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Top 12 Tools for User Retention – Tools Every SaaS Company Should Use

Knowing how to retain users is a big part of any businesses success. With an ever increasing amount of resources becoming available to anyone with an internet connection, it’s becoming significantly more difficult to retain each unique user who visits our business, downloads our app, or browses our website. Mobile customers are looking for more personalization options. They want the apps they use to understand them as individual users, and in turn, providing an intuitive experience that doesn’t feel enforced or based on the foundation of making financial return.

Social media is one of the most reliable ways of staying in touch with your customers on a frequent basis and retaining their trust and loyalty to your brand and/or product. Learning to have one-on-one conversations with your customers is an essential part of displaying that you care for your customers. Treat your most active and engaged customers well. As a result, they will continue to bring about more friends and connections for you to interact with.

Above all, some of the most important aspects when it comes to user retention are going to be loyalty programs, customer service, and things like listening to what your customers have to say about your service and how it could possibly be improved. While nobody has to follow a single customer’s demands, sometimes a group of customers might all be looking for the same feature. Serve your customers and they will gladly serve you back. Lets take a closer look at some of the most popular user retention tools that will work for any startup and business owner, for any webmaster; including bloggers, as well as those who are looking to build a community around their existing products.


optimonk user retention tool

OptiMonk is a well-developed retargeting and exit-intent technology platform. It lets you retain users through the use of popups; you can use these to promote new deals, offer discounts, reduce the number of abandoned carts your eCommerce store is getting, as well as redirect traffic towards specific pages that might offer secret offers and/or special offers that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Exit-intent technology has grown immensely over the years; a way to capture the visitors attention one last time before they close the browser tab, exit-intent technology offers any webmaster to capitalize on those visitors who are leaving the website without completing an action.


similartech user retention tool

SimilarTech lets you prevent your existing customer’s churn by detecting a issue when it’s still early enough. Get alerted when a customer starts using your competitors’ technology; he might just entered a trial with them and consider leaving you. Quickly reach out to these customers to decrease your customers’ churn rate. Because of the nature of the product, SimilarTech is strictly aimed at those webmasters and business owners who are directly working with clients and helping them manage their own websites in a more development and design-oriented way. Needless to say that SimilarTech offers a huge array of benefits to anyone who wants to monitor competitors for their web technology and tools use.


upsight user retention tool

Upsight has been regarded as one of the most sophisticated mobile analytics and marketing platforms on the planet. It’s a direct solution towards understanding the way users use an application. Upsight processes billions of data points each month; the platform itself is used by countless amount of app developers who wish to improve their app performance, and ultimately revenue, without having to dig behind the curtains themselves.

Just like small time app developers, enterprise level companies and developers are also using Upsight. It is used to scale and process their app data. Marketing tools are purely data-based, offering insights and understanding towards how to retain users, what their most common behaviors are, and how to capitalize on these behaviors.


If you are looking for one of the best user retention tools, you just came to the right place. Your search ends here. Meet the impressive, superior and excellent MailOptin plugin which will bring your project to a new level. Wondering what is the best approach to get more from your users? MailOptin has all the answers to your questions. With its powerful features, you can start collecting their emails and use those for future marketing promotions and other whatnots.

MailOptin has a ton of goodies in store for you; from multiple attention-grabbing themes and form types to email triggers, built-in analytics and page level targeting. MailOptin will also help you lower your bounce rate by displaying a pop-up the very moment a user is about to leave your page. This might also be the very last chance to have their full awareness; also, to encourage them to enter their email address. From then on, it is all about your creative and personal approach to each and every email you send them. That will define how successful you are with your email campaigns.

ProfitWell Retain

profitwell retain tool
When it comes to online business, seeing potential customers disappear due to credit card failures is pretty painful. But what if we tell you that there is a solution to that? How cool would it be to have the potential to win the customers back? It’s called Retain by ProfitWell. According to statistics, less than 30% of the customers successfully complete the purchase after the initial payment pail.

Thanks to Retain, millions of data points and other specialties, you can now boost the likelihood of getting their attention back for another go. Even though all this may sound very foreign and complicated to you, that is not really the case. Retain makes it very straightforward, both for the business owner and the customer – no wonder why the increased recovery.

Zendesk’s Customer Retention Software

zendesk customer retention software
Zendesk’s Customer Retention Software is a pack of specialties that will do you well. Instead of complicating the customer retention process, use a software that helps you out tremendously. Engage in conversations that will bring the customer back and turn him or her into a loyal ambassador.

With Customer Retention Software, you can catch the information from across the entire Zendesk’s collection of products. With this, create promising segmentation, identify trends and execute rewarding campaigns. This approach allows you to showcase that real people are behind the brand, which instantaneously raises your potential, showing that you care for the existing and soon-to-be customers.


gainsight user retention tool
Gainsight is a collection of user retention tools that can you can easily customize to your liking. With this in mind, to get an estimate, get in touch with Gainsight for a free consultation and move from there. Gainsight is a fully functional solution that comes handy to win over customers and boost your business through the roof. CS, PX, CX, CDP and RO are the different solutions that come in the Gainsight kit. Those letters probably do not mean anything to you just yet, but when you get fully familiar with this powerful bundle, things change immediately.

For instance, CS ensures the deliverability of the outcome tailored to your customers individually. Moreover, PX helps build nifty products and CS provides jaw-dropping customer experience. If you are ready to put into the next gear, you better consider Gainsight.


usertesting user retention tool

If there is one thing we should remember about the on-line world of web; it’s that all of us tend to see each website differently; except how a website functions and how easy it is to navigate. UserTesting has perfected the art of website reviews. It also offers a reasonably priced service for anyone (business, startup, individual, etc,.) who feels like they need to have someone else — a professional — look at their website and give it fair judgement over the things that work, things that could be improved, and things that simply don’t work.

Get real insights about your products and how they behave in front of an audience of your own choice. UserTesting provides a large database of users that will happily leave video reviews within hours.


leadpages user retention tool

A good website will appeal to a community-oriented visitor base. On the other hand, a good landing page will appeal to those who are serious about making a purchase. LeadPages have become somewhat of a success story over the startup community since last year, showing the community that it is possible to achieve a 0 to 15,000 customer rate without losing money, but actually increasing revenue to millions of dollars.

And you would guess that largely this was thanks to their full understanding of how good landing pages work and what kind of technology is necessary to capture the attention of each visitor, to an extent where majority start to become customers. One of the best ways to retain customers is to provide them with a seamless browsing and shopping experience; one that is concise and easy to understand, which is what LeadPages is all about. Simplicity over complexity.


heap user retention tool

Heap Analytics provides a modern analytics platform for web applications as well as iOS applications. Understanding your users’ behavior on a more personal level is a priority when it comes to retaining them as customers, as well as providing existing users with new features and experiences based on their behavior. Heap lets you measure user clicks, taps, swipe activity, submission form activities, and so much more. You can track users (events) and segment events (users) individually per your own requirements. All data become readily available as soon as you setup your tasks.


optinmonster user retention tool

OptinMonster is a fairly recent addition to the webmaster marketing market. It has great vision and a good number of great people behind the idea. Thus, it has managed to pull itself up as one of the leading user conversion platforms on the web. With OptinMonster, you can easily convert your website visitors into email subscribers. At this point, you can use the platform to convert those email subscribers into paying customers. It also comes equipped with exit-intent technology. We found this to be incredibly reliable when it comes to getting some extra subscribers without the extra compromise. OptinMonster also allows you to setup specific forms and options for pages individually. Thus, it gives you real freedom over how you collect subscribers and customers from your pages. Explore the full feature list of OptinMonster to fully understand its potential.


mixpanel user retention tool

Mixpanel is the most advanced analytics platform ever for mobile & the web. It helps businesses grow by helping them understand how their users behave and use their products by tracking actions people take rather than page views. Mixpanel helps its customers learn from data directly, rather than from off-point views of data; which is what platforms like Google Analytics provide. Thus, it gives its customers a chance to be several steps ahead of competition. Leading companies and enterprises rely on Mixpanel’s huge list of data-driven features to better understand their customers and provide back a service that reflects behavior, ideologies and needs.

Retaining Your Customers for Good

User retention is an ever-increasing topic that will without a doubt make way for dozens more tools that will inspire creative and inspiring ways to connect with your customers and their needs. The tools on our list here are just a mere starting point for better understanding your customers, their behavior and their view of the product that you have built. Tap into an infinite potential of understanding and insight by becoming a subscriber to any of these tools. Also, don’t forget to reach back out to us with your success results.

Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a commission if you choose to purchase mentioned product. The opinions on this page are our own and we don't receive additional bonus for positive reviews.

Alex is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience in design, development, and small business. His work has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, and others. You can find his personal writing at The Divine Indigo.

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