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WooCommerce Pre-order Plugins
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5 WooCommerce Pre-order Plugins to Boost Your Online Sales

One marketing strategy for successful online selling is pre-selling. You don’t need to invest money. Instead, your customer will pay before they get the products. It is one of the techniques used by sellers to start their business successfully. If you want to start your business without spending too much capital, the pre-order or pre-selling is the right one for you. In this article, you will find the perfect WooCommerce Pre-order plugins that meets your needs and preferences. 

Top 5 WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugins 2020

All of the following plugins have the full features and functionalities to cater to your needs. So, here you go.

ByC WooCommerce Order Delivery or Pickup with Date Time Location – WooODT Lite

Functional WooCommerce Pre-order Plugins

Although this WooCommerce Pre-order Plugin is not for pre-order specifically, you can use this to set the time and date when the order will arrive. You can give your customers updates through this plugin, and show them the current status of their already paid orders.

This plugin lets you provide the users with an option between delivery and pickup. Moreover, you can allow your customers to set their own time and date to avoid conflict with their schedules. They can add the pickup point to the nearest location.

You can set the pre-order days to give time to the buyers of how many days before they will receive their orders. At the admin page, you can disable the pickup or delivery every weekend or Saturdays and Sundays.

Also, as the admin of your website, you can customize the logos of the widget or the delivery button you can find on the checkout page. It’s up to you whether to use this plugin on your page or use it as a widget. You can choose the one you or your customers most comfortable with to see.

You can set a default message of pickup or delivery once the product is already at the branch or outside their gates. Giving updates bring satisfaction to customers.

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WooCommerce Pre-Order Sales, Bulk Discount & Time Counter

Responsive WooCommerce Pre-order Plugins

This WooCommerce Pre-order Plugin comes with a special pre-order features to help you boost your sales. Buyers can send their payment through these plugins. You have the option to enable or disable the pre-order setting. It also allows you, customers, to pre-order the products via email, and let you find out about new coming buyers.

You can set the prices for each product on the admin page. Most of the time, pre-order products and on-hand products have a slight price difference. For example, you can buy a product for $6 when the original price is $8.

Other features include the pre-order date and time, to let your customers know when they will receive the product. At the admin page, you can consist of the minimum and maximum quantity of the pre-order products.

When the date passed, you can remove the pre-order status to let your visitors know the products are unavailable. If you want to change ways of your marketing strategy, you can always disable the pre-order option from the settings page.

This plugin comes with full customization with the possibility of editing texts, colors, logos, and many more. You can design your products based on your preference for you to enjoy it fully.

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Pre-orders for WooCommerce

User-Friendly WooCommerce Pre-order Plugins

This WooCommerce Pre-order Plugin is the perfect plugin for pre-selling. It comes with the ideal feature solutions to give everything you need all at once. On the ‘My Account’ section, users can monitor their orders to know their remaining balance.

Customers can reserve the products, but you can set the time limit for the pre-order periods. Once you have collected enough buyers, you can buy in bulk by using the money they sent. When you have a WooCommerce store, you probably have different types of products – on-hand or pre-order.

You can filter the products according to their phases. It also comes with the feature, wherein it prevents clients from adding pre-order products when the items are already on-hand. In that way, they can pay directly for the available items from your shop. The pre-order prices could be fixed, percentage, or markup, depending on the indicated amount.

At the WordPress admin page, you can set two or more products into pre-order status. It will let people know about the currently available or pre-order items from your page. When the pre-order period is nearing its end, you can notify your customers through email. 

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WooCommerce Pre-orders

Simple WooCommerce Pre-order Plugins

With this WooCommerce Pre-order Plugin, you can charge your customers upfront or upon release. Pre-order is making the product available for selling even before you receive them. WooCommerce Pre-orders have the full features to make your pre-selling strategy successful. 

At the settings page, you can set the date and time when the products would be available. You can display it on the product page to let people know the exact date of their chosen upcoming items. Once the product is open, you automatically ask for their payment and send them the details right away.

If something unexpected happens to your product delivery due to technical reasons, you can state it at the product page and change the initial date of release. You also have the option to message all your clients to give them update about the products they ordered.

However, there are some cases where the products are already unavailable for pre-orders. You can change the status again from your settings to avoid conflict with your clients. Moreover, you can customize your pre-order status the way you want it.

This plugin works with simple and variable products. Furthermore, you can charge a fee or downpayment for each product to give you enough money to buy your item’s stocks.

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WooCommerce Order Approval

Easy-To-Use WooCommerce Pre-order Plugins

This WooCommerce Pre-order Plugin allows the order or pre-orders approval. You have the option to approve or disapprove the ordered items from your customers. You can send them emails to let them know about their order status.

Furthermore, you have the option to make the let the customers pay for the pre-order or onhand items right away. The checkout form comes with the time selector to let the users know the deadline for approval or disapproval. 

The clients will only pay once you approve their orders. It comes with the Live Updated Timeline to let them know the current status of their orders instantly. Moreover, it has email notifications to let you notify your customers.

Customers will see the text Waiting for Approval, Rejected, or Approved. They will base their orders on that texts provided. At the options menu, they can cancel the order for a specific reason. But once the order is ready for shipment, it prohibits the cancellation process. 

If the customers do not pay for their pre-orders for a length of time, you can cancel their transactions automatically.

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These WooCommerce Pre-order plugins introduce you to a different way of selling without spending too much capital. You only need to ask for the customers who want to buy the items. Once you gather them all together and ask for a down payment, it is possible to purchase the items in bulk. 

Boost your sales and make your selling worthwhile with the plugins we presented above. Pre-selling is undoubtedly fun!

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