrolling functionalities for your static website to cover all the content in the world without breaking a sweat or choking anyone’s connection, thanks to a speed-optimized coding. WooCommerce integration out of the box means your static website is your static webstore with the click of a button and in a matter of minutes. Stop dreaming and get your feet on the ground, with Jupiter!

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Brooklyn is a visually sophisticated, stylistically cutting-edge, endlessly eloquent, powerfully expressive, clean, fresh-faced, youthful and vibrant WordPress responsive one page multipurpose theme, built to satisfy the double-headed intent of providing a solid website solution for a range of endless possible website models, natures, kinds and types, and of producing a theme that is a tool that speeds and eases the generation of all sorts of attractive, appealing single page Parallax static websites that are visually aesthetic, compositionally thoughtful, completely functional and fully modern, within minutes of installation, out of the box, and requiring precisely zero coding skills whatsoever to learn and deploy effectively. Brooklyn is intuitive and simple, just like the websites it helps you churn out. Built exclusively for the design of single page websites, Brooklyn is packed with exclusive features, such as website-spanning Parallax support, as seen on numerous Parallax background options, gorgeous Parallax smooth scroll effects, infinite vertical scrolling effects, video background sections, fullscreen sliders, fullscreen YouTube video, search engine optimization coded right in, tons of custom widgets, and much more—Brooklyn is a theme built to be the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to single page, static websites, and it never fails to deliver.

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Porto is an amazingly technologically sophisticated, visually put-together, functionally diverse, astoundingly flexible, versatile and adaptable WordPress responsive multipurpose business theme, well-equipped to handle the necessities of a whole host of website types and kinds, regardless of nature of use or of content or audience niche, but especially built to function as a powerful business multipurpose theme, and with its plentiful static website creation options, easy and effortless single page website feature activation an uncomplicated activation of static features on individual webpages, Porto is the strongest multipurpose theme for static websites and single page websites around, packed to the brim with amazing, convenient, powerful time-saving tools and features meant especially for your static business websites or single page business websites. From several dozen customized Visual Composer elements to maximize your content exposure in the reduced space of your one page website, awesome-looking banners, carousels, tables, alert boxes, lists, glyphicons and endless more communicative, expressive elements are available, with several models for your online WooCommerce eCommerce storefronts readily available for you to open new revenue streams for your business right off your website. Flip between dark and light styles at the flick of a switch, make use of a powerful AJAX frontend product wishlist, and much more, with Porto.

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Kalium is thoroughly modern, impressively polished, visually aesthetical, powerful and flexible, understated and minimalist WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, powerful enough to handle a bunch of different websites of all kinds, and particularly well-suited for the creation and design of eloquently creative themes for eloquently creative professionals from all walks of life who wish to create handsome, effective, stunning professional blogs, freelancer portfolios and work showcases to show off their best works and to attract new customers and new business through a powerful online foothold. Kalium thusly includes a wealth of options to create and manage visually stunning, fully functional single page websites, static websites and static webpages that are both stylish and awe-inspiring in their sheer, raw power, owing to Kalium’s award-winning CSS design and HTML5 technologies, which combine to offer you a multitude of exciting widgets and shortcodes, easily deployed through the drag and drop Visual Composer right into the action. Kalium includes really helpful shortcodes to help you fill out new content for your business’ static website such as Dividers, Pricing Tables, Blog posts widget, Products Carousel, and as of the latest update, full WooCommerce integration. Kalium is constantly evolving you provide your business with the ultimate static website experience.

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Rhythm is an incredibly attractive, surprisingly convenient, helpfully detail-oriented, visually polished and put-together, modern and interactive WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, created to be a flexible and strong website solution for all sorts of imaginable personal, business and corporate applications covering any size, scale, and nature of operation existent or possible, though especially powerful when deployed as a theme for one page websites, single page static websites and standalone individual static webpages. Rhythm incorporates highly advanced technical solutions to every need and requirement that can be put forward by personal or business website projects, such as personal freelance portfolio websites, professional service provider websites, corporate blog websites, music and entertainment websites, fashion news magazines websites—there’s hardly a website out there that wouldn’t look better with a little more Rhythm, and its incredible Parallax background, Parallax video backgrounds, Parallax sections and smooth Parallax infinite scrolling, its amazing responsive BootStrap framework coding, its incredibly clear and neat design, or its awesome built-in premium plugins, such as Revolution Slider. Over 37 different portfolio layouts, over 40 different demos including several one page website models, light and dark styles for both Rhythm and its menus, five different Single Project Pages, and over 400 FontAwesome high definition, Retina-ready icons—Rhythm won’t miss a beat.

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Finanza is an incredibly flexible, powerfully pliable, endlessly customizable, serious and thoughtfully designed, businesslike and clean WordPress responsive multipurpose business and finance theme, uniquely designed for the express purpose of satisfying the needs and expectations of all sorts of business, financial advisor, accounting or legal business websites, as well as corporate websites in general. Finanza has been created with unique, incredible capabilities for the crafting and maintenance of modern, cutting-edge single page websites, static websites and individual static webpages, incorporating the best of the business world with the best of the graphic design world to create breath-taking static websites that bedazzle and amaze with their stunning Parallax smooth scrolling effects, static Parallax image and video backgrounds, static Parallax sections, Parallax headers and footers, and Parallax titles—freeze the world at will, and let your users slowly melt their ways down your content, with Finanza. The convenient Visual Composer, coupled with helpful shortcodes adding all sorts of functionalities with a simple drag and drop action or using the simplified shortcode generator. Finanza includes amazing custom post styles, unlimited sidebar, color schemes, font and typographical choices, specialized custom pages like Personnel, About Us, Contact, and much more. Finanza means serious business. Are you ready to get the job done?

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