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7 Best Live Streaming WordPress Plugins 2022

Here are all the best WordPress plugins to offer live streaming on your website.

Make your website come to life by streaming your content in front of a live audience base. Online videos and live streams have significantly grown over the past few years. People nowadays are more drawn to interact with the online environment. You can use this to give your website the attention it needs. Live streaming is very useful in entertainment, education, and influence. So here are free Live Streaming WordPress Plugins that you can use with your WordPress website.

Best WordPress Plugins for Live Streaming

1. Flow-Flow Social Stream

Categorized WordPress Live Streaming Plugins

Flow-Flow is a WordPress plugin that allows you to embed videos from different social media platforms. Do you want to live stream content from social media sites like Facebook or Instagram? If you want that functionality, then Flow-Flow is the right live streaming plugin for you. You can combine various elements, such as social feeds, pictures, and more. Stream live with a beautiful and responsive interface. The plugin also allows full customizability, giving your web page a richer design.

Developers designed Flow-Flow in a way that it can display social media posts and videos from many sources. You can add 3 Facebook feeds and 2 live stream videos, 8 Twitter feeds, and 3 Instagram videos all on the same page. The plugin works best with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Your site’s users can view multiple feeds without opening another page. Enjoy this free plugin that is now optimized for any screen size.

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2. Broadcast Live Video

Responsive WordPress Live Streaming Plugins

Broadcast Live Video is a live-streaming WordPress plugin that offers functionality and flexibility for your WordPress website. The plugin features a ready-to-use program that allows users to broadcast live instantly through their devices. The plugin supports various sources such as a PC webcam and IP cameras. It is also compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. You can add live video and audio-only channels on your web page. If you want your users to interact with creators, they have a dedicated chatbox.

The plugin uses an HTML5 WebRTC / HLS / MPEG DASH to allow live video streaming for mobile devices. So if your users are always on the go, they will still be able to use the live streaming feature. The plugin has a stand-alone functionality, which does not use any third party services. You need to choose a specific host for your live channels. The plugin also allows users and site admins to upload live streaming content.

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3. Stream

Organized WordPress Live Streaming Plugins

Live streaming has never been easier with Stream. Stay in touch with your users with this one in a hundred live streaming WordPress plugins that will ensure that your online presence will always be active. You can also view users that are currently logged-in on your WordPress website. A filter option allows you to view your users’ activities depending on their role, context, previous action, and IP address. Features also include a multi site functionality, which allows you to host live channels from different sites.

WordPress admins usually love stream due to its monitoring capabilities. The plugin has an integrated program to store and view previous actions. It keeps the data in the form of records. This will help you keep track of your users’ activities and apply necessary actions to resolve issues or problems. You can use the WP-CLI command to bring up the records of your users.

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4. Embed Plus for YouTube

Embedded WordPress Live Streaming Plugins

You may know a lot of video sharing websites. But no site comes close to the well-known YouTube, which is the home for content creators and influencers. YouTube has a lot of interesting video content that contains millions of views a day. It also has a diverse community, wherein fans will be able to interact with their idols. If you want to bring those video content and functionality, then a plugin will help you do just that.

Embed Plus YouTube is a live streaming plugin dedicated to embedding YouTube content. You can add videos, playlists, creator channels, galleries, and, most importantly, a live stream to your web page. Now that the plugin has been updated, it is compatible with the WordPress 5.0+ Gutenberg block and classic editor. You can add content directly from YouTube through the YouTube wizard button. Entice your users with some live stream videos from their favorite content creators.

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5. WPStream

Simple WordPress Live Streaming Plugins

WPStream is a live-stream plugin that allows you to stream any content online. If you want to monetize your streaming services, you can do so with the Video On Demand and Pay Per View features. But unlike the previous plugins, WPstream requires admins to create an account through This will give admins access to use the free plugin. However tedious it is to make an account for a plugin, the pay off is amazing. You can enjoy a wide variety of free features that some plugins offer in their premium subscription.

The plugin features video playback that is compatible with all platforms and browsers. Its unique and responsive layout will make it convenient to use for your site’s visitors.  If you’re opting to boost it up, the plugin has several packages you can redeem. Each package promises predefined monthly streaming traffic and additional recording storage. You can avail of a free trial to test monthly package subscriptions. But nevertheless, the free features are enough to accommodate your live streaming needs.

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6. Hapity

Minimalist WordPress Live Streaming Plugins

If you want a plugin with an instantaneous response, then Hapity is a great contender. It is a Broadcast your message with one-click video streaming across social media, direct from your own WordPress website. It has a simple and modern layout that you can customize to fit your website’s theme. Hapity also allows you to create your own content and stream it through your website.

The plugin features a one-click broadcasting that instantly publishes a live feed from your website. This will save you a lot of time from easily setting up live stream content. If you’re worried about getting your videos up, Hapity offers free video hosting. It will set up your videos in a snitch through their integrated cloud storage. This way, you don’t need to make any changes with your WordPress hosting.

Get to see your live video feeds come to life as they get instantly published, and you can use the links to share through different social media platforms. All of these are done in just five minutes.

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7. WP YouTube Live

User-Friendly WordPress Live Streaming Plugins

If you have your top pick videos from YouTube, then why not share it with your users? With WP YouTube Live that will be possible. This free live stream plugin allows you to display videos from a YouTube channel of your choice. You can also publish live videos directly from YouTube to your WordPress website.

The plugin has an integrated auto-refresh functionality that automatically checks for new videos. You can utilize this feature by keeping your live feeds always updated. It will constantly refresh after 30 secs, so be careful with this option. It might take up too much bandwidth and may cause the server to overload. The plugin is great for making YouTube video and audio-only playlists. You can stream live with a smooth and consistent connection to the servers with no latency.

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It’s great to see that these plugins have all the tools to make streaming possible on your web page. The live streaming feature is a great way for creators and influencers to easily engage with their fan base. Whether you are a blogger who wants to stream real-time events or a businessman who wants to teach entrepreneurs, live streams are the best way to reach your audience. Choose the right plugin for your web page and enjoy all of the benefits it has to offer.

Another option to achieve the same result is by using live streaming WordPress themes. Any of the ones we have reviewed ad listed will allow you to create a live stream directly on your website.

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