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21 Best Musician Websites (Examples) 2024

We carefully curated a collection of the best musician websites (and some bands) to fill you with creative ideas and inspiration.

A great page makes it possible to embed videos and playlists, showcase tour dates, promote the latest tunes and albums, and sell merchandise.

You’ll also experience dark and light web designs and some colorful ones, as we wanted to ensure there’s something for everyone.

But the best part – you can easily create a similar musician site without coding and design experience.

We recommend choosing a WordPress theme for musicians, but you can also pick a powerful musician website builder.

Best Musician Websites You’ll Love

1. Sharam

Built with: Squarespace

sharam dj website

Sharam is also a dark-ish musician website with a basic header and footer, a hero area promoting the latest tunes and call-to-action (CTA) buttons that link to social media.

All the content is beautifully overlayed over the background image, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Note: Use the above-the-fold area to promote your latest tunes, albums, etc.

We also curated a list of the most fantastic Squarespace website examples.

2. Steve Benjamins

Built with: Squarespace

steve benjamins simple website example

Steve Benjamins is a musician website example with a single-sectioned front page that emphasizes promoting his new song.

The header is transparent and clean, with a CTA button that connects to his Spotify.

Furthermore, the footer has three columns; one for the vinyl, one for the newsletter subscription form (with reCAPTCHA) and one for social media icons.

Note: Adding a CTA button in the header section can increase click-throughs (more downloads, more sales, etc.).

3. Claire Soulier

Built with: Webflow

claire soulier musician website

The number one thing that makes Claire Soulier’s page pop is the auto-played video above-the-fold.

This musician’s website loads content on scroll for a more enjoyable scrolling experience. It also has a sticky sidebar hamburger menu icon that opens an overlayed navigation. (The header with social media buttons also floats.)

While this Webflow website‘s core has a dark design, the footer keeps it more dynamic with a light background.

Note: Embed your music video(s) into your website to make it more engaging.

4. Jay Hardway

Built with: Laravel

jay hardway dj website

What’s unique about Jay Hardway is that some parts of the websites are public and some are only accessible to members. This is a great way to grow the community, which will help you grow your musical career.

The home page has a four-column grid with tags to filter it out and check only the stuff you’re interested in.

Moreover, this musician’s website also has a floating header with a login/sign up CTA button.

Note: A sticky header contributes to enhancing your page’s user experience.

5. Carl Cox

Built with: Salient Theme

carl cox dj website

Carl Cox is a simple, bold and dark website with a full-screen hero background image, logo and text (which is a quote from Carl).

The header is minimalist and transparent, with the necessary menu links, search bar and social media icons. This page also has a back-to-top button to avoid scrolling.

Note: Create a strong impact on all your visitors with a dark web design.

Make sure not to forget to check these awesome Salient theme examples for more website design ideas.

6. Charlotte De Witte

Built with: Craft CMS

charlotte de witte dj website

Charlotte De Witte is a one-page website with a full-screen home layout with a catchy text-revealing effect.

It features a large hero image of the artist, followed by all the necessary contact details and a footer full of additional social media links and tour dates.

Note: Use a single-page layout, so fans can quickly find all the necessary information.

7. Peggy Gou

Built with: Craft CMS

peggy gou dj website

Peggy Gou is one of the more unique musician websites that we could come across when curating this collection.

Instead of having the menu in the header, you’ll find it at the bottom of the screen; plus, it’s a sticky one. Also, Peggy Gou offers you to play a tune by pressing the “+” sign in the bottom left corner.

Lastly, the home page animation makes this site way more catchier.

Note: Introduce an audio player to your website, so everyone can enjoy your tunes while browsing your content.

8. Elles Bailey

Built with: Wix

elles bailey musician website

What sets Elles Bailey’s site apart from the rest is the beautiful parallax background image. It has a boxed layout with an embedded playlist and video, tour dates and a subscription form.

Another interesting feature is the live chat widget in the bottom right corner, which isn’t something you often see on a musician’s website.

Note: Parallax effect is a great engagement booster that adds depth to your site.

You may also want to check all these websites built on the Wix platform.

9. Charley Crockett

Built with: Elementor

charley crockett musician website

Charley Crockett only has a hero section with a full-screen image background on the front page, a transparent header (that floats) and social media icons at the bottom.

Although it’s a modern and responsive web design, this is still a pretty basic website that does a great job when it comes to promoting tunes and tour dates.

Note: A full-screen image background can be extremely effective in increasing visitor engagement.

We recommend reading our Elementor review if you plan to build a WordPress website.

10. Andrew Huang

Built with: Squarespace

andrew huang musician website

Andrew Huang’s musician website immediately grabs your attention with its vibrant colors. The hero section has social media links so you can connect with Andrew immediately.

Moreover, the header floats at the top of the screen, so all the menu links are always available. Andrew’s website also has a simple video grid and a newsletter subscription form just before the footer.

Note: Let your personality speak through your website’s branding.

What’s cool about this website? You can create an exact one using a Squarespace website template for musicians.

11. Lauren Conklin

Built with: Wix

lauren conklin musician website

Lauren Conklin’s website starts with a full-width image with her name overlayed, followed by three embedded Shopify playlists so that you can listen to her music via her website.

Additionally, this musician’s website has a beautiful video gallery/library with optional share buttons.

And similar to Peggy Gou, Lauren’s page also has the header/menu at the bottom of the screen (floating).

Note: Dare to move the traditional top header to the bottom of the screen.

12. Jonathan Jackson

Built with: Squarespace

jonathan jackson musician website

Jonathan Jackson’s front page is a full-screen image background with text, a CTA to enter the website and social media icons at the bottom.

This musician’s website opens in a new tab where you can find heaps of other information, including videos and more.

The header and footer are both basic, which go well with the overall clean website design.

Note: Use an impactful home page layout with text, a CTA to enter the site and social buttons.

13. Justin Ward

Built with: Wix

justin ward musician website

Justin Ward is a neat musician website with a hero image (without an overlayed text or CTA), a header (with menu) and a footer (with social media).

This simple website has a straightforward structure that gets you to all the useful information in a few clicks.

Note: Keep it simple if you’re unsure how to design and structure your online presence. It always works!

14. Sierra Hull

Built with: Squarespace

sierra hull musician website

Sierra Hull has a semi-one-page website with a floating navigation bar that guides you from section to section (and other pages) without the need to scroll.

Below the hero area is a section that promotes her latest album and then a list of tour dates with CTAs for tickets and RSVPs.

Sierra Hull also has a newsletter subscription form sandwiched between an Instagram feed slider and a Spotify playlist.

Note: Integrate an IG feed to add more content to your website and to grow your profile.

15. Garry Tallent

Built with: Webflow

garry tallent musician website

Garry Tallent has a very artistic above-the-fold area with a background image and a transparent header.

This musician’s website has a single-page structure with all the details only a few scrolls apart. (Too bad the header isn’t a sticky one because it’d make jumping from section to section much more comfortable.)

While many use an IG feed, Garry uses a Twitter grid feed (powered by the Juicer tool).

Note: One-page website can improve UX (especially with a sticky menu).

16. Behemoth

Built with: Squarespace

behemoth musician website

Behemoth is a band website example with a video embedded above the fold over a background image. The header is transparent for a more distraction-free experience. Also, the navigation bar has social media icons and a CTA button to join the mailing list.

Note: Let your fans view your latest video immediately by placing it above the fold.

17. Harpdog Brown

Built with: Squarespace

harpdog brown musician website

What we really like about Harpdog Brown’s website is the front page with a full-screen background slider, audio player, links to social media and other pages.

While the home page doesn’t have a header or a footer, the rest of the website has. The navigation bar has a drop-down menu to find particular information more easily.

Note: Use a background slider to spice things up and create a more enjoyable viewing experience.

18. Paul Lay

Built with: Squarespace

paul lay musician website

Paul Lay’s home page has two CTA buttons (with a hover effect) to enter either the French or the English website. However, you can also directly connect with Paul via the social media icons in the bottom right corner.

The page has a header (with a drop-down menu), a footer (with a newsletter subscription) and additional sidebar navigation.

Note: Let your visitors pick the desired website language via your home page.

Built with: Wix

blink 182 musician website

Blink 182 is a musician website with a full-screen hero section with CTA buttons and a simple navbar.

Below the fold is their latest official music video, followed by a tour date list. The footer is tiny, with the additional user and business links.

Note: Make your tour dates instantly accessible by adding them to your home page.

20. Cameron Carpenter

Built with: Squarespace

cameron carpenter musician website

Cameron Carpenter sticks to minimalism and simplicity with his website. The above-the-fold section only has a hero image without any text or CTA and a plain navigation bar.

Below the fold are many PR mentions from various authorities that built social proof.

Note: Instead of fan reviews and testimonials, you can also include PR mentions and references on your musician website.

21. Janie Bay

Built with: Carrd

janie bay musician website

We’re adding Janie Bay’s website to this list because it proves minimalism works. Plus, anyone can build such a website shortly with the Carrd builder.

Basic details, a simple header with navigation, social media, and email icons in the footer – that’s it!

Note: A minimalist website can create a great user experience and is often easier to build.

Here are some more Carrd websites that show you how you can build great sites with an easy website builder.

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