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5 Best WooCommerce Customer History Plugins 2022

As a seller, it is essential to see the previous status of each customer in your online store. It tells you if there are failed, canceled, completed, or hold orders. That enables you to come up with a sound decision when dealing with your clients. It could also be helpful on your end to see the number of their canceled orders. Aside from that, you can take a look at the financial reports from your customers. It will help you know your business’s current state and see how you can do things to improve your store. We have reviewed and curated these WooCommerce customer history plugins. Read and choose one of them to incorporate on your website as soon as possible.

WooCommerce Customer History Plugins For Better Order Management

WooCommerce Customers Order History

Responsive WooCommerce Customer History Plugins

This WooCommerce Customer History Plugin comes with exclusive features and functionalities. It allows you to keep track of your past and current customers. In that way, you will see canceled, failed, completed, and processing orders. You will also see if your clients are loyal to your stores. It allows you to give tokens or discount coupons to let them return to you repeatedly.

It is one of the must-have plugins for your store to manage correctly. Moreover, it has a smooth and intuitive admin interface to let you work on your store website without any worries. You can track conversions and complete sales for the past few days or weeks.

You will not encounter any hidden menu or option as you scroll through the admin page. It shows almost everything you need to come up with a perfect configuration. Furthermore, you can customize the status color to complement your entire layout design. If you want to get hold of PDF export and see your client’s order’s complete status, you can go with the Pro Version.

Once you use this plugin, you will learn the behavioral aspects of your customers to come up with wise decisions of managing your website.

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WooCommerce Customer History

Functional WooCommerce Customer History Plugins

Knowing your customer’s browsing history on your website can help you see the most viewed or searched products. You can observe your visitor’s behavior and make changes based on their needs and wants. It will give you better ideas on the next strategies you need to work on your store website.

Observe how your clients scroll through the pages and see the new product they just visited. Another way is by looking on the items they put on their wish lists. Doing these strategies can help you know the most-sought for products, and order more bulk items from your supplier.

Moreover, this plugin enables you to track your customer’s lifetime value or the value of their purchases on your store. You will see the customers who are loyal enough to you, and make ways to keep them in the long run.

See the best screens for your targeted conversions and focus on that one. More than that, you can see the value of the purchase by each of your clients. It comes with a specific order, including the date, time, and price. Your customer’s browsing habits would be your next basis for the following item you will promote or sell.

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WooCommerce Customers Manager

Simple WooCommerce Customer History Plugins

With this WooCommerce Customer History plugin, you can keep track of your customers browsing behaviors. It allows you to discover worthy customers or users who are helping you to make sales. By incorporating this plugin on your website, you can see the complete customers list on your data.

You can also see the complete information of your customers, including their real name, billing address, notes, the total amount spent, and first/last order dates of their recent purchase. Moreover, it is possible to see the full product stats of the item they bought from your store. You will see their billing and shipping address to provide better services for them in the future.

Other possibilities through this plugin are sending emails to your customers, assigning custom note, and editing user data and metadata.

Some of the fantastic feature inclusions are the CSV Import/Export, Guest Customer List Page, Discover by Order, Guest to Registered Conversion, Bulk Email, and Blocked Customers.

The Block Customer features allow you to put one of your clients on your blacklists. You can do this to bogus buyers or buyers who canceled items from your store in repeated order.

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Premmerce WooCommerce Customers Manager

User-Friendly WooCommerce Customer History Plugins

This plugin enables you to keep track of your user’s amount spent on your store or for the items purchased. With this customer manager, it also works as the WooCommerce Customer History Plugin. It allows you to filter customer details based on the registration date and the amount spent on your shop. You will see the entire history of your customers’ purchases.

When you see increased sales in a specific item, it indicates that your particular item is trending and need immediate action. It is time to increase your product’s number and contact your supplier immediately.

You can display your customers’ lists of orders on their user ID to help them keep track of their purchases. You will see two columns on the user’s page on each client. The first one is “Registered” while the other is “Money Spent.” It is easier to track your sales that way.

The installation process is super easy. You can download it directly from Premmerce or website or find it on your Admin > Plugin page. If you downloaded the Zip file, upload it directly on the Plugin page on the admin section. Click ‘Add New.’ type the plugin’s name, and it will appear on the search results.

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WooCommerce Customer History Plugin

Extensive WooCommerce Customer History Plugins

Boost your conversion rate using this WooCommerce Customer plugin. It has the full features and functionalities to keep your online store alive. It enables you to track your customer’s activity, especially their browsed pages from your store. With that feature, you can make ways to find out new strategies to improve your marketing strategies.

This plugin displays the total and average sales report by analyzing your customers’ purchased history. It will serve as the basis of your new marketing techniques. Also, you can save the browsing activities of your clients to see their behaviors. Moreover, it is possible to see the trending search keys made by your clients.

By learning the new trends in the market, you can stand out from the rest of your competitors. Moreover, you can add more stocks of that specific item. This plugin also generates the number of visits for each page.

One of its amazing features is the statistic checker to see the current status of your items. You can also check new customers and understand their pages with the complete details of their profiles. With this plugin, you can have a promising effect on your business.

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The Key Takeaways

With these WooCommerce Customer History Plugins, you can incorporate new strategies based on your customer’s behaviors and browsing activities on your page. You will see the current trend, the page with the highest number of visits, and the product with the most top sales. It will move you to improve your marketing strategist, boosting your sales and profit in a short amount of time.

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